Saturday, November 12, 2016


This mother didn't take it too well when she found out her kid voted for Trump at school:

The mother posted the video to her own Facebook page.  Houston authorities are investigating.


Anonymous said...

I guess this is how we teach democracy to our kids!

Anonymous said...

This is terrible. Why shame a kid for having an opinion? This is what is wrong with our country now. No one can have an opinion unless it is of a liberal position

Anonymous said...

She's full of racist hate.

Anonymous said...

He obviously would be better of in another house with a better mother

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a child more traumatized in my life. What kind of person does this? All this because the child was given a choice and chose the way he wanted to.

Anonymous said...

Why should his mother be any different than the thousands of democrats rioting in the streets? Kicking a child out of their own home, destroying other peoples belongings, attacking people, what is the difference?

Anonymous said...

Will she be taking Pumpkin's place at the Zoo?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Trump supporter but this video breaks my heart. I can't imagine a mother treating her child this way.

PittPanther said...

I don't see a problem.

Kid needs to learn, actions have consequences. Bet he'll think twice next time before he does something stupid.

I guess most people on this board let their kids say and do whatever they want. You must be the parents I see who get cussed at by their kids, or who let their kids hit them. And then you wonder why they don't call you or visit - they don't respect you.

Anonymous said...

Half of y'all commenting would do the same thing to your kid if they voted for Bernie

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting. This woman should be hauled into jail for child abuse. I feel so sorry for that little boy. He did nothing wrong. And his mother is going to abandon him. Disgusting. I so happy that Hillary wasn't elected. These two women are real freaks.
Make America Great Again!

Anonymous said...

5:53.. with your intelligence level I'm surprised you formed complete sentences in your post. You are what is wrong with this country. Don't want to be called a savage don't act like one.

Anonymous said...

This is a teachable moment. For starters, this kid needs to learn to recognize when people doesn't have his best interest at heart. Trump has promoted a racist agenda and if she fails raising him it's her fault. In fact Trump disavows his daughter Tiffany. So for all the nay Sayers on this post, please get a life.

Did she go over board of course but I bet he'll think the next time.
Finally, this election will be contested and Trump should do the right thing and step aside. If not, there is a mid term and guess what, it will be time for term limits for the Supreme Court, and a death nail for the Electorial College.

Republicans should be bey careful what they ask for.

Ironically, taking the country back is what your you clowns will get. Another Great Depression, bloated government spending and a collapse in the stock markets, and financial markets.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Trumpsters. You will reap what you have sown. His character will show up again in dangerous ways.

Anonymous said...

Where's his dad? No way a father would let that happen and from look on his face she's abused him before. Most kids that age would assume a loving parent was kidding. He quickly assumed she was serious. Disgusting

Anonymous said...

If my kid had voted for Killary, I would have done the same thing!

Johnny Weir said...

7:47 PM & 7:59 PM Poor Losers.
Not only did Trump win. Rub you nose in it.
Congress & Senate are controlled by the Republicians.
You Democrates can't be beaten any worse.

someoneinnorthms said...

That child has been taught a valuable lesson: don't bite the hand that feeds you. Which, ironically enough, is the lesson that the mother apparently learned well.

I can imagine the explanation: "vote for Trump, and you might have to get a job."

Anonymous said...

@7:59 I've often learned in life that when you try to prevent something, it makes actually accelerates what you're trying to prevent. Let this thing run its course. They'll find out the hard way. Until then, Heil Trump! May he be the death of the GOP and the backstabbers that infest it's establishment.

When Granny's Medicare is privatized by the likes of Paul Ryan, the old folks will rattle their sabers, and that will be it. No
Obama to blame this time either.

It's kinda like "that damn flag"--political death.

Anonymous said...

I've also seen some pretty awful FB videos of Trump supporters like the guy saying he and other supporters were preparing to engage in armed revolt if Trump lost. One of them lived in a swing state that was closely divided and would have had to start killing his long time neighbors and classmates most of who had never been other than kind to him and his family.

I've seen the ones of the kids of Trump supporters bully classmates at school after the election.

All I see is too many parents either terrifying their children or setting an awful example.

My parents said " If you can't say something nice, don't say anything" and " Do Unto Others as You Would Have Them Do Unto You" and " It's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game" and " The end never justifies the means" and " only a weak mind resorts to name calling and anger in defending their position".

They didn't beat me or anyone else into submission but rather explained why that is a short term strategy that had no long term benefits . You persuade by reason and evidence or else you just create new enemies. They wanted me to learn to lead not bully, to gain trust and loyalty not create fear.

It's just not that hard to find examples in any group of some member of that group who is " despicable". It's beneath you KF as you are contributing to one of the things that is wrong in this Nation. Find the worst person and imply that all the people in his " group" are like him. Add to that the BIG LIE and misinformation and the contentiousness is a given.

We didn't vote on issues. It was a popularity contest or who was the least popular. Those who died for us deserve better.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the video?

Provide Link Or Get Outa Here.. said...

"Trump has promoted a racist agenda."

Link or example please.

Anonymous said...

How sure are you this isn't a fake video? Some sources say this was in St. Louis, while others have said suburban Dallas. Now, it's Houston? If this were a real story, they wouldn't have such a hard time pinning down a basic detail like that. Also, don't you think it's time for America to heal after such a contentious election? Even if this video is not fake,I doubt you posting this video does little more than to cause more division.

Kingfish said...

If you'd bothered to follow the links, you would've found that a Houston tv station covered this story.

And if someone shows me a video of a Trump parent doing something similar, I'll probably post it.

Anonymous said...

People should know that the woman was not a mother to any child. She may have born the child but she was not a mother to him. From the absence of a father most people would think his father abandoned him also.
One thing is for certain. The child will remember this day for a long time. Who do you think he will hold responsible for him being kicked out of his own home? Do you think he will blame himself for having an opinion? Do you think he will blame a man who was just elected as president of the U.S.? Or do you think he will blame the mother who was supposed to love and care for him?

Anonymous said...

I will be looking for all of you who supported Trump in 6 months, by then you will figure out that you have been conned into voting for a self promoting liberal.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, the question wasn't whether you were being biased in posting this (we can argue about that another time). My point is that this is the opposite of what America needs right now - propaganda one half of Americans will use to broadly paint the other half as evil good-for-nothings. What other purpose does sharing this video have other than to get people riled up? Even assuming this video is not fake, what good does posting it to this site offset the obvious negative effects?

PittPanther said...

The video shows a house and neighborhood that's likely equal to or better than most people in Mississippi live in, yet posters on this board think they don't like Trump because they might have to "get a job." Or that the father is not involved in the family because he's not in the video. Even though dad is likely still at work if the kid just got home from school.

The same biases from Trump voters, and the inability of Trump republicans to seriously care about the interests of black people, is why black people don't vote for Trump.

Anonymous said...

I thought 1:02 was just goofy and then I noticed it was PittPanter (who is devoid of critical thinking skills). Hey PP, PBS reported that 20% of blacks voted for Trump. Anything over 15% is considered very successful for the Republicans.

BTW, I did not vote for Trump. PP and his ilk embarrass that of us who opposed Trump.

Anonymous said...

1:02, the biggest reason why blacks didn't vote for Trump is the same reason Hillary saw a drop in the number of black votes. Everyone knows that but few will actually say it. It isn't PC.

Anonymous said...

7:28, your parents sound like total PILLS.

Anonymous said...

This is how Dems maintain their hold on black Americans. It's ingrained into them from birth using tactics like this. No room for for independent thought or disagreement with the Dems, least you be labeled Uncle Tom and ostracized.

-W said...

So Dems better check the score, 4 years and democrats have lost 1600 seats nation wide. House, senate, governors, supervisors, mayors... The populace has rejected your version of governance. Period.


The catastrophe Obamacare will be after it has been delayed 3 times and the effects will finally be felt by everyone this year. 23 changes without congress' consent all done by obama.

Military - Holy crap how do you ask someone to go fight a war then kick them to the curb when they come home? (VA)


Misery Index. Don't ask me to explain this look it up for yourself.

IRS - 100% of the of the groups selected for audit from April 2010 to 2012 were conservative groups. The branch responsible was to only approve tax exempt status.

Justice- 50% of criminals in federal prison are there because of drug crimes. Guess what most of them are having their sentences reduced.

Workforce - Department of labor redefined what it means for someone to be counted out of unemployment statistics. Real number of unemployed 15 million. Reported unemployment 7,800,000.

National Debt - $19,819,410,722,200

Social Security Liability - $15,470,111,000,000

20% of americans are on food stamps

Anyone remember Cash for Clunkers? MASSIVE FAILURE AND WASTE.

Chrysler bailout - anyone remember that? Wonder why Detroit voted Trump. The company is no longer american, it is owned by fiat.

Spy Program - we know that we are being watched by the NSA. Snowden

Solyndra - holy crap wonder how much they donated to hillary

Emails - Isn't it interesting that the Secretary of State, IRS, Hillary Clinton, department of justice, all seem to lose their emails conveniently when people ask questions.

Interesting our boys are at war and the commander and chief is playing golf 177 times thru 2014. Sending the wrong picture.

interesting you need an ID to use obamacare but not to vote in some states or that the government fights against voter id.

TSA fisting - anyone like being fisted by the TSA when you try to fly.

Space Shuttle - program ended space exploration is basically dead under obama and literally the private sector is asked to compete against china india pakistan and russia alone.

Libya - The world was better off with Gaddafi in charge. Obama went to war without congress consent and US was not in imminent danger.

Bowe Bergdahl - Really?

fast and furious

Crimea and Russia

Dream Act - I thought acts were passed by congress. hmm.

99% of illegals and overstays aren't being deported.

I don't know why this election was such a shock to people? I think most people were just pissed about laws not being enforced, lies and emails. To vote left was to vote for more of the same.

Anonymous said...

This election was not a surprise to most people. It came as a surprise to the people, the media mostly, that only talked and polled each other. If they would have gotten out in the public they would have seen what was happening. If they would have talked to the people who actually read the WikiLeaks emails instead of making excuses and blaming the Russians they would have known what was going on. If they would have stopped calling everyone idiots who disagreed with them they might have seen what was happening.
The thing is they thought they were so much more intelligent than everyone else. They thought no one would notice what a crook they had chosen for their candidate. They should have gotten a clue when the whole party had to cheat for Hillary to even win her own party.
But they didn't.

Anonymous said...

10:14 am I wasn't surprised as I understood how angry so many of our citizens are with politicians who put their self-interest before that of the State. I understood that enough baby boomers are still around who remember when we had a strong middle class and were led by WWII veterans in every facet of our society who knew that there was something more important than themselves and lining their own pockets.
But, I also know you didn't read all the WikiLeaks but read sentences that were cherry picked and never imagined what emails from the GOP campaigns might have contained if they had been leaked because you've never been involved more than as a low level worker in a campaign.
I also know that the Big Lies and misinformation worked well and was better done by the Trump organization and alt right.
I want the change you want that will restore fairness, but it's not going to come by sending HRC to jail or building a wall or deportation, it comes by changing laws and THAT was never discussed. It comes by breaking up monopolies ( euphemistically called " too big to fail" and again making Wall Street, banks, and insurance companies responsibly invest our money instead of see it as money they can gamble with recklessly. It comes with again tying interest rates for ordinary citizens to the prime rate.
Mr. Trump is already learning that he can't keep the promises he made.
And, here's a hint. You don't want to send back every illegal alien who is a criminal. You don't want to send back members of drug cartels who have no charges against them in their country or who cannot be held without high risk of escape. They will come back. You don't want to send back murderers and rapists who have no charges against them in their country. They will come back and murder those who testified against them. A wall doesn't prevent tunneling. A wall in the south doesn't prevent entry from the north or by sea.
Try to use your common sense and not be such a pawn.

Anonymous said...

And, here's a hint. You don't want to send back every illegal alien who is a criminal. You don't want to send back members of drug cartels who have no charges against them in their country or who cannot be held without high risk of escape. They will come back. You don't want to send back murderers and rapists who have no charges against them in their country. They will come back and murder those who testified against them. A wall doesn't prevent tunneling. A wall in the south doesn't prevent entry from the north or by sea.

You are very wrong. I do want to send those people back where they came from. If they return they should be sentenced to life in prison in their own country. If they do murder someone in this country they should be sentenced to death.

Yes people can build a tunnel. How many people that cross our borders illegally have the skill and money to dig one?
We do not have the same problem with our north border nor do we have as many coming by sea. Both places can be stopped a lot easier than our south border.

One question though. Are you saying we should let people come to and stay in our country knowing they are criminals? Do you think we should allow threats against our citizens to be a reason to allow criminals into our country?

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