Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Having the last laugh

Perhaps President Obama should have kept his mouth shut.  The President humiliated Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in 2011.  But don't let me tell you about it, watch the video for yourself....

and decide whether this motivated Mr. Trump to run for President.   Watch the video all the way through. 


Anonymous said...

That entire Frontline piece was great. There is no doubt in my mind this was the point at which the seed of Trump's decision to run germinated.

Anonymous said...

It will not be long before you can't find a person who supported President Trump.

Messick said...

How so, 2:13?

Anonymous said...

Kind of like the way you can't find a person that supported Obama, right?

Anonymous said...

Wonder if Obama still thinks he was funny?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it perfectly explains Trump and his thought process. He wanted to be president because Obama made fun of him. Not because he has any detailed plan to help this country or its citizens but simply because his ego got bruised.

Lib-Watch said...

Sour grapes must taste awful. Especially those that have fermented since one was a college sophomore. Prunes taste much better and will have a far more beneficial result for you liberals. A dozen prunes are guaranteed to work in about two days which will put you almost into the weekend at Sal and Mookies or Babalu.

Anonymous said...

Sour Grapes taste like this elitist attitude from the left that cry foul when someone puts a label on them, but are quick to put a label on anyone who isn't with them. Couldn't have happened to a better bunch of assholes. Trump may not be the best, but his not a Clinton, and that apparently is what this country wanted.

Anonymous said...

So this is about revenge for being laughed at, and not about the people of this country? Can we get Ted, John K, Jeb b, or Marco Rubio to come back and let us have a redo?

Anonymous said...

Oh be careful what you wish for......

Anonymous said...

The Kenyan had less experience when elected than Trump. Giving the deep-six to all those Obama executive orders will prove who, exactly, was the amateur.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jeez. GROW UP! This had nothing to do with it. Assine stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Bet Obama is looking at Obama care a little different now. It is a failure just as he was. He will be gone shortly and Obama care will follow. Is there anything that Obama did during his 8 years that will be around after he leaves?

Anonymous said...

10 more trillion in national debt will still be around.

Anonymous said...

5:13 takes the thread.

Anonymous said...

Let's not assume this is a reforendum. 26% of voting age people elected him. 25% voted Clinton. 49% didn't bother to vote.

Anonymous said...

correct 7:52. about the same numbers as B Obama in 2012. Although this time there were a few less total votes, but still close to 49%. What's new?

Anonymous said...

The Math: Trump 2016 Would’ve Beaten Obama 2012

Anonymous said...

Trump has a mandate.

What It Really Means.. said...

OK Class - Your assignment this week is to send someone to the flip chart and list as many reasons as you can why this doesn't really mean Trump was elected.

I'll start: Only a small number voted so his election doesn't really mean America wants him to be president. Those who slept in or otherwise stayed home (or in their safe place) out-number those who voted. This means a majority of us acknowledge that we don't have a president at all. So, Trump is a myth. Next?

Anonymous said...

8:44 pm A mandate is winning the popular vote and the electoral vote. Mr. Trump did not win the popular vote.
LBJ had a mandate, but that didn't make him a successful President, did it?
This election proved that we are literally divided in half as a people. And, unlike 1860, there is not a clear geographical divide. In many states, it is neighbor against neighbor.
The people have spoken and it would behoove everyone to be gracious in victory and defeat.
None of our Presidents have been perfect. If you objectively look at all our Presidents, each make a mistake at sometime during their presidency. JFK had the Bay of Pigs disaster and was a flawed man but thank God he was able to handle the Cuban Missile Crisis well. Reagan had Iran Contra but brought us together as a Nation.
All of our Presidents have learned to their dismay, that they could not do some of the things they promised during a campaign. And, they learned there was information that they did not have while campaigning that were game changers.
I voted for Mr. Trump in the primary but I did not vote for him for President.
But, he is OUR President-elect. I hope he succeeds more often that he fails. I hope he is not subjected to 24/7 personal attacks and smears that will make him ineffectual on the world stage as our President's strength in the world comes from OUR support, not his personal charisma or lack thereof.
I am grateful that he or anyone else is willing to make the personal sacrifice to hold office in such contentious times. He knows he is also sacrificing his family as these days, the entire family is subject to personal attack.
All of our Presidents age badly while in office for a reason.
You are not helping him to fan the flames of discord whatever your party affiliation.
We cannot get the best of us to run for office if we continue down this path. We will get egotists, sociopaths, or masochists .
If you want our politicians to put the country first, you damn well ought to do the same.

Anonymous said...

We will get egotists, sociopaths, or masochists.

Any psychos who are driven to drop lectures here at JJ.

Anonymous said...

Trump has a mandate.

Jethro Tuttweiler said...

"Perhaps President Obama should have kept his mouth shut. The President humiliated Donald Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner back in 2011. But don't let me tell you about it, watch the video for yourself...."

He shouldn't have shut up a damn thing! That asshat of a so-called Republican got all moist and couldn't take the heat after he questioned the mans nationality and level of intelligence. SO congratulations kinfolks you just elected a hyper-sensitive p*ssy to run the country. So yeah, he's all warm and fuzzy because Obama has to hand him the keys. But the POTUS is going to hand him the keys and just chuckle because Americans chose a 70 year old cry baby that has the mental maturity of a 13-year old white suburban cheer leader. Ol' candy ass som'itch!

If anyone will get the last laugh it will be the people who did not vote for Trump! Pull up to the table and have it, he's bound to fugg up some 'itch in the first 72 hours he's officially in office.

God bless humanity

Kingfish cousin Catfish said...

@ November 9, 2016 at 4:46 PM

"The Kenyan had less experience when elected than Trump. Giving the deep-six to all those Obama executive orders will prove who, exactly, was the amateur."

Look idiot - Obama served for 8 years in the Illinois State Legislature as a Senator before being elected as Senator for the state of Illinois. So that is 12 years of experience in elected office

But simpleton racist such as yourself ignores things like facts and lets a persons skin color dictate to you how worthy a person is to do a job

Ignorance is such bliss!

Anonymous said...

7:25....Don't forget the decade of experience as a Neighborhood Agitator.

Anonymous said...

If Pres. Trump fails, he will still be heads and shoulders above the past 8 Years..............

Anonymous said...

"Look idiot - Obama served for 8 years in the Illinois State Legislature as a Senator before being elected as Senator for the state of Illinois. So that is 12 years of experience in elected office "

Yeah - all those "present" votes signified a depth of thoughtful analysis that is unprecedented in American history.

Go look at Trump Tower. Wolman Skating Rink. His Golf courses and casinos. All stand where noting significant stood before. The guy has vision, and drive to get things done.

Go down to the border and look at Mexico. Soon you won't be able to see it from the USA.

And the "racist" tag is so tired it should be euthanized. I despised his white half as much as his black half, and 100% of the content of his character. Happy now?

Anonymous said...

7:25 Actually, all those years drawing a government check as a legislator equal ZERO experience as CEO running something. Obama had less executive experience than someone running a lemonade stand, vs Trump's experience expanding his father's business in one of the most competitive businesses in the country's most competitive city.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for confirming bottom feeder that Obama had less experience. Experience in elective office as a Senator means jack shit and the proof is in the total failure of the Obama presidency.

Anonymous said...

Donner the Narcissist: "Sad and scared for my country and all its people as I go to sleep tonight."

Otis said...

Defeat likely spells the end of Clinton Dynasty

“How’s Chelsea going to live?” another insider asked The Post. “Is she going to give speeches, go on boards? No one wants her anymore . . . You think NBC’s going to hire her now? Because she’s good on camera? Give me a break.”

Anonymous said...

I voted for Trump but me thinks that the building of the wall will be of the same promise as Barry O vowing to close GITMO.... not gonna happen. Barry O promised to close GITMO in his first year. 8 years later and its business as usual.

Anonymous said...

@ November 10, 2016 at 7:43am - 7:56 AM

"If Pres. Trump fails, he will still be heads and shoulders above the past 8 Years.." - ha - because he's a white ponzie scheme manipulator it makes him more qualified!? ROTFLMAO!

Donald Trump has more failed ventures than successes, why the F*ck do you think he didn't show his tax returns!? Because it would have given you a true measure of what he does, how he makes his money, gains and losses! But many of you blind bigots chose him because you were feeling all fragile. Freakin' idiots!

This Presidency wasn't a failure and that's just programmed freaking blind bias. Not an ounce of objective thought in the last 15 minutes on this thread.

Anonymous said...

6:33 AM - "our President's strength in the world comes from OUR support, not his personal charisma or lack thereof...If you want our politicians to put the country first, you damn well ought to do the same."

AMEN - this is the bottom line.......

Anonymous said...

This Presidency wasn't a failure ...

Can you provide a list of the successes beyond killing bin Laden?

Anonymous said...

8:34, your little socialist-inspired temper tantrum is glorious schadenfreude. Your tears taste like unicorn steaks.

Otis said...

Bruce Springsteen didn't have a clue.

In fact their candidate goes out of her way to insult the very people who should be her party's base.

When Hillary Clinton said, "We're going to put a lot of coal miners out of work," every blue-collar worker who heard that had to wonder if his job would be the next to be sacrificed to the God of Global Warming.

Similarly, when Clinton put a quarter of the electorate into her "basket of deplorables," how could she fail to realize that she had just filled a basket with a demographic group that traditionally voted Democratic?

This was as big a mistake as any presidential contender has ever made. But the Democrats convinced themselves they could make up for it by appealing to other constituencies such as environmentalists, feminists and Latinos.

They learned a bit late that there aren't all that many environmentalists, feminists and Latinos in those Rust Belt states where Trump was able to draw a crowd of 30,000 or so just by announcing it on the internet.

Johnny Weir said...

7:25 AM You elected a former President (Obama) on the color of his skin.
So, don't get so self righteous.
Ever Newspaper, Magazine, Blog, report that Hillary would win.
How, accurate are they now?

Kingfish said...

If that is indeed what motivated Trump to run, it lasted all of two days once he began campaigning. It is very grueling and takes a toll on everything in your life as well as your body. Look at Trump's schedule the last few days before the election. Hurt feelings over that banquet don't fuel that kind of drive nor energy.

As for mandates, that's a cute trick and is used whenever a Republican wins. It can be said about every President. Clinton only got 43% of the popular vote. Guess he should've just stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom and let the country run itself.

You win, that is the mandate. Period. It can be abused or used wisely, that is the winner's choice but victory is its own mandate.

Anonymous said...

We finally have a president who has made a living for himself and many others not connected to govt. benefits. The people have had a habit of electing people who only have experience living on the govt. dole. Look at where that got us. It is time we tried a person who worked for a living instead of holding his hand out to some form of govt. benefits.
Things may not change but we will have at least tried. We know what we have right now and the last 20 years hasn't and isn't going to work. Give the people who do not depend on the govt. for a living a chance.

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy at 7:20, 7:25, 8:34 is major butt-hurt and thrashing about on racist life-support.

In response, 7:53 had the BEST reply to the racist card crap: "...I despised his white half as much as his black half, and 100% of the content of his character. Happy now?"

Dang, that's good!!

Anonymous said...

In the totality of this election to posit that Trump's mandate is nothing more than your average garden variety victor's mandate is naive.

Anonymous said...

Baria, Blount, Brown, Moak, Bryan and the other whites faces of Mississippi's Democratic Party would be well advised to pay close attention to what happened in Kentucky on Tuesday.

David Bee said...

The repudiated Kenyan pouts:

WSJ: "The Obamas canceled a photo-op of the current and future first couples outside the south entrance of the White House. In his first visit to the White House after the 2008 election, Mr. Obama and first lady Michelle Obama posed for the cameras alongside President George W. Bush and first lady Laura Bush."

Anonymous said...

You folks who are hung up to total votes need to go back and read the rules. It is like football. The winner is not the team who has the most total yards, but the team who scores the most points. Sometimes the team with a lead will run the clock out and forgo yards they could have easily had to make certain that when the clock runs out they have the most points.
In our current situation California has more people than the 2nd and 3rd most populated states combined. But California is very liberal. So Republicans spend very little or perhaps no time and money In California. That is 49 million people that you don't try to get to vote for you.
Hilary is ahead by about 200,000 votes nationwide but she won California by about 2,500,000. And Trump conceded it to her. He got 1/3 of the votes without trying. If total votes mattered he certainly would have spent some time and gotten more votes in California. New York is the same way. The largest state when a Democrat has no chance would probably be Tennessee, population 6.6 million.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pose with the orange pussy either. Trump is dumb as dirt and if we don't have 10 trillion in debt by the time he is impeached and jailed, it will be because he defaulted on that like he has on everything else. He's a cheat and failure.

Anonymous said...

Ole butt-hurt's back at 2:29.

Check out the Dow.

Anonymous said...

2:29. if we have a debt of 10 trillion it will be a miracle that Trump performed. It is already double of that right now. Obama doubled the debt all by himself.

Anonymous said...

Phil Bryant had a reforendum and was afforded the freedom to run amuck. Trump has a divided country. He will have to lead cautiously.

Anonymous said...

Irony is such a bitch.

Remember when Obama, Hillary, Biden, and everybody on MSNBC scoffed at poor old Mitt Romney when he suggested the Russians were the biggest geopolitical threat to the USA in the 2012 campaign?

Fast forward to the email leaks at the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Who was responsible?

I think Hillary owes the Mittster an apology.

To paraphrase the Rock, Can you smellllllllllllllll what the Reds are cookin?!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trumps plan is to spend more and tax less...... More debt to Fiscal Hawks were fooled. This won't bode well in the long run.

Pussy Galore Patrol.. said...

Why do the post-modern socialist types always scream 'Bigot' and 'Racist' when something doesn't go their way.

I heard Trump live, twice....and many more times televised. I never heard any suggestion that he dislikes people of any particular race or that he favors one over another (the true definition of racism). In fact, he said at least a hundred times that he intends to make life better for black folks who have been failed by democrats for a hundred years.

Now if you want to say Trump has disdain for people who won't work, who ride the wagon, who can't follow the simplest rules of law and who come here illegally....go for it. That doesn't equate to racism, however. That makes him a true American in the original spirit.

Anonymous said...

Why do the post-modern socialist types always scream 'Bigot' and 'Racist' when something doesn't go their way.

Leftist fascists. They are welcome to their rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

I think the part yall are forgetting is he is the executive branch and is charged to enforce the laws of the US. This one promise he made enforce laws that have been swept under the rug by The current lame duck. I think people are voting for enforcement of laws we have currently.
List of lack of enforcement.
Borders - we have laws no enforcement
Immigration we have laws no enforcement or executive privilege to circumvent
Guns - we gave guns to Isis and yet we don't trust Americans with em'
Gun laws - zero enforcement of current gun laws about felons trying to get guns
Fast and furious
Marijuana laws - zero enforcement
Tax fraud by legislators - zero enforcement
Taxing conservative groups
Forcing people to purchase insurance
Supreme Court reasoning behind this was strange
Equal punishment for the same offense: a general and sec of state(emails)

International policy - Libya Syria : better or worse?
Libya ambassador better or worse?
Israel better or worse position?
Iran - better or worse?
Turkey - conundrum we support this fellow
EU - better or worse?
Greece better or worse?
The continent of Africa better or worse?

Two areas of the world are being pillaged by the Chinese and they are not paying for it Afghanistan central Africa. Read about it.

Anonymous said...

"The Kingfish predicts Hillary will win and it won't be close."

So no post-POTUS election Mea Culpas Kingfish? You missed by a mile.

Anonymous said...

The left teaches tolerance and acceptance. I guess they forgot to attend the class they were teaching us.

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