Thursday, November 17, 2016

"When will we learn?"

This British reporter had a complete meltdown over the Democratic implosion last week.  The British leftist had some not so nice things to say about American leftists.  This is pretty good stuff.  Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

People would be better if they listened to the man. Some will not listen because they do not like the language. Some will not listen because they do not agree. Some will not listen because they think if they do not listen no one else will.

KF, please listen to the man again. Maybe you will get a hint that all of the posts that do not pass your judgment are not junk that you can ignore. People do have different ideas, thoughts, morals, beliefs, and ideas for the future. Yours is not the only one that counts.

Anonymous said...

That is not a meltdown, it is telling it like it is. Hillary lost because she had nothing to offer except that she wasn't Trump and all his supporters were racists and homophobes. Libs love telling you that you are wrong. They just can't tell you why they are right. I think that is what this guy was saying.

Anonymous said...

Dude needs to do a little bit less cocaine before he starts filming.

Anonymous said...

My dad was in the US Navy during WWII. When I was about 10 or 11 years old I was caught using some newly learned curse words at school. I dreaded what was in store for me when I got home. Dad sat me down at related a story to me that one of his instructors in Midshipman school told him. It had to do with how the people (sailors) that cursed every other word were showing their ignorance. They were not educated enough to know the proper words to use to express their thoughts so they resorted to the only words in their vocabulary that made them sound like big shots. The curse words only served to amplify their ignorance. That was over 50 years ago and the lesson has never left me. The man (and the term is used very loosely) in this rant proves he is uneducated and has a very limited vocabulary. If a person can't express their thoughts without resorting to repeated foul language then I don't care to listen to what he has to say. I may agree with the point he was trying to make. If he had used language that made sense (and I'm not talking about his accent) I might have gotten through the whole six minutes of the tape. Now I don't know anything other than he is an uneducated bafoon to whom I will not listen.

Anonymous said...

Phil and the "judge" are huddled a little to close for comfort in my view. I know this post will not see the light of day because it refers to a paid advertiser.

Anonymous said...

And now for real news, Trump has offered the job of NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR to Michael Flynn, just in case you True Blue Americans don't know he is.just Google him. Then let us know what you think.

Anonymous said...

... "Maybe you will get a hint that all of the posts that do not pass your judgment are not junk that you can ignore. People do have different ideas, thoughts, morals, beliefs, and ideas for the future. Yours is not the only one that counts."

Start your own business. Then get over it.

Anonymous said...

He thinks Sanders would have won ?? Sanders would have won about 5 states.
You have to give Trump credit. There were 3 or 4 things that he saw that others missed. One of them was to call bullshit on political correctness. This is what this guy is talking about that name calling won't work anymore. Somehow the left had appointed themselves the political correctness gods. THEY determined what was politically correct. Trump stomped on that and millions agreed. Certainly Oboma was the poster child for refusing to debate. The problem they have is their ideas have gotten so nutty that they always loose if they debate. So better to sign executive orders and pretend to be smart.

Anonymous said...

" name calling won't work anymore"
Really,11:38 pm?

" Political correctness" was about NOT calling anyone describing a person or behavior crudely names or by using pejoratives for race, gender or religion. It was about not insulting anyone.

Mr. Trump engaged in crude language throughout the campaign and even was caught on tape doing so in his private conversation.

8:41 am and I were raised the same. If you can't defend a point of view or identify unacceptable behavior without using profanity, you are weak minded and have no command of the English language.

It seems to be that the reaction to political correctness had more to do with describing some positions and attitudes and behaviors on the alt right as " racist".

8:41 am and I were taught to have good manners and encouraged to learn how to express ourselves calmly and without using profanity or name calling like children on the play ground.

Conservatives like Winston Churchill, William F Buckley and Ronald Reagan were able to eviscerate an opponent or a political position without ever once reducing themselves to using crude words.

Accusing someone of holding a racist point of view is not the same as calling someone a " fag". Saying someone is racist is not the same as calling them an " idiot". You can say racism is stupid and idiotic but that's not the same as calling the person an idiot. There's a difference in saying that information is a lie and calling someone a liar. A liar lies about everything, humans can and should be called on telling lies and if you can describe enough lies then call them a liar.

The truth is that Trump lied 71% of the time and Clinton lied 27% of the time during campaign speeches. So which one could be rationally have " lying" be used as a adjective.

The hypocrisy in our politics is disturbing.

I realize that these differences are hard for you but words do matter and have intent and meaning.

And, I'm left to wonder if you believe that authors of books on etiquette are setting themselves up as " gods" rather than encouraging civility in society by describing manners developed over centuries which aid in the civil intercourse and discourse between humans.

I suspect many are too intellectually and personally lazy to bother to learn how to behave like a lady or a gentleman nor do they have the ability to glean why that may be important.

Anonymous said...

The Brits saw this coming and so did the rest of the world. The left is mow showing their true colors. Spoiled babies, protests, spreading fear and all the while wanting to be the PC police. The left has let so much do wrong with their party. Of ALL the people in the world......they chose Hillary. That my friends shows you how stupid they are.

Anonymous said...

While the bad language and ranting obscured the good points he had to make.

And, while he encouraged being persuasive on issues, he wasn't . He appeared instead to be the " pot calling the kettle black".

He seemed to miss that the left has been under attack as well and that is indeed a part of how Trump won. And, he hardly debated " issues".

He seemed to miss that in our primaries, the candidates who tried to stick to the issues lost.

He has missed entirely that the extremists in the GOP won and the extremists in the Democratic party lost. Extremism is more entertaining. This man is entertaining. Emotional responses are easier than rational thought.

We have become a Jerry Springer show and while the Brits still have Masterpiece Theatre, Jerry is influencing their national discourse as Brexit demonstrated.

The sad truth is that there are more people who don't have the acquired knowledge or intellectual abilities to understand complex social and political issues than there are people who can.

The truth is that when those in leadership and governance become self-serving and arrogant so that those who are not in power rightly feel used and abused, the latter group rebels. The lower upper classes and middle classes will join in their rebellion. It rarely turns out well. That's how you end up with failed states, civil war, and dictators.

It's about economics. It's not about liberal vs conservative. It's about how a party governs, not which party governs. It's not about personalities but about what authority those individual personalities are able to accrue to get things accomplished and govern with a sense of noblesse oblige.

In short, it's about who will follow a leader and what those people demand for him or her to maintain sufficient authority. What are the ethics of those who support a candidate?

And, frankly, the histories of Gingrich , Giuliani and Trump's son in law's father, and Bannon are hardly reassuring to me. Christy has ethical questions as well and no one should be surprised that he was " thrown under the bus" when you realize he put Ivanka's father in law in prison.

Anonymous said...

6:36 said "Political correctness" was about NOT calling anyone describing a person or behavior crudely names or by using pejoratives for race, gender or religion. It was about not insulting anyone."
OK - it started out that way, but the left hijacked it to use for their own purposes.
Example: If someone is for enforcing immigration law. If they believe that people who are here illegally should not be here period the left calls that racist. It's not racist.
The left does not recognize the viewpoint that minorities would be better off with less government intervention. That the government should be color blind. But that is a legitimate point of view and is not racist. They disagree. Fine. They can disagree, but it's not their call to make. I believe that a lot of things they do are racist but I don't go around calling them that. They don't care if something is actually racist, they only care about advancing their agenda. In my view many of their policies are designed to keep people in poverty. They want a permanent underclass so they will vote for Democrats. That is why they are for illegal immigration. They want people here with no skills and a language barrier. They hope to some day turn them into voters. Meanwhile, illegals take jobs away from Americans and young blacks are disproportionately hurt by this.
The problem with not insulting anyone is that we are raising a generation of young people who are insulted by any viewpoint that is not liberal. I am not responsible for someone's hurt feelings, especially people who I have never met. As long as someone tells the truth and is not intentionally hurtful the PC police should mind their own business.
In 1940 or 1950 politically correct was about manners. I'll give you that. But it is very plain to millions of us that PC is a tool of the liberals and we are done with that.

Seeking Advice From The Wise One.. said...

"The sad truth is that there are more people who don't have the acquired knowledge or intellectual abilities to understand complex social and political issues than there are people who can."

What 'complex social issues' do you have in mind, what makes them complex and what brought you to the conclusion that you're smarter than I am?

There's not a damned thing 'complex' about social issues. Ignorance does not signal complexity.

Anonymous said...

Here you go, Mr. reporter:

Anonymous said...

Ya'll calm down Donna Ladd is here and boy is she TRIGGERED. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Anonymous said...

It seems that some people will not listen to what a person is saying unless they are saying what they want them to say. Using curse words or not using curse words is not a sign of how intelligent a person might be. If you cannot understand what they are saying it might be a sure sign of how intelligent you might be.

I would much rather a person use a few curse words and get their point across than a person used PC words and never even give a hint to what they are trying to get across.

Anonymous said...

Political correctness is not about being nice anymore. It is a language unto itself that constantly changes and is supported by an invetened secular mythology which is derived from the desire to abstain from crudeness of the past interwoven with perceivably undesirable bahaviors of the present.

When the left changes the fundamental definition of racism, then the opposition can be labeled racist if they so much as dare to disagree with a proposition that furthers the mythology or goal.

Political Correctness has been purposely weaponized as an assault on the psyche of individuals who do not care to subscribe or learn new terms in order to please the new collective left that fancies itself as intellectually superior to the flock in which it is trying to

ex: America was built by racists who enslaved African Americans and killed Native Americans. This could only be achieved by the institutions that still exist today albeit in different forms. Therefor, these very institutions are racist as is the constitution. The only way to
end structuralized/institutionalized racism is to abolish said institutions. Since abolishment is unachievable, the fundamental fabric
of said institutions much be changed to visibly reflect society today and atone for the sins of the past with sacrifices to meet our demands. These changes aren't meant to actually help current day society in the long term, but to exact revenge on those who absolutely have no problem with the status quo.

^^^^^ you can't make this shit up. This is how they think.



Anonymous said...

You are all aware that this guy is an actor, yes? Much like Stephen Colbert playing his smug faux-conservative, this guy's shtick is pretending to be a measured journalist on camera then going bonkers when he's "not on the air".

Still, he's right on about many things, especially how the left has met damn near every charge with insult and dismissal and a smarmy attitude of intellectual superiority (see any PittPanther post for an example).

Even though they were completely bewildered and caught unawares by Trump's victory, they still don't stop and think maybe they aren't as smart as they thought. They're doubling down on how everyone who voted for Trump is stupid and how they are the smart ones who know better.

They just don't know how that insulting and shouting down your opponents then mocking them publicly is a sure fire way to lose an election.

Anonymous said...

That is what people voted for.

Anonymous said...

Racist is used as it is impossible to defend. Keeps the right stumbling
trying to prove they are not as accused.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:41. This guy is showing his lack of intelligence by throwing out profanities with every breath. Also, he is too emotional. This is how every liberal I have ever had a political discussion with ends the conversation. If they had logic and history on their side, they wouldnt need emotion to "win" an argument. This guy is right though...Hillary knew she could not win on her own merits and with her own baggage so she illegally stacked the deck and forced her way in. Joe Biden could have beaten Trump. Michelle Obama could have beaten Trump. I doubt Sanders would have beatenTrump. Hillary would have been better off to let the cards fall where they would have without cheating then get a VP spot.

Trump won because the Democrats have now started running Marxists for office and because the Republicans didnt do anything to stop the crazy stuff Obama was doing. There are tons of people better than Trump, but Trump fought back. I've never seen a Republican fight a Democrat like Trump did. Gingrich fought hard but has the baggage of being a politician.

Anonymous said...

12:48- the example you used, if logically followed, says that everyone is racist because no society existing today exist without someone being robbed, murdered or mistreated in some way. Democrats are as guilty of this as anyone.

Anonymous said...

12:48pm I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not a liberal.
I was simply raised well and taught , not only the rules of etiquette, but why they exist.
And, you may be surprised to learn that rules of etiquette have evolved over time.
It's no longer necessary for gentleman to walk on the street side of a lady as people are no longer throwing their garbage out the window. But, there is good reason to set a table properly. I know you can't imagine that but perhaps you could look it up.
I'm sorry if you weren't raised in a genteel home by educated parents, but many people with good manners simply aspired to be ladies and gentleman and to educate themselves. They succeeded and have benefitted as a result with promotions and social advancement.
If you can't defend your point of view without insults, you are not persuading anyone. You are emoting and/or attempting to bully. That those subjected to your rants say nothing back means they have dismissed you , not that they have agreed.
There is no difference between a white person with a chip on their shoulder and a black person with a chip on their shoulder who resort to attempting to intimidate. I see very little difference between you and those you despise. You both think that bullying others will win you respect. You are mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Many times the ladies and gentlemen raised in the genteel home by educated parents think people are listening to them when in reality the people are thinking how in the hell did I let myself be cornered by this boring SOB.

Anonymous said...

Having problems with a line of sophist logic being perpetrated by those of the social justice persuasion equates to me having a 'chip on my shoulder'? The profanity was needless, but that doesn't negate the point of the 'rant' in which I bullied no one, but confronted an ideology with great hostility because it is an anathema toward future peace of all people in the U.S.

That said, I am truly sorry that I so easily forgot what matters most in Dixie--manners.

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