Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kelly Williams: Elections have consequences

More jobs.  “We will eliminate the highly invasive ‘Waters of the US’ rule, and scrap the $5 trillion dollar Obama-Clinton Climate Action Plan and the Clean Power Plan and prevent these unilateral plans from increasing monthly electric bills by double-digits without any measurable effect on Earth’s climate.  Energy is the lifeblood of modern society. It is the industry that fuels all other industries.  We will lift the restrictions on American energy, and allow this wealth to pour into our communities. It’s all upside: more jobs, more revenues, more wealth, higher wages, and lower energy prices.”  Source: President-Elect Trump’s website.

It’s hard to believe that President Obama used the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to raise the cost (and hence the price) of energy. The idea was that if you made fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) more expensive, you would discourage their use.  And if expensive green energy (solar, wind, biofuels, etc.) looked less expensive by comparison, its use would grow.  Not to worry that expensive energy hurts the economy and people who have to buy it.

$8 per gallon a good idea?  It’s hard to believe that certified smart people said this is a good idea.  Not to worry.  But it’s true.  Here’s what Nobel Laureate and Secretary of Energy said in a Wall Street Journal interview: “Somehow,” Chu said, “we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.”  Those levels were $8-9 per gallon at the time.

It’s no wonder the economy under performed under Obama. It could have been worse.  It would have been worse if fracking and horizontal drilling hadn’t come along and increased oil and natural gas supplies and lowered costs and prices – despite the best efforts of Obama and his DOE and EPA to shut it down.

The President Elect has decided to pick some low hanging fruit: Change Obama’s destructive energy and environmental policies. That’s good news for the economy and for Mississippi. 

The President Elect will have help from a Republican majority in the Senate – thanks in part to Roger Wicker’s efforts.  Senator Wicker headed the National Republican Senatorial Committee with the mission impossible of defending 24 seats.  He helped save the majority.  He also serves on some key committees.  So he can help lift restrictions on American energy – and help stop the EPA’s power grab to regulate ponds, lakes, creeks, and streams.

Some good news and some bad news. More abundant and cheaper energy is good news for those who buy it.  But the competitive threat of cheaper energy is bad news for those who make money producing or trying to produce expensive renewable energy – unless they are protected by regulations and mandates or are subsidized by grants and tax credits.  That’s why there’s a booming business in buying and selling such protection.  It’s called crony capitalism.
That’s probably why Tom Steyer, billionaire co-founder of Advanced Energy Economy, who reportedly gave $75 million to Democrats in this election cycle, wants to run their next campaign.  He makes money producing or trying to produce expensive green energy. 

Monopolies make customers pay more.  Some regulated electric utilities also make money producing expensive energy – or trying to.  That’s because they have monopolies where prices are set by the Public Service Commission, not by free market competitive forces.  And the pricing model rewards big investments, not cheap electricity.  So if the PSC is not on its game, utilities like Mississippi Power and its parent Southern Company build expensive plants (experiments) like the Kemper County Lignite Plant and get a guaranteed return (profit) on its cost.  And its customers pick up the tab. 

The expensive plant was blessed by Secretary Chu and his successor Secretary Moniz who visited it in 2013 with the Governor and other dignitaries.  But it seems unlikely to be blessed by the President Elect’s Secretary of Energy. 

A good question.  And it appears increasingly unlikely to be blessed (deemed prudent) by the Public Service Commission which finally seems to be wrestling with this question:  Why should customers pay $7 billion for a plant that runs on lignite and produces less, but much more expensive electricity, than a plant that runs on natural gas and costs $700 million?

Yes, elections have consequences.  Hopefully “…more jobs, more revenues, more wealth, higher wages, and lower energy prices.”

 Kelly Williams is the Chairman of the Bigger Pie Forum.

Bigger Pie Forum purchased distribution rights on Jackson Jambalaya


PittPanther said...

Gas is under $2 per gallon. The stock market is at all time highs. The great recession left to us by GWB has been resolved. No one came for your guns. We regained the respect of the world that previously mocked us.

But Obama was a "bad" president? Wow.

Anonymous said...

As long as you believe that climate change is a hoax that thousands of scientists have conspired together to create that all seems great. If that were true Exxon would not be fighting several attorney general offices from getting their own scientific research from decades ago confirming the effects on oil on the climate.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Williams is a certified smart person.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it the PE is going to be surrounding himself with a bunch of Neophytes. I don't have much confidence that he will create new jobs in the future.

Anonymous said...

Pitt, Obama didn't have a single damn thing to do with the price of gas. The price of oil dropped like a rock. Do a little research and you will see why.
We are the laughing stock of the world. At one time being an American meant something. No it only means we are the butt of jokes and our military cannot even defeat a gang.
Gun sales sky rocketed during Obama because people felt they needed protection from our own government.
It is very disheartening when people post without knowing anything about the subject.

Anonymous said...

Who really thinks that United Technologies (Carrier) isn't going to trim the 65million they were slated to save by shipping those jobs to Mexico?They might keep 1000 in Indiana, but you can bet their going to layoff folks in other facilities. Where's Winston Smith when you need him?

Anonymous said...

@4:49 Yep, during his first term, BHO's Energy Secretary said it would be good for the country if gas was $6 per gallon. Thankfully, BHO failed on that policy.

Anonymous said...

$1.50 gas didn't bring us fracked shale oil. It was $4.00 gas with projections of 6.00 to $8.00 gas.

Puss Panther Patrol said...

Had Pitt's choice been crowned next January, we'd see $5.00 gasoline, a continued moratorium on production, half a million coal-related jobs shit-canned, more of our assets sold off to foreign countries and continued jack-booted regulation of every store-front in the industrial sector of this country. What manner of jackass believes that is the path to American progress?

Wait....nobody. The goal is not progress, but being average, mediocre and closer to socialism.

And the last time I looked at a map, this clown is from the region that would have lost almost a million coal-production-related jobs including spinoffs.

Anonymous said...

Pitt, when Obama came into office the P/E ratio of the S&P 500 was 9. Porky Pig could have presided over this stock market rise.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Pitt is really this goofy or if he just posts stupid things to get a response from people.

Either way, he is easily the worst poster on this blog.

Anonymous said...

The NRA always has to have a Boogeyman. For 8 years, it was Obama was going to take your guns. It never happened. During the 2016 campaign, the same was said of Clinton. Both parties play to the fears of the public. In 2008 and 2012, the Democrats' expectations for what Obama could accomplish was too high. Today, the Republicans' expectations of what Trump can accomplish are unrealistic. There are so many factors in the United States and the World that the President cannot control.

Anonymous said...

Where you getting that from 6:07

Anonymous said...

I'm no Wall Street guru, but I have heard the line that capital seeks return. With interest rates on a CD at .01%, a dividend paying 3% looks like a pretty good return and might attract a lot of retiree money into the market, which might drive prices up a little. The Obama monetary policy of unprecedented low interest rates has not kicked the economy into growth as they thought, and has decimated the savings of many retirees who were always told to invest in fixed income/low risk assets as they got older. That will be part of Obama's legacy.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kelly Williams?

Anonymous said...

Kelly Williams and Ashby should stick to business, its what they do well. Political blogging has its limitations.

Anonymous said...

By God you guys are going blind already, are we suppose to forget what the economy was like in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Artificially controlling the price of oil is just wrong. In order for the USA to work, we need energy -- all sorts of energy. When the price goes up, all consumers suffer including law enforcement and schools.

PittPanther said...

Wherever someone like 4:49 data "do a little research," that invariably means they don't know what they're talking about. Otherwise he would just say it right here.

4:49, You denigrate our military, without understanding that defeating an enemy using guerrilla warfare tactics is next to impossible. It's not the fault of our military guys on the ground, but leaders like GWB who think we can buck history. France, Russia, and the USA all failed to beat such an enemy.

I don't care why idiots from 2008-2016 made a run on guns. The reality is that one was ever coming for your guns. You let the republicans strike fear into your hearts, and just ate it up like fools.

And it's always funny that people talk negatively about my posts, but don't have the 'nads to post under any kind of identifier so we would know who they are. Your comments all blend together into a sea of anonymous cowards.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pitt Panther,

By your own admission Obama was a failure. When he first took office he promised $5.00 a gallon gasoline. It's now @ $2.00. Don't give him credit for that. His failures are what got us this blessing. You can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

The government is too big, too encompassing, and the fed has taken over the stock market. This idea that presidents can control private enterprise independent of the big ponzi scheme is laughable.

And I see way too many posts in here of people who claim to be conservative but haven't met a government solution to every problem that they didn't like.

Hillary Clintons village is a totalitarian state that was brought about by a big government 'conservative' from texas named GWB. I'm so glad those darn color coated terror alerts are gone. One step in the right direction, at least.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a brilliant man. His IQ is so high that it is without measure. He can tweet at least 23 words per sentence.WTF does The O man have to offer compared to that? Trump is my hero and I only wish my dad was as rich as he. I would probably be smart and rich too.

Anonymous said...

All of these old bastards that will vote for any warm body on the Republican ticket won't be around for the fallout from climate change. Hell, most of them don't even believe in climate change because somehow they think their uninformed opinion and/or what they have been told by Fox News is more valid than the vast majority of scientific studies on the subject. The baby boomers are like a plague of locusts. Maybe the Donald will neuter Medicare to the point that these old idiots will change their tune in the next election cycle. More than likely we will have to wait for the boomers to age out before anything constructive can happen. Or the Millennials will have to get off their asses and vote. I don't have much hope for either of those things happening before irreversible damage is done to the planet.

Anonymous said...

Gays married? Ahhhh


Add a little murder conviction in where? Oh yeah Benghazi. HRC murdered 4 people beyond a reasonable Fox doubt (meanwhile we can't seem to find a single banker to serve 1 minute in jail)....

And finally the 100,000 vote difference?

BLM - this made the kkk and its sympathizers crawl out of Cato (and like areas) to vote Trump.

4 years of nasty in your face (just as smug as O)

Celebrating and rewarding hate will make the next 4 years rough on America

Miss Dawg said...

Someone posting under the bastardized name of the state of Pennsylvania combined with a losing football talking about cowards who post anonymously? That makes as much sense as the rest of his nonsense though.

If you really think liberals, under the non-leadership of people like Obama, Reid, Pelosi (re-elected yesterday) and Clinton had/have no desire to gut the second amendment, you deserve to misunderstand the price of gasoline.

Anonymous said...

"We regained the respect of the world that previously mocked us."

This, from a guy who covets, yet can't capture, credibility?

A former ChemFirstMiss employee said...

To answer someone's previous question, Kelley Williams is the former CEO and later chairman of the board of ChemFirst (nee First Mississippi Corporation), the first NYSE listed company headquartered in Mississippi. He is a Harvard MBA and also has a chemical engineering degree from Georgia Tech. He is a native of the Mississippi Delta, Greenwood area if I remember correctly. He is a smart and good guy with a passion for seeing this state improve.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12:37. As one of the "boomer generation" I work out every day, eat right and take my vitamins. I plan on living a looong time and being a big a pain in your ass as your generation has been to mine so far.....

David DoubleMajor said...

@12:37 is here because there is nobody to talk to over @ the moribund Jackson Fake Press.

Anonymous said...

Yeah they do have consequences, After Russia gives Trump the big booty rub. Carter will look like a great president.

PittPanther said...

4:27am, PittPanthers just finished this year 8-4, with wins over Clemson and Penn State. Losing football team??? You're as ignorant about college football as you are the second amendment.

Does asking for a background check so that known psychos can't purchase guns on a walk-up basis, equal "gutting the second amendment?"

Anonymous said...

Pitt, the reason anyone would ask the person to do some research is they know you would not believe it if they did it for you and you might learn something if you took the time to do some research instead of just running your mouth.

Who was the person who caused guerilla militaries to form? How long has ISIS been around and why were they formed? Our military leaders could not even handle them when they were in the beginning efforts to form. Could be because our government was providing weapons to them.

You can easily see how much the people trust the president when they begin to arm themselves to protect the people from the government. Obama and Clinton tried their best to get rid of guns, just couldn't get even their own party to back them.

You complain about anonymous posts but use a fake name. Sounds just about right from a fake person.

Miss Dawg said...

9:30 - Democrats had nothing to do with the federal requirement for background check for handgun purchases. Perhaps you have been out of the room over the past eight to twelve years when this gang has specifically said they have plans to totally who can own handguns, who must register them, which ones will be prohibited and which ammo cannot be manufactured.

Neither Obama nor Clinton have any desire to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights and you can keep your doctor too, if you like him.

And you call 8-4 a 'winning season'. The point was, you idiot, you criticized other for posting anonymously while you do the same damned thing.

Anonymous said...

Newsflash, I just read that Trump and Congress are going to repeal Obamacare, but keep in place for at least 3 years while they come up with a plan of their own. Does anyone actually believe that it's going away? I think they are trying to play us for suckers already.From the look of his cabinet selections he is loading it with a bunch of out of touch billionares.

Anonymous said...

I think they are trying to play us for suckers already.

In your case they won't have to work very hard.

Kingfish said...

Guerrillas have been beaten. The British did so. We did so in Iraq after we re-evaluated our strategy and came up with one that focused on counter-insurgency.

As for Vietnam, we kicked their ass. Tet damn near wiped out the Viet Cong. It took a while for the Russians to resupply them and for Charlier to build up its manpower again. Meanwhile, we cut off all supplies and arms to the South Vietnamese. They played a political angle that we didn't know how to play. That can happen when your leaders aren't playing to win and impose stupid rules of engagement on the troops. People get tired of seeing their sons killed for no reason.

Anonymous said...

10:06 are you denying you voted for him too?

msbullie said...

You might want to listen to Kelley Williams (this is the correct spelling of Mr. Williams first name). He took a small fertilizer company and made it a multi-million corporation that was the first business started in Mississippi ever to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. He's extremely knowledgeable.

Anonymous said...

Pitt Panther is the Harry Reid of the Jambalaya Blog.

Anonymous said...

Haha did yall hear him tonight, this would be hilarious in a third world country but this is the U.S.A and our president elect is holding a victory rally. God help us!!!!

Anonymous said...

So he's not just another rich kid who used his daddy's money and connections. Please let me know he didn't... or was his mommy

Anonymous said...

I respect Mr. Williams and recognize that he is very smart and received a fine education decades ago.
But, the truth is that if you haven't continued to study and haven't expanded your knowledge to other disciplines whose discoveries change your own, you might be missing some critical information.
Most people don't know what they don't know no matter how smart they are. They are still also limited by their experiences.
Mr. Williams is also human and his human biases are rather transparent in this piece. It is also human to rationalize one's self interest as in the best interest of everyone. It is human to avoid information which will alter one's strongly held beliefs.
There are other brilliant, successful , well educated people who attended the same institutions of higher education who do not agree with Mr. William.
After reading this piece, I have to wonder if he has kept up with how the world has changed and why.

Kingfish said...


It's an OPINION piece.

Anonymous said...


We boomers were fortunate to have mothers, fathers, aunts and uncles who were the "greatest generation". We are sandwiched between them and the the current snivel-nose group, of which you appear to be, coming up today.

We're proud to look back at how strong men and women accomplished much with much less.

You need to get out of the wagon and try pulling.

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