Monday, July 10, 2017

"A grown-up speech"

The President gave a rather serious speech in Poland that was glossed over by the media although the high-brows had a conniption in some circles.  Peggy Noonan said "It was a grown-up speech that said serious things"  as she recommended that he travel more:

He called out Russia for its “destabilizing activities.” He spoke as American presidents once did, in the traditional language of American leadership, with respect for alliances.

But he did it with a twist: The West is not just a political but a cultural entity worth fighting for. It is a real thing, has real and radical enemies, and must be preserved.

A lovely passage: “We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes . . . and always seek to explore and discover brand-new frontiers. We reward brilliance. We strive for excellence. . . . We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression. We empower women as pillars of our society and our success. . . . And we debate everything. We challenge everything. We seek to know everything so that we can better know ourselves.”

If he talked like this at home, more of us would be happy to have him here. If he gives serious, thoughtful, prepared remarks only when traveling, he should travel more. Rest of column.

Don't bother trying to comment on the the tit for tat that goes back and forth between the President and the media.  I've intentionally avoided posting about it for a reason.  The President baits them with his tweets and of course, they can't help themselves and fire right back at him.  Of course they are the ones who focus on the tweets instead of his policy or serious speeches.  I think the phrase used for such behavior is called "pushing their buttons". 


Anonymous said...

Noonan has been spot-on in her critiques and praises of Trump over the past year. This is no exception.

Anonymous said...

I think the very least one could expect from the President of the United States is to give a grown-up speech every time he gives a speech.

Anonymous said...

Would like to read column, but not going behind pay wall.

Anonymous said...

So that's where we've sunk? The President gets an "attaboy" for giving a "grown up" speech? A type of speech given by every other president this country has ever had? Every time. But he's lowered the bar so far, that his acting like every other president is now a time for celebration? Good gracious.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for the man. First time I've not voted for the Republican nominee since I was 18.

But at least he didn't go around the world apologizing for everything our Republic stands for.

He's not conservative. But he's also not a crypto-Marxist who licks the boots of Muslims.

Anonymous said...

@5:50 People keep saying that he is not conservative, BS. I am far right and he has done more than any repub since reagan in only 6 months dealing with liberal republicans and a significant segment of our population that is deranged due to the hatred in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm going to call BS on the notion that someone who posts tripe like this didn't vote for the king of the birthers.

"But he's also not a crypto-Marxist who licks the boots of Muslims"

Anonymous said...

6:55, hell no he is not a Republican. He's not a conservative. He is a populist businessperson Democrat. Trade policies? Not conservative. Infrastructure spending? Not conservative (in fact, his infrastructure bank has been promoted by Dems for the past 20 years.) Support of Planned Parenthood? Certainly not conservative. Social issues - closer to Bill Clinton than anyone in the Republican Party from one extreme of the group to the other. Go down the list and his policies - other than immigration - are not conservative policies.

Yes, he has appointed some conservative appointees, including his absolute great appointment to SCOTUS. I'll put my conservative creds up against yours or others anyday.

Anonymous said...

8:07 PM, you mad, bro? I think the bigger picture here is that people more and more (including elitist journalists) are accepting Trump as President after pulling every trick in the book to discredit him. I'm sure Noonan was compelled to commend him on his speech but still wanted to not stick out as a Trumpist to her friends. "Grown up" was the best her little brain could squeeze out. Give her a break!

By the way, Trump may not be a cookie cutter conservative Republican, but what would you call Ben Franklin, George Washington, Ike? I think great leaders are often label-free. After spending time in Washington, I am certainly not a kool-aid establishment Republican.

Anonymous said...

I'll put my conservative creds up against yours or others anyday.

Simple question then. Did you vote for Thad Cochran?

Anonymous said...

Trump is not anything.

He stands for nothing.

He literally says directly opposing things in the same breath. That is largely why he hates cannot equivocate.

He is not bright. His children are not any better.

Most importantly he's lead around by the nose by Bannon.....who hates us.

Paul Yerger said...

What you quoted sounds like the kind of speeches Peggy herself wrote...hmmm I hope he has hired her.

Anonymous said...

Any of the established Republicans would have been trounced by Hillary. McCain and Graham hate him because he doesn't owe them and they can't tell him what to do. Cochran is still asleep. The original birther
was Hillary.

Anonymous said...

"Poor Donald... he was born...".

Anonymous said...

9:41 PM, Bannon has long since been irrelevant, since the first time the Obamacare repeal vote failed. He did at one point appear to have much influence over Trump from Nov. through April or so, but Trump is a results guy.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump is hot garbage.

There is nothing methodical or strategical about him.

He is a TV reality star, that has made so many f*cked up deals and f*cked over so many people.

He is a con artist that talks a big game, but can't produce sh*t

He won Mississippi hand over foot, because he was the loudest person to attack Obama

Now people want to give him an "attaboy" for the speech he gave in Poland, that someone else wrote?

Now I will give him credit for not sharing his tax returns and not even taking a salary as President - that is what a slickster would do to keep people from digging in on his finances.

I hope America has learned its lesson from electing this Amateur. He doesn't understand public policy, laws, or dealing with international elected officials.

At least Phil Bryant as Governor has dealt with elected officials in Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Asia - trying to draw in trade to Mississippi. He has written and passed laws. He gets how our government works. Therefor he's more qualified to be POTUS than that som'itch that is holding the office now. And that's scary considering how much Phil Bryant has done to f*ck up this state more, so you can see the direction America is headed in with Agent Orange sitting in the oval office.

Don't pat this sorry joker on the back for doing what he is supposed to be doing.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize this group is more liberal than conservative. But what would you expect with a blog that has anything to do with Jackson. I drove through Belhaven and Fondren before the election and saw the multitudes of Hillary supporters with their signs in their yards. Funny thing is that Hillary NEVER came to Mississippi yet all of her supporters "licked her boots".

Anonymous said...

4:07 this thing has passed you by if you think people aren't sick of electing people who "...gets how our government works." Being a career politician should not be a viable thing. I suspect that the age limit for president was established assuming they would have made some useful contribution to society by then and have something valuable to offer from the real world. Just watching the political fighting in Mississippi is comical and depressing. Bunch of self important people living on the public payroll most of their lives and fighting desperately to be the tallest midget.

Anonymous said...

Point us @4:07AM to the law that requires POTUS candidates to release their tax returns.

Anonymous said...

I didn't vote for Trump either. But anyone with a modicum of objectivity can see the media hates Trump. Camille Paglia's (a Bernie Sanders supporter)critiques of the media's abdication of journalistic principles have been true. I have been somewhat impressed with Trump so far. I can't say that I will vote for him in 2020. Trump has been a marked improvement over Obama.

Anonymous said...

If God parted the Heavens and told us that either Trump or Obama or John Doe was His choice to save our country, the other parites would call it a 'stunt' and example of fake news.
That's how bad off we are.
It was a great speech in Poland. Trump stuck to the teleprompter. It was covered live on every news channel and favorably regarded afterwards on every news channel. I know that from having recorded and then watched the top of newscasts on all channels. I don't watch the pundits opine. ( pre pundits). All channels have lead in news and it's pretty easy to winnow down to which hours carry what can be recognized as news, and which are "whine and attack" slots.
I also listen to what the President says as I trust my own eyes and ears.
Its the tweets people and Trumps own spoken words. It's the inconsistencies in policy from one day to the next or between what the President says and what his people say his positions are.
It's that his appointees, campaign staff and family members keep have keep having memory loss about meeting with Russians when they fill out a security clearance form. I remember every person with a foreign accent that I engaged in conversation every where I've lived( including big cities and travelled ( including overseas and many times to D.C. )...even cab drivers. I have had close friends in high office in the federal government and they remember foreigners with whom they had conversations with as well. I had no trouble remembering when I filled out a security clearance and listed even every foreign student from college with whom I conversed with only two whose full names escaped me. I didn't list the ones I just greeted.
But, all of you will believe what you want to believe because you have picked a political side and it's likely the same side as your friends.
My greatest concern is that our President seems to wander, repeat himself, lose his place and look confused too often and doesn't get enough sleep ( 4 hours is not something to brag about when you are over 65, it's a cause for concern). See the official video of the photo of the seated G20. Look up "symptom of sundowning". I suspect that is why you see Ivanka sitting in. I don't think you'll be seeing our President at night.

Thile said...

Obama supporters have no one to blame but Obama. Governance by Executive Order has proven to be a disaster, a predictable disaster.

Anonymous said...

This is not about Democrat versus Republican, Liberal versus Conservative

This is about objective thought and giving credit when credit is actually due.

Donald Trump should be removed from office, he is not mentally stable to handle the position. Its just that simple.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh the hate. But that is ok because none of you voted for Trump. By the way, I will admit obama was very polished and slick. That deceitfulness fooled a lot of people. So the talk of Trump being a shyster/con artist is a bit hypocritical I would say.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the ball game just started. Awful lot of bitching from arm-chair quarterbacks who obviously don't like the coach -- and some of the plays. I think you need give him space and enjoy the whole game.

Anonymous said...

"We're going to win more than ever before with me as president folks, believe me..." When are we going to see all this winning our president has promised because I don't see anything that we've won.

"I'm a great negotiator folks and I'm going to get things done quickly, watch and see..." We're well past our president's 100-day plan for America and he's delivered absolutely nothing. We haven't received 1 peso from Mexico for the wall and no dirt is moving. We have no new trade deals, no healthcare reform, no border adjustment tax, no tax reform, no infrastructure bill, no jobs bill, and a host of other contradictions and empty promises from our president, and his approval ratings keep hitting new low points.

The GOP controls all branches of government folks. All they have to do is put something on his desk and he'll sign it, but they can't even figure out how to do that!

"Comey is doing a fantastic job folks and he's even more famous than me..." Several months later, "Comey is a showboat, a grandstander, and I was going to fire him anyway..." Is this how we're going to operate? Because if Obama did 1/4 of what Trump is doing, then some of ya'll on this thread would be screaming for impeachment, among other things. GEE WHIZ AND GIVE ME A BREAK....

Anonymous said...

Funny how every time you guys try to prop President Trump, he gets slapped around. The President is a control freak as evidence his need to personally approve sub cabinet appointees. Does anyone really believe that he didn't know his son,son-in-law and campaign manager were meeting with Russian operatives?

Anonymous said...

Here's some news: Obama isn't President anymore. The GOP has to govern now and that includes solving any problems created by prior administrations.
Those of you worried about career politicians need to understand that political parties are NOT part of government's structure.
The problem is career politicians try to alter government to enhance their ability to acquire and retain power.
You, as a good citizen need to have some notion of what good government should look like. You need to have some notion of the laws that strengthen good government. You need to have some notion of what strong , functioning economies have in common.
And, it'd be more than a little useful if you had some notion of the world. You need to know size and populations and economic and cultural strengths and weaknesses.
Have you asked yourselves at all , how it is that the US, with the strongest, largest, most advanced military in the world has managed to lose or still be fighting the last wars? You really believe that all we have to do is drop bombs to control populations in other countries and we can militarily control our will on others indefinitely? What is it about extending empires beyond the a governments ability to control new territory you don't understand? And, do please tell me what brilliant individual , alone, without followers or allies willing to support him or her and their ideas created and built anything?
Eventually, a leader has to govern wisely and benevolently and has to understand how , structurally and by recruiting competent, knowledgeable people as allies and supporters to do that. Great CEOs have failed at trying to run new businesses for a reason. And, a leader beloved in his own country can be hated in another country.
We are arguing about the differences in trees and not understanding that we are lost in a huge forest.

Kingfish said...

Not propping up, just showing what media doesn't. You are correct. CNN was on the ropes and he totally let them off the hook with that tweet. Does that time and time again.

Anonymous said...

Suck it up Kingfish you wagered on a loser.

Anonymous said...

July 12, 2017 at 7:14 AM = Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah

Anonymous said...

in a song:

Plain ol' Catfish said...

Lindsey Graham is serving up some "get right" to Christopher Wray during this confirmation meeting this morning.

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