Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Judge Thomas stays Ethics Commission order in Ole Miss case.

Hinds County Chancellor Dewayne Thomas just issued a temporary stay of the Mississippi Ethics Commission order that directed Ole Miss to provide a copy of the NCAA amended notice of allegations with the unredacted names of boosters cited in the notice.  A hearing will be held on August 15, 2017.

The NCAA sent two notices of allegations of violations to Ole Miss in 2016 and 2017.  Mr. Robertson and JJ submitted public records requests for the notices to the university.  Ole Miss provided the notices but redacted the names of students and boosters.  JJ and Mr. Robertson filed public records complaints at the Ethics Commission.  The Ethics Commission ruled on Bastille Day  that Ole Miss had to provide the records with the unredacted names of the boosters.

John Doe sued to keep the booster names private in May in Hinds County Chancery Court.  The case was assigned to Chancellor Denise Owens.  However, John Doe withdrew his lawsuit and filed the equivalent of an amicus curiae with the Ethics Commission as it reviewed the complaints.   Mr. Doe appealed the decision to the Chancery Court even though the Commission ruled he was not a party to the complaint.

Mr. Robertson accused Mr. Doe of "judge-shopping." The case was initially assigned to Chancellor Patricia Wise but she recused herself and the case was reassigned to Chancellor Owens.  Mr. Doe's current petition was assigned to Chancellor Thomas.  However, the learned Chancellor is a donor to Ole Miss, an alumni of Ole Miss, and regularly attends football games at Ole Miss.  The Chancellor said he will rule on the motion to recuse himself at the August 15 hearing. 

The order says that a temporary stay of the Ethics Commission order allows all parties to present their arguments.  Ole Miss must provide a copy of the records "responsive to Mr. Robertson's public records request" by Friday.  The booster names are to be remain unredacted.  Well, all booster names but John Doe's.  The redaction of John Doe's name will continue until the August 15 hearing. 

Kingfish note: This is turning into some fun.  The Kingfish is considering all legal remedies at this time. 


Anonymous said...

The next thing needed to be done is to close the Ole Miss law school.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced there are some names on this that are high enough that the fall would impact the entire state. This is ludicrous - the impact that this makes on the FOIA in Mississippi is game changing.

All to protect some damn idiots that think football is the most important thing in the world.

Keep up the fight, KF.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like the "deep state" is at work. Sound familiar?

Anonymous said...

Can you say hotty toddy !

The names will come out later rather than sooner

Guess the "person" in the tall building in Ridgeland
gets to be kept under wraps for another day

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers. There must be something terrible in there, or they must know that if their names are out there someone is going to connect even more dots and create a disaster for the personally or the school. How come Doe's name can't get leaked like some of the players listed in there?

Anonymous said...

Delaying this for a few days until all is in order will hurt no one.

Anonymous said...

One might think lawyers are involved in the booster investigation, thus the excessive filings. At least this will get them thru September and into October. That gets them through most of the 2017 season since bowls are out of the picture. There comes a time when one needs to just "take his medicine". Do these arrogant boosters not realize that NCAA personnel can and do read these blogs? It may be about time for the next chancellor to forbid these pesky and troublesome boosters from any and all association with Ole Miss. The current chancellor will soon realize these are the people who caused his ruination.

Anonymous said...

I fully expect to see the rest of the redacted boosters file suit in the same friendly court with this sympathetic judge and have a stay placed on them as well before the (arbitrary) Friday deadline. In fact, the more I think about it, the only reason to give them until Friday is to give the other boosters time to file their suit as well.

Anonymous said...

So basically Dwayne Thomas for sure did some ethical violations by giving them more time to not comply with state law being in a round about way it could directly effect him and his beloved Ole Miss Rebels... He didn't want to get himself banished from "the club" so he bought them as much time as possible to continue to break the law and after that time is up he will recuse himself... Thats total BS.

Anonymous said...

Why do they want to delay this. What good does it do? What are their implications? These big shots, the network if you will", are who the little minions and bag men aspire to be. They have enough money they aren't worried about the common OM fan and what they think about them. These people are a group among themselves. Releasing their names saves nothing. In fact, they are held as heroes to the OM faithful, unless its the rebel flag flying rednecks that associate with the school, and these folks aren't worried about them.

Anonymous said...

3:16 --- Justice delayed is justice denied.

Anonymous said...

Not my area but how does the chancellor have jurisdiction to stay an order of the Ethics Commission here?

Anonymous said...

Come on man and quit playing games. Most people think you are sleazier for your take of the tobacco lawsuit and defending Scruggs than this. To keep pushing this off is Nutts.

Anonymous said...

Looks like John Doe has an Ole Miss judge in his pocket just as did Scruggs and Minor.

Anonymous said...

Hail F---ing State!!!!!! This is our state, this is our time, this is our destiny. We will be on top from now on.

Deeze Nuts said...

Guy is working on his truck, another guy says "Whatcha do to your truck?". First guy says "You didn't hear about it?" "Don't guess I did", first guy says "Well it must not be none of your f'n business then." Har har har har har.

Anonymous said...

Hey 3:56...in your dreams, little brother, in your dreams.

Come Thanksgiving, the Rebs are going to come into that joke of a town named starksville and rub your collective noses in the dirt just like we did when your best all-time player on Senior day, Dak, was shown dirt sandwiches the whole day.

Can't wait for day and for this season...it's going to be a banner season for the Rebs!

Maybe y'all can get another academic bowl game, win it again and STILL end up with a losing record!!! HA! 8 consecutive bowl games, my foot. Dan, the man, STIIL has a losing SEC record after 8...count 'em...EIGHT seasons!!! What a joke, little brother, what a joke.

I Been Wonderin'.. said...

What's the pernt? I was about to axe 'who cares', but then I realized I do. I really don't see, though, what difference a delay in publication will make. Think of the most unlikely or the most likely boosters to have been named and axe yourself what possible difference publication could make.

Clanga Langa Langa said...

4:32...The Bears were on a high road last Thanksgiving, thinking all was well, had a fabulous team and a real live preacher man whuppin' up the boys and all you did was eat Oxford dirt all day long, thanks to the Dawgs. What makes you think things will be different this year?

I can't wait to see the 'This One's For Hugh' poster boards. Please dispose of them properly when you leave at the end of the third quarter. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The order is entitled Agreed Order meaning the parties agreed to the order and the judge just went along. The judge did not make the decision -- the parties did.

Anonymous said...

KF, maybe you will consider consolidating the "John Does" unmasking in the Siemens/MAC suit along with this one?

Anonymous said...

I thought all these idiots were PROUD supporters of Ole Miss, great when there's a party with all kinds of "fun," but not so much when its in the public. Look, you're not fooling anybody, everybody has a pretty good idea who you are, and they all know the crooked, nasty, unethical and criminal shit the university did/gave to you to keep the money flowing...you just don't want your neighbors, business partners, family and congregation to see it in black and white, huh?

Anonymous said...


This proves that Mississippi is a farm for minority college football players. Slavery was never abolished, it only reinvented itself. How many of you send your children to private schools while giving secretly to a scholarship fund to bring a "real good player" into your program? Does it make you feel like your forgiven? I sent my kids to a private school and I know how the game works.

The problem with the education system in Mississippi is this. Keep the kids below average, get them into sports because Lord knows they can't spell, add 2+2, study English Composition, God forbid even take Speech class because at the after game interviews they can't even speak full sentences.

Don't even say these 20 somethings are worth watching because it even gets worse at the NFL level. What kind of "network" have these people with money set up? I suggest you copy and paste the article I listed at the top. Is reveals how adults act. Why? I have no idea. But those of you that worship the football God have said you want the Confederate flag and State flag brought down when al you are doing is supplementing a new form of slavery to these kids.

What a put-up job said...

I have no dog in this fight. Auburn grad, but I hold a Mississippi law license.

This stinks to high Heaven, and the fox is in. DeWayne Thomas looks really, really crooked.

Just what the State of Mississippi needs: clarification - real or perceived - of corruption of the judicial system.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think it's funny to watch David McCarty -- excuse me, David NEIL McCarty -- fight against the Public Records Act and the Ethics Commission? And why? To save the reputation of a black bear booster who thinks he's a big deal. The David McCarty I know would be on the other side of this. But, of course, this is David NEIL McCarty we're talking about, so what do I know?

Anonymous said...

6:02 - How come no one called it slavery n 1965? The only thing different is all the players were white (except at black schools), in 1965. The players still got tuition, room, board, coaching, training, medical care, and I suppose some of them got something else. I hope not. So explain to us were folks calling it slavery in 1955 or 1965? And what has the flag got to do with it?
If it were up to me I would have minor leagues in football and basketball like they do in baseball. You don't have this mess in baseball. Kids who want to get paid should play for pro teams. I would still rather watch college, even if you took 1/2 the players and put them into minor leagues. In fact I would rather watch that because in that case you would have players who want to be in college.
It cannot be slavery. No one makes them play sports. You say - oh they have to do it to get ahead. Really? What % of them make a living playing ball? It's very small. Why don't they get ahead by studying and doing homework? Millions of people do that. The schools that I went to have been fully integrated since 1968. Same books, same teachers, same classrooms.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure someone will also be looking into the deal Ole Miss alum and FORMER homeland security director Rusty Barnes made to get free tickets, etc. Maybe the NCAA can track him down when he's not inspecting smoke detectors.

Anonymous said...

The *fix* is in. Sorry.

Way to reinforce stereotypes, Dee-Wayne. Redneck.

Anonymous said...

4:32, unfortunately for Freeze, he had a losing SEC record at the end of his fifth and final season. And probably will have one forever.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are some brave and hateful anonymous bastards. Hope someone is praying for y'all. I should. I'll try. Kinda busy praying for those who deserve prayer in this situation.

Anonymous said...

There is a cannon shooting peanuts on the car lots in and around Jackson. Must be a civil war re-enactment replete with confederate ghost rags, but we all feel so blindsided as to who is doing it and why.

Justice for Colonel Reb said...

7:59 - "this situation" didn't happen to anybody, these folks decided they were going to do some rotten shit. People found out, others demanded answers and a lot of folks are about to get f**ked up with some truth.

And for those of you who might ask - yes, this is our business, Ole Miss is a public institution supported by taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

There is an anonymous commenter shooting blanks on JJ.

Anonymous said...

dang, hear tell the FBI is now poking around. what a shit storm.

Anonymous said...

Whatchu got against the name Dee-Wayne, Chauncey? Silk Britches Sissy.

Anonymous said...

@3:40 I see what you did there.

Anonymous said...

If this thing ever makes it to a courtroom, it'll be a Reunion of the Thank You for Smoking cast.

Anonymous said...

Appeal to overturn Thomas' stall KF.

Anonymous said...

Why would 'both parties agree' if the jurdge had no authority other than to stamp 'filed' on the stay?

By the way...It is impossible to get through the captcha thang with 'street signs'. You will forever be lost in 'street sign hell' unless it jumps over to 'pick the roads' and that one is fun.

Anonymous said...

Unless this judge is 74 and coasting, how does he even show his face 'round town?

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