Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sad but true

Saturday Night Live nailed the Presidential race yet again last night.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing how little SNL has to add to the debate's transcript to make these skits.

Anonymous said...

I must be getting old. I can remember when Saturday Night Live was funny.

Anonymous said...

Here is your choice.
1. You can live with 4 years and possibly 8 of Trump and him being not politically correct by not allowing Muslim extremists into our country like Obama has. Building a wall to not allow American businesses to abuse and exploit foreign labor from south of the border ( human trafficking). Withdraw our troops from countries who suck he living blood from us and abuse us, the taxpayers. Better our economy. Change the way this dysfunctional government works, because it's not working. ( case in point, collusion between the FBI. and the DOJ on the confidentiality of many emails that assistants like Huma Abedin, Weiners future EX , and Cheryl Mills should not have had possession of, and how the IRS unfairly targeted certain Corporations....and still do) . Protect our borders, not give Iran any more funds to actually attack our Navy in the Gulf of Aden, stop purchasing petroleum from Saudi Arabia. Retain our Constitutional Rights.


2. Allow Hillary Clinton to appoint future Supreme Court Justices that will change or nation FOREVER.
Open our borders to radicals and possibly lose our nation TO another nation.

If this post gets censored, then I will know how this blog leans.

Anonymous said...

"It's amazing how little SNL has to add to the debate's transcript to make these skits."

How lucky for SNL, considering that they have the absolute worst writers in the history of comedy. I think the only good thing they've come up with, in the last three DECADES, is 'Dooniece'. Their 'Sound of Music' parody, featuring Dooniece (and Lawrence Welk), is the funniest thing I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

1:00 - as a good conservative Republican, let me just say that you have evidently drunk all the kool-aid in the pitcher and have all the talking points down pretty damn good. Why don't you save them for a post where they are appropriate, or just take them to facebook where the chances of convincing anyone to follow your well educated, smarter than all, advice and convince them to change their vote.

Thanks for contributing this unknown information to this conversation.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 1:00, you should climb down off the ledge. Things are never as bad as they seem, nor are things ever as good as they seem. The suggestion that life itself hangs in the balance on the outcome of this election is, quite honestly, the height of hyperbole. Life will go on. Hell, we've managed to survive 8 years of Obama somehow.

Anonymous said...

"If this post gets censored, then I will know how this blog leans."

Butt-hurt much?

Kingfish said...

They've had some funny skits. The bailout one was hilarious. So was the blackness of Obama. The millenials sketch was spot on. Some hit, some miss.

Anonymous said...

Let's keep drinking that koolaid.... add a lil' bourbon and hell, we won't feel a thang! As far as us making it 8 years, we have. How does it feel to feel to have 8 years of good oxygen wasted on BLM, Iran and......

Remember when Reagen took office? They released hostages. Remember when Hillary takes office? They extort us! AGAIN!

toejangle said...

At 1:00 pm

I am a die-hard Republican but I may vote Democrat for the first time in my life----At least Clinton won't blow up the world---If you listen to Trump it is obvious he has problems, serious problems !! As 1:46 said 8 years of Obama didn't kill us----Actually he has been a pretty good Pres. Not all gloom and like Trump says..

Anonymous said...

This is funny.

And, Trump is so thin skinned that he blasts SNL and Baldwin.

Since 70% of us are not against Roe v Wade but are against Citizens United so we won't live through campaigns like this again, that argument won't fly.

And, since at least half of us don't believe somebody has said unless there is past behavior and current plans back up what they say they will do!

Poor Donald...everyone that doesn't swallow his chutzpah is in a conspiracy against him. Whiner.

Anonymous said...

I watched only half of the SNL skit, but the satire of Hillary was funny I thought

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the republicans have given any thought that Trump might decide to run as an independent instead of a republican. All he would have to do is get on the ballot. Republicans would not ever win an election again.

Anonymous said...

2:31 - Trump's ego cannot stand the fact that he is going to lose on this, the biggest stage that he has ever played on. He won't do this again because after the fiasco he has brought on himself in this year has hurt his brand too much. All he is trying to do these last few weeks is to throw more red meat out to the faithful, kinda in the mold of Chris McDaniel a couple of years ago - and we all see how that worked out. (Check out the UCF PAC financial disclosures for a good indication.)

Yes, he will still have his ardent supporters that think that (1) it was stolen, or (2) the establishment did him in, or (3) the lies spread by the media did him in, or (4) its not over, we'll be back. But too many are like a majority of McD's folks here in MS - they realized too late that the guy is a narcasisst egomanic that has gotten beyond understanding fact and reality.

This is not to say that Clinton is not a lying, conniving, theiving bitch that will do anything to retain her power. And her supporters are just as non-believing of the truth about their candidates as are the Trumpites.

But your final sentence does speak to the goal of Trump and many of his supporters - that Republicans never win an election again. They would rather throw the baby out with the bath water because after they got what they asked for this time, they have found out that it doesn't sell nationwide. So it is everybody else's fault for not being as smart as they are in deciding their annointed one is the only person that can save the country.

Anonymous said...

some people on her have got to stop watching fox news.

Anonymous said...

1st rule of observing politics: If someone wants an elected office as badly as Hillary wants this, the best action is to deny it to them.

Anonymous said...

Trump is reading Breitbart articles to his fan base at rallies.

He doesn't believe a word of it.

He is angling the only way he can to get in...playing the evangelicals like a flute. Preaching hate and vitriol.

He couldn't care less about a single one of them.

And this hate filled state will vote for him 60-40%.

The Feds should take this state over, appoint a financial manager, and cut it up into parts of other states....terrible leaders of lots of hate filled people.

Anonymous said...

You aren't as smart as I am @3:25 PM. Guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

4:50, you make more sense than anyone on here!

Anonymous said...

Quit picking on me, SNL! I've got feelings too! Waaaaaaaaah!!!!!

- Donald "Grab 'em" Trump

Anonymous said...

5:35 - Just how smart do you think you are? Sound kinda like the Donald - who claims nobody is as smart, good looking, rich, arrogant, as he is. Don't know what makes you think you are particularly smart, but I thought 3:25 was pretty much on target.

Anonymous said...

Sanity matters. Trump is the most unstable,unqualified, unethical candidate to ever run in history. He is a willing Putin puppet who hints he will hand over much of Europe to Russia and perhaps even the United States itself. Republicans were supposed to be strong anti-Communist for all of these decades and now many they are voting for a candidate openly being supported by Russia. Clinton will win by a wide margin possibly by a landslide and our country will go on as normal.

Kingfish said...

Um, yeah, ok. See, this is the problem we are having today. People like you on both sides engage in histrionics. No serious person will believe half of what you just wrote.

As for unethical, Hillary is right there with him if you believe every charge hurled against him. We can start with the travel office and end with uranium.

Anonymous said...

It is a little bit more than histrionics when hundreds of Republicans have endorsed Clinton. When the Bush, Reagan families, Romney, McCain etc. refuse to support a candidate there are very good reasons for them not to do so.

Anonymous said...

@325 I would dearly love for your beloved federal government to try such a thing. There are many of us trained by that corrupt organization just waiting for the opportunity to kick their ass.

Anonymous said...

Trump supporters vs. the intelligent rest of the world. No contest. He also brought down the GOP, but they helped him by years of promoting thinly disguised racism and ethnicism and what they have the nerve to call "Christianity" - I am sure Jesus wouldn't recognize it. Blasphemy in His name.

Anonymous said...

Republicans endorsing Clinton is the death knell you are hearing for the GOP.

Anonymous said...

KF - you are starting the unethical movements of Hillary with the travel office. Hell, Billy had been in office almost two months before that bit of lying underhanded theivery happened. You could go all the way back to Bill's days in the Governor's office - or hey, for that matter, go back to when she got fired from the Watergate investigative staff.

Like you say, there is plenty enough to go around between the both of them. Its hard to say which one of these candidates is the most corrupt, non-ethical sorry ass excuse for a human being.

Anonymous said...

If people think Trump will just let it go if he gets beat they should think again. Do you actually think he will not hold a grudge? With his money he can run for president every 4 years just for fun. He will get a large % of republican voted every time. Does anyone think the republicans can win when they lose a large % of their votes to an independent candidate?

Anonymous said...

So by your concept, 7:47, those folks that are driving the Trump train today, claiming that any vote for either the Republican or the Democrat is a vote for the Democrat, will reverse and support the third party candidate - thereby electing the Democrat in all those future years because they are so much in love with the Donald.

Granted, their switching their opinion is well within belief. After all, their leader - the great one - has done it a number of times. Just like he condemned Hillary for demeaning the women that accused Bill he now demeans the women that have accused him. Or just like he claims that those fighting him are the ones that want to continue to buy and own the government - when he was the one who said the reason he contributed to the various candidates over the years was so when he wanted something, he got it. By damn he got it because he had bought and paid for it.

Yes - their chosen one can pivot on issues so I am sure they will have no problem jumping behind the independent candidate if your belief came true. Problem is, Donald's ego isn't going to let him admit that he has lost; he will have to convert it into a win by starting a new media organization, ala Glenn Beck. It will last a while until he bankrupts it but after taking a pound or two of flesh with him. His adherants will be there with him but it will be a dwindling group. By 2020 there will be a new messiah on the horizon and a 75 year old Trump will be gone.

Anonymous said...

Some people on here have got to stop watching cnn.

Anonymous said...

The person to ignore is Lynn Evans.

Anonymous said...

6:34 "..Trump is the most unstable,unqualified, unethical candidate to ever run in history."

Sure as shit beats the two parties that's been up there so far!!

Anonymous said...

Trump losing is almost as scary as Trump winning, every time I think about it, I think about how Jim Jones convinced all those people to drink the Kool Aid.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of comments about how great things are under Obama . . .Can someone explain to me how the past eight years of Obama have improved our situation in the middle east? Genuinely curious.

Anonymous said...

10:16, we've started no new wars in the Middle East (or anywhere else) under the current President.

I'm a conservative republican leaning voter. I don't believe Obama has been terrible, just over his head at times. I'd take 4 more years of his presidency than either of the candidates we're left with now. And it's not even close.

Anonymous said...

7:39 It is easy to tell which is the most corrupt - the one who lied to the FBI over two dozen times, helped a KKK grand wizard keep his senate seat for 60 years, slut shamed a twelve year old and laughed about it, mishandled classified information, used Tarp Funds to participate in quid pro quo with bankers. the 1996 IRS gestapo, looting the white house, emailgate, filegate, travelgate, chinagate, watergate, Muslim brotherhood ties, Vince Foster death, Bosnia, cattlegate, Saul Alinsky, Iranian fundraising, Haiti, Russian Uranium deal, Benghazi, Peter Franklin Paul, giftgate, Saudi Arabia and ISIS ties, "Correct the Record" campaign, privately against gay marriage and LGBT rights, sued in 89 for intimidating black voters, Scalia murder suspicions, accepted 1 million donation from a country with a 94% slave population, campaign has been caught committing voter fraud multiple times, ties to Putin-connected energy company, Ron Brown, 1992 death of Clinton mistress, hiring fake sexual assault victims to smear Trump . . . But Trump refused to rent to section 8 recipients and bragged about his sexual prowess. His supporters are obviously drinking the kool-aid. How can they not trust the media which has always told the truth and would NEVER lie to us or collude with the Clinton campaign via email. We need to trust the Bush's and Romney on this you guys, after all the GOP is the genius party who brought us Palin, cementing an Obama victory (which was totes great for the country OBVIOUSLY.) Trump supporters are seeing Russia from their houses!! You know what would be a great idea? We need to mark them with a scarlet T kind of like the Nazi's did to the Jews - the Nazi's had some great ideas didn't they?? Better vote for Hillary you guys because a vote for Trump is a vote for a BAD person!

Anonymous said...

10:33 and ANYONE ELSE please how has the situation IMPROVED in the last eight years? It's a simple question.

Anonymous said...

I have voted for one Democrat in my life, and that was Travis Childers, because of the way the Barbours gave funded race-baiting radio ads on black stations against Chris McDaniel.

I will never vote for a Democrat again. But I will never vote for Donald Trump.

Sixty percent of GOP primary voters preferred someone else. But he was nominated with the votes of semi-literate white trash and neo-nazis....both groups known for wanting to blame their sorry situations on someone else. "It's THEIR fault everything is bad," says Trump. And the white trash and skin heads lap it up.

He's a buffoon who knows nothing of policy. He was a Democrat till 2012. There is nothing conservative about him, and he has praised terrorist thugs like Vladimir Putin.

If anyone here can make the case for him as president without mentioning Hillary or the Supreme Court, go right ahead.

Otherwise, shut up. He's a clown. And a pervert and a man who mocks God and the disabled.

Anonymous said...

12:26 Pervert? You mean like Ol' Rapin' Bill? That is the typical liberal byline though - "I don't have any evidence but you hurt my FEELS so SHUT UP and get out of my echo chamber!!!"

I'm pretty sure the only person who has mocked God and the disabled in this election is Hillary. In fact, it just came out today on camera that her campaign hires the mentally ill to start fights at Trump rallies. Do you support the abuse of mentally ill? Well if you watch CNN the answer is probably yes so pointless to ask . . . my bad.

It's funny how Trump supporters are expected to defend every locker room comment Trump has made for the past thirty years, but I have yet to find a single Hillary supporter (or anti-Trump troll) who is willing to defend what the Clintons have done besides "she's got a vagina so I'm voting for her! She's obviously a smart lady since she was able to rip off the American people for so long! I'm with her"

Anonymous said...

Mindless talking points @12:16.

Anonymous said...

Same establishment GOPers blabbering on about not voting for Trump are the same ones who swore that Kasich would eventually carry the day. Same ones who were here weeks ago claiming that Gary Johnson was polling 25% in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

I could never vote for Trump. His campaign hired mentally ill people to disrupt and start fights at rallies. When Hillary called him out on it on March 12 on twitter, the media said she was just being paranoid and called her followers conspiracy theorists. The main stream medias are obviously being controlled by him, and anyone who thinks otherwise can just read the wikileaks. He lied to the FBI multiple times and tried to delete 33 gamillion emails but we won't let him get away with this. NEVER FORGET that Trump thinks that the mentally ill are just pawns for him to continue his legacy of corrupt . . .Oh wait, that was Hillary. Crap! Vote for Trump. We have kool-aid.

Anonymous said...

1:12 -

"I've never needed to ask God for forgiveness."

Is that honoring God? No. It's either tacitly saying you don't believe in Him, or if you do, you think He's okay with bragging about adultery. That's mockery.

Do you love Trump so much you'd vote for him if he grabbed your wife or daughter by the p*ssy?

I didn't mention the Clintons. Don't say "but Clinton!"

Tell me why I should vote for a man who mocks God and the disabled, and has told teenage girls "I'll be dating you in 10 years."

He's human filth, compared to Democrats or not. But at least you'll have your MEXICANS WILL PAY FOR THE WALL fetish for another 3 weeks. Way to go, dude. You're sticking it to the Establishment.

And when he loses like Dukakis, it was rigged, and you can blame the media and the dirty Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye GOP. Your party is done regardless whether Trump wins or loses.

Anonymous said...

6:57, Tell me why I should vote for a man who mocks God and the disabled, and has told teenage girls "I'll be dating you in 10 years

Please look into the age of the girls on the Lolita Express. Bill Clinton was a regular on the plane. He wasn't willing to wait the 10 years.

Anonymous said...

9:55 --

By relentlessly saying "but Clinton did worse," you validate Trump's behavior.

I get that you have no moral standards. Just say it.

Trump is scum. You support scum.

Bill Clinton has nothing to do with it.

Trump is filth, and you're fine with it. Just say it.

Anonymous said...

@6:57 PM, agree. But it won't be Trump's fault. The GOP has been careening towards this end since Geo. HW Bush.

Kingfish cousin Catfish said...

It's sheer comedy to watch Mississippi's GOP ride or die attitude supporting Trump.

Good ol' christian values they say but yet they support an adulterer, foul mouthed, sexual deviant.

If lil tater comes with that Christian values mess, please show where he supported Donald Trump.

Better yet any of these Republican christian hypocrites come talking family values next election cycle, bet believe we will show them supporting Trump.

Party before State and Country!

Anonymous said...

Better yet any of these Republican christian hypocrites come talking family values next election cycle, bet believe we will show them supporting Trump.

You gave Cochran a pass every election cycle when he deployed the lip service. Then you Donkeycrats pushed him across the finish line. Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

The "yeah but Bill Clinton did..." is self-defeating. If it was bad when he did it, you can't use that to support your candidate's behavior. Of course, I've never met an honest and intelligent Trump supporter, so it's not all that shocking to continually see the argument used. Have some character and put your country above your party affiliation. Denounce the man and hang on to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

I've never met an honest and intelligent Trump supporter ...

Must be because your own intellectual dishonesty precedes you.

Anonymous said...

You make my point, 12:49, about the honest/intelligence of Trump supporters. It is, in fact, intellectually dishonest to use Clinton's deplorable conduct as an excuse for Trump's.

"Your own intellectual dishonesty precedes you" doesn't even make sense. You may think it sounds cute, but it's gibberish.

Kingfish cousin Catfish said...

@ at 10:46 AM

You damn right we pushed Phil Drummond over the finish line as opposed to McKlaniel

If McKlaniel wasn't line and sinker with the KKK of Mississippi, he would have a serious chance because he's anti-pork and he's been consistent on that talking point.

This state has been raked over by ALEC and the Heritage Foundation. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

3:03 --

That's sorta revisionist history.

McDaniel got more votes in the primary. The Barbour brothers then took out ads bragging about food stamps distributed by Sen. Kay Webber, err, Thad Cochran, and gave walkin' around money to black Democrat operatives to troll the housing projects and radio stations.

Oh, and a general comment.

The SNL bit was hilarious. Alec Baldwin is a horrible human being (like the guy he's portraying), but he's a talented, funny dude.

Kingfish cousin Catfish said...

@ 3:38pm

with a comment like "gave walkin' around money to black Democrat operatives to troll the housing projects and radio stations."

How is that any different than McDaniel receiving money from white nationalist groups?

Anonymous said...

5:00, you have to understand. If you are voting for that group, which ever one that might be, they can do the same thing as that other crooked sorry bunch and it is not the same.

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