Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Delbert speaks to the Nob

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann made the following remarks at Hob-Nob today:

MEC Hobnob 2016 Statement from Secretary Hosemann:
Vote. Members of our Armed Forces are Fighting for You to Have the Right.
“Good morning, everyone.  It is great to be back with you.  You are Mississippi’s business leaders who not only talk about economic development, but actually hire good people to go to work.  Job creation in Mississippi starts with you.

This past year has been fast-paced for the Secretary of State’s Office.  We have been regulating securities dealers, returning hundreds of tax-forfeited properties to the tax rolls for local communities, increasing penalties for voter fraud, implementing campaign finance reform, and lowering costs for businesses by making our Agency the most technology-friendly Secretary of State’s Office in the Country with the lowest filing fees. 

We have been busy.  But, not too busy to develop a business tool for you that is unrivaled in any State.

If you have not seen Y’all Business, you are behind in the Mississippi business world. 

For Y’all Business, we specifically acquired information for 21 metropolitan areas in Mississippi in all 82 counties.  The Secretary of State’s web site now receives 12 million hits per year, with more than 75,000 page views on Y’all Business.  People are thinking about investing in Mississippi from all over the United States, and in fact, all over the world. 

Much like you do in your business, we start by selling Mississippi’s people and culture.  It is an easy sell.

We then provide census data concerning population, age, income levels, the quality of schools, transportation, contact information for each county’s economic development agency, and thousands of other useful detailed statistical information.  Y’all Business is a tool for all businesses, but particularly Mississippi’s small businesses.

As you know better than anyone, armed with the appropriate business information, you will make a profitable business decision. 

This is why, unlike any other web site in the country, Y’all Business provides detailed consumer data on real estate, income levels, per capita income, and expenditures of every kind and nature.  Each county can be analyzed: from how many men and women buy clothes to how many use an ATM, from how many people buy bottled water or purchase an Internet connection to how many buy used automobile parts.

This wealth of information is available to all Mississippians at no cost.

It is free.
I believe, as each of you do, Mississippi businesses can compete with any other business in the world.  We are in a worldwide economy and our competition is not only around the corner, but over the ocean and across this Country.  This site provides the updated information you need to compete. 

Finally, I would like to discuss issues concerning the upcoming Presidential election in Mississippi. 

First, I want to make this abundantly clear: Mississippi’s presidential election is not rigged.  On Election Day, 10,000 Mississippians will be in precincts protecting your right to cast your ballot.  Mississippi has initiated a constitutional Voter Identification requirement and it will be enforced on Election Day.  Many other states have been sued or are currently in litigation related to Voter ID.  But, not Mississippi.

Now we have a law which is not only sound legally, but has provided more than 5,300 Mississippians who did not have acceptable identification with a free Voter ID card welcoming them to the polls.

There are over 7,000 voting machines which will be deployed on Election Day.  None of these are connected to the Internet.  The Presidential election is managed by 82 Circuit Clerks, 410 Election Commissioners, and 10,000 trained poll workers.  They are human, but they are not rigging Mississippi’s Presidential election.

The Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office will also be in up to 40 different counties.  No precinct in Mississippi will be further than an hour away from a Secretary of State employee.  We will be vigilant. 

This is not to say there are not attempts to get your personal information from our voter rolls.  Our voter rolls contain your name, address, the last four digits of your social security number, and your date of birth.  This is all critical information we must protect from criminals attempting to gain access to your financial information.

Last month there were about 5,000 attempts to hack our Statewide Elections Management System (SEMS) containing your critical personal information.  I have taken every precaution to prevent illegal access: mirror backup sites, 24-hour review of the database, as well as many other steps.

We will continue to protect your personal information.

One other thing I would like to make perfectly clear.  Please do not consider it optional to cast a ballot for President—no matter what you may think of the candidates.  There must be at least one choice which will be preferable to you, and you need to make it.  That choice will be made at the ballot box.

When you get up on November 8, you should remember many men and women of the United States Armed Forces are also getting up all over the world to give you the 10 minutes you need to drive in your truck to one of the 1,800 precincts in Mississippi.  Some of these individuals may not be alive by the time we count the votes.  Do not let them down. 

Thank you for having me today and I will see you at the polls on November 8th.

By the way, do not forget to bring your ID!”


Anonymous said...

I trust this was a paid political - otherwise, why in the hell would anyone care about what this egomaniac has to say. We all know that he thinks he is smarter than all the others in the room, but he certainly wasn't the only one speaking today at the HN

Anonymous said...

I have finally come to the absolute conclusion that the vast majority of posters on this site are just plain old country assholes.

Anonymous said...

Country assholes because someone recognizes that Delbert has as big an ego as does Donald Trump - which by the way is a pretty high bar, but that gets off the subject.

If that's not the reason, please tell me what you learned from reading this release from HizzHonor, the Secretary.

Anonymous said...

TRUTH, 5:14.
Delbert doesn't have a big ego. He just knows sh*t. We are fortunate that he wants to serve.

Anonymous said...

I met Delbert and his wife 38 years ago. I've been at social gatherings they attended with regularity all those years.
He is not egotistical. He is smart and he is a good guy and he is a good father and husband.
We are lucky that he was willing to serve MS. He didn't have to run for office. He was doing just fine in every way.
And, you 5:18 pm you apparently have not been asked to join any groups who get speakers.

Anonymous said...

who among our state "leaders"does not have a big ego? Tate thinks he is 4 inches taller than his true 5-2. Phil thinks he is smarter than the other famous deputy, Barney. Feelip thinks he really isn't as backwoods as everyone else does.

Anonymous said...

Having a big ego is one thing - thinking you are the smartest on everything and therefore should be in charge is another.

And I've never thought of "Feelip" as backwoods - heard plenty of comments on most everybody, but that is a new description for someone that seems to be much more refined than most legislators.

Anonymous said...

Delbert talks the talk, but has little to show to back it up.

Anonymous said...

I met Delbert and his wife 38 years ago long before he got into politics.
He is not egotistical. He is smart, has good manners and married a fine woman. They've raised their children well.

To contrast and compare, I also met our esteemed governor who thinks elections are " rigged" many decades ago. I frankly think he knows better but is just sleazy . " Sleazy" was my first and continued impression of him.

One uses their brain to improve the world around them and the other uses their brain to feather their own nest.

One made money working. The other made money in politics.

One knows not to wear brown cowboy boots, however expensive, with a black suit. One doesn't.

One has a sense of humor and I've seen him laugh spontaneously. I've never seen the other genuinely laugh at himself or with others.

This isn't hard to me but then I've had many years to observe both interact with others when they aren't in " office".

Anonymous said...

what made you think this was "paid political"? seemed very general and non-political to me. perhaps you didn't actually read it...

Anonymous said...

6:27 surely you can come up with a better defense of Dilberts ego than by saying his is an improvement over Feel. Hell I will bet eveN the earlier haters of Gilbert would agree with you with that as your basis of judging.

M-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i! said...

Glad to see some folks standing up for Delbert. He really is a good guy in many, many ways. If you say otherwise, you just don't know him. We are so lucky to have him.

Anonymous said...

I have known Delbert for many years dating back to when he was a successful tax attorney. His is the smartest guy in the room in most instances. Yes, he does has a bit of an ego, but it is not enough to be detrimental. Phil, on the other hand is an ignorant country bumpkin. He is also dishonest and will lie to a person face about something. He will also go back on his word. He is the prototypical politician that knows how to be aw shucks kind of guy to get the vote.

Anonymous said...

8:35 am It's not ego, it's confidence. And, it's not arrogance if you can back it up. :-)
The problem he has is that being smart and having good manners has become unfashionable. Being a boorish churl is " in" and success is defined by how much money one has, not by how one earns it.
My goodness, people really believe these days that reality TV is real and never staged or edited! And, they believe any gossip or conspiracy theory that comes down the pike.

Anonymous said...

Delbert is the smartest guy in the room? Please. Not unless he's alone in the elevator with Kenny.

Anonymous said...

One knows not to wear brown cowboy boots, however expensive, with a black suit. One doesn't.

No he didn't 6:27 is he colorblind too!!!

Anonymous said...

Delbert's running for governor. Got Josh's people raising money for him - want to hit the 3 million mark by end of the year. Phil wants control for 8 more years - heaven help us!

Anonymous said...

Love all the Delbert lovers and haters on here. Truth is, Delbert might be the smartest guy in the room if the folks there are talking about tax law, as many of his 38 year friends here probably were. Or socially in NE Jackson while he pontificates over subjects of interest to those making enough money to need a tax lawyer. His problem is that he thinks he is the smartest guy on any subject - smarter than any other elected official, appointed, professional, legal, colleague, staff or friend. And his opinion should be the one accepted - because he is the smartest one there.

Cut timber on 16th section land? - ignore the foresters, take his word for it because he can make you do it
Lease tidelands for good economic development? - he is in charge, local officials and economic development professionals be damned; along with developers willing to invest their money
Who's land, even in adjoining states? - he knows better than even engineers, because why? He's the smartest.

Ego is ok if you can back it up. But its not ok when its just ego. Besides, there is a little bit of practicality involved when you get in the public sector and its called compromise. That is something that he still has to learn; guess they didn't teach that at ND.

I'm Tellin' You Peeples said...

What's up with these people who met DimBurt 38 years ago? Please complete the puzzle by telling us where these meetings occurred.

I've never seen Dackbit ride a mule, but he ain't no Cindy Hyde Smiff. That boy was dropped HARD at birth, ain't no denyin' it! He is the corniest damned thang this side of Steve 'Casket' Holland, with the personality of Hobble Bryan and the personal appeal of Willie 'Rib Shack' Simmons.

Anonymous said...

Delbert at least has the good sense not to wear brown boots with a black suit. But, Delbert wouldn't ever be seen in boots - might tarnish his tax lawyer image. Like it was said earlier at 7:48 - when the best you can do is to compare Gilbert against Feel to defend his intelligence, its damning evidence of faint praise.

Director's Chair.. said...

They should have gotten Digbart to play Howard Sprague in the Mayberry episode where Howard left town for a Pacific Island - Hawaiian shirt, madras shorts, black socks, tennis shoes, pontoon-captain's cap with gold rope braid. That is the true Dingbeck.

Anonymous said...

Well, this afternoon nine out of nine of Mississippi's Supremes decided that the all intelligent Secretary Hosemann wasn't as smart as he thought he was ----- again.

Hosemann has decided that he is the absolute arbitrator of anything close to the water of the Mississippi Sound -- if you can smell it from where you are, he should control it. (as noted above, sometimes that even crosses state lines, but I digress.)

Once again he has lost his arguments in local courts and appealed to the Supreme Court. Once again the Supremes have decided that all intelligent Secretary Hosemann was wrong.

But - he is the smartest person in the room according to his friends and family on here that have known him for 38 years.

Guess maybe they should go by the Gartin Building and let the people over there know that they should always accept whatever his opinion is because he is such a good guy.

Suspense Is Killing Us said...

Clue us in, 6:08.

Hate to have you killed, 6:55 said...

Delbert has again tried to claim his authority (as trustee for tidelands) anything and everything that he can. Latest instance is telling the City of Biloxi that they can't lease land for a $140 million family-oriented amusement park because he - the SOS - thinks a casino would be a better use of the property, and he is in charge. He does not have a casino project or developer available, but thinks that the land should remain vacant awaiting someone to come along, and the City not allow the local developer a rezoning of the property for the Disney-type project.

But to the case that the Supreme's handed down today.

FROM: Jane's Law Blog

The State of Mississippi, by and through Delbert Hosemann, in His Official Capacity as Secretary of State and Trustee of the Public Tidelands Trust v. Kenneth F. Murphy, Ray J. Murphy and Audie R. Murphy – tidelands taking – Among other things, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Old Seawall built in 1917 in Bay St Louis. The United States Army Corps of Engineers built a new seawall east/seaward of the Old Seawall in 2010. Then, beginning in 2012, Bay St. Louis built a harbor east/seaward of both the Old Seawall and the New Seawall. The Murphys sued the State of Mississippi claiming that the State of Mississippi took property allegedly belonging to them situated east/seaward of the Old Seawall by leasing that property to the City of Bay St. Louis for construction of the Harbor. On August 18, 2014, the jury returned a verdict for the Murphys for the taking of their property and awarded them $644,000.00. They were also awarded $214,666.66 in attorneys’ fees, $48,676.32 in expenses, and interest on the jury verdict from the date of filing at 8% per annum. The Miss.S.Ct. affirms.

East Must Be Seaward said...


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