Friday, June 5, 2015

The Clayton Kelly circus starts next week.

The circus comes to Canton, Mississippi next week.  Yes, that's right.   The trial for State of Mississippi v. Clayton Kelly begins Monday.  Circuit Judge William Chapman will hear motions and begin the process of seating the jury.  The court file is posted below.  The witness list is rather interesting as District Attorney Michael Guest subpoenaed former Chris McDaniel for Senate campaign manager and State Senator Melanie Sojourner (R-Palm Beach Tanning Salon).  Some observations and highlights of of the court file are:

*The state filed a motion in limine asking the court to order the defense to avoid making any statements about possible sentences or jail terms as such statements have nothing to do with guilt. P.4

*Clayton Kelly is attempting to avoid a trial by jury as he requested a bench trial.  P. 8.  He cited pre-trial publicity and "complicated and technical legal issues" as a reason why he could not receive a fair trial by jury.

*Kelly filed an expected change of venue and cited several articles from the Clarion-Ledger as the basis for his request.  p. 10  So is he arguing pre-trial publicity can affect a judge?

*The indictment allegedly violates Kelly's First Amendment rights.  He claims protections under freedom of speech and freedom of the press. He states he was seeking material for his constitutional blog.  Um, could someone show where he actually published original content and not "copy and paste jobs" of articles and other websites onto his blog?   JJ is very thankful he didn't cite The Kingfish as his inspiration. That is a scary thought. P. 25

Kelly also argues "a journalist who is reporting on a newsworthy person or event does not need consent to publish a photograph in connection with a legitimate news story." 

*Kelly filed a motion to dismiss for insufficient indictment on May 26.  He posits the indictment does not clearly state the facts of the underlying crime.  P. 28

*Kelly also filed a motion to preclude trespass as a "lesser-included offense."   Kelly claims the indictment does not "include a charge for trespass". P. 30

*Motion to recuse Assistant District Attorney Marlin Miller, Jr. since Mr. Miller sat on the Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Rankin County and resigned from said committee.  P. 32  Kelly argues the resignation still taints the prosecution because of his "interest in the Republican Party".  Um, Michael Guest ran as a Republican in a Republican primary as well.   Hmmm..... 

*Witnesses.  Our cast of characters is back from the past.  Yes, soccer coach Rich Red Alert Sager , John "The Hut" Mary, Mike Brown (Not the Mike Brown) of the Madison PD, Vicki Currie of the Madison PD and Stuart Irby fame whose life has literally gone to the dogs, Chuck Harrison of the Madison PD,  Vicky Roberts of the FBI (We will be nice to her because she is the FBI.), Clayton Cochran (son of Thad and Rose Cochran), Dr. George Patton (Dr. Blood and Guts was Mrs. Cochran's doctor), Tony Willridge - the sentinel of St. Catherine's Village, Ken Gill- the head of the Kingsguard of St. Catherine's Village,  Kate Cochran (daughter of the Senator and Mrs. Cochran),  State Senator Melanie Sojourner, and attorney Richard Wilbourn.  Oddly enough, Kong of the Madison PD is not on the list.

Keep in mind that all defendants in this case save Kelly (and the deceased) cut deals with the prosecution.  Mr. Kellly is likely to find the courtroom a very lonely place to be next week.


Anonymous said...

" the head of the Kingsguard of St. Catherine's Village "

That's funny.

Anonymous said...

" the head of the Kingsguard of St. Catherine's Village "

That's funny.

Anonymous said...

1. Will Clayton Kelly have to worry about getting lost on the way to the courthouse, or is he still in custody?

2. The Ginger Avenger isn't on the witness list?

Biased Reporting said...

Not sure why Kingfoosh has always made a joke of the McDaniel campaign and anybody associated with it. Nothing like a biased reporter.

Anonymous said...

@10:55 PM

I would never presume to answer for Kingfish or for anyone. However, I have a pretty good guess as to why he made a joke of the McDaniel campaign; probably for the same reason other sane people made a joke of it - It was a joke! McDaniel is a joke! Personally, I have worked in a number of political campaigns and have watched even more. With my experience being involved in more than a few, I can honestly say I have never seen anything exactly like the one McDaniel ran. No one in their right mind would have behaved like he behaved. If he ever had the slightest chance of a political career, it is now over.

Anonymous said...

So the case is about Burglary?

Did the Catholic owners press charges?

Nothing about taking a pic of an elderly lady?

Did he intend to commit a felony therein? See the Fenians Pub case about the drunkard in Belhaven.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a biased reporter?? It's a blog. He's not a reporter. Further, everything someone decries biased journalism, it makes me believe they learned about our nation's history off of the back of a cereal box. We have NEVER had unbiased journalism, we never will, and it was much more slanted in various times in our nation's history: the Hearst years and the Adams/Jefferson years just to name a few.

Biased Reporting said...

For the Doofus at 2:36; Kingfish, with regularity, refers to himself as a reporter. Please pay attention. And for the 'seasoned political wannabee' at 12:08 who 'would never presume to answer for Kingfish' but then goes ahead and does it anyway.....the post about Kingfish' bias is not about your opinion or your experience with campaigns. It's about the reporters' unvarnished bias. You could turn Cochran loose inside the Whole Foods store and he could not find the front door, yet he saved us (again) from conservatism.

Anonymous said...

I generally agree with you 2:35am but you are confusing journalists with publishers. There were publishers like Hearst who slanted what was reported to further their personal agendas. There were also political rags during the Adams/Jefferson years that get cited that weren't newspapers in any sense of the word. But, fortunately for our Nation, we also used to be serious newspapers that even had research departments that went out of the way to make sure whatever was published was , first of all, accurate and not invented. Reporters tried to stick to the facts of who, what, where and when. They wrote their own stories, they weren't handed something by an interest group that was written in entirety by someone else. Opinions were on the Editorial and Opinion pages, not on the front page.
There were the likes of Edward R. Murrow and Cronkite and the common man knew the difference.
There was a time when I went to a government committee meeting and the story reflected the key elements of the meeting and a reporter was in attendance. Now, reporters don't show and if there's a report, it's handed to a reporter by a Director or Committee Chairman.
Now, a crazy person or someone with zero knowledge of a subject gets quoted and given the same weight as someone who has a solid background of competence and who has experience or experience on the subject at hand. And, now, nothing and nobody is seen as " off limits" and I personally think it's especially awful that political young children are now political targets whether it's Palin's kids or the Obama kids, it's awful! And, with Mr. Clayton it was a dying woman whom he wanted to use in the name of politics and wants us to believe that is journalism! You can't put a pretty face on sleaze and criminality but a lot of people are sure trying to these days!

Kingfish said...

Show where I called myself a reporter. Come on, you can do it. Don't be shy.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have worked in a number of political campaigns and have watched even more. With my experience being involved in more than a few, I can honestly say I have never seen anything exactly like ...

Appeal to Authority. FALLACY.

KaptKangaroo said...

Aside from your jackassery reporting, once in a while you do hit a nerve "reporting" the activities around issues that the layperson in MS might not be aware of because the story is not sexy enough - aka PERS.

I consider you a news source and I tend to think of your role more as a publisher who vigorously digs to get as much detail as possible around a story as possible.

In the case of "reporting", if that action labels you a "reporter", then so be it.

Personally, the fact you present stories across the spectrum Dem vs. Rep, black vs. white, etc. and the fact you allow vivid discussion around the topics is the best way to develop a deep understanding of the issues. Those who don't like it are typically the subject of conversation and have a difficult time understanding the entire issue.

You damn reporter!

Anonymous said...

We have NEVER had unbiased journalism, we never will ...

Absolutely corrrect. BUT

He's not a reporter.

Flat out wrong. Kingfish is as much a reporter as any other journalist in Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking Clayton Kelly should be sentenced to no more than time served. Poor Rose by all accounts was so out of it she could not have noticed him coming in and taking a pic. I don't know anyone who saw the pic on the Internet. Apparently it was taken down fairly quickly. This was more stupidity than anything else, and the damage to Rose very limited. Let him get back to his family.

Anonymous said...

Since you brought up THE Mike Brown, what's up with him being in the Hinds County Jail system since about last December? He shows up on other the MDOC inmate search and Hinds County jail docket. Wonder why they didn't take him when they took all the other state prisoners?

Anonymous said...

KF, I think you are more of a reporter than a blogger. And, when you are stating your opinions or biases or are engaging in humor, it's very clear.

Nor do I find you to be mean spirited.

I'm occasionally disappointed when you let your disgust or anger ( even though justified) get the best of you and you express yourself less gentlemanly than you could as you have the intelligence and wit to be devastating without coming down to the level of those deserving of your ire.

I respect you and come to this site because you do your homework and bother to try to get the facts and you do have a sense of humor as well.

Anonymous said...

Kelly should do hard time and all the problems that go with being incarcerated in the Mississippi prison system.

Anonymous said...

11:24: For taking a stupid picture no one saw? If that is all he took, an image of someone who could not notice it being taken, staring out into space, of no monetary value taken, he's had enough. Send him back to his kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm relatively new here to Mississippi and still trying to understand everything about this case. First of all, I completely agree with what Anonymous said at 12:29 - thank you for the way you are applying individual critical thought rather than jumping on the bandwagon of those who are sensationalizing this story for their own gratification, particular those interested in the political agenda of Madison County officials, who also appear to be friends with Thad Cochran. What they have done to Clayton Kelly and the other defendants is pernicious at best. Thad Cochran is a public figure held to public scrutiny. Clayton Kelly and the other defendants did just that - they scrutinized him and I am glad they did. If anyone thinks for one minute that the motivation to take the picture was to harm anyone or gain monetary value from it has a very flawed argument. It was taken to prove that Key Webber was not his wife, rather his mistress, that he lied, and lied and lied about. Well, well, well, Clayton and the others were right and their courage to expose this truth turned out to be an inconvenient truth to the campaign, Madison County officials and their "friends". Their solution - well, let's arrest with trumped up charges those who dare expose this truth. I have a couple of questions for the author of this blog:

1) Is the author of this blog aware of the witness list for the trial? If so, is it possible that the still unidentified individual, allegedly being closely associated with this case, and who was NEVER been arrested along with the other defendants, an attorney from Madison County named Richard Wilbourne? It is common knowledge that he allegedly helped in a pivotal way to make sure the picture was taken, however, I have not seen any sensational headlines, no pictures splashed on TV or the newspaper like the other defendant and their family had to endure, including their children. How come he is exempt from this - is it because he is from Madison County and has friends?

2) What is your motivation for attaching unsavory names to those who will be attending the trial. Do you think it adds value to your journalism credentials? I can assure you it doesn't.

3) Do you really think the tips you get from law officials or those in political office are to benefit you and this blog or to ingratiate themselves to you so you will post articles in favor of them?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:24 sounds like one or all of the Madison County officials who have an interest in winning this case

Anonymous said...

"For taking a stupid picture no one saw?"

That probably was not his intent.

Was the intent to embarrass Senator Cochran so that he would be forced to withdraw from the race?

Clayton needs to explain his intent to a judge in a court of law.

The same for the rest of these conservative turd burglar plotters.

Anonymous said...

@12:29 PM

Obviously, you have never had a family member or close friend who had Alzheimer's! If so, you would not dare to make mean spirited remarks like those you made in your post. It doesn't matter if they notice what is going on around them or not. It's all about dignity, respect and privacy! You had just better hope and pray that you or someone close to you that you love doesn't develop this mean, ugly disease at some point in your life. God forbid this happens, you will probably change your nasty disrespectful attitude! People like you make me sick!

Anonymous said...

I'm relatively new here to Mississippi ...

How many years have you been in Mississippi? "Relatively new" is purposefully evasive.

Anonymous said...

June 6, 2015 at 2:22 PM = Yawnnnn, Sssnnnooorrree, Zzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Sanctimony is so becoming on you 2:42 PM. I'll bet you wear it all the time.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 2:42

If you are sick, as you claim, perhaps you can read this later when you feel better. If you are well enough to respond, please articulate (big word for Mississippi) how a picture, albeit one that most of us would not have taken, compromises one's dignity more than a husband having an affair and having no shame about pictures of himself and his paramour? Did you not see the one of them days after the funeral in front of a jewelry store? Further, it is a stretch to assume, and then make fact, that the person who commented does not have any experience with Alzheimer's. Seems like assumptions becoming facts is a virus that people catch often here in Mississippi

Anonymous said...

2:22pm The purpose of the photo was to sway the outcome of an election by showing the character of a candidate in order to defeat him at the polls. The photo op did just that by sending Chris to the courts crying foul after his head was handed to him in the polls and the courtroom.

Anonymous said...

I see that several of the unnecessary and unsavory name calling attached to the individual names who are involved in this trial have been removed from this article. Hmmmm...... does anyone else think it is ironic that the author of the article posted something offensive and then removed it - kind of like what Clayton Kelly did ????

Anonymous said...

12:29 here: The politics are irrelevant. I helped the Cochran effort against McDaniel in the election contest, actively despise McDaniel, and do not like one bit the stupidity and lack of right and wrong and common sense Kelly displayed. He should not have taken Rose's picture. Yet I find that further punishment of Kelly, who already underwent incarceration due to an unjust initial bond amount, is excessive. He may be very well be found guilty as charged, and may deserve to be (although I think there are legitimate legal questions here for the court to answer), but if he is, I think that sentencing him to time served would be appropriate, not throwing another life away. The law is not about vengeance. We've already had one great tragedy in Mark Mayfield's death. Let's not compound the tragedy of Mark's death by the State's throwing away the key on Kelly.

Kingfish said...

There was only one and that was because I remembered when I re-read it that said person suffered from a physical illness or condition. That is the only one and you know it. Nice try.

As for the effect on the race, here is the real irony. It is my contention that had it not been for Clayton Kelly's exploits, Chris McDaniel would have won the election. Numerous sources in each campaign and in the media said the polls showed Chris McDaniel was coming on strong and the Kay Weber angle was paying dividends for McDaniel. Chris was a good campaigner, the outside groups were coming in and outspending the Cochran campaign on advertising, and it looked like Chris was going to pull it off.

Then this happened. It completely stopped his momentum in the polls for ten days. McDaniel camp completely fumbled the response. Melanie Sojourner did her job. She called him at 7:30 that morning and tried to get him to pay attention to it. He blew her off and didn't really deal with it the rest of the day. Um, this was a nuke that went off. You don't ignore a nuke. That is why you had so many different responses from the campaign that day. That day showed how a candidate reacts under pressure and it is where I think he dropped the ball.

However, remember I said ten days? The Cochran people went full Kirk Sims and totally overplayed it. When the enemy is in trouble and under serious fire from the media, STAY OUT OF IT!!! They just could not resist and had to start running attack ads using the scandal. Completely and totally overplayed their hand and screwed up what was for them a gift from the political gods. It also gave the McDaniel people a chance to return fire at a target instead of fighting the media in a million different directions. The result was Chris started rising again in the polls.

That is the irony. Kelly and his crew completely screwed McDaniel and probably cost him the election. The problem is, Kelly is probably too dumb to figure that out even at this date as he has shown himself to be someone who is not too bright.

As for the person who is relatively new, that is quite obvious from reading your comment. Not too familiar with this site, are you?

Anonymous said...

I've searched and searched to try to find one instance in which Thad Cochran lied about or even discussed his relationship with the woman he eventually married. Seriously, can anyone show me where he commented on this? I keep hearing that he lied about it, but I can't find any reference to him discussing his relationship with the woman.

Meanwhile, those of you who think these kinds of crimes aren't serious and shouldn't be prosecuted to the full extent of the law simply demonstrate to me how much society has deteriorated in this state and nation. God help us.

Anonymous said...


Au contraire - I am familiar with your site, although it is a recent familiarity because I am still trying to figure out the motivations for prosecuting Clayton Kelly. I see that you are still making offensive comments about Clayton so I am not sure if that is your style or only a bias in this case. Either way, I offer you the way of integrity and to remove them as you did with the others - yes, there is an "s".

Kingfish said...

Deal with it.

I'm sure if I was making fun of Obama or Hillary in the same manner you would be laughing away.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a coherent statement from Cochran on any issue. I agree with the Tea Party ideologically, but the fact that they backed such an incompetent group of misfits really disappoints me. Ant Republican in the state could have run a campaign to the right of Cochran. Pickering, Reeves, Hosemann... Only McDaniel had the cojones to run, but he decided to run to the right of Goldwater and hire an Anarchist Sociopath to do his Communications.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @4:2

Ok, where is the outrage from Thad Cochran? Is he suing the nursing home for allowing an individual in and taking her picture? Is that splashed all over the news? If there was such harm done, then I am surprised (or maybe not) that he has not taken specific and aggressive steps to hold the nursing home responsible for this supposed "break in". If he is unwilling to pursue legal remedies for what is being promoted as a horrific crime, then is there a crime? If Clayton was assisted into the home, either by an unnamed individual, or by an employee at the facility, where does trespassing come in? I have seen up close and person the crimes that are committed in nursing homes - ie, theft, as in stealing jewelry, medicines, and other personal belongings, physical and verbal abuse, emotional torture by neglect, poisoning, and, the worst, indifference. I do not see where Clayton Kelly committed any of these. Did he do something that perhaps was a youthful indiscretion, in the name of exposing the truth - yes. Was it a crime - no.

Anonymous said...


Deal with it ?? Such eloquence for an esteemed author

Anonymous said...

What the State is accusing him of is preposterous. He may have broken HIPPA laws, but I've heard of no Federal involvement in the case.

If I were Kelly, I'd squeal on Fritsch Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Just so that no one will have to wonder, I am the poster from 2:42 PM. And, to any of you who made your snide remarks concerning my post, I continue to stand behind any of my statements. Also, to the ones of you who continue to bash Thad Cochran, jealousy is an ugly thing. None of you give a damn about who he married or when their relationship began and in addition, it is none of your concern. What matters is how he did the job he was elected to do in Washington. In closing, I have one question to ask each of you; How many of you have been entirely faithful to your marriage vows and would have continued to be under these same circumstances? You do not want to answer that - didn't think so! It's amazing how green the eyes of the monster can get when his candidate doesn't win!

Anonymous said...

That is a lot of assumptions but, like I said before, it seems to be a virus that is going around - or has been around a long time here. Thank you for sharing your opinion, however, I don't see the value in assumptions.

Anonymous said...

" Its a vast right wing conspiracy"

Will Reporter-Kingfish Attend The Trial? said...

Although I cannot offer proof and don't have the means to track back through all your posts, Kingfish, I will kiss your ass on the town square if you have not referred to yourself as 'this reporter' more than several times. I recall comments you've made such as 'This reporter was in attendance' and 'This reporter was there and made this poor quality video' and 'Reporters were in the room and we were allowed to....'. If you say that is not true, you are not being truthful.

But, aside from your unwillingness to admit that, the larger issue is your undenying insistence on denigrating the prior candidate and anybody associated with him. We realize, however, who buys the ads and donates to the blog. Transparency will rule.

Anonymous said...

2:22 pm

Clearly you do know understand the law.

This is no different than if someone had gotten past security , climbed into former President Reagan's home through an open window that had a screen on it, opened his bedroom door and tried to interview him and take photos of him while he was in the last stages of his illness for political use or had to do so pretending to be an approved caregiver or deliverer of needed medical equipment.

St. Catherine's is a secured RESIDENTIAL facility and some of the residential units are assisted living and nursing care facilities. The unit for those with advanced Alzheimer's or senile dementia is always locked for the protection of the patients. They are there so they cannot do themselves harm or be harmed and exploited by others. They are NOT in t he public view!

Even celebrities and political figures have the right to privacy while in their own beds or bath tubs, for goodness sakes! They can grant entrance and give permission for such photos if they are competent. Even then, a smart photographer gets written permission.

Mr. Kelly and some others who create blog sites seem to feel they can say or do anything on the Internet without legal consequences in the name of " free speech". That is not the case. It has never been the case. And, it is a stupid person indeed who blogs without knowing what their legal responsibilities are.

And, while I too am very sorry for Mr. Kelly's children, his first responsibility should have been to them, not a political candidate.
I suspect he was badly used and manipulated as well, but stupidity and naiveté have never been defenses for committing crimes.

I'm very concerned also that in the name of " politics" so many have been duped into thinking that personal freedom now means you can violate another citizen's personal freedom with impunity! Some of you feel you can be not just thoughtless and inconsiderate of others but disrespectful and mean and lie about others for amusement and to hell with things like honesty and honor as well. This lack of civility and common decency in this country should be a concern to all of us!

Anonymous said...

I read and re-read the post @ 2:22 and find nothing in it with which to disagree or get pissed about. So, out of the woodwork, here come the fallacies. First, let's accuse him of being evasive and vague about how long he's lived here. Next, let's accuse him of being a McDaniel crony. Then comes Kingfish to accuse him of not being a reader of this blog long enough (a typical accusation by The Fish). And finally, 'Deal with it'.

Point is, the poster is right on. What's to argue with? That you people don't like the truth and insight found at 2:22 is beside the point.

"Deal with it? Such eloquence...". Almost as eloquent as 'Start your own blog' and 'You haven't been around here long, have you?", and ‘I will now make something clear for you and others who lack reading comprehension skills’.

But, really, don’t bristle so at being a reporter. It’s one notch up from a blogger.

And if The Senator is not called to testify, he should show up and ask to testify. And he should take the stand and recommend that the charges against Mr. Kelly be dropped so he can return to whatever life he chooses. And, no, I've never seen or spoken to the man, don't know him and don't know McDaniel or Sojourner. (and it's time Queen Mary got her nose out of this and many other things she's got it wedged into.)

Anonymous said...

KF, I agree with you that this incident damaged McDaniel's campaign, but I respectfully disagree with you that he'd have won without this incident taking place.

First of all, polls are no longer as accurate as they And, I have noticed other surprising results where the polls were wrong in campaigns that weren't so ridden with idiotic events.

At least one of the polls you published in the primary listed the average age of those polled. Remember the timing as well. Young people 18-22 were still in school. They were home for the run-off. And, the fake college robocall incensed more than a few of those young Republicans.

McDaniel's couldn't control his campaign or supporters and too many of them were making outrageous statements and blogging bizarre things. It's wasn't the break in that got African Americans to show up, it was the interview given by the former Klansman and other statements made by those involved in McDaniel's campaign.

This hurt him with older Republicans, for sure, but I don't think it alone hurt as much as the general feeling that McDaniel had surrounded himself with more than a few nitwits and didn't have enough sense to distance himself from them. Indeed, he had some of them actively involved in his campaign.

Anonymous said...

"...once in a while you do hit a nerve "reporting" the activities around issues that the layperson in MS might not be aware of because the story is not sexy enough - aka PERS."

FALLACY - Presenting ones self as a pseudo authority (as opposed to the proletariat layperson) while others, of less intelligence (mere layperson), cannot fathom the conversation. Otherwise known as the BS-Authority fallacy.

"Personally, the fact you present stories across the spectrum Dem vs. Rep, black vs. white...".

Please define the 'black vs white' stories on this blog or give examples. Or did you just step in your own mess?

Anonymous said...

What a joke.
You wouldn't want to see me on that jury. With those charges I would set him free in a minute. People come and go at St. Catherines all the time. Kelly had not intention of stealing anything. Charges are bogus.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 8:08

Well it appears you have jumped on the bandwagon of sensationalizing this story and might have a vested interested in the prosecution. Anyone with discernment can see that your argument is flawed. No break-in occurred. No interview was attempted. A NO one was harmed as you would like it to seem and convince others to believe. Clayton was not alone in wanting to expose the truth - there were many, many others that have never been arrested or had their name splashed all over the news. I kind of think you might know that. Those in political and law offices of Madison County have blood on their hands. Their zeal to ingratiate themselves to their chosen political candidate has exceeded what any screen writer could ever imagine for a movie. As to your point of bloggers, did you notice that the author of this blog put up an offensive comment and had to take it down? I'm not sure if it was of his own volition or if he was told to, however, it is no different from what Clayton did and then immediately took down. Did he do something wrong in his misguided attempt to expose the truth about who the real Mrs. Cochran was - yes. Is it a crime that deserves the punitive measures you and the D.A. are trying to make it out to be - absolutely not. It will be offensive to any jury to hear these trumped up charges and then no one will lose. The defendants are accused on conspiracy - if I were Madison County officials, I would look real close to home before accusing others of this crime. As to the issue of free speech, it should always be used with responsibility, however, just look at what you wrote and see how irresponsible your words are. How many news organizations, blogs included, write and post pictures that are asked to be retracted, without legal consequences? If you are a seasoned reader or familiar with the law, then you already know the answer to this. Pictures are posted all the time and then asked to be taken down without legal consequences. Why are you holding Clayton Kelly out as the exception - oh, wait, I forgot there was a conspiracy to use him and the others to ingratiate yourselves to a politician who really does not share your zeal as he did NOTHING to seek legal remedies or show any outrage or even come right away to participate in seeking justice for what is now being prosecuted as a crime. Now, bias confirmation is in full force and people are loading on the band wagon - discernment, reason, intelligence and an over zealous prosecution are going way over the top to prove a case that really has no merit. Clayton has the right to free speech as well as the other defendants. A Supreme Court decision last week proved it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @8:13

Thanks - yes, all the assumptions about me are interesting - just hold no value because they are not true. I appreciate your reasoned mind.

Anonymous said...

I read and re-read the post @ 2:22 and find nothing in it with which to disagree or get pissed about.

You are anonymous. Nobody cares. That is the truth you can't accept.

Anonymous said...

Were there any public notices posted in the nursing home explicitly forbidding visitors to take photos or? If not, then how, would anyone, including visitors, know that it was against the law to take a picture in the facility? Seems the nursing home should be held to as much scrutiny as Clayton and the others - oh, keep forgetting, there is no political benefit by holding them accountable.

Anonymous said...

9:09 You have made up your mind without hearing any evidence or the law. Yet you are willing to give your verdict. People like you should never be permitted to serve.

Anonymous said...

Problem is 8:45 AM KF didn't present himself as any sort of authority and the commenter you are quoting didn't present themselves as one either.

You can get remedial help for that reading comprehension problem.

Anonymous said...

9:09 Stop lying. No one is allowed into the locked ward where the Alzheimer patients, including Mrs. Cochran, live/lived, without permission from the resident (if competent) or the family/legal guardian (if not competent).

No one.
Unless you have a copy of a document from Mrs. Cochran's family given St. Catherine's permission to allow the defendant into her room then you are lying. If you do have one that will be a real Perry Mason moment at her trial.

PS Will someone please revoke the GED of the fool who thinks he knows how to use the word "fallacy" (the one who types it in all caps constantly).

Kingfish said...

Actually I plan on attending the trial. A camera coverage notice was approved. My intent is to record and post the hearing as I have done in similar trials such as the Mike Brown case. I probably will not attend the seating of the jury.

I've referred to myself as "this correspondent". I don't consider myself to be a reporter per se but have always said I provide informed commentary on this website. When I was growing up, the editorial pages were filled with the likes of Jack Anderson, Robert Novak, and Victor Reisel. Read about Mr. Reisel some time. There is a real profile in courage. They were journalists who wrote columns. They dug up facts and presented them with their own view as to what they meant. Much investigative journalism was performed in those columns. Most of my posts are written in that vein. Compare their columns and work to what you see on editorial pages today. Just spin doctors hyperventilating about something most of the time. So my goal when I write posts is to either write something that continues the work of Anderson and Novak or provide something more like Drudge in that he gives you an idea of where the news is going by publishing breaking news.

Now if you read the top of the website, it says something about jackassery as well. That means we are going to have fun on this site and skewer people who earned it. This case has provided its cast of characters who are indeed eligible for said skewering.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 9:52

Do you think that there was intent to harm Mrs. Cochran? I can assure there wasn't and I know a jury or judge will be able to see that clearly. My earlier posts indicate that a crime would be in effect if there was stolen items, physical touching or abuse, poisoning, stealing of medications, neglect, verbal abuse, etc. Indiscretion in taking a picture and posting it and then immediately taking it down is a mistake - hardly a crime.

Anonymous said...

Poor Rose was not in the dementia unit but on the 2nd for of the nursing home. after the photo incident she was moved for a time but then came back. The name on her door had been removed but same room and the door was often left open I suppose so staff could observe her as they passed by. I felt so sorry for her. Eyes open but clearly no one home, staring into space. I highly doubt she would have been aware of Kelly taking a picture. Sorry to relate all this, but it seems relevant now.

Anonymous said...

I think the Madison County police officers were doing just what they were told to do by over zealous officials in public offices. I think it did not sit well with some of them, however, they had to do what they were told. I am reminded of two police officers in the town (or is it a city) of Hattiesburg, MS. They were not directed or told to do anything by any public official, rather, they were just doing their job as their conscious and training directed them to do. They were killed by real criminals who were committing real crimes. The comparison should have everyone take pause as it is sobering, if not staggering.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @9:52

Assuming what you are saying is correct, what should the punishment be for someone who does not follow this unknown and unpublished rule?

Anonymous said...

Please June 7, 2015 at 9:32 AM start your own f'ing website or blog. An ego your size needs their own gig.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 10:32

It has been my experience as well that doors are often left open or ajar at nursing homes. When I would go see my Mother, it was not unusual to see patients in their rooms, regardless of their condition when I was walking down the hall. I never thought of an expectation of privacy as there was none - either by the patient or facility. I never saw any posted publication regarding rules for visitors - everyone just came and went. I don't think it was appropriate for Clayton to take a picture, however, I also don't think it was a crime. I don't think a jury will either. I still think that is why no one has held the nursing home accountable for legal remedies in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11:24

Too intelligent for you? - guess so. Reading your less than eloquent response to my reasoned comment makes me think you are upset by inconvenient truths. Perhaps you have a vested interest in the prosecution and might be having a difficult time articulating in a civil way when challenged so you resort to, well, less than intelligent responses. That is ok - those who are seeing it for what it is understand.

The Circus Needs To Drop Tent and Leave Town said...

While I have never been on the property known as St. Catherine's Village, I've been in many nursing homes and several dementia wings. If you know the door code, you have access to the primary facility. If not, they buzz you in. If you know the wing or unit codes, you buzz yourself in, unless the door is already open.

Anybody who has reason to enter those doors has the code or soon knows it, by simply asking. Any of those persons can give the codes out if they wish to (hopefully to other family members who need to visit)

And the room doors within the dementia wings are NOT locked down and are often wide open. All people in these units are not imobile. Most of them, in fact, wheelchair themselves to arts and crafts and other activities. But, they can NOT leave this wing. They are NOT otherwise locked down or secluded privately.

It's with those facts in mind that I call bullshit on the ones of you who are crying burglary or entry by deception or breaking and entering or trespass.

As is posted at the top of this thread, this is a circus. Enough already. Charge the man with time served and fine him five hundred dollars payable by money-order to the Democrat Party General Fund.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:00

Well said and very true.

Kingfish said...

As to your point of bloggers, did you notice that the author of this blog put up an offensive comment and had to take it down? I'm not sure if it was of his own volition or if he was told to, however, it is no different from what Clayton did and then immediately took down.

Keep it up, and I will put it back up. Remember that story I told about Miles Davis?

Anonymous said...

It is funny as hell to not give a shit about this whole episode and to be able to sit back and watch you nut cases on both sides go after each other with epistle after epistle. Long winded stuff. God is great, beer is good and people are crazy. You people are CERTIFIABLE.

Anonymous said...

I will actually be surprised if the judge allows a case to be tried. Is this what the tax payers of Mississippi pay for - this kind of circus? Oh, and cameras? For what - so that everyone can see the circus and waste of time and money? I would venture to say that most people in the U.S. do not have a very favorable opinion about the corrupt political and legal system here. This trial would perpetuate that truth. I would be very careful, lest there might be a backlash that would take a long time to recover from.

Kingfish said...

There is a motion to dismiss on the table and Judge Chapman is a capable jurist.

Anonymous said...

Group #1: People who tell us there is nothing much wrong with (allegedly) conspiring to take these pictures (with apparent intent and acts to make them publicly available) of the incapacitated wife of a US senator for a variety of reasons.

Group #2: People who demand and cause to be passed laws (ag gag) making it illegal to record or take pictures of what goes on in industrialized agriculture animal confinement facilities. The newest cancerous mutation of this idea is Wyoming's new ag gag on steroids.*

Can anyone draw me the Venn diagram showing Group #1, Group #2, and Clayton's Crusaders?

*"The Wyoming law transforms a good Samaritan who volunteers her time to monitor our shared environment into a criminal. Idaho and Utah, as well as other states, have also enacted laws designed to conceal information that could damage their agricultural industries—laws currently being challenged in federal court. But Wyoming is the first state to enact a law so expansive that it criminalizes taking a picture on public land.

The new law is of breathtaking scope. It makes it a crime to “collect resource data” from any “open land,” meaning any land outside of a city or town, whether it’s federal, state, or privately owned. The statute defines the word collect as any method to “preserve information in any form,” including taking a “photograph” so long as the person gathering that information intends to submit it to a federal or state agency. In other words, if you discover an environmental disaster in Wyoming, even one that poses an imminent threat to public health, you’re obliged, according to this law, to keep it to yourself."

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, I don't care what you call yourself, just keep doing what you do! I love JJ!

Anonymous said...

Kingfish I thought you instructed your family not to post on here (3:37) LOL

Anonymous said...

I have had a family member suffer from dementia, we tried to keep her at home. We had a maid who was getting her to sign checks and cashing them.
I moved her to a ALF and their staff was stealing all her money and her towels and bed linens. Complained to the head of the facility who denied this was happening, but after inquiring from other families it was happening to them also.

Yes, Clayton Kelly needs to be punished along with the band of merry men and women he conspired with.

Anonymous said...

WOW, that has to be the most convincing anonymous comment @6:03 PM ever left here on JJ. I have no doubt that you've changed the minds of many readers here with your incredibly powerful testimony. Kelly should face death by firing squad. You'd shoot him @6:03 PM because of the violations your family member endured. Right?

Anonymous said...

I agree 6:43 perhaps @6:03 will want to ship him to Saudia Arabia for 10 years and 1,000 lashes

Anonymous said...

What time does the trial start on Monday?

Anonymous said...

KF - I'm getting bored with the lunatics who are trying to distract us from that rumor about Chrissie McD and Melanie Sojourner.

Please tell that Miles David story again - I Must have missed that one.

Kingfish said...

Miles Davis was once playing a gig at the Blackhawk in San Francisco. Some silly woman kept yelling at him to play a certain song. Actually a stupid woman because one didn't demand anything of Miles Davis. She got so rude and obnoxious that he had her thrown out of the club. He played the song- after she was removed from the premises. The audience applauded.

Anonymous said...

Interesting case involving Witness #16 Richard Wilbourn.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Richard Wilbourn is also a JJ participant.

Calling Bullshit for the 40th Time said...

"Keep it up and I will....." do this or that. What childish, silly, meaningless threats.

If y'all don't genuflect and pay adequate homage to the blog owner, he will take his ball and shut you down. And if you keep it up, he will shit his britches.

Kingfish said...

I did.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous nobody @ 6:44 PM blowing anonymous nobody tough guy bubbles that nobody will see. Keep it up LOSER.

Anonymous said...

@ 9:34

Oh dear, sounds like you have your panties in a wad - it will be ok, breathe deeply, pick the wad out carefully, and you will be able to think and walk straight again. I hardly think the commenter you refer to is a loser - he/she wrote an opinion that obviously came from an observation. Isn't this what the blog is for?

Anonymous said...

The guy should have not snuck in and taken the picture. period. What does it say about politics in this state that this was even a consideration. by the way, the attempt to show that the wife was in a nursing home while cochran was shaking up in washington with his now, wife was an attempt to show reality. also of note, after the crap hit the fan, and cochran team began to shop for democrat votes, greg harper distanced himself from this campaign - others piled on, including, our current state auditor and the madison mayor who are now running against one another. The current DA michaeal guest faced a decision to not support the political side of charging this man and others with a felony or commit political suicide and never having a chance to get a ticket to a statewide or congressional office. those who are pushing hard are scared that the political system of ms might be in jeopardy and the voters may gain control of the mounger system of power and money. they are thinking he will die soon and we can't let this system die as well. most want a piece of the pie - the recognition and the money, the power. as faulty as the scheme was to show the truth about cochran the power play that destroyed and eventually drove the man to his death and the consequent madison involement at the home in ridgeland show how sick and power hungry these people are. mayor mary didnt send those police on a personal whim - she conspired with others to make sure there was no damning evidence against the power group at the scene. Pitiful. by the way, i am not a tea party guy or a democrat. Don't slam me personally to attempt to discredit me - just look at the facts and accept the truth.

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