Sunday, June 28, 2015

Some people are never happy and love to be outraged.

Warning: This post uses the "C" word. 

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley led the charge to remove the Confederate flag from state grounds after Dylann Roof killed 9 blacks at a South Carolina church and posted a white supremacist manifesto online.    However, Salon magazine was not satisfied with her action but instead seemed outraged by the fact it was Governor Haley who was trying to remove the flag.  Eesha Pandit  wrote a column that bristled and dripped with sarcasm and social justice as she attacked every facet of Governor Haley's existence:

The day after the racially motivated shooting at the 199-year-old black church steeped in American history, the Confederate flag flew high and proud in front of the South Carolina statehouse.....

 Consequently, many called for the governor of South Carolina to take down this flag in the wake of the murder of nine Black South Carolinians. At a tearful press conference that same day, Haley denounced the tragedy, though declined to recognize it as a racially motivated hate-crime, despite the killer’s confession of it as such. Yesterday, she finally responded to the thousands of calls to remove the flag and recommend that it be taken down and placed in a museum, stating “The events of the past week call on us to look at this in a different way,” and adding that now is the time “to remove the flag from the capitol grounds.” She affirmed her commitment to freedom of expression, and said, “for those who wish to show their respect for the flag on their private property, no one will stop them.” In her remarks, she straddled a line – acknowledging that the flag as a symbol of history, ancestry and respect and how many others find it offensive. Not once in her remarks did she name that the offense in question is systemic racism, chattel slavery and state-sanctioned violence against Black Americans.

Why didn't Ms. Pandit just call her a phony?  The ever hyper-sensitive Ms. Pandit  was just getting warmed up in calling her a phony.  The crescendo continued:

In this moment, Nikki Haley’s ethnicity and heritage are back in the news, and a 2011 story that discovered that Haley identified herself as “white” on her voter registration card in 2001 is circulating again. But Nikki Haley is not white. Born Nimrata Randhawa and called “Nikki,” meaning “small one,” by her family, she was elected South Carolina’s  first female governor in November by the largest margin of victory for a South Carolina gubernatorial candidate in 24 years.

She is the nation’s second Indian-American chief executive and the first Sikh governor in the U.S.  Her parents emigrated to the U.S. from India and Haley was born in Bamberg County, South Carolina. In September of 1996, she married Michael Haley — a captain in the Army National Guard and combat veteran who was deployed to Afghanistan — in both a Methodist church ceremony and a Sikh gurdwara. Today, she identifies as a Christian. In 2001 she identified as “white” on her voter registration card. And in 2011 Haley was an outspoken champion of legislation designed to prevent voter registration fraud.  

Is there a column by Ms. Pandit that criticizes Dolezal for claiming she was black? Wait a second. She DID write something about our little Belhaven grad in another article:

But, the questions of race and identity that Dolezal’s story raise, while sometimes interesting, are focused on a single woman, born to two white parents, and her claim to Black identity. Questions of police brutality, racial profiling, violence against women and girls of color, meanwhile, have taken a backseat to speculations about whether this one woman has an authentic (whatever that is) claim to Blackness (many open questions about what this is, too).

So we need to challenge Ms. Haley's ethnicity and ignore Ms. Dolezal's.  Got it.

  Nikki Haley is not a stranger to racism, herself, and at the hands of elected officials of her own party. Nikki Haley is not white, but her own political party touts xenophobic, anti-immigrant and racist policies and practices. Some of her colleagues are directly funded by white supremacists. Given the racism inside her party, and the hostility toward non-white immigrants in so many places in the U.S., it’s no wonder that Nimrata Randhawa would find it easier to maneuver the political terrain as Nikki Haley, that the Sikhism she was born into would be much more difficult to navigate than a conversion to Christianity.

As the voter registration story broke for the second time last week, we were reminded of how some South Carolina Democrats questioned Haley’s use of “Nikki” as her first name and whether she had changed her first name legally from her birth name. Dick Harpootlian, the party chairman, reminded us that, “Haley has been appearing on television interviews where she calls herself a minority — when it suits her,” adding, “When she registers to vote she says she is white. She has developed a pattern of saying whatever is beneficial to her at the moment.” Whether it’s coming in the form of racist slurs from the members of her own party, or the DNC chairman reminding us not to trust her because she flip-flops on race, Nikki Haley has not been able to outrun the racial hierarchy.

In other words, the Governor is not "authentic".  Ms. Pandit probably broke her brain trying to find a Sikh phrase for "Uncle Tom".  

These politicians serve to remind us that the forces for assimilation and eradication of our immigrant heritage are strong here in the United States, but whitewashing isn’t quite what Nikki and Bobby might hope. Aside from skin color, and other physical markers of race, which some of us don’t have the ability to forgo, race in America is anchored to white supremacy. Assimilating into whiteness, by changing our names, our religion and in some cases even our physical appearance (for those who can), may allow some of us to pass for another race, but it does nothing to challenge the very systems of structural inequity that ensure that while we may “pass” we are never

 Rachel Dolezal can return to the refuge of whiteness, should she choose. And the incessant racism faced by Nikki Haley, from inside and outside her own party, proves that she cannot simply become white, despite what she checked on her voter registration card.

This is why Haley’s failure to acknowledge the racism at play in the Charleston shooting is important. Her own brownness, or attempts at whiteness, mean very little in the face of her words and actions, which consistently downplay racism — racism that she herself has experienced, and which perhaps have informed her own attempts at assimilation. Her identity as a person of color means very little if she’s unable to articulate it in a way that names and addresses structural racism. She knows the significance of the Confederate flag, and to dismiss that history is an act of willful ignorance, regardless of her race.

 Wow. Question her religion, her marriage, her skin color, her career.  All because she said take down The Flag.  One can only wonder what Ms. Pandit would have written if Governor Haley had instead defendedThe Flag.    As it is, the Governor is called gutless by supporters of The Flag and trashed by nutjobs such as Ms. Pandit.  What is a well-meaning Governor to do?


Anonymous said...

Her and Phil have one thing in common: neither have balls

Anonymous said...

Reads like " payback" to me.

Obama was born to a Kenyan father and American born mother in the U.S.( Hawaii was a State then) and is half-white and has regularly attended and was married in a Christian church.

It hasn't stopped the same sort of silliness from the right.

So , I'm not surprised, that the left has adopted the same kind of strategy to start to discredit early on .a potential future candidate for national office .

That Salon didn't attack Ms Dolezal doesn't erase the fact that both women felt the need not to acknowledge their own race. Both were dishonest. That's just sad and a sad commentary that race and religion ( since religion came up in this article as well) matters so much in this Nation. We'd be truer to our values as a democratic republic if a person's behavior and character were the only determinants of how we judged that person.

Anonymous said...

maybe they would be Happy if she went to walmart & made isis flag cakes!

pittpanther said...

KF, I'm sure you know this already but I wanted to comment anyway.

Eesha Pandit, of Indian descent and clearly a progressive, is likely very frustrated that the first 2 major politicians of Indian descent (Haley and Jindal) have americanized their first names and aligned themselves with conservative politics. In Pandit's mind they have aligned themselves with people who would as likely lynch them as vote for them - they made a deal with the devil, or sold out for political gain.

Anonymous said...

"South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley led the charge to remove the Confederate flag from state grounds"

This is false. Look up the dates (the shooting and Haley's taking a position).

Anonymous said...

If I remember my anthropology correctly, Indians in the Asian sense are considered Caucasians. They may be a tad darker than the average Caucasian, but they are still Caucasians, and therefore are of the same race as someone of European descent.

Anonymous said...

What's a governor to do? Don't attempt to placate a hysteria and desire of liberals to engage in cultural purging of all things southern. We have had how many mass shootings? 20 plus (Chicago has twenty murders in a typical weekend but it gets no coverage because it does not fit the agenda) I believe and each one of them is done by a nut, but this one plays ideally into the hands of the left and their long held belief that all things southern are EVIL! And southern liberals are their tool like no other. They fawn over themselves to appear more JUST and more PROGRESSIVE than anyone else. JFP editor comes to mind. I fear Niki Haley let her emotions get the better of her and she forgot the liberals were just waiting for an opportunity like this, tailor made for them. Now what will Governor Haley say when they demand she take away the guns of all those hateful southerners? That is next. She of course cannot do that, but they will use that to paint her as a sellout Uncle Tom. The left is so eaten up with hatred towards southern whites we should not be surprised with anything they do. Look for them to couple opposition to same sex marriage with the shootings in Charleston.

Anonymous said...

Someone help me out here....has anyone every seen the option to select Pan Asian as a race on any form ever? I guess Haley should have selected "Other", which of course would have created a different firestorm. People need to get a life.

Anonymous said...


3 horrific things happened in the conservative world this week/ last week depending on if you count Sunday as the first day of the week.

1) horrible church shooting by a lunatic- hysteria about the flag.
2) obamacare subsidies upheld.
3) nationwide gay marriage.

Ignoring #2& #3, if we are to actually have another referendum on the flag, I think it would be wisest to do so when emotions aren't running so high.
It certainly shouldn't be a distractionist issue in our upcoming statewide elections.

Anonymous said...

8:45 - Infortunately Gunn and others have played right into the left's hate and demagoguery. We have elected a MS state house and senate Republican majority, a U.S. House Republican majority and a U.S. Senate Republican majority and a grand total of NOTHING has been stopped, changed or been won. I am reminded of the Road Runner cartoon where the coyote is run over by a paving roller. We really have to ask ourselves, why do we even vote? I feel like a fool for wasting my time and energy even going to vote. If I don't see some real energy expended by "conservative" Republicans defending our state, Christianity, and doing something to STOP the bleed of jobs to China, Mexico, and India I will sit the next one out. All I seem to get for voting is another jury summons that wastes my day to go sit and KNOW they will never pick me.

Clarify This said...

Meanwhile; Mexicans are making pinatas in the likeness of Donald Trump. Is nothing sacred?

Anonymous said...

Isis is throwing gays off of rooftops, and drowning Christians. We have ZERO control over our southern border. The government is doing everything it can to divide us and distract us from more important issues. Meanwhile, the trans pacific partnership was just passed.

someoneinnorthms said...

Here, here 9:52. I agree with you 100%! Elections mean nothin . . . Or next to nothing anyway.

I asked my local circuit clerk to remove my name from the voter rolls years ago. I put it back for this election because I have some good personal friends running locally. But I know even they will be co-opted by the political power brokers if elected.

Our country has passed the point of no return. This has nothing to do with flags, "the gays," or who pays my hospital bill. The decline started years ago, back when a Republican was president. We vote largess to ourselves out of the pockets of everybody else. We elevate the triumphs of indolence over the silent reward of diligent hard work. We reward stupidity and discourage civil discourse. We have policed ourselves into fear and distrust. Most appallingly, our elected officials know the game is rigged (or how to rig it themselves); thus, they have no need or desire to know or reflect the will of the people. A once mighty nation, a shining city on a hill, has irreparably fallen.

History is replete with examples of states that rise and fall in succession. Look at the Soviets-Russians. Or France. These states wax and wane in power, prestige, and military might. I believe their frequent purges of their elitist ruling classes make it possible for the bright and rising political stars to ascend into positions of power and carry their benefactor states with them. Our downfall will be that we are "too big to fail," and when our ultimate collapse arrives it will not be the controlled demolition of an oft-repeated but necessary soft revolution. Rather, it will be a supernova of uncontrolled and ultimate destruction.

There was once a political solution to our conundrum. There was once even the possibility of an armed rebellion that could lead to a peaceful solution. I strongly believe there is no longer an answer to the multitude of problems that afflict our once-mighty nation. And, 9:52, there are many like you who see that voting is an increasingly futile distraction technique that the ruling class plays on us in a poor attempt at convincing us that everything's gon' be okay. I pray that I am wrong.

Anonymous said...

This article like so many before it , is simply to stir up political division and is aimed at " the true believers" on the left for whom Gov. Haley's actions may have won some to think not all of the GOP are idiots.

The same sorts of articles are being written on the right and left about SCOTUS recent decisions. The left is taking sentences out of the dissenting opinions so as to make the dissenting judges seem like fools. On the right, our own Matt Friedman warned of incestuous marriages and marriages to animals to appeal to those who are too ignorant to know that marriage is a legal contract and that children and animals cannot enter into contracts. Marriages made only in the church without a marriage license are not recognized by the government.

So , this is what we've come to...our politics is gossip and innuendo and character assassination fueled by the extremists in both parties.

And, these extremists , some of whom barely got out of high school, are relapsing drug addicts or did so many drugs it screwed their brains or who were hated in high school and college because they were so unpleasant or unstable are dictating our political and religious dialogue!

If we are going to succeed as a Nation and defeat ISIS, we'd better get our act together. We did for a short time after 9/11 but now it's like we have a National case of PTSD! We need leaders who appeal to our best angels and our common sense, not to our insecurities, fears and hatreds !

FDR and Lincoln were right fear and division are the greatest dangers to our Nation! And, despite being imperfect, I think it's far more important that Gov. Haley appealed to our better angels and let it plainly be known that the good people of her State would not tolerate having South Carolina turned battle zone! That's what good leaders do. They don't try to fuel your fears and insecurities but tell you want you CAN accomplish!

Anonymous said...

Color me beige, but I have never heard of natives of India (except for a small minority in one particular region who may be Mongoloid) being classified as anything other than Caucasian. I realize Liberals, in an attempt to divide our nation, have invented different labels and new 'ethnic heritage' categories. But Caucasian classification or Negroid typing or Mongoloid grouping, etc doesn't depend upon exact shade of skin. I have worked with people whose ancestors came from India for many years and ALL of them would check 'white' (meaning Caucasian) on a form. It is what they are even if they are bronze color with black hair. Yes, the Libs have managed to pervert a scientific system of racial groups and sub-groups by inventing a checkbox called 'Hispanic'. Perhaps, if they wish to dispute scientific theory which has held up for a very long time, from very good research, they should provide little color sample packets & make all form-providers attach these valuable tools to federal forms so applicants can hold various shades up against their skin & judge who they are, thus assuring that all have an equal chance to act stupid.

Getchur Facts Skrait said...

I thought Haley claims to be Native American, not Indian.

Anonymous said...

Salon is the most race-obsessed site on the internet.

Anonymous said...

#annoyaredneck Change the flag....

Anonymous said...

#annoyaliberal hold a vote

Anonymous said...

#annoyanidiot Vote on everything and keep blacks at the back of the bus

Burke said...

Take a deep breath, someoneinnorthmississippi, it's not that bad.

The Pandit woman needs to take a deep breath, too. Generally it would be great if we could all take a break from being so indignant all the time. Hell, I myself promise not to be indignant about everybody being too indignant.

Getting a proper perspective on the Confederate flag has been a long time coming, but the emotions involved have required a long time to even begin to resolve themselves. My take on our state flag, as someone who moved to Mississippi from elsewhere, is that I cannot give proper respect to a flag that announces that the essential value of Mississippi is that it was a member of the Confederate States of America. If that's the case, then I can not respect it. Our time in the CSA was a large part of our history, but in God's name are we not more than that? Of course we are. In truth, the only remaining value of the battle flag is as a symbol for a "stick it to the man" attitude (see "Dukes of Hazzard"), an attitude that transcends geography or politics. I suggest that a skull and crossbones would be a better choice. All races can sail together happily under that flag.

Anonymous said...

Touché' 11:34. No comeback for that succinct point. VOTE VOTE VOTE the fools that don't know what a republic is scream. Hell if we voted on everything, Mississippi would be 51st in everything, were that possible.

Anonymous said...


You keep saying 'we' like you are a Mississippian or something. Take that mess back up north.

Anonymous said...

2:55. That obviously red ass statement will go well with your red ass neck.

Anonymous said...

1:59 - your comparison of Nikki Haley with Obama or with our Belhavenhite Dolazel is totally screwy - just like the rest of your post. Obama claimed several different things during his lifetime - each designed to give him a benefit (foreign when a student and wanting admission benefits, American when candidate). Dolazel claimed black and wanted minority benefits. Nikki Haley as an Indian is actually Caucasian as noted by many above, so marking white is appropriate. But if you want to argue that she was deceitful, it would not have been anything of benefit to her. Duh! White doesn't get you advantages; any of the minority claims may possibly have, as evidently they did for Obama and Dolazel. What was the gain for Haley by your so-called "deceit"?

Anonymous said...

4:09 you are my new hero. Too funny. (and true)

Anonymous said...

4:50 pm, You are reading things that aren't there.

The point is both women didn't check the box they should have and have not been touting their actual ethnicity and that is being used against them.

I don't give a shit about their box checking. If Dolazel took funds she wasn't entitled to take, then I'm fine with her ass going to jail.

But, if you don't think Dems have learned from the Obama birther/Muslim smearing and will try to work it on Gov. Haley, you are naïve about politics.

In politics, unfortunately, you, in time , reap what you sow. And, THAT, not that the cases of Dolazel and Haley are identical was my point.

Politicians today either have to walk on water or be really, really smart sociopaths. Since I've not seen any water walkers, and only humans, all this bashing stuff is just keeping sane people from being willing to run for office.

Anonymous said...

Only a democrat sees 'redneck' as an insult.

Go back home.

Anonymous said...

7:45. So glad the folks that go home and get all "likkered up" every night about this time, enlightening the conversation. You people make this easy and fun. LIFELONG CONSERVATIVE MIISSISSIPPIAN. Change the outdated, embarrassing flag.

Anonymous said...

The state flag is now a rebellious flag for conservatives. We are getting pushed around by liberals somehow, cant understand how as there are more of us than them. Our Republicans in DC and in Jackson have the majority, in which we gave them, and havent done two craps to stop anything Obama. I knew once they voted Boehner back in that it was over. And yes, Wicker and Cochran voted for him. We had friends and family call us crazy (who are supposed conservatives) about voting for McDaniel, who was finally a change of fresh air, and then their boy Thad Cochran, who is now a New Hampshire Democrat, btw, voted for Loretta Lynch, who will in turn prosecute our family and friends for saying one bad word about gays in the future. Wow, all over the place I know. Hope it makes sense, ha

Anonymous said...

What is clear 8:54, is that you are a right wing nut. NUT.

Anonymous said...

I meant Harper and the other ones voted for Boehner, but hey, Cochran and Wicker would have if they could. ha

Anonymous said...

8:54 be proud of yourself. Read what you just wrote. You and your right wing nuts, that think like you (can you spell treasonous, despicable "Free State of Jones" hicks) keep us the total laughingstock of the free world.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that Laurin can be converted by the right Jedi Knight away from the dark side. NO DOUBT.

Anonymous said...

We'll a nut I may be. I was not implying that we are confederates again or want to be. I was just saying that since the left wing nuts are trashing this country, we dang sure are gonna hold firm on our stance with the state flag. The ruling on Friday was the darkest day in US history as the progressive justices made perversion legal in all 50 states. You guys are the crazy ones. Treasonous my butt.

Anonymous said...

Go look at the pictures of the gay pride parades you leftists. Talk about laughingstock

Idaho Confederate said...

Gotta love drunk rednecks that slay the King's (remember him, right wing nuts) English. Jones County seceded from the Confederay you dunce, redneck douche. Check your GD history. They have a lot of damn gall preaching to we Ture Southerners about "the cause" Damb I tire of ignorant Mississippi folks.

Kingfish said...

Darkest day?

Darker than Pearl Harbor?
Darker than the Birmingham Bombing?
Darker than Oklahoma City?
Darker than Dred Scott?
Darker than 1/9/12?
Darker than 9/11?
Darker than the firing of Patton?
Darker than the Designated Hitter rule?
Darker than the Soviets stealing the gold medal in basketball at the 1972 games?

and most of all:

Darker than the destruction of The Dock?

Ponder these things on the tree of woe, Grasshopper.

Anonymous said...

Darker than the heart of an oxford house outreach worker's heart.

Sorry, I have to "crowbar in an Oxford house jab" when I can.

Hold On Here Jessaminit said...

"Darker" than the day when Kingfish closes down the comment period and I had something really cool to say?

As was said, above, by Idaho Confederate, "DAMB!"

Anonymous said...

8:54, 10:00, don't let em get to you. The majority of the residents in the state feel just as you do. We are the silent majority.

For such a sensitive bunch, you liberals sure are quick to hurl insults. Bless your little hearts.

Anonymous said...

Yes. It's a pretty dark dang day. We overcame all that king. What's goin on now is some Sodom and Gomorrah type stuff. You dang independents are something. I got to explain to my young kids now about why that guy is kissing that other guy. I shouldn't have too. But whatever y'all are goin to disagree til the cows come home.

Anonymous said...

6:40am I doubt you are the majority and you definitely aren't and have never been " silent".

I get teary when I hear Dixie or see the flag as my ancestors and 8 great-great Uncles died fighting with The Army of Northern Virginia. I remember them and the family written records of what they endured and why they fought. They didn't fight because they wanted to preserve the institution of slavery. That's clear , not only in their letters and diaries, but also in that the few that owned slaves had freed many of them before the war and many stayed as employees of the family for generations. But, it's equally clear that some they fought with were fighting to preserve the institution of slavery.

Oddly, the most adamant defenders of the flag these days weren't Southerners by birth or upbringing. They were and are the descendants of Yankees or immigrants. Jones County was Union. Richard Barrett was from Michigan. You start talking to these folks who are angry about the flag about their family history and you'll often be surprised and wonder why they think they have a " dog in this fight".

So I resent all of you who think you are defending those who fought gallantly and bravely under that battle flag. You do not speak for my family nor the families of most of those who fought with my ancestors.

And, by the way, more that a few slaves and freed men fought for the South and were at Petersburg with my great great grandfather and my high school best friend's great-great grandfather. My friend's great-great grandfather's slave waited for him to be freed from Point Lookout . That was heroic as he was badly wounded and near death from the horrendous conditions. If our great-great grandfather's were still alive there is no question they would tell you it was as much Henry Brower's battle flag as theirs! And, that it certainly wasn't Richard Barrett's!

Anonymous said...

June 30, 2015 at 8:11 AM = Grannny resents the anonymous. LOL

Anonymous said...

So To all of you who are defending those who fought gallantly and bravely under that battle flag. You speak for my family and the families of most of those who fought with my ancestors.

Fixed it. Works both ways. Thanks for the lesson though. You aren't the only ancestor of CSA troops. And jones county was only one county.

Anonymous said...

8:11 "So I resent all of you who think you are defending those who fought gallantly and bravely under that battle flag. You do not speak for my family nor the families of most of those who fought with my ancestors."

Yeah, I'll bet you don't speak for your family either. They're embarrassed by your diatribe and your position. Every family has "one" and it's evident by your overtones.

Anonymous said...

KF @ 10:39


Most all of the events you list were created by 'others' outside of US leadership.

The SCOTUS is a body that we citizens have trusted 200+ years to abide by the framework given them. They sure as hell didn't and have now have stepped up the pace of dismantling the US foundations.

Don't understand how you would want to minimize this. And, make a joke out of it... the dock?

Burke said...

Stand tall, 8:11, but there's no need to criticize others. I agree with your position, and greatly appreciate how well you articulate it. But as I mentioned above at 1:03 yesterday, we have way too many folks waxing indignant at every opportunity.

To me, if you evoke a bunch of incoherent rants, you've probably made a valid point. You made a valid point, and got some predictable responses, but wouldn't it be better not to become impatient with others, and stay calm? And yes, I need to heed my own advice.

It's still extremely difficult for me when I imagine what might have happened to the Army of Northern Virginia if Gen. Jackson had not gone chasing Yankees in the dark at Chancellorsville. I get caught up in the hero worship that is so much easier when you're talking about Confederate military leaders. But my Lord, you've got to come to your senses at some point. Noble actions in the name of an ignoble cause are still noble, but you just can't separate them from the underlying horror of slavery and the treason of secession. Anywhere one lives there are ghosts of the past milling among us; it's just that ours are so incredibly interesting that we have a hard time turning away in order to tend to the future.

Anonymous said...

Great post. But the rational, compassionate, and long winded posts to really clarify these points are over. We have done all this and no one cared. Liberals have wrecked this country and could give two craps about anyone but themselves. People are just pissed now.

Burke said...

Many thanks, 3:55. I acknowledge that anger persists, at historically high levels. Kingfish put it well in the heading of this post. But I will persist as well. Mostly!

Anonymous said...

"Richard Barrett was from Michigan. "

I'm pretty sure I heard he was from NJ originally.

Fun fact: The Mason-Dixon line ran through Pitman, NJ. Half of Gloucester County, NJ (and the more southern counties) were in Dixie! Can't you hear it when Chris Christie lets loose with a rebel yell? :-)

Anonymous said...

4:58 pm We're both wrong. He was from New York City.

The point is the unchanged, many of those who defend the Confederate Battle Flag ( and who disgraced it) didn't have ancestors who were even in the US at the time of the Civil War. ( Barrett was born to Jewish and Puerto Rican immigrant parents) or if they did, their ancestors fought for or supported the Union.

It's still true that Blacks also willingly fought and died fighting under that flag. ( google the Battle of Petersburg for one example). It's also true that 60% of the federal taxes were paid by Southern States and there was more than a little wealth here to be had.

Too much of the divisiveness is this country is being fomented because of revisionist history rather than anyone knowing actual history. What people know about most wars is written by the victors and focuses on battles , not what led up to the bloodshed and not what the people who fought in the wars were thinking at the time.

How mankind got into bloody wars is ferreted out in time by scholars, but few bother to read scholarly works and instead read the fictionalize and propagandized accounts. So we learn nothing.

The easist example of nonsense history that most Americans believe is that The Queen of Hawaii was a barefoot native in a muumuu but in fact, she was Queen Victoria's goddaughter who spoke 4 languages and lived in a palace until Dole took her prisoner.

If somebody is going to try to get you to choose up a side, the real lesson of history is that you damn well need to know what their motives are and if they are telling you the truth!

We might have avoided a Civil War altogether and ended slavery without a bloody conflagration ( read about Hayes , one of the candidates for President in 1860 as an example of many voices of reason) had it not been for the firebrands who played on emotions.

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Meet KIM Waaaaaade at the Entergy Tent. For five pesos, Kim will sell you a chance to win a deed to a crack house on Ridgeway Street stuffed in the Howard Industries pinata. Don't worry if the pinata is beaten to shreds, as Mr. Wade has Jose, Emmanuel, and Carlos, all illegal immigrants, available as replacements for the it. Upon leaving the Entergy tent, fig leaves will be available in case Entergy literally takes everything you have as part of its Trollfest ticket price adjustment charge.

Donna Ladd of The Jackson Free Press will give several classes on learning how to write. Smearing, writing without factchecking, and reporting only one side of a story will be covered. A donation to pay their taxes will be accepted and she will be signing copies of their former federal tax liens. Ms. Ladd will give a dramatic reading of her two award-winning essays (They received The Jackson Free Press "Best Of" awards.) "Why everything is always about me" and "Why I cover murders better than anyone else in Jackson".

In the spirit of helping those who are less fortunate, Trollfest '09 adopts a cause for which a portion of the proceeds and donations will be donated: Keeping Frank Melton in his home. The “Keep Frank Melton From Being Homeless” booth will sell chances for five dollars to pin the tail on the jackass. John Reeves has graciously volunteered to be the jackass for this honorable excursion into saving Frank's ass. What's an ass between two friends after all? If Mr. Reeves is unable to um, perform, Speaker Billy McCoy has also volunteered as when the word “jackass” was mentioned he immediately ran as fast as he could to sign up.

In order to help clean up the legal profession, Adam Kilgore of the Mississippi Bar will be giving away free, round-trip plane tickets to the North Pole where they keep their bar complaint forms (which are NOT available online). If you don't want to go to the North Pole, you can enjoy Brant Brantley's (of the Mississippi Commission on Judicial Performance) free guided tours of the quicksand field over by High Street where all complaints against judges disappear. If for some reason you are unable to control yourself, never fear; Judge Houston Patton will operate his jail where no lawyers are needed or allowed as you just sit there for minutes... hours.... months...years until he decides he is tired of you sitting in his jail. Do not think Judge Patton is a bad judge however as he plans to serve free Mad Dog 20/20 to all inmates.

Trollfest '09 is a pet-friendly event as well. Feel free to bring your dog with you and do not worry if your pet gets hungry, as employees of the Jackson Zoo will be on hand to provide some of their animals as food when it gets to be feeding time for your little loved one.

Relax at the Fox News Tent. Since there are only three blonde reporters in Jackson (being blonde is a requirement for working at Fox News), Megan and Kathryn from WAPT and Wendy from WLBT will be on loan to Fox. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both and a torn-up Obama yard sign will entitle you to free drinks served by Megan, Wendy, and Kathryn. Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required. Just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '09 is for EVERYONE!!!

This is definitely a Beaver production.

Note: Security provided by INS.

Trollfest '07

Jackson Jambalaya is the home of Trollfest '07. Catch this great event which promises to leave NE Jackson & Fondren in flames. Sonjay Poontang and his band headline the night with a special steel cage, no time limit "loser must leave town" bout between Alan Lange and "Big Cat"Donna Ladd following afterwards. Kamikaze will perform his new song F*** Bush, he's still a _____. Did I mention there was no referee? Dr. Heddy Matthias and Lori Gregory will face off in the undercard dueling with dangling participles and other um, devices. Robbie Bell will perform Her two latest songs: My Best Friends are in the Media and Mama's, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be George Bell. Sid Salter of The Clarion-Ledger will host "Pin the Tail on the Trial Lawyer", sponsored by State Farm.

There will be a hugging booth where in exchange for your young son, Frank Melton will give you a loooong hug. Trollfest will have a dunking booth where Muhammed the terrorist will curse you to Allah as you try to hit a target that will drop him into a vat of pig grease. However, in the true spirit of Separate But Equal, Don Imus and someone from NE Jackson will also sit in the dunking booth for an equal amount of time. Tom Head will give a reading for two hours on why he can't figure out who the hell he is. Cliff Cargill will give lessons with his .80 caliber desert eagle, using Frank Melton photos as targets. Tackleberry will be on hand for an autograph session. KIM Waaaaaade will be passing out free titles and deeds to crackhouses formerly owned by The Wood Street Players.

If you get tired come relax at the Fox News Tent. To gain admittance to the VIP section, bring either your Republican Party ID card or a Rebel Flag. Bringing both will entitle you to free drinks.Get your tickets now. Since this is an event for trolls, no ID is required, just bring the hate. Bring the family, Trollfest '07 is for EVERYONE!!!

This is definitely a Beaver production.

Note: Security provided by INS