Sunday, June 7, 2015

Gun control's War on Women.

Look at this face.

Source: Courier-Post
Now read the story.   The Courier-Post reported:
When Carol Bowne felt the threat of domestic violence, the petite hairdresser took steps to protect herself.

The Berlin Township woman got a restraining order against a former boyfriend, installed security cameras and an alarm system to her home and began the months-long process of obtaining a handgun, friends said.

But it wasn't enough.

Bowne, 39, was stabbed to death in the driveway of her Patton Avenue home on Wednesday night.

Her former boyfriend, 45-year-old Michael Eitel, was charged with her murder. Eitel, a convicted felon, was a fugitive Thursday, being sought by a U.S. Marshals Service task force.....

Salon employees said Bowne was meticulous about her appearance, but had struggled recently with problems in her personal life.

"She got a restraining order about a month ago, and right after that her car windows were broken," said O'Hara.

Court records show Eitel pleaded guilty to a weapons offense in 2008 after being indicted in 2006 on a charge of aggravated assault with bodily injury. He received a five-year sentence for that offense, which neighbors said was related to an assault on a former girlfriend...

Berlin Township Police Chief Leonard Check said Bowne applied for a gun license on April 21, and that she had inquired Monday about her request.

The application process typically takes two months or more as police collect information on the applicant, including fingerprints and reference checks. "We did not get the fingerprint information yet," said Check.

Police went to the home around 10:15 p.m. Wednesday, when they found Bowne lying in the driveway with multiple stab wounds. Bowne was taken to Virtua Hospital in Berlin, where she was pronounced dead at 11:22 p.m.... Rest of article.
Kingfish note: This is reason why restraining orders are a joke when it comes to protection.  The only thing animals understand is the use of force.  This guy didn't use a gun to kill this woman.  He had an advantage in strength and size.  He simply used a knife.  She was at a disadvantage and unable to protect herself.  She was a good little compliant citizen. She followed all the rules. She did what the government told her to do to protect herself and she was still murdered. No doubt a necessary sacrifice to the gun control cause.  

One further note.  New Jersey law requires the police to process the permit within thirty days.  The question now is whether the police violated the law and indirectly caused this woman's death.".


Baffled in Byram said...

What's missing from the story is evidence to suspect he killed her. But, the point here is the registration process, which is beyond ridiculous. How could it take two months to run prints? It takes the cops less than two minutes with the speed they now have in the national crime information system.

Anonymous said...

"No doubt a necessary sacrifice to the gun control cause."

So, Kingfish, was there some new law passed in Jersey as a result of Obama & Holder's push for gun control that caused this inexcusable delay in processing her paperwork? Because that's what your bullshit statement appears to imply.

Anonymous said...

It's quite a leap from restraining orders being worthless ( a point with which I agree completely) to making this about gun registration!

Unless this woman had her loaded gun in her hand with the safety off, a man with a knife could take her down if she didn't see him coming!

And, this is a poor example given this animal's past history! She should have had police protection or he should have been under constant surveillance. There is no way his attack should have required any psychic skills on the part of the judge or an officer or anyone with a brain in their head!

You should be arguing for harsher laws against those with a history of abuse of women! One restraining order in one's life is one too many but if more than one woman has had to get a restraining order against an SOB for assault, I want the SOB to go away for a long, long time!

The current attitudes towards abusive men goes back to the ridiculous notion of " crimes of passion". If a human can't control their temper and emotions to the point they hurt a person or a domesticated animal , they should be involuntarily institutionalized either in a prison or psychiatric facility!

Anonymous said...

KF before you start pandering, this is not a war on women, others this is not an Obama-Holder issue either. This occurred in New Jersey under Republican Governor Christie. Here in MS I bought a shotgun a few months ago from Academy Sports on County Line Road and walked out same day with my shotgun in hand, I've also never been charged or convicted with a crime and never been admitted to any mental institutions.

Kingfish said...

Nothing was said about Obama or Holder. New Jersey has been well known for its strict gun control laws for quite some time. You are correct about the Governor.

Of course, we are talking about a state that doesn't even trust you to pump your own gas.

Anonymous said...

KF pander all you want. The Harpy @ 1:56 PM has lost their freaking mind.

Anonymous said...

The story shiould be about domestic violence and not gun control. I had a cousin who was stabbed to death by her boyfriend. The laws for restraining orders need to be tightened in MS and the U.S. The person should be put under house arrest and electronic monitoring.

Anonymous said...

I wish there were a good answer for (almost always) men who stalk and kill any woman who tried to leave them. It must be a type of obsession or a deep wound to their pride or total need to control their object. Anyway, what we are doing does not work and women and children a vulnerable to these predators. What do the experts suggest to protect their victims before they become dead victims? Can any type of penalty other than restraining orders be enforced for threats?

Anonymous said...

3:36 pm I suggested a "good answer".

We need to face that courts have very foolishly interpreted the phrase " a danger to themselves or others" as requiring someone to be hurt.

Too many don't want to face that psychiatry and psychology, given the advancements in collecting data are a science.

Of course, some don't like science because they don't understand it and fear it.

But, even if you don't believe in science, common sense should tell you that past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior and unless and until, someone demonstrates with more than words that they have changed their behavior, they should be allowed to prey on their fellow human beings!

Anonymous said...

So....we should take more money from the citizenry to provide 24/7 security and/or survielence for how many people and under what circumstances?

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest that every jury should be given the definition of the word " reasonable".

A "reasonable doubt" is not a defense lawyer's or juror's fantasy or wish. It is not an idea that cannot be substantiated with facts or general statistical data or witness testimony that is credible. Reason is not based on imagination.

Anonymous said...

The story isn't about gun control. Try again.

Anonymous said...

too many "ifs" to blame the police and the delay in her permit. of course, that is standard policy of this site, to take anecdotal evidence and blame bad outcomes perpetrated by evil people and convert it to blame against authority instead of the evil actor.

one thing is correct though, a restraining order is worthless. there is virtually no authority to enforce them and it only takes one violation for the opportunity to injure or kill to arise.

Anonymous said...

of course, that is standard policy of this site, to take anecdotal evidence and blame bad outcomes perpetrated by evil people and convert it to blame against authority instead of the evil actor.

of course, yours is yet another of your tired, lame complaints against the proprietor of this business to degrade his efforts while not offering one f'ing value-added example of how you are providing the free market a superior product or offering of your own. go away sad loser troll.

Avery Wiseman said...

You can say this isn't a story about gun control all you want if that makes your lily livers feel better, but the rest of us in the real world recognize this lady felt like she was in imminent danger, decided she needed a firearm as another measure to increase her safety (in addition to the others she took), was told by the state that she couldn't have one for two months, and was killed while the state made her wait to exercise the rights guaranteed to her by the Second Amendment. Offer me a gun for a knife fight and I'll take my chances with it every time. Y'all really are some delusional, JFP-reading, Jackson-flavored Kool-Aid drinking, kumbayah-singing dreamers, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

@5 47 There are a whole lot of JFP people over here. They need to head back over there and read some story about how we as a state suck in diversity or something.

RandomHero said...

Pardon me, all you groveling statists, but it IS about gun control, or more accurately the fact that the state of New Jersey WAS infringing her right to own a gun to protect herself. A free person doesn't need or REQUIRE permission and the 2nd Amendment prohibits a state from doing so. Maybe we should just hand this place back to the British and quarter them in our homes while they check for Stamp Act violations. Keep that fealty shit in Fondren, Tom Heads.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for being the only reasonable comment... Good lord they crawled out of the woodwork for this one.

Anonymous said...

5:47, with tempera like your's, I'm glad for the gun laws we have.

Anonymous said...


"temper"; "yours"

You're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Lot of weak fonder people on here I see. 547 does not have a tempera 801. Hope you receive your gun in time if you move to another state and find yourself in trouble.

Anonymous said...

8:01 5:47 is pointing out this woman might be alive if the state had not infringed on her 2nd Amendment rights. You don't even seem to acknowledge, or care, that this woman died as a result of 1) a lunatic ex-boyfriend and 2) the state's inability to protect her when she asked for a restraining order and a gun permit.

Most people don't realize that before Christie was elected governor he was a very aggressive, very successful prosecutor. Unfortunately he came to the conclusion that confiscation everyone's guns would reduce all violent crime, a conclusion that has been proven wrong over and over again - criminals will get guns no matter what, and law-abiding people will be left unarmed. That is why he will never gain the support of a majority of mainstream Republicans (that, plus the country's highest property taxes have gone up while he has been in office, instead of down as he promised, forcing many lifelong retired residents to bail to for Florida and other less expensive states.

Kingfish said...

You should be arguing for harsher laws against those with a history of abuse of women! One restraining order in one's life is one too many but if more than one woman has had to get a restraining order against an SOB for assault, I want the SOB to go away for a long, long time!

I have on this website, knucklehead. While Heather at the AG's office and the Chick ball crowd were crowing about making it easier to get TRO's, I was pointing out how useless they were and said we needed to make it easier for the cops to charge felony domestic violence without the victim's consent. Guess what? We got the bill signed into law last year. Now if someone won't charge an abuser or the abuser tries to use the dropping of charges as a bargaining chip in a divorce, the victim has no ability to drop the charges. I have also said repeatedly we needed to toughen the laws and remove that damn law that allows a first time offender to get his record clean after attending an anger management class. It never works.

Now on to this victim. The first line of defense is personal. The killer came after her. The first line is thus her protecting herself. She was unable to do so. The state intervened on several levels and all of them failed. It gave her a false sense of hope or security in issuing the restraining order. It is just a peace of paper. A guy intent on killing you WILL NOT CARE. He is willing to risk going to jail for life or to an execution. What the hell does a piece of paper mean to him. The police could not be there at the time it happened. The state (police) broke the law and did not give her a license within 30 days and actively worked to keep her from protecting herself.

This story was indeed all about her state-forced helplessness being a partial cause of her death. You can say he got her in the driveway but you dont' know if she would have been armed or not. That would have been HER CHOICE. She wasn't able to make that choice because the state kept her from doing so. Period.

Kingfish said...

I am not approving your comment. Sorry, you are not going to name people you claim are domestic abusers on here with no proof, evidence, charges, or convictions.

Right Of Self Protection said...

Where in the 2nd Ammendment to The Constitution (or elsewhere) is the government allowed to constrain a citizen's rights by forcing the citizen to undergo a two month (or longer) process of inquiry?

Whether she might have been killed (or not) had she had a weapon...and...whether or not restraining orders are useless (which they are), this is about our right to be armed and New Jersey's constraint upon that right. Nothing else. Period.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like having to chose between committing an act your location deems a criminal act to protect your life and a nut with a knife. There are crazy people everywhere, men and women. Jodie Aries just got life for stabbing her boyfriend 27 times in the shower before shooting him in the head. Restraining orders are handed out like candy, so they really should not be a legal penalty other than the penalty of when they are in force. Anyone can claim anything and some do just to cause another person grief in their life. This lady is dead because she was unable to defend her life with a gun, period. She clearly saw what she needed, but NJ decided their citizens are not responsible enough to make their own decisions. Had she chosen to live in a free state that recognizes your right to own and carry without "permission" from the state then she would likely be alive. Sad. I'm glad I live where I can and do carry daily, it's nice to have an option other than begging my attacker for my own life.

Anonymous said...

The problem, as far as some of us are concerned is as follows:
1.Without gun laws, her abuser could have bought a high powered rifle and shot her from a distance without her having any chance at all.( That is the position some of you are constraints, it's your right.)
2. NJ takes longer than is necessary to run a check, given that we live in a computer age .The delay is not in the check but in the bureaucratic failures.
3.Had she had a gun, that wouldn't have protected her from ambush unless she left her house every day with gun in hand ready to aim and fire. If she'd seen him, she wouldn't have left the house!
4. We think those with records of felony convictions have lost the right to have guns.
5.. We don't think those who are psychotic or substance abusers have the judgment to use a gun responsibly especially if the latter has been deemed not to have the judgment to drive a vehicle.
6.The real problem is how easy it is for those who stalk and/or abuse to be treated with as if they just had a bad day.
7.We could have had a speedy national registry system long ago were it not for the " no restrictions now how" crowd who are unwilling to discuss the issue. And, we could have paid for it with less money that the NRA officials made for themselves and have spent.
8. We have home grown terrorists among us and some of you seem to want to arm them, the insane and criminals even more easily! Why pay more for an illegal arms when you can go to Walmart and get a bargain?

IF guns will protect women, I guess the best solution is for us gals not to go on a date without being armed to the teeth!

Anonymous said...

I applaud what you tried to do KF. But, I think an abuser should be implanted with a chip so the target of his abuse can track him on her phone as easily as I can track my cat!
This woman didn't see her attacker on her home surveillance. She was ambushed!

Anonymous said...

In 2010 606 people ( some were children) died from unintentional shootings and 14,675 (some of whom were children)were wounded but didn't die.

49% of gun owners didn't secure their guns in their homes.

And, I hope that AK 15 isn't bought my some guy hoping to kill his former wife or girlfriend!

Anonymous said...

This sad story is about a failed system involving restraining orders not gun control. Knee-jerk gun nuts can't help but blame everything bad that happens in the country on their interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

Anonymous said...

Gotta link 7:23 AM?

Anonymous said...

7:04 - you want guns registered? Sorry. You're out of your mind. Won't happen. Just keep your pepper spray in your purse.

7:23 - What's an "AK 15?"

I love it when sissy statists try to act informed.

Kingfish, when did the comments section get Caitlyn-ized?

Anonymous said...

Kf the obama-holder comment was not directed at you. I said "others" b/c it was directed at june7 @ 12:15 and those that think like him/her.

Kingfish said...

Terrorists are not going to legally buy guns as they can be traced.

Anonymous said...

KF point is legit... until government can guarantee to protect you from every threat, a person should have the fundamental constitutional right to bear arms and protect themself.

Anonymous said...

Umm your scenario, who protects us from the government? They are by far the biggest threat out there.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, why not go ahead and say who the primary author of this domestic violence bill that passed was? It was Senator Will Longwitz.

"needed to make it easier for the cops to charge felony domestic violence without the victim's consent. Guess what? We got the bill signed into law last year. Now if someone won't charge an abuser or the abuser tries to use the dropping of charges as a bargaining chip in a divorce, the victim has no ability to drop the charges."

Anonymous said...

IAW Miss. Code Ann. Section 45-9-101 (2014) para (6)(c), the department will issue a CCP within 45 days of the application. So it appears NJ is ahead of MS in the issuance time of permits. Previously it was within 120 days of the application. Want to argue that, I'll scan and post the page but it is from the same section (3/22/2005).

The problem is that an ambush is by it's definition a surprise attack.

If you've ever taken a class from an NRA pistol instructor concerning self-defense with a gun, the rule of thumb is to never allow a suspected attacker with 20 feet of you. Reason: That distance can be covered in less time than you have the time to react. Another flat ass rule is that if you shoot someone you've just met the law. Best be prepared for that.

And yes, I carry a gun w/a CC permit and with the enhanced carry endorsement.

Anonymous said...

""One of the most amazing things to me when you study the (O.J.) Simpson case is that it appeared intervention failed at every level," says San Diego deputy city attorney Casey Gwinn, who runs that city's domestic violence unit. "Police didn't write reports when they went to the house. Simpson was not put in jail. Friends and family didn't confront him."
Disgusting, yes. Amazing? No. Happens every day throughout America.
This young lady is just the latest example.
I'm no expert on laws in liberal NE states, but I'd be surprised if carrying pepper spray or a knife over 2 1/2" long were any more legal in NJ than carrying a concealed handgun. If you're petite woman faced with an enraged adult male... good luck. You're gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

to: June 8, 2015 at 10:14 AM-

the govt may be sloppy, the govt may be overreaching but the govt is operating within the constitutionally provided framework. You may not like the govt and it may pose a large potential threat. yes, the 2nd amendment should allow right to bear arms against the govt if necessary. But, this is a more compelling and immediate supporting argument for the 2nd amendment; that the govt is incapable to provide personal protection and any individual should have the right to protect him/herself

Anonymous said...

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