Tuesday, June 30, 2015

JJ's position on the state flag.

Regular readers of Jackson Jambalaya know The Kingfish neither ducks controversy nor any issue. Speaker Philip Gunn's call to change the Mississippi state flag because it contains the Confederate "Stars and Bars" caught me as well as many others by surprise. More than a few readers have asked what I think about The Flag as the debate has dominated the political scene for over a week. It is a fair question. Here is my position on The Flag:

If by the Mississippi state flag you mean a flag that was used to support slavery, to stand for Jim Crow, to further the cause of segregation, a flag that was used by the Klan and its friends, a flag that was used to strike terror in black Mississippians and tell them they were to be trod upon,  a flag that means looking back and never looking forward, a flag that stood for oppression and hatred, a flag that brings memories of whips and ropes to black Mississippians, a flag that symbolizes the darkest periods of our history, a flag that was waved by tens of thousands at halftime as Ross thundered his love for all things Mississippi and “our way of life” while black families cowered in fear at the mere sight of that flag, well, I am against that flag and will be against that flag.

If by the Mississippi state flag you mean a flag that stands for neighbor helping neighbor, a state where hospitality is a way of life and not just a slogan, a flag that symbolizes the best of the South, people respecting their elders and going to church every Sunday, coming together and forgetting their differences when disaster strikes, a flag that stood over the display of battlefield virtues such as courage and honor under fire, a flag that flew for over a hundred years over Mississippi’s sons answering our nation’s calls to service when freedom was threatened, a flag that means moonlight and magnolias, people fighting in the morning and drinking mint juleps and bourbon together on a hot summer afternoon, fried catfish on a Friday night and biscuits and red-eye gravy on Sunday morning, a prayer before football and a blessing before a meal, and a heritage of giving when there is nothing left to give, than I am for that flag and will be for that flag.

This is my stand. I will not retreat from it. I will not compromise.



Anonymous said...

Well said, Mr. Sweat.

Anonymous said...

That was a little Soggy

toejangle said...

Nice piece obviously co-authored by Jack Daniels !

Anonymous said...

That's not a stance. That's a statement that you hate objectively bad things and like objectively good things, each of which are independent from the piece of cloth that is at issue.

Noah S. Sweat said...

Happy that my response to Mr. Billingsley the other night could inspire such eloquence, Kingfish.

I would add that I share both your position and firm conviction on this particular matter.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, sir!! Bravo!!

Anonymous said...

A perfect expression of the ambivalence many of us feel.

Anonymous said...

Soggy Sweat liquor speech, children. Look it up.

Product of the Free State of Jones said...

I'm for changing it, but then again I've been for changing it since the 2001 vote. At the same time, I would have no problem retaining some symbol of the CSA, just not its battle flag.

Anonymous said...

Also, it was "repurposed" by Dickie Scruggs. Were you going to credit him, KF?

Kingfish said...

Nice try. I've been working on this over the last few days. Have no interest in what that scumbag convict thinks or writes. I found out about it an hour ago when a friend proofed my post.

Anonymous said...

what we need is a clone army and to let the chancellor Obama have more power.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed you're cribbing from one of your contributors. His post was the best part of that thread.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any of the rabble calling for changing the state flag are going to rest until the objectionable corner emblem is removed and replaced with the face of Medgar Evers on a magnolia blossom with a mockingbird blowing sweet nothings into his ear...

At Least Be Accurate said...

I don't care what your position is, but, when you write on the subject, the least you could do is properly identify 'The Stars And Bars'. The Stars And Bars was the First Confederate National Flag which is NOT represented in the Mississippi State Flag. What you might be referring to is the Confederate Naval Jack, often called The Confederate Battle Flag.

Anonymous said...

For a few years Soggy Sweat was my neighbor in Corinth.
Since no one asked me, I think above all we should vote on the flag. I will be satisfied with whatever the majority wants if we vote directly. We could do this very fast, perhaps this fall when we are already voting if the vote is to keep our flag or replace it. Do not vote on the new design, only vote on change or no change.
My idea is if the vote is to replace, there would be a flag design committee. Seven members. One each appointed by US Congressmen, US Senators, and the Governor. All seven members must be registered voters in MS. The committee accepts flag designs from anyone for a period of say 90 days. They select their top 5 designs. The State House of Representatives votes on these 5. The top two are then presented to the State Senate for the final vote. Pay the designers of the top 5 $500/ea. Runner up gets $1,000. Winner gets $5,000.
The main point is this could be done very fast at almost no cost to the taxpayers if we vote only on change vs no change and leave the actual design to our representatives.

Bill Dees said...

Clever. But your parody highlights the deep division between supporters and opponents of the Battle Flag. Both sides have many members who have genuine, deeply felt beliefs about the Flag, and that's fine with me. NO ONE is proposing to ban the Battle Flag. To do so would be a clear violation of the 1st Amendment. If you love the Flag, you should wave it, hang it from your porch, wear it on your t-shirt and proudly display in on your car or truck. If you oppose the Flag, no one can make you have anything to do with it - except that the State of Mississippi does exactly that - it forces people who abhor the Flag to wear it on their State flag. The very fact that so many people of good will have such heart-felt opinions diametrically opposed to the other makes the Flag divisive. Private adulation of the Flag should never be impaired. But the State has no business officially endorsing such a divisive symbol by placing it on the state flag.

Anonymous said...

It is apparent that you are not as ambivalent about Dickie Scruggs as you are about the flag.

Anonymous said...

KF you didn't really take a stand. And you said "WAS used by the KKK" when that should be "IS still used by the KKK." The truth is we all live in this state together for better or worse. If this small change would make more than half the population (and the poorest half at that) happy then what's the big deal. It's time to let your good hearts lead the way and drop the stubborn pride. Let's move forward . . . TOGETHER. No matter how badly some people want it, things are never going backwards. Only forward.

Anonymous said...

I wish you'd run one of you polls on the issue. Kinda interested in how many people still think the KKK flag is somehow honoring my ancestors.

Anonymous said...

at 1:57 pm, I don't think the matter will be put to rest until we run a white flag up the flagpole.

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal about the flag? I'm not from here. I have color in my skin. Who gives a dang about it? The flag did not shoot those people. Mississippi gets a bad rap. Maybe in the rural areas the flag is menacing? In Jackson I see a bunch of young black guys who are not afraid and robbing folks of all colors. Clearly they are not under the thumb of some confederacy. They are robbing, shooting, screwing and marrying white women. I thought they would be scared to do such things in Mississippi of all places. No one is fighting back on the crime so clearly a lot has changed.

Anonymous said...

So, you wrote a blog post to tell us you have no opinion on the matter? Thanks?

Anonymous said...

What a cop out

Anonymous said...

If all you offended and guilt ridden folks really think changing the flag will improve the state, then I suggest a compromise that will truly result in the betterment of our state from a financial to an educational standpoint.

If we get rid of the flag then lets get rid of public assistance to all single parent families that procreate as of january 1, 2018.

Anonymous said...

Put the flag issue up for another state wide vote and maybe this will shut some people up for another 14 years.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Soggy (I mean KF).

its not going anywhere said...

Maybe once things settle down and all the flag haters leave we can have our State back.....

Anonymous said...

If the flag were to cause one person to hate Jesus? If so, dump it. No piece of cloth is with the price f one mans soul

Anonymous said...

3:03 "KF you didn't really take a stand."

Well, aren't you a special kind of snowflake. As a rule humor is not funny if one is forced to explain the joke, but here goes.

KF was using "parody" or "satire" based on a legendary bit of oratory delivered in the Mississippi legislature on another topic (Al-kee-hol) many decades ago. The reason most people find this funny is the contradiction contained in the thunderous oratorical declamation of simultaneous support for two diametrically opposed ideas.

The idea is the speaker's real goal, as politicos of all stripes are wont to do, was to make sure he "didn't really take a stand", but rather appeal to two groups of foaming at the mouth true believers who each believed the other group was subhuman.

But bless your heart anyway.

Anonymous said...

Well done Kingfish. People who know a bit of Mississippi history appreciate the cleverness.

Anonymous said...

2:35 - while I agree with you that I don't give a damn whether we keep or change the flag, I totally disagree with your concept, and the details of your concept.

We elect a legislature to represent us - we are not a democracy in which all details are decided by the populace. For some reason some folks think that the "important stuff" like what flag we put on a flagpole should be decided by the voters in a direct vote, but spending money, or setting Medicaid policy, or education policy, or even speed limits on the highway, all can be handled by the legislature.

Just because Gov Musgrove, LG Tuck, and Speaker Ford didnt have the balls to make such a decision themselves or put their legislative members up to the tough task of making what could be a controversial decision doesn't mean that we should follow their example again. I hope the Republican leadership of the state will show that they are true leaders and not cop out like the Dems did under Musgrove's tutaledge.

Next session let the legislators debate it. Let the people express their opinion to the legislators. Let them vote on it - change or keep. Then send the bill to the Governor - just like all the important issues of the state. To hell with the idea of 'the people need to vote on it'. That's crap.

Anonymous said...

Thats fine @5:00, but right now Id rather us vote than the legislatures in state or federal. They (repubs) arent doing what they said they would do anyway. Whats the difference.

Anonymous said...

For those who don't appreciate parody or wit.

You don't need a flag to help your neighbor or be hospitable, etc.

You do need a flag in battle.

Anonymous said...

2:35 said 'If you oppose the Flag, no one can make you have anything to do with it - except that the State of Mississippi does exactly that'.
I oppose paying taxes but I have four governments, federal,state, city, and county that force me to do it. We had an ELECTION. That is what people do in a democracy. And if we have another one I will be satisfied with the results. The State of Mississippi forces you to do a lot of things. If you don't believe in elections there are other counties you can live in. Your comment was a slap in the face of democracy.

Steaming Piles said...

To hell with the idea of 'the people need to vote on it'. That's crap.

So you are in support of ending the direct referendum via the initiative process? Or are you saying that you are only in opposition to elected legislators putting issues up via direct referendum?

Can't have it both ways. That would be crap.

Anonymous said...

ok, here is the solution. We need a flag with the respected and revered Foghorn Cleghorn adorning it. Plus, all of your professional race pimps and hustlers can work out the color scheme best suited to sooth over the discontent and agony that you are shackled with.

Anonymous said...

It would mean even more if you were from Mississippi.....

Anonymous said...

So, is you is or is you ain't?

Anonymous said...

7 stars were seen.
Over time the cluster grew to 13.
X marks the spot of the master's earthen treasure!
Oh what a profitable sin 'twas to use people for gains and pleasure.

The War officially ended in 1865 after many a soul had fought and died.
Black and white, north and south- They all cried.
Cities were burned to the ground and some were horribly starved out.
After Lincoln fell, his war was won without a doubt.

In the books, a great distortion was written and some may even call it a bald faced lie.
Apparently the only guilty parties were those who lived below the Mason-Dixon Line!
And so those who knew the truth flew the historic cloth for the fallen.
And those who were freed grew tired of the lie as well and eventually equality came a callin'.

Crimes against humanity were perpetuated all for the greater good, so seeming.
With all things considered, the unlucky 13 took on a hell of a new meaning.
Crosses were burned and people were hung all in the name of Christ.
They really gambled with the devil and souls needed to be sacrificed!

Wolves in sheep's clothing made everyone's life a living nightmare.
Spies upon spies were everywhere just walkin' 'round givin' everyone a stare.
You had better shut up and be in the right place or you'd make the naughty list.
After sometime, the eyes of the nation saw the brutality and everyone was pissed.

A sinner himself was elected to commander in chief and wanted to end this mentality.
Ole Mr. Barnett, being the man he was, double crossed Mr. Kennedy.
Sometime after the slaughter at Ole Miss,
A man took shots in Texas and somehow didn't miss.

The rest and unspoken for now is known as American and Black History.
The struggle goes on for some but many overcame.
I must ask only one question of those in power and seemingly no shame.
How can you fly that flag right next to a seal with God's holy name?

Anonymous said...

I'm a little disappointed in KF. I've never known him to give an answer that's not an answer.

R. E. Leigh said...

Just gracefully and respectfully retire the flag and replace it with something all can be proud of. Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

42 comments and counting says this is a sensitive issue; and you really hit a nerve with those that can't appreciate your clever creativity of the parody of the Soggy Sweat speech. Anyway, keep up the great work!

I Pledge Allegiance said...

1. There is no such thing as a thing all can be proud of.

2. Half the state's population is NOT black.

3. Bill Dees is still an idiot.

4. Nobody was 'offended' by the flag until they were told they OUGHT to be.

5. The answer to misperception is education, not acquiesence.

6. If we are to banish symbols that are bastardized and adopted by goofball groups, when do we eliminate the Star of David and how long will it take for Jews to get over THAT? (clue: It's now a gang symbol)

7. Which shot of Medgar Evers do we put on the new flag? Or would William Tecumseh Sherman do just as well?

8. Can we retire the U.S. Flag at the same time? That flag has flown over much more hate, oppression, jack-boot power and destruction than the Confederate Naval Jack.

9. Since most folks don't even recognize the Confederate First National or know the history of the Bonnie Blue, can we use one of those instead. It will take another 14 years before people are offended by those.

10. Do Cochise and Sitting Bull get a vote?

Anonymous said...

The Klan argument is a load of crap. First, the Klan hasn't been a force to be reckoned with in 40 years. When they make a rare public appearance, it's 5 old guys met by 1,000 protesters. There will always be a handful of those types, but bringing up the Klan as if they are influential and powerful is silly. Second, even if they were, you don't allow such people to define the terms. Should we ban crosses because they utilize them in heir rituals? What about demanding that retailers stop selling white bedsheets? Native Americans used the swastika as a symbol of friendship long before Hitler and they still do. They didn't allow their symbol to be appropriated by such people. There are many arguments pro and con, but the mention of the Klan is BS.

Also, to the liberal JFPer who constantly posts here and ends her posts with 10 blank lines...you really outdid yourself this time. Honey, the backspace key is your friend. Learn to use it.

Anonymous said...

The KKK carried the US flag, also. Are you going to get rid of it, too?

Anonymous said...

Bravo @4:59 AM !!!

Anonymous said...

While we appear to have a number of Mississippians, both legislators and prominent citizens, that are jumping on the "me to" bandwagon of change, perhaps we should demand that EVERYONE rid themselves of any historical connection with slave holding history. We can start with that bunch of uber liberals in Seattle. We need to call on them to change THEIR flag. It has at its center a depiction of George Washington. Our first president was one of the LARGEST slave holders in America at the time of his death. He controlled 318 slaves of which he personally owned 123. The rest were part of his wife's estate. He made NO move to free them while he was alive, only after his death and that of his wife. In fact 12 of our first 18 presidents starting with Washington were slave owners. Even Grant, the leader of Union Army and later President owned a slave (a record of the sale exists).

So just how much US history do we purge/cleanse? How about all the prominent families in the original colonies of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York that
made MILLIONS in the shipping, textile, and iron works industry directly supporting the cotton industry which was completely tied to slavery. They knew it, and some were even staunch abolitionist, but that did not stop them from making a killing from slavery! Broaden your minds by reading Gene Dattel's book, Cotton and Race. Gene is from Ruleville, MS. And a Jew. He is also a leading expert in international investment markets where he made millions working for Solomon Brothers and Morgan Stanley on Wall Street, in London and Japan. He approaches the history of slavery with FACTS not EMOTION. Every author has an agenda and Dattel is no exception - he is a staunch critic of slavery and the damage it did to our country, but points out that there is enough blame to go around for everyone.

Leave this alone until the hysteria dies down. If in fact a MAJORITY of Mississippians want to change the flag then change it. But I, like many in this state are getting really tired of a small number of loudmouths telling the rest of us what we can believe, that we need to dig deeper in our wallets to pay more, and despising us because we don't agree with their bolshevik rhetoric.

Second The Question said...

I'm told that Bennie Thompson is the only Representative in D.C. who refuses to adorn his office with the flag of his/her state.

I'm told the Mayor of Hattiesburg has decreed that the state flag not fly from any municipal building.

Countless schools in the state refuse to fly the flag.

Stokes years ago moved certain long-standing symbols and statues into the basement.

I agree with the question: "Which image of Medgar should we use on the new flag?"

Anonymous said...

I'm told that Bennie Thompson is the only Representative in D.C. who refuses to adorn his office with the flag of his/her state.

True enough. But Bennie is being honest in not having the flag outside his office. He doesn't represent Mississippi. He represents Bennie.

Anonymous said...

Flags my behind. Yall are letting black thugs kill old ladies in their own upscale neighborhood. I thought Mississippi was a tough state like Texas. These thugs could not get away with this crap if they were doing this to Mexicans in California or other border states. Seriously, where are the men in northeast Jackson to stop this these black thugs from feeling safe driving down ridgewood kidnapping a doctor, robbing a pharmacy? Seriously. How does this happen in the most "racist" state in the union? Maybe it's not? The news has to do more research.

Anonymous said...

Evidently, Bennie is perfectly happy when the citizens elect him to office. Democracy at work. Will of the people. But when it comes to a complicated issue, such as what our state flag should look like, the people are mindless numskulls.
This reminds me of something we discussed in Sunday School - if man can pick and choose what parts of the Bible to believe, then God is just making suggestions and Man is playing God.
The voters make suggestions. Lord Bennie decides which suggestions to follow.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Soggy Sweat" history lesson. This was something I didn't know about. Knowing it was a parody I now understand KF's post ;)

Anonymous said...

2:44; While you were posting that pussy comment, you fell even further behind and might never catch up.

Anonymous said...

The US Flag was also waved at marches by the KKK. I'm sure you libs wouldn't mind banning it either; you've been burning it for years anyways.

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