Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Tate speaks out on flag

Leftenant Governor Tate Reeves issued the following statement:


What happened in Charleston is simply pure irrational evil.  There is no other description for this monster’s actions.  He is an individual that has allowed his mind and soul to be horribly twisted and disfigured by irrational hate.  No symbol or flag or website or book or movie made him evil - he was evil on his own.

“Flags and emblems are chosen by a group of people as a symbol of all that unites and ties the group together. The good and bad in our shared history, and all that we have learned from it, is something that ties us together.

“The same discussion South Carolinians are having now is one that Mississippians had 14 years ago when nearly two-thirds of our state voted to keep our current flag. If the citizens of our state want to revisit that decision, and I am sure at some point we may, it will best be decided by the people of Mississippi, not by outsiders or media elites or politicians in a back room.”


Anonymous said...

I guess we now know that Tate stands with the pro-slavery crowd. What a sorry excuse for a leader.

Anonymous said...

Tatot tot has no gusts

Anonymous said...

11:02---I agree with you. Tate knows nothing about leadership. He FORCES your republican senators to vote exactly as he directs them to, regardless of the issue. Your Republican Senators aren't allowed to look out for you or their districts. They are forced to follow his royal highness' directives. They bitch about it behind scenes, but lack a backbone to do anything about it. Gunn, on the other hand, is a statesman who understands politics, but doesn't rule like a North Korea dictator. Now that I write this, I realize there are many similarities between the leadership in North Korea & the leadership in the senate. Unfortunately, your republican senators have a voice. They just refuse to exercise their rights because they are scared of their "leader." I wouldn't vote for Tate Reeves if he was the ONLY person running. He's a sad excuse for a leader. His ego is bigger than his fat head.

Anonymous said...

Tate just didn't say what you JFP people wanted him to say. Might want to go back to class at Belhaven or MC, etc. Now I"m sure you'll throw bigot, racists, slave owner, etc. at me -- because that's how you like to defend your positions (personal attacks on others) -- however, I am none of those. My life reflects that -- however, I am a person who is pragmatic enough to know that the real problems are never dealt with by liberals -- just the smoke and mirror ones that matter naught at the end of the day but make you all feel so much better about yourselves and your righteous positions in life.

Anonymous said...

Tate is 100% right on this issue, and I appreciate his stance. He is not using the flag issue for political grandstanding like some others have chosen to do...

Anonymous said...

The point is this - about Tate or anyone else: Leaders lead.

If I were in his position, I would make an express statement that it is time the flag was taken down in SC and removed from the MS flag.

Screw the votes, a leader should lead.

I was born and raised in Mississippi and went to Ole Miss, but as a Texan for the last ten years, I would be embarrassed to hang a Mississippi flag in front of my house. Why? Because it would look horrifically out of place, insensitive and out of touch.

If nothing else, realize this: it is a divisive symbol that alienates a HUGE percentage of the population.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tate Reeves. Let the people decide. Put it on the ballot in November. Politicians have been making decisions too long that have placed us at the top of the worst and at the bottom of the best. Let the people speak. I am in favor of taking it down and think if it is allowed to be voted on the majority will agree.What I am against is any minority forcing their agenda upon any majority.

Phallan Wang said...

The chorerography couldn't be finer. Gunn teed it up to give his GOP House incumbents facing contested elections in November all the campaign breathing room they need to say 'me-too' and Reeves just telegraphed the solution which will be another statewide election to let the voters decide. That is teamwork.

Anonymous said...

The MS state flag does not unite and tie us together. It divides us along racial lines in a profound way. So Tate is being disingenuous with his statement. What he is really saying is the flag unites white people who long for the old days when they were in complete power and Negroes knew their place. That's what this whole controversy is about and any white person who says otherwise is full of it and everyone knows it.

Anonymous said...

What I am against is any minority forcing their agenda upon any majority.

Then surely you must have been against the race baiting of the Barbour Klan on behalf of Senator Hoochie Koo Cochran during the primary runoff that bypassed the majority will of Republican voters.

Anonymous said...

To 11:49 and 12:04, respectfully, sometimes politicians should not listen to the majority and instead do what's right.

The flag has run its course.

Anonymous said...

Gov Phil and his brother tator tot both have no gusts

Anonymous said...

I thoroughly enjoy watching ignorant, uneducated rednecks make fools of themselves. We are in for a feast. Sadly, there are too many of them for this effort to rid Mississippi of the confederate battle flag to have success.

Phil needs to think about how many large industrial prospects or any big employers at all are going to give him the time of day after this circus starts. His tenure as an economic engine is close to being over. Once again, Mississippi is destined to shoot itself in the head.

Anonymous said...

Certainly hope 12:15 PM that large prospects like KioR and Mississippi Power don't stop trying to sucker Republicans. We need the comedic relief.

Anonymous said...

At least Reeves took a stand one way or the other. More than anyone can say for Bill Billingsley.

Lt. Col Buell Shyte said...

Our flag is stopping Jackson Public Schools from churning out yearly a brigade of Ivy League candidates. We must get rid of the flag.

Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not the Confederate flag offends and divides people. To have it as a part of the flag only serves to divide those that live here and create a bad impression of MS for those who don't. True political leaders shouldn't care what the voters said 14 years ago and something like this shouldn't be left to the voters. I'm sure even today a majority of idiots will vote to keep the flag as it is and MS will continue to shoot itself in the foot.

The flag as it stands hurts business prospects for MS. Science and tech companies (the kind that provide high paying jobs and are typically more progressive) will not want to locate in a state that clings to the ugly past. Look at neighboring states in the south and see the progress they have made, travel outside of MS and see how far other areas have come. MS is a 3rd world country compared to most of the US and will continue to be that way as long as it continues to embrace things like the Confederate flag.

I think it is funny that every time something like this is brought up people immediately say "if you don't like it then get the hell out". It is that kind of attitude that keeps MS in last place and forces the good jobs to look elsewhere. It is time for people to grow up and embrace change or MS will continue to decline while everyone else moves forward.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember anyone giving me a vote on the changing of the state seal...

Anonymous said...

12:26, what does that even mean? Billingsley is supposed to take a stand on the flag when his opponent - the incumbent - hasn't made a peep about it? Not that he'll have to. His position will be - surprise! - exactly like Tate's. You shouldn't talk ugly about people you don't know.

Bob Boteler said...

I am disappointed that the Lt. Governor failed to give his feelings about our state flag. He was elected to make decisions as a leader. Not to
punt a difficult decision.

Anonymous said...

"Outsiders or media elites." Wow. That's some pretty strong racial code talking, Tate. You've got the obesity part down; you just need a cigar and a seersucker and you'll be a model of 1960's Mississippi.

And like 80% of the commenters, I'm a longtime GOP voter.

Anonymous said...

11:57, 12:08, 12:11, 12:15 and 12:42 said it far more eloquently than I will attempt to , but the flag needs to go.

Anonymous said...

I think we should let the people decide EVERYTHING:

1) Should black people be slaves?

2) Should Jews give up all their money?

3) Should my neighbor's wife be required to come to my house at night?

4) Should homosexuals be murdered on site?

5) Should I be allowed to park in a handicap zone?

6) Should a handicap person be allowed to live much less park?

All these issues and more can be decided directly by the Mississippi electorate.

Anonymous said...

I believe it is too late to get this matter on the ballot in November, but I wish it could be.

I believe Lt. Gov. Tate made a decent statement and one which can and should be followed. Put it back to the people. I have enough faith in good Mississippians voting to change. I believe all my grandchildren will vote to change and they did not vote the last time. How about yours?

Anonymous said...

Tate is looking at taking Cochran's senate seat in a few years and knows that being anti-flag will cost him dearly among the rural rednecks.

Anonymous said...

Leadership vs ???

When it comes to slavery, let the people decide.

When it comes to integrating housing, let the people decide.

When it comes to integrating the military, let the people decide.

When it comes to allowing minorities to register to vote, let the people decide.

When it comes to allowing registered minorities to actually vote, let the people decide.

When it comes to integrating the schools, let the people decide.

When it comes to allowing interracial marriages, let the people decide.

When it comes to integrating government employment, let the people decide.

See how that could work?

Who needs leadership? Just ask the people.

Anonymous said...

So, what flag would that be? The flag that flew over our country which allowed slavery? Should we also change that flag?

Anonymous said...

Funny I had't heard a cricket about the flag until Charleston. Whether its moved or not, things will not change in our state because of that. Maybe a few people will feel better about themselves. After the flag is changed there will be additional demands made by some. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Let's ask Andy Taggart what he thinks because everybody, I mean everybody, listens to Andy Taggart. You betcha.

Anonymous said...

If Andy Taggart says he is for "letting the people decide" then he is lying again. He arranged for his hand-picked successor to slip in at the last second for the Board of Supervisors. Andy Taggart STOLE MY VOTE then, and I bet he wants to keep me from voting on the flag, too. Reprehensible masquerading as pious.

Anonymous said...

Andy Taggert has publically announced his support to ditch that outdated, dinosaur flag. This whole argument is so silly. Earth to rednecks: WE LOST!

The confederate battle flag has been an "in your face Yankees" moniker for years.

I know, I know....the south shall rise again bullshit.

Anonymous said...

"I'm scared of losing the redneck vote if I am to take over Thad Cochran's senate seat, so here's the most gutless statement my spox could come up with on such short notice. Argle bargle media and outsiders." - Tate Reeves, noted pasty manbaby

Anonymous said...

Reeves is a truly sad example of an elected leader who lacks the courage to made decisions that are in the best interests of his state and citizenry. Hiding behind a ridiculous vote over a decade ago is a sign of weakness, not of real leadership.

Anonymous said...

12:15, sadly they are rednecks, but many are also educated. That is the scary part. We are producing entire generations of idiots still living in 1861. "AH'M PRAWD OF MAH HERATIGE. CHANGE YO HOT, NOT MY FLOG"!

Kingfish said...

And another generation who can't read "1861" and know what it means either in terms of history or as a number.

Iowa cousin of Mississippi said...

If we as a people voted on every issues, in your hick state, blacks would still be at the back of the bus. good lord you people remain a laughingstock.

You will look even more backwards over the next few months of redneck wrangling that all the world will be focusing on.

Anonymous said...

Tate has no balls. Known him since Milksaps. A total fraud alpha dog. Watch him at Fennians. Scared of his shadow. A leader identifies what is wrong and tries to correct it, but tater chip will be afraid he will be seen as a liberal. He would have preferred our state take a vote on allowing integration in our schools. It looks as if many of the pigs responding to this story would too.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks, Iowa. That was really helpful. The part where you came to a blog where 2/3 of the comments are in favor of changing the flag and made some blanket declarations about "you people," I mean.

You certainly aren't making it harder to change the flag or anything. I hope you'll comment on "every issues," as you put it.

Iowa cousin of Mississippi said...

"If we as a people voted on every issue, in your hick state, blacks would still be at the back of the bus. Good lord you people remain a laughingstock."

Rebut THAT, 5:04.

Please show the world an intellectual rebuttal. Come on. You can do it!

Anonymous said...

"Our flag is stopping Jackson Public Schools from churning out yearly a brigade of Ivy League candidates. We must get rid of the flag."

Yall didn't get the memo... Schools in Jackson look pretty segregated.

Flag is not important. Show me a local black politician helping to produce a good school district in his/her area. That will improve lives. Not this silliness.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:26

Can you tell us where Bill Belly Billingsley stands on ANYTHING? He's walking my neighborhood and telling each person who answers the door a different story.

Anonymous said...

Iowa, we have voted, actually. The result was Mississippi having more black elected officials than any other state. Iowans, by contrast, get to pretend they aren't racists because they're all white.

Anonymous said...

I wish we hah a gov and lt gov with courage of speaker gunn

Anonymous said...

7:53. I am quite sure you have more elected officials due to the fact you white people there are enlightened and vote person, not race. Being 39% black and voting in geographic clusters has nothing to do with the results. (Sarcasm for slow learners) Additionally, your statewide elections continue to amaze, with your Citizens Council Bubba candidates trying tou "out redneck" each other. But locally, you do have black candidates in black areas that elect black people. Amazing.

Smell the coffee. You as a state embarrass the level headed reasonable among you. SMH.

Anonymous said...

8:35 is JPS. The lack of punctuation seals it.

Anonymous said...

6:10, why don't you call him and ask him? He's never backed down from a question that I know of, and he sure won't be afraid to talk to you. His phone number is on his web site, push cards, Facebook page...hell, I think he's even posted it on JJ before. I doubt you have the guts. It's easier to make anonymous comments about someone you don't know.

Anonymous said...


Longwitz, you are embarrassing! Go home and punch your Bill doll.

Madison Voter

Anonymous said...

6/23 at 1:33 - You nailed it. The flag issue has been silent for some time now and the minute South Carolina raised it, away we go. I get how the flag could be offensive to some, BUT 1. changing the flag is changing a symbol - this action is SYMBOLIC - doing this will NOT change any circumstances or fix anything. And as far as businesses not doing business here because of the flag - uh, don't think so. Real businesses look at things like taxes, cost of operations, and local workforce (which, if you are honest, you know is a problem). 2. Once we change the flag, someone will want something else changed because they don't like it, and we will waste more time and resources making it all better instead of digging down and working on the ACTUAL issue.

I am to the point that I really don't care about the flag of our state (insert your name calling here), but it is because we have so many more troublesome problems that rank much higher on my list of concerns.

Anonymous said...

8:36/Iowa -- You're picking it up, albeit slowly. Good for you. Let me state it even more simply:

If you'll read above, you'll see I wasn't arguing that Mississippi is an enlightened utopia. I was arguing that there are, in fact, a lot of black voters here, who do in fact vote in their own interest. This was in response to your earlier comment that a popular vote would return black Mississippians to the "back of the bus." It won't, because Mississippi --unlike Iowa-- is a diverse place, with people of color who vote their own interests.

More broadly, yes, our redneck leaders are indeed embarrassing. Doubly embarrassing having to admit that to a guy whose state legislature approved a bill banning same-sex marriage by a more than 2-to-1 margin, but there it is. But like yours, our demagogues tend to focus on stuff that appeals to religious conservatives and poor people, regardless of race -- stuff like hating gays and keeping out illegal immigrants. The kind of stuff that plays well in both white and black churches.

Long story short, political reality in Mississippi is bad. But it's not 1964 bad. And heckling might give you some temporary relief from your own problems, but it doesn't help anyone else.

Anonymous said...

6:10 AND 6:48

You're both little people.

We're actually fortunate to have BOTH Will and Bill running. BOTH are good caliber folks. It'd be great if all offices had candidates like these running.

It'd be hard to lose either way.

Anonymous said...


Should've said 6:10 and 10:48


Anonymous said...

Well said 8:44

Anonymous said...

... our demagogues tend to focus on stuff that appeals to religious conservatives ...

Senator Hoochie Koo Cochran most certainly hoodwinked Mississippi religious and social conservative voters for the better part of 15 plus years.

Anonymous said...

Check every day whether or not Bill Billingsley has taken any campaign positions on anything and all the public every gets is FB posts featuring pics of Bill's belly.

Anonymous said...

8:56 - 6:10.

Come on Amile. This thread is about a statement on the flag. You can keep on trying to find ways to comment negatively about Bill - I guess you do it because of a clause in your contract with Will that gives you a bonus each time you get another negative post.

As to the claim that Billingsley has said different things to different folks as he goes door to door, I challenge you. State here one specific time that has happened. I know Bill (and also know Will for that matter) and I have never known Bill to take different stands, even when challenged. He has no problem with making his position clear and standing behind it.

I call absolute bullshit on your unsupported statement. Now, go vote however you want to; but cut the crap and support your candidate. Quit throwing the crap out about the opponent unless and until it is true.

Anonymous said...

Get that Amile, er, Anonymous, er, Mystery Poster? The Anonymous @ 2:54 PM has had it and you should be damn worried. LOL

Get over yourself 2:54 PM.

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