Thursday, November 9, 2017

The evil that men do

Madison County deputies busted a dog-fighting ring on Monday.  Photos obtained by this website show the savage scene that greeted the deputies when they arrived.   Sheriff Randy Tucker's statement is posted below the photos.


Anonymous said...

Dogs were too fat to be fighting dogs. None of then had been fought in a while and wouldn't be fought any time in the future.

Anonymous said...

Keep applying pressure, KF. It's the only way to get through to those stupid mother f@ckers in the legislature and the hired gun farm bureau lobbyists that animal cruelty is a real problem and must be properly addressed.

Anonymous said...

Hey 9:55pm and 9:57pm from 11/6/17 Dog Fight post:

How about let's put you in these living conditions for a month and see how you like it? Better yet, let's send y'all to Natchez for a few days and see if you still think there is nothing wrong with dog fighting.

Justice for Tyrion said...

I hate to see dogs treated in this barbaric way. However, I don't see how certain individuals can be this upset over animals (someone's legally owned property) when actual people are being killed every day in Jackson. Many of these people crying over Fido getting a few scratches are the same ones that raise all kinds of hell when anyone suggestions providing more funding and resources to fight crime and help the school system in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

This whole problem with the dog fighting cult is much, much worse than many people know. It is not uncommon for pets to be "dog napped" by these fight people and then those pets used as live training bait for the fighting dogs. The legislature needs to get busy to strengthen the penalties for animal cruelty in general, and for fighting activities in particular.

Messick said...

I recall that Whoopi Goldberg (sic) stated on a nationally syndicated television talk show that dog fights were okay because it was a part of certain peoples' culture.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain why they think dog fighters would dognap their lap dog to train a pit bull to fight?

Active Farmer said...

10:47: Some more civilized souls respect all God's creatures and to inflict pain and suffering on an animal is simply barbaric. Those dogs should not have to suffer because they landed in the hands of savages. And lump the Farm Bureau in the stupid catgegory. I cancelled my insurance and membership several years ago when they took their wrong-headed stand against legislation.

Anonymous said...

A Dog fighting ring leads to gangs which leads to drugs and crime. SO much more than animal cruelty. They need to beef up laws for both! I'll bet some of the participants live at that wholesome apartment complex in Canton.

Merrou said...

It's just plain sick. And if Goldberg said that she must be smoking crack we need tougher laws. Period

Anonymous said...

There is a long history of animal fighting sports throughout the world. The sporting death is generally considered an acceptable alternative to simply slaughtering an animal for it's meat or euthanizing it as a nuisance. People profit from the spectacle of the animals fight for life. The animal is well-fed and well treated as long as it lives. See bull-fights. The animal is never left to endure long term agony or torture. The bastards involved in these new fighting "rings" do not maintain the dogs, they don't treat them or feed them well, and the dogs live in basic torture. Many of these "dog fighters" live in poverty themselves and don't have the resources to properly care for one dog, much less a kennel. Dog fights, cock fights, bull fights, etc. can only be conducted by real sportsmen with the will and resources to treat the animals involved humanely or the activity should be a felony punished severely. Same thing for sport hunters who cause an animal to suffer before it's inevitable death.

Anonymous said...

KF, who are these numbnut rednecks on here that actually try to explain how fighting dogs or any other animal is ok? And to the jerk about the lapdog. What they do is get the weaker dog so their dog can rip it to shreds and get the taste for killing. Morons... the both of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and to 12:36pm. There's a long history of other stupid crap man has done. Slavery, gladiator fighting, throwing Christians to the lions, and the Spanish Inquisition as examples. But, in most cases we've evolved. At least most of us have. One day you may join us. The other collective group that hasn't are the radical Islam Muslims. They stone and throw homosexuals off buildings, rape their women for stupid stuff, kill Christians... Please move to the Middle East where you can join them in your advanced human thinking. 'Real Sportsman' jacka$$ quote of the day.

Justice for Tyrion said...

"But, in most cases we've evolved. At least most of us have. One day you may join us."

1:51, please continue YOUR evolutionary process and maybe try not to stereotype so much. The entire Middle East does not consist of radical Islamists who persecute women and homosexuals. I think you watch too much Fox News. I've spent 2.5 years of my life in that region and most people are good, decent individuals who do not support terrorism and are not ISIS disciples.

Anonymous said...

1:44 does not know a single thing about pit bulls. There is no need to get the taste of killing. Hundreds of years of selective breeding has produced a dog that will kill another animal with no second thought. Do you have to teach a greyhound how to run? Do you have to teach a poodle how to grown their hair? Do you have to teach a basset hound how to have long ears?
Maybe before posting you could research the breed. Then you will see how funny you really are.

Anonymous said...

Those involved should be put on a chain and tied to a tree until death.

Anonymous said...

2:02pm. Show me where I said ENTIRE Middle East? Reading comprehension is a trait that obviously escapes you. The word RADICAL segments out from the overall moderate Muslim population - the one that I am well familiar with myself from my travels there too! And yes, that RADICAL segment does barbaric inhumanly things daily. But, as I review, you are right you don't just have to move to the Middle East. You could go to Paris, Belgium, Dearborn and other places to join the RADICAL Islam Muslims and join in on their terror attacks on innocent women, children and men.

2:27pm. Tell your tale to the Pit Bull lovers who will cry, 'it is the owners not the dog that makes them dangerous.' 'If you raise them with love they'll never attack another dog or neighborhood jogger.' I believe Pit's are a breed that I'd like to see held to a much stricter set of laws. And I didn't want to list the 5 to 7 other breeds that are used to fight.

And from the ASPCA site: "Some fighters will use stolen pets as "bait dogs" or sparring partners."

I'll save my laughing at you for the more intelligent readers of KF.

Anonymous said...

3:42 A H-E-A-V-Y CHAIN!!

Anonymous said...

Animal cruelty is about more than just animals. Overwhelming evidence establishes a direct correlation between animal cruelty and human violence. Anyone who tortures a dog or cat for power, pleasure or whatever sick reason is more likely to abuse their spouse, children, elders, etc.

Every state but MS and one other understand this and have made it a felony for first time offenses; unfortunately this is yet another example of MS being last. Why? Because SOUTHERN FARM BUREAU tells Tate Reeves to kill the bill every year. SFB claims it is to protect farmers from being charged with felonies for perceived mistreatment of livestock. That is complete BS because: 1) it is already a felony in MS to torture livestock; and 2) the bills are always limited to only domesticated pets. This is embarrassing for Mississippi and SFB and Tater should be ashamed of themselves and held accountable.

And oh yeah, most mass shooters start out abusing animals - Luke Woodham ring a bell? And what about the shooter in Texas church on Sunday? Check

Anonymous said...

The ignorance of those defending dog fighting is obvious in their defenses.

They seem not to have taken biology or have any ability to extrapolate from observation.

If they did, they know that different breeds of dogs have been deliberately bred to achieve certain characteristics, just like horses have been. Indeed, there have been new breeds of dogs in the AKC based on achieving breeding consistency in characteristics and traits.

Whether it is herding sheep or digging out moles or sniffing out drugs or fight, breeders mate breeds of dogs with the traits they desire to enhance. Just as some horses were bred to be war horses and some were bred to pull wagons and some to pull plows and some to race.

These dummies haven't even looked at picture books of how breeds of domesticated animals evolved because of breeding. And, of course, if they can't read picture books, they certainly are reading books about abnormal psychology. Maybe are blind as they deny the condition of these dogs in the photos above with the claim of how well cared for they claim these dogs are.

No one said pit bulls were the only breed being used in this or any other dog fight but those who like dog fighting damn well know the advantages of a pit bulls jaws and how they attack prey as a trait.

The use of small feisty dogs, particularly terriers, for bait to train fighting dogs has been well documented for the more than nearly 200 years the ASPCA has existed. Lhasa Apso's are also good as prey as they were bred to protect the Dali Lama's food and so getting them to fight another dog over a piece of meat they've been given is easy. And, theft of pets is one of the reasons aside that dog fighting is illegal. Of course, it's not as big a reason as the fact that these dogs have escaped or a child has wandered over to pet them and the child was killed or maimed.

Perhaps, the lesson here is that human mammals should take more care in learning about genetic traits before they breed so we'll have fewer of these idiots in our gene pool.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should put the men who are involved this in a cage, enrage these dogs, and see how these men feel being used for "training purposes". Sick 'em fido.

Cruelty doesn't even begin to describe these individuals.

Anonymous said...

Another joke. How can you enrage a fighting dog? Handlers are usually inside the pit with their dog during a fight. An owner in a cage with his dog when you are trying to enrage it would be in less danger than coming into your home with fluffy setting there.
For many years people have been looking for a dog that could beat the pit bull in the pit. Many breeds have been tried but none have succeeded.
The whole bait dog idea was something the ASPCA came up with to increase donations. It was never anything dog fighters did. A few years they tried another one. They said dog fighters were putting two dogs in the trunk of a car and driving around letting the dogs fight. They just never could find anyone dumb enough to go along with that idea. They may have much better luck mentioning that on this forum. We seem to have people who would believe it.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to know the truth about dog fighting they can do a simple search on dog fighting rules. The Cajun Rules are the one usually used. The rules will show how little people actually know about dog fighting.
Dog fighting is not something many people will be interested in. Some enjoy football more. This involves humans instead of dogs. The out come is about the same. Maybe boxing is more to your liking. This also involves humans fighting each other in a ring.

Anonymous said...

For those of you making jokes about "rumors", you have no idea what you're talking about, so why even speculate????? THEY ARE TRUE. Dog fighting is horrific, barbaric, and evil. If you defend it, then so are you.

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