Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Possible crime spree in NW Jackson

JPD issued the following statements. 

Possible crime spree

The Jackson Police Department is currently conducting several investigations involving recent armed robberies of businesses and individuals throughout the Northwest Jackson area. The suspects are described as 2-4 black males armed with handguns. In an attempt to conceal their identities, they have their faces covered with bandanas and/or masks. The suspects have also been observed wearing hooded sweatshirts and gloves. Two of the suspects have been described as approx. 6’0 feet tall and the other, 5’4-5’8, approx. 175 lbs.

These suspects maybe responsible for the Sunday night robbery of three individuals near the 2700 block of Rutledge Ave. Sandeep Singh, a victim of this incident was also fatally wounded after being shot during the course of the robbery. The suspect responsible for shooting him is described as a black male, last seen wearing a gray hooded shirt, armed with a .9mm pistol.

The Jackson Police Department is currently in need of the public’s assistance with identifying the suspects responsible for these incidents. Anyone with any information on the identity and/or location of the suspects responsible for these robberies is urged to contact police at 601-960-1234 or 601-355-TIPS (8477).

Singh Murder

(#1) Jackson Police are investigating a shooting that resulted from a robbery.  It occurred shortly after 11:00pm in the 2700 block of Rutledge St. 

The three male victims were standing outside of their residence when an armed masked male of short stature, wearing a gray hooded top, appeared and demanded their belongings. 

The suspect later fled on foot after taking money and cell phones from the victims.  As he fled, the suspect fired shots back at the victims, striking one in the abdomen.  That victim was transported to an area hospital and is listed in critical condition. 

(#2) The shooting victim in last night’s triple robbery has died from his injuries.  He has been identified as, Sandeep Singh.  His age is unavailable at this time. 

There is still no suspect information available. We are asking anyone with information to contact Police or call Crime Stoppers.  This investigation is ongoing.  This is the 58th homicide of 2017.  
(#3) The victim,  Victim, Sandeep Singh, was age 21.
Fox Murder
(#1) Jackson Police are currently investigating the city’s 59th homicide.  It occurred shortly before 7:00pm in the 2100 block of Ludlow Ave. 

Officers responded to a shooting call and upon arrival, found a 57-year-old black male suffering from at least one gunshot wound.  He was later pronounced deceased on scene.  

Based on information received from a witness, there was an altercation between the victim and an unidentified male who was hired to perform work on the the house the victim was moving into.  The suspect then left and returned with a second black male.  Shortly thereafter,  shots were fired and victim was struck at least once.  Both suspects then fled in a tan colored pickup truck. 

It is still an active crime scene and Detectives are working to gathering additional information. 

(#2) Jackson Police have identified the victim in tonight’s fatal shooting as, Edward Earl Fox.  Fox was shot as least once in the chest.  We are awaiting additional information pending the autopsy results. 


Anonymous said...

This is called craziness?
What do people in Jackson really expect? They elect crooked people to every office they are allowed to vote on. Their school system is as bad as their pot holed streets.
No one cares if their kids get an education so they let people steal their children's future.
The people choose judges that will let murderers out to walk the street and even not allow law enforcement from other areas to chase the thugs back into their home in Jackson.
It is craziness. The craziness started many years ago and looks like it will continue well into the future.
When people abandon their own children they cannot expect those children to grow up any different.

Anonymous said...

10:09 -- YUP ---Sadly I live here and to go to a city council meeting (USELESS) and state exactly what you have said will immediately elicit RACISM as the motivation and the basis for all that happens in Jackson. Doesn't matter if it will end up 90/10 demographics in 2020, and white folk have not been in charge for YEARS.......hell DECADES.......it will still be our fault and no help. Selling my house this spring, leaving the city and re-locating my business out of state after DECADES here and rearing my children in Mississippi. Breaks my heart but whites in charge are tone deaf (e.g. the state legislature and governor), and the blacks have sang the "RACISM" song so long, that's all they or their children know. The great sucking sound you hear is my tax dollars (property, income, sales, etc.) leaving the state. I have come to realize I'm ineffective in Jackson and the state of Mississippi. If I'm ineffective then my money is no longer required. No taxation without representation. Voted Cochran and Wicker -- hope all of you have the good sense to find an alternative.

Plain ol' Catfish said...

Jackson needs three things

Something to combat the level of poverty; better trained and better-paid officers; and a Governor that's willing to channel resources to get Mississippi's biggest city back on track.

You can see the aesthetic improvements all over downtown Jackson. But, nothing to combat the unemployment and crime levels.

If a city of 11 million like New York City can lower their crime numbers, can't see why it's not possible for Jackson with a floating population of around 180,000

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe that all this craziness won't spread into northeast Jackson and beyond.

I say get Philbilly to call out the National Guard for six months to patrol the streets of Jackson. This may give the city a black eye for a while but it may help control the situation. The crime is so bad that many people are scared to go out after dark.

No wonder we can't get or keep quality businesses. We are almost at a point of no return.

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ 10:39am

The level of poverty in this state is affecting us as a whole. Look at the number of murders in Vicksburg within 2017. Up in the Delta, down in the Hattiesburg region, even on the coast.

As far as bringing in the National Guard, that is a tad extreme and we are not in a state of total lawlessness.

But what is more realistic and possible, is to form a metro task force between the Hinds, Rankin, and Madison Sherrif departments as well as the neighboring police forces, But the Governor would have to be the one to force the hand to get it done.

While the Mayor of Jackson should be held accountable for the crime levels, the Governor should be held accountable as well, since it is the largest municipality in the state and has the biggest effect on the states overall crime numbers.

In Mississippi, we have given the last 4 Governor's a pass on the states crime numbers. Whereas in Texas, they definitely hold their Governor's accountable for those numbers.

Anonymous said...

Northwest Jackson and the surrounding Pocahontas area is extremely lawless and sketchy. No wonder why Clinton folk don't like to leave their bubble.

Kingfish said...

JPD catches them only to see judges turn them loose. The DA's unwillingness or inability to move the docket along ensures a clogged up criminal justice system and jam-packed jails as well. Mayor can only do so much.

Anonymous said...

...and a Governor that's willing to channel resources to get Mississippi's biggest city back on track.

How? To what?

Damned Handguns and Lack of Jobs... said...

Here we go with the nonsense of Plain Catfish (and his ilk) again. These thugs are not criminals because they're unemployed. They're unemployed because they're criminals.

You could plop down 50 new 100 man industries in Jackson and that would not effect crime one 9mm rounc.

People don't steal and shoot other people because they're poor. They do those things because they were not raised to value themselves or others or personal property or a human heartbeat. And they do it because they don't give a shit - about a job or anything else.

Anonymous said...

Being poor has nothing to do with it. Some of the best people I know in Jackson are poor as dirt. I never see them robbing places or killing people. The problem is an epidemic of homes without fathers. You ask any of these criminals where their father is they can't tell you. They don't even know him.
It's not a race thing either it is happening in the white community also.

Anonymous said...

12:01, and who would be to blame for this lack or morals?
You are right in one case. The number of jobs will not matter to people who have not had anyone to teach them morals and the difference in right and wrong.
That is a failure of the parents in Jackson. That is a failure of the citizens of Jackson.

Anonymous said...

"Bieng poor" is only a factor. There are plenty of poor-as-dirt people that live in hillbilly country such as West Virginia & Kentucky and crime does not seem out of control there. This is an black urban problem with hoodlums running rampant because of three things....lack of family, the influence of illegal drugs and their perception of no hope.

Anonymous said...

'Tis the season for the thugs to get their Christmas money. If a few people get shot and / or killed, it's just part of the process. It is happening every year.

Anonymous said...



Your friend,

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ November 28, 2017 at 11:24 AM

By obtaining grants and other funds to beef up equipment and salaries for a cash-strapped police department.

@ November 28, 2017 at 12:01 PM

and I quote you, "People don't steal and shoot other people because they're poor. They do those things because they were not raised to value themselves or others or personal property or a human heartbeat. And they do it because they don't give a shit - about a job or anything else."

If you look at other poverty-stricken areas across the globe, crime is high. It's a dog eat dog mentality. You go on to say that these people act as such because they were raised to not value themselves. To a degree I can agree with that, simply because we are not too far removed from Jim Crow where people of their "ilk" were told they were not as good as other people on the other side of the tracks. That belief system does have a trickle-down affect on those who were a part of it. So yes, they do believe that they are not valued and why should they care, when no one else does.

Needless to say, that's a weak mindset to have, when you should have the pride to do good things for yourself and your good name.

But I will stand firm that poverty drives the crime levels. Areas with access to opportunity for employment and transportation, do not have the same problems we face in the metro area.

It is a fixable issue, the question remains, how many of you honestly want to see it fixed?

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ November 28, 2017 at 1:11 PM

West Virginia - has serious issues with illegal narcotics in hilltopper country. You can look up the numbers for yourself. The poverty/crime mix is not exclusive to black urban environments, but white rural environments as well.

Anonymous said...

White Mississippians on a daily basis treat blacks like a pariah.

Doubt that?

You don’t live near black people do you?

You don’t go to church with black people do you?

You don’t let your kids school with black kids do you?

You don’t have sex with black people do you?

Think about it.....every aspect of “life” you do to avoid black people.

Save the bs about having friends or whatever lame excuse you have....answer the questions above honestly and you will see the problem and maybe even the beginning of a solution.

Anonymous said...

1. Yes.
2. Yes, Primarily white, but definitely mixed.
3. Yes. Way more than just attend school together.
4. No. Married for 20 years. Not having sex with other white men, Hispanic men, Asian men, or women, either.

Everyone has some preconceived notions about people..Might be based upon race, religion, sexual orientation,regional stereotype, perceived economic status or class. I do my best to judge each person on their character and/or behavior. That is my solution. It is a work in progress. Jackson’s crime rate is a massive problem, no matter what color you are.

Anonymous said...


"White Mississippians" as far as I know, treat "blacks" respective to how "blacks" conduct themselves, just like they do white trash, rednecks, etc.

your questions:
1. Yes, I have black neighbors. Right across the street is the nearest
2. Yes, Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic all attend our church
3. Yes, About 20% of our kids' school has black students
4. Yes/No, I don't but every once in a while my wife has some BBC and I get to watch. But, I would have sex with a hot/intelligent black MILF.

I've thought about it. We don't "avoid black people". We avoid black people who are thugs, black women who are disrespectful (that's a nice way to put it) and the stereotypical black people that is glamorized in rap music. We also avoid white meth heads, hispanic drug mules, white-trash inbreeders, white supremacists/nazis, and anyone else who wear their ignorance so openly and make it THE focal point of their life.

I answered the questions honestly and see the problem. YOU

Anonymous said...

8:36 AM

I can guarantee you we have never met and we never will.

You answered as honestly as you could and that’s great.

Notice how there are 2 who answered?

Wonder where the other 10,000 viewers are?

I can tell you....they don’t stay, lay, pray, or play together.

And I’m not saying it’s correct or right....I’m just showing you the obvious.

Messick said...


Show your face. What's your name?

Messick said...

Oh, and I smell a Donner.

Tommy, is that you???

Anonymous said...


You answered the questions and somehow the person who posed the obvious is the problem?

I ask that you go through your day and think about neighborhoods, churches, schools and areas of town where there seem to be higher %s of single races. Why is that? Why are there so few white people in public schools in Jackson?

Why don’t we see the races intermingling?

Where is crime more prevalent? Why is that?

The facts are right in front of you.....think.

Blame me if you like but that’s nonsensical.

Anonymous said...


I did not "blame" you. I stated that you were the problem..... think.

I'll help you with that. You began your questions with statements pretending to be "facts". You assert something as obvious fact and when you ask someone to answer, your "facts" become accusations.

First, there is no problem with races not wholly mixed. Your government has forced integration through lending practices but it hasn't worked. People tend to gravitate, when they can, towards either culturally comfortable areas or culturally desirable areas. The forced integration through lending practices in the name of "equality" is just one aspect of why there is such cultural tension.

A lot of things are like water. It tends to seek balance but when artificially manipulated can be disastrous.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend in Jackson that has a kid in school and the teacher was asking the students about World War II ( eleven ). does that give you some idea of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Plain ol' Catfish said...
"@ November 28, 2017 at 1:11 PM
West Virginia - has serious issues with illegal narcotics in hilltopper country. You can look up the numbers for yourself. The poverty/crime mix is not exclusive to black urban environments, but white rural environments as well." November 28, 2017 at 1:45 PM

Don't assume that West Virginia's drug problem is entirely a white thing:
"...Most of the gangs are black and urban. But a group calling itself the Latin Kings has set up in Belle..." (http://www.post-gazette.com/frontpage/2006/05/21/Desperate-drug-war-fought-all-over-West-Virginia/stories/200605210166)

And don't assume that West Virginia's "whites" all descend from the peoples of the British Isles. In addition to Melungeons (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chestnut_Ridge_people), there were a great many immigrants, imported as coal miners, from the more problematic areas of the Mediterranean - areas notorious for their organized crime.

Anonymous said...

10:19 AM
10:19 am

I don’t accuse anyone hence no names are included.

What I do is point out obvious truths which cannot be refuted.

Races and cultures are not the same as elements with physical properties susceptible to the laws of physics.

And to blame banks and lending practices for racism puts the cart ahead of the horse.

Well before red lining blacks were treated like chattel. Our society - here- continued the practice economically and socially. See White Citizen’s Council and the Sovereignty Commission.

Churches are segregated as are schools - largely on economic bases.

You should read more and quit attempting to sound bright...it’s not effective.

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