Monday, November 6, 2017

Dog fighting ring busted.

Savages.  Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker issued the following press release.


Anonymous said...

What is actually wrong with fighting dogs? They are personal property. What an individual American citizen does with their lawful property is of no concern to the government as long as people are not injured.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile... three more meth labs pop up and Randy Tucker is harassing these folks who aren’t bothering anyone with their hobby.

Anonymous said...

@9:55 and 9:57

You are SICK individuals!!! Perhaps the two of you should get into the ring with the dogs. Actually, the dogs are better than you and probably wouldn't dirty themselves by biting into your stupid asses.

It's just sad to watch said...

First Costco comes to town... then Sephora is robbed. Now dog fights...what's going on in Madison??? It's spiraling out of control.

Anonymous said...

9:55 and 9:57 -- could it be that as we accept more and more deviant behavior our society collapses? When we fight dogs.....what next.....children? Geeze, I would hope we're more civilized than both of you project and I sure hope you're not my neighbor.

Preying on something that is dumb, weak, and dependent is never ok......I guess you're both ok with having learning disabled people like yourselves, in the ring too??

BTW -- do white people fight dogs --- seems to be a big pastime int he black community.

Kingfish said...


Anonymous said...

No white folks shoot up Chruchs and concerts,that's their pastime.

Anonymous said...

Common thread with white shooter and our dog fighters -- cruelty to animals. Guy was arrested for animal cruelty. However, I'd say there are a lot more dog fighters than church/concert shooters, and they appear to be located in one community.

Anonymous said...

I'm a proud Madison County resident 7 happy Sheriff Tucker thanked the City of Madison Police Department & The City of Madison Animal Control Officer, however no mention of Canton Police Department helped out. Maybe they were at Marlo's BBQ with CMU employees.

Justice for Tyrion said...

All this fuss over dogfighting but no equal outrage over gun violence. You right-wingers are amazing in yalls selective moral outrage.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with you people? Torturing animals is ok?

Anonymous said...

Despite what they would have you believe, the vast majority of gun violence takes place in the black community.

Also, what makes this dog fighting ring so special? I own land close to here. There are MANY more dog fighting rings in the immediate area. I've reported them as they are occurring, and I've reported the dead dogs that are dumped. No law enforcement has ever given it any attention. I think the particular bookie at this ring must haves owed some cop some money, because the cops are often there betting on them.

Anonymous said...

@7:42 no mention of Canton Police because this is about 2 miles outside of Canton in the county on Rankin Road.

Some of y'all pick the wrong topics to joke about or are just sick individuals.

Anonymous said...

Randy Tucker is the sorriest Sheriff in the state of Mississippi. He has been a ROAD (Retired on Active Duty) Warrior for over two years. His office and the Madison County Sheriffs Department are a joke. He is non-responsive to the citizens of the county, they never release any information and he actually hides or runs away from the media. He is pathetic and it is reflected in the shoddy and unprofessionalism of his department. We have had shootings, murders, rapes and robberies in the county but the Sheriff is too busy to release any info on them or what is going on until we have some arrests for dogfighting. Well that is terrible in itself, but I am glad to hear that the Sheriff is alive. That in itself is a revelation to me!

Anonymous said...

10:19, In a dog match the handlers do get in the ring with the dogs.
Contrary to what people have been told the dogs are not made to fight.
If a dog decides it does not want to fight he does not have to fight. He just looses the match. Another wild story is that dog fighters use puppies, cats, and small dogs to train their fighting dog. That has to be a joke. Do you see many race horses running races with jack asses? How many race cars do you see running between signal lights?

Years ago there were not any black dog fighters. Dog fighting was legal. People came from all over the country to see a match.

Anonymous said...

All the dogs and puppies were pit bull or pit bull mixes. But, pits are so misunderstood. Just the sweetest dogs ever. SMH. The whole lot needs to be put down before some ill equipped person takes one in and it maims the next door neighbors child.

Anonymous said...

@9:37am Those white 'people' that came from all around to watch dog fighting have a name. It's rednecks! Geez, this thread is bringing out all the rebel flag waiving crowd.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately our society with all it's other faults has mostly advanced to the point where we recognize the toxic effect of any form of "death sport". There are, however people who choose to live in a self-imposed underworld where almost anything goes. These are your typical dog-fighters. Dog fighting is part of the hustle life style. It makes a buck, and the only one who pays the ultimate price is the dog. And these people don't care about, or respect each other, so what is a dog?

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is that anyone found guilty of dog fighting should be fed dog for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are plenty of dogs being "put down" each day by animal control and obviously these people have no qualms about dog meat. This is a serious suggestion.

Anonymous said...

10:19, those rednecks you speak of were presidents of the U.S, governors, mayors.
The railroads used to sell special tickets to people going to see major dogfights.

Anonymous said...

UHH -- 11:26 a.m. -- slavery was also condoned 150 years ago -- I guess that makes it all OK? Governors, mayors, etc. all owned people. Just because it "use to be ok" doesn't make it "OK NOW!!"

Anonymous said...

Well, 9:00 am just made clear we know dog fighting is not just in the black community . He's probably scratching his head wondering how he gave that away.

I love that you are all pretending that these assholes don't use small dogs ( often stolen) to " train" these dogs. The " trainers" ( aka psychopaths) , like terriers best.

If you like watching living creatures fight and die or be injured and that's why you hunt rather than for food, you qualify as one of the potential mass murders or serial killers that should be watched! And, if a police officer is watching, he'll be a sure bet to abuse his authority!

There's is no theory under which a " normal " person likes this sport. Most of us have evolved.

Anonymous said...

I am dumbfounded at some of these comments, starting with the first out of the gate! But November 7, 2017 at 9:37 AM is exceptionally ignorant, or possibly complicit. For your information, the poor innocent dogs ARE MADE to fight. If a dog is too sweet natured, sick or weak, yes, it does "loose" (ignorant, it is "lose")as it is killed by the other dogs or by the handlers. It is not a freaking "wild story" - puppies, small dogs and cats, many stolen, much-loved house pets are used as BAIT! YOU ARE THE JOKE!!!

People who abuse animals are widely known to abuse humans as well. It is a clear warning sign. Our animal cruelty laws have GOT to be enforced and made stronger.

And side note to 9:25 - Randy Tucker is an excellent sheriff. We are fortunate to have him in Madison County. You sound like sour grapes - been fired or pulled over in Madison County lately perhaps?

Anonymous said...

More greyhounds are killed because they are too slow than there are dogs killed in dog fights.
More race horses are killed than dogs in dog fights. Even more lap dogs are killed by over feeding than dogs are killed in dog fights.
Dog rescues kill many more dogs than are killed in dog fights.

Anonymous said...

The reason the idea of dog fighters using small animals as bait for their dogs is so funny is a simple thing. A dog can last over an hour. A small animal or even a larger animal will not last 3 minutes with a fighting dog. If a fighting dog is used to fighting small animals it will get the idea that a match will be very short. When matched against another pit bull that dog is sure to lose. No dog fighter wants his dog to quit in just a few minutes. That is why a fighting dog is only allowed to fight another pit bull.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Are y'all seriously THAT STUPID or just plain CRUEL????
What is your stupid point of your non-statistical statements, 1:34?
And there is NOTHING FUNNY about ANY of this 1:54. I hope to God that none of you have poor animals living in your households.

Anonymous said...

Just had one of them lil Fleabugs come in my garage. Nice bait for your Pit, come em get him.

Anonymous said...

Many fighting dogs have a much better life than most house dogs.
Their health care is much better, their food is much better quality, they get a lot more exercise. When a dog is worth more than $10,000 a person usually takes better care of it than people do with a $400-$500 dog.
Most pit bulls are not fighting dogs. A real fighting dog is very rare. Really the majority of what people call pit bulls are not even pit bulls. Even with high quality bloodlines the chance of getting a real fighting dog is slim. All of the short fat blue dogs are not real pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

9:55 and 9:57 are baiting you. And they're the same person posting back to back just to rile you up. He's Beavis and Butthead rolled into Pee Wee. He sits there in his underwear, eating stale Fritos and giggling while rereading his posts. And he's got you riled up.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord...the defenders of this are self-deluded and/or BS artists.
Small dogs are used as early bait when the fighting dogs are younger.
That a good fighting dog is rare is why most dogs are pets. The breeds and types of mixed breeds that fight are limited. It's not a natural state. It's something that has been bred deliberately and even then training is necessary.
By nature, dogs are pack animals. If you aren't giving them a pack, you aren't taking care of them.
And, the fool who list " important" categories of people involved in the sport seems not to know we are in a different century. That's like a pedophile saying famous football coaches and Cardinals in a throughout history have been pedophiles.
There are serial killers and human traffickers who keep their victims well fed and healthy until they kill or maim them. Children who are kidnapped by sexual predators can be kept for years until they get "too old".
There's more than a little scientific research proving that those humans who like to see living things suffer and die and like to see blood and guts for entertainment are psychopaths.
Every time you defenders post, you don't realize how you are proving that you are mentally unstable and that it's just a matter of how close to the abyss of crazy you are.
Your better argument is that dog fighting may keep some of the psychopaths with less confidence in their ability not to get caught or too much to lose from turning to humans to get their thrill...sorta like methadone vs heroin.
I hope it's just one posting over and over and there aren't so many of you!

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of ignorant fools you people are-finding nothing wrong with dog fighting. You are probably the same indivividuals who claim to be Christians. Animals are God’s creations. To deny them protection is to deny the Lord’s gifts. Idiots.

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