Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wakefield was Ridgeland QB, Washington arrested.

Update #3 (3:05 PM): Washington is in custody in Madison County and is under arrest. He and his attorney left the Hinds County Sheriff's Office and went to Madison County to surrender.

Update #2 (2:55 PM): Washington turned himself in to Hinds County authorities.  David Kenney (WLBT) reported on Twitter: "I'm not sure this second suspect is in custody. He's getting into a private vehicle, no handcuffs on, with a towel to hide his face."

Update: There is a big rumor that Washington was killed by a SWAT team at the Azalea Manor apartments.  Police sources say that is not true and he is going to turn himself in later today.  

Police have in custody Dwan Wakefield of Ridgeland.  Wakefield is a person of interest in the murder of little Kingston Frazier.  Wakefield was the quarterback last year of the Ridgeland High School football team.  Keep in mind he is a person of interest, not a suspect.  His father was convicted of cocaine possession in 2011.

 Source: WLBT

Here is his HUDL video of his highlights.


Sadly enough, Wakefield has a small child:

Police are also looking for one DeAllen Washington.  Wakefield tweeted his arrest for armed robbery last year and apparently thought it was funny.


Anonymous said...

Dwan was a good boy. He was getting his act together and was going to graduate next year. He dindunuffin!

This is a completely preventable tragedy. Ridgeland is lost!

Anonymous said...

Uh oh! Did Madison County do a catch and release? Looks like the intake date on that Madison County Mugshot is 08/08/2016. Booked in for Armed Robbery.

Anonymous said...

A murderer? And he's got a child out of wedlock?

Stop making things up.

He was a good boy.

Anonymous said...

According to the mugshot, Washington is only 17 based on date of birth which was August, 1999. Don't know if this will matter in prosecution.

Anonymous said...

Is he any relation to this Dwan Wakefield who was 33 in 2009?

8 arrested in drug-related kidnapping for ransom

By Maggie Wade - bio| email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A 17-year-old kidnap victim was taken to a Jackson hospital Wednesday night after being beaten in a drug related kidnapping. Police have eight people in custody.

It all started at a house at 5072 Lurline Drive in Jackson.

Marshall Fisher, director of the state Bureau of Narcotics says while conducting an investigation, officers with the Jackson Enforcement Team or JET received information that a 17-year-old male had been kidnapped and was being held for ransom.

The mother of the victim was contacted by the suspects and she overheard her son being beaten and begging for help.

One neighbor who did not want to be identified says he has called police numerous times about drug activity and problems at this house. "Traffic all times of day, loud music, dope selling. It's just been a problem on this street."

Another neighbor says he has five children and this kind of crime on his street is too close for comfort.

"It was around -- a little after 2. I just saw some cars come down and some people being arrested. That's all, that's pretty much all I saw," said James Ford.

A car wash was the drop off point at Robinson Road Extension and Raymond Road.

After three hours, the 17-year-old victim was brought to that location where he was rescued by police.

Eight people face kidnapping, extortion and aggravated assault charges: 23-year-old William Dinkins of Byram, 18-year-old Robert Tremayne Hurst, 20-year-old Justin Hurst , 33-year-old Dwan Diondro Wakefield, 32-year-old Louis Donquese Strahan, 19-year-old Justin Demond Haynes, 53-year old Donald Thompson all of Jackson, and 17- year-old Donterrian Wilson who is from Taylorsville.

Anonymous said...

According to the mugshot, Washington is only 17 based on date of birth which was August, 1999. Don't know if this will matter in prosecution.

It won't. And if this case is tried in Madison County -- where it should be -- one of them will get the needle.

Anonymous said...

In most cases I would be against the firing squad, but in this case I will respect the wishes of the family

Anonymous said...

If someone was 33 in 2009 that would make them around 42 currently. Could be the father of an 18 year old.

Anonymous said...

so..last time i checked Ridgeland is in Madison County. It's a shame that Madison County come down to Jackson. If this person was involved in this horrific murder he needs to be put in a 3x3 cell in parchman with 4oz of water a day and see how long he lasts

Anonymous said...

Hopefully they will be brought before Michael Guest instead of someone in Hinds county. This is awful.

Anonymous said...

just an fyi anyone remember Earnest Lee Hargon he killed a family of 3 including their 4 year old son back in 04. He was found guilty and sentenced to death. He never made it to the table he was stabbed over 30 times. There is such a thing a prison justice and these two pieces of trash will get what is coming to them.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if the local "media" will do any in-depth reporting on this so here is my take. This young honor student and da baby motha knew each other and were in on this together. Also a prediction, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will NOT show up in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Master criminals, these two. There are pictures on social media of Dwan posing all gangsta, flashing a wad of 20s and flipping gang signs, and Deallen was arrested for armed robbery last year.

So they idolize the thug life and all it brings, so much so that they decide to steal a car and kill a kid. Because the thug life chose them. They were on the lam for less than 12 hours before they were identified and one was arrested.

Hey, Doo-wan! Let's see how tough you are now that you'll be getting full cavity reamings nightly, punk.

You such a thug.

Anonymous said...

Drunk mama ain't off the hook, IMO. She still has to answer for driving drunk with her kid and then leaving him in a running vehicle (which is at best child endangerment).

And I'm still thinking that she's going to be part of it all, somehow.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeland needs to keep its THUGS out of Jackson

Anonymous said...

Ridgeland is done. Might as well cede it to the gangsters and move further north.

Anonymous said...

Second suspect in custody

Anonymous said...

The crime commenced in Hinds County, so the venue is proper there. Madison could have some trouble proving the murder happened in Madison County. I may be rusty, but I don't think you can sentence someone 17 or younger to death.

Anonymous said...

Damn. All this in Madison County!! And the entire city of Vicksburg without water for a week, due to a water line rupture. What are the Jackson haters gonna do now? Aint got nutting to point fingers at, but I'm sure their middle one will still be stuck out toward anything south of County Line Road.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember those dumbasses from February who stole a car in Ridgeland and led cops on a chase to Scott County and back? If you want some insight into how these hoods think, watch the video on that post. It's full of laughter and foul language and incoherent babble and an utter disregard for anyone other than those in the car.

People like these two have no concern for anyone but themselves. Theft, murder, crime - it all def and fresh and dope. It's a badge of honor to get arrested, and a county inmate is someone they want to emulate.

They probably laughed when they shot that kid, but they'll cry to Jesus when they're being carted off to the big house.

Anonymous said...

They came to Jackson to do crime because that is where they were least likely to get caught and where the red carpet of leniency is rolled out for the criminal class by the Hinds County justice system.

Dindu Nuffins said...

Here's the difference, genius.

Every place has its hoodlums and criminals. In Madison County, they get caught within 24 hours. They get sentenced and they go to jail. In Hinds County, they get away with about 50% of the crimes. The other 50% go before a couple of catch and release judges and are back on the street within a week.

These guys are scum. Madison will treat them like the scum they are. Jackson will treat them like victims of society who get a free pass for their first few crimes.

Anonymous said...

2:50, do a little research and you'll see this guy is appears to be a Jackson transplant. I hope somebody didn't just bring him across the line to play football. That being said, I don't care where he's from or where he currently resides, this is sickening.

Anonymous said...

The crime commenced in Hinds County, so the venue is proper there. Madison could have some trouble proving the murder happened in Madison County.


Anonymous said...

@2:50 not all of us are like that. As Jackson becomes unaffordable for most Central Mississippians, where exactly do you think the former Jackson residents move to? Do you honestly think, this being the south, that some of these kids with parents who WERE former Jacksonians don't have family/ friends in Jackson? The "network" has expanded outwards over the last 30 years ten fold.
And of course white people commit heinous crimes as well. That's why we have laws.

I absolutely hate the idea of a "regional government" ( code for regional police), but it's the only solution to the problem that's not only in Jackson, but it's suburbs. The idea that you can cross a county line one way or another and be okay is quickly fading, which is what needs to happen.

P.S. It's been one hek of a month and I have a feeling the whole summer is going to be that way. Put on your metaphorical seatbelt, stay as safe as possible, and prepare for a wild ride both locally, nationally, and internationally.

P.P.S Ridgeland ain't "done" and neither is Madison.

Anonymous said...

@ Kingfish

Can you find out what time Kingston was last seen alive, by anyone?

Anonymous said...

Venue is proper in Madison or Hinds. No death penalty or automatic life sentence for someone under 18. But they made a big mistake going to Madison.

Anonymous said...

"If I had a son..."

Anonymous said...

I heard that the little boy was supposed to graduate from kindergarten today. Is that true? It makes it even more heartbreaking.

I imagine Dwan thought he would play football at the next level. I do not understand how so many with bright futures throw their lives away.

Anonymous said...

IF THEY ARE GUILTY.... then they should buckled in the backseat of a car and shot several times.

Eye for eye

Anonymous said...

Is it normal to allow a suspected murderer to not be in custody and take himself from police station to police station? Good thing he didn't change his mind and decide to kill someone else on the way. I would have given him a proper escort.

Anonymous said...

"@2:50 not all of us are like that. As Jackson becomes unaffordable for most Central Mississippians, where exactly do you think the former Jackson residents move to? "

Jackson becomes unaffordable? My property value has done nothing but drop since I moved to Jackson 10 years ago... I only wish someone would have told me to buy in Madison or Brandon...

Anonymous said...

Dwan Wakefield's Facebook profile lists Callaway as his high school. Can anyone confirm if he was on the football team there before transferring to Ridgeland?

The last post on his Facebook account is a link to an ACLU of Mississippi video on racial profiling by Madison County law enforcement. If he ever gets access to his FB account again he will have a lot of notifications as people are using that post to comment now.

Anonymous said...

@ May 18, 2017 at 4:15 PM

Then he's probably trying to save his own behind and prove his innocence in this case. Because it may be he helped still the car but didn't have anything to do with the little boy's death? That's why you would go from one police station and head over to Madison on your own accord.

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!

I predicted that Northpark would be like the Metro Center and so it moves north---you can't stop the crime, it's like cancer. The only way is moving out of this morbid state.

Anonymous said...

Row these savages to the middle of the Rez to see if they can swim.

Anonymous said...

@ May 18, 2017 at 4:40 PM

I guess you can go to Idaho since you are trying to escape black people, that's what you are basically alluding to with that comment.

Anonymous said...

426. The word is steal. Also if someone dies while you are committing a crime you are charged with murder. No matter who pulled the trigger.

Anonymous said...

Between this and the Party City murder, Ridgeland High football has produced more capital murderers than D1 football players

Kingfish said...

My question is what the hell was the Sheriff doing turning him loose with his attorney to go up to Canton. Dude is at least a suspect or witness in a cap murder case. Sheriff wouldn't take any questions either.

Anonymous said...

Car tag - 500 +\-
Water bill- ? 🙄
Car maint. from degrading roads- ? 🙃
Car insurance based on crime - oh lord
*Home owners*
*Home owners insurance- I don't even want to know
*Property/school taxes etc. -Good luck at this point
Schools? Gotta be kidding me. Hope your kid winds up at a charter school if they last.
Safety? Pffft.
Likelihood your kid will wind up with the wrong crowd ☢️☢️☢️
At what point do you teach the little one basic self defense? 🆘
It's not the price of the house, it's everything else. It adds up. Note that the streets, the water system, and the jail are all going to need more money for fixin'---I'm sure I left other things out that the 1% sales tax simply won't cover. All of this plus state income tax and federal tax if you actually have a job***
Pearl, Ridgeland, Clinton, Brandon, & Madison aren't exactly paradise, but umm yeah.

*** NAFTA + lawsuits + generations of anti-growth legislation & lawsuits = economy kaput. I miss the old mid 90's Jackson. There was quality of life. We actually had things to do growing up. Anyone that lived here at the time can attest to that. I remember when Jackson had movie theatres.
***State Government (what keeps Jackson alive) is about to be cut in half if not 1/3. Don't get me started on general government dependence.

Here's the thing: Crime would drop severly if we actually had a diverse and robust economy. We don't and probably never will. When have politicians that will hardly admit that there is a problem (both sides) how can they even BEGIN to have a discussion to fix the problem? Everything in this state needs to be re-evaluated so it has a future, ESPECIALLY JACKSON.

Lumumba Jr. is Jackson's last chance and nothing will happen without the cooperation of the usual suspects. I can't believe I'm rooting for someone who is backed by people who want to turn this place into "New Afrika". We can't afford anymore race
Pimping. It's already done enough incalculable damage.

Anonymous said...

This all just hurts so much. This poor child, Mother, and these young men have just thrown it all away. WHY

Anonymous said...

@4:15 Have you ever heard of an unmarked vehicle? I doubt the police wanted to transport him in a marked vehicle for fear of being shot just for transporting this savage!!

Anonymous said...

Lesson to all adults and mindful of who you hang with. Real life is different than video games or TV; rarely does robbing or killing end in a good outcome.
We better find some activities for these young men(of all races). It's not about whether you see the importance of a particular program or activity, but we can see what the result of not having male leadership in kids' lives can do. I remember when there were basketball courts in places like Flowood where men could interact with their sons and some of these youth who may not have the same. But it seems that most cities don't see the value of exposures like that. Case in point, there is an apartment complex over by Long Horn in Flowood that has a basketball court outside of the complex. I was there with my son one day because we never saw anyone on the court. A man spending time with his son and we got run off by the police like criminals. Yea, I understand we were on private property, etc, but the public courts have been turned into additional tennis courts(with my tax dollars).
To help ward off some of this insanity, we are going to have to think differently than we are now. Responsible adults are going to have to find was to positively influence youth to make better choices. That only comes from exposure. Not all adults or youth can afford to golf or play tennis. To some, I guess it just makes sense to keep ignoring these youth until they make the dumbest decisions of their lives.

Anonymous said...

The news reported that they were first made aware of the stolen car with no mention of the child till later. I find this extremely incriminating in some way. She had something to do with this.

Anonymous said...

Something doesn't add up.

Leigh said...

6:01. I'm rooting for him too. This life long republican would love to see our young mayor succeed.
This was such a sad day.

Anonymous said...

Washington and Wakefield are both 17. No needle. Y'all keep it in your pants. Bloodthirst will have to wait.

Kingfish said...

The woman is either his mother or step-mother. She contacted police and said she could get him to surrender. The police agreed to work with her.

Anonymous said...

So....if we return to 'midnight basketball', men would have a place to bond with their sons and teach them right from wrong.

What if we had programs starting at the age of, say, four, where baby mommas could drop their kids off for the day (or a white van could pick them up) and have them raised by other women and a bus would bring the kids back home later, all fed and tutored. Wait, that's Head Start.

And why don't we require that these children be in school where they get proper guidance and see role model adults and get to eat on the taxpayer's dime. Wait...we do that too.

I can't imagine what else society, at large, can do or provide for these uncaged animals. Do we give them a wad of walking around money each week so they don't have to steal shit? Do we develop a motor pool whereby those 15 and over can sign out a car for two days at a time and not have to steal one?

I'm afraid the only real answers will be found in the churches in the black community. 100 Black Men or whatever they call themselves today won't do much to solve these issues. It's going to take a church full angry grandmothers and responsible men and women to snatch these mongrels up and slap shit out of them and insist they tow the line. Starting at age four. But that's a pipe dream.

My Take said...

Guaranteed that the 'mother' is involved. No question. Not sure at all that the boy was shot after the car was driven away from Kroger.

I believe the Kroger part of this puzzle was a hastily made decision dreamed up by frantic people hoping to hide the fact that a baby had been murdered to avenge some petty differences between gangs.

What they didn't think of was how to get everybody to believe that white people were involved in the killing of the boy. In today's climate, that would have been the supreme diversion and would have stirred up more hornet's nests than you can imagine.

Car tags with Nascar numbers and 22 inch rims don't respect city boundaries so we can stop pretending this will not consume Madison and Rankin Counties. It will. Regardless of which D.A. has balls or doesn't.

Apple Tree Expert.. said...

"A murderer? And he's got a child out of wedlock?"

Out of wedlock? Say it ain't so. In the youtube video of his daddy being interviewed by two reporters sitting in a car, daddy sez "Trust me, I got eight kids, my son ain't did this". The daddy is all tatted up, wearing shades and a bullet proof vest. Probably just happened to have one hangin' in the carporch.

Apples don't fall from their trees, now do they? Eight kids and is apparently 42? What are the odds those 8 involve at least 7 baby-mommas?

Anonymous said...

@8:50; You need to understand why courts at the park in flowood were converted to tennis courts. Visitors to the park got tired of the vulgarity, fights and foull language coming from those playing basketball. I seriously doubt many dads were there with their sons on the basketball courts. I find it interesting that you intentionally trespass on private property with your son and then get offended because security ran you off. It is a crime to trespass. You need to quit blaming others and accept the fact that black males are totally responsible for these problems from conception to jail.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:38am

"What they didn't think of was how to get everybody to believe that white people were involved in the killing of the boy."

WTF!? The people that post on here!? SMH

Anonymous said...

1:31 AM Bravo!

Anonymous said...


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