Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tag info not required for Amber Alert Activation

Many people are asking why it took roughly three hours to issue an Amber Alert for Kingston Frazier.  Little Kingston Frazier was kidnapped between around 1:15 AM Thursday morning in the parking lot of Kroger on I-55N in Jackson. Mississippi Department of Public Safety spokesman Warren Strain said the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation received the Amber Alert notice at 4:06 AM and issued the alert twenty minutes later.  However, Hinds County Sheriff Victor Mason blamed the delay in submitting the request to MBI on difficulty in getting the registration information for the Ebony Frazier's vehicle.  The Clarion-Ledger reported Friday:

Mason said part of the delay was due to trouble getting information about the car. Archie told authorities the car was not in her name because it had been bought from another person.

“These people bought the car from someone else, so the car was not registered to them. We had to get the information about the car,” Mason said. “The lady couldn’t tell us nothing because the car wasn’t registered to her. We had to take time to figure out the license number and serial number and everything.” Article

However, the registration information is not required on the  Amber Alert activation criteria checklist. The checklist is posted below.  The first page has five "yes or no" questions.  Link to Amber Alert activation form. It also states:

The alert must contain a description and photograph of the child, a description of the suspect or  suspect vehicle, as well as the details of the abduction. Law enforcement should carefully consider not initiating an alert if there is not specific information for the public to use to assist in the recovery.

There is no requirement for a VIN or license plate number for the vehicle.  Such information is obviously useful and needed but the alert can be issued without this information.  The second page asks for additional information such as the identifying information of the child, basic information upon when and where the incident occurred, and additional useful information if available.


Anonymous said...

One would have to assume, from the comments made by the Sheriff about the vehicle, that the mother could not provide an accurate description of the vehicle or give confidence in an accurate description.

Getting title information would provide the information needed.

Kingfish said...

Needed, but not required. A make and color would've helped but again, not required either.

Anonymous said...

Now the boofenery is making all agencies look bad and even more so, Victor Mason because he keeps on lieing, to cover up another lie instead of just understanding how the process even works..

Hey folks, there's your dumbass SHERIFF of Hinds County..

Vote this fool out now..

Anonymous said...

No. It is required per #5

Anonymous said...

What an embesill..

Can't even manage to do the bare minimum and this baby died because of their incompetence

Way to go Mason, please hold another Press conference and try to explain this one, you dumb fuck..!

Kingfish said...

No, it is not. It asks for "adequate descriptive information" for "child, suspect, OR vehicle". No where is VIN or Tag info required. Make, model, color are sufficient if available. The use of the word "or" means that it is not required as well when they have description of kid.

Even if it was required and they didn't have it, it says in BIG BOLD LETTERS that MBI can still issued an endangered/missing child alert that can be issued.

Anonymous said...

Dear 4:03. Although it is really not revelant to this tragedy and I do understand typos, please do not call someone an imbecile when you can't correctly spell the word

Anonymous said...

OK. Boil this down to the basics.

Victor Mason blew it. As did his staff. And continues to do so.

But -- there is no reason to believe that 'the baby died because of it'. What reason is there to deduce that the car would have been found if the Amber Alert had been issued an hour, hour & half, earlier? Answer:: None. The AA was issued around 4:30. The car was found five hours later, parked, with the dead kid inside.

The LEOs were looking for this car from 1:30 on. Just because all of us that were in bed, getting awoken by the constant AAs that people were bitching about just the other day, doesn't mean that if we had been woken up two hours earlier would have meant any of us would have been up and out searching for this automobile. Fact of the matter is, it would have had absolutely zero difference.

So - quit trying to play cop. L&O is on rerun, 24/7 so go there and play crime scene investigator. Dont like that, plenty of opportunities for NCIS or CSI. But as to this terrible situation, quit your conclusions that have no basis to support them.

Once there is an autopsy, and a time of death might be determined, then more will be known. In the meantime, remember how to vote in the future, because it does matter. And be glad that this case will be tried in Madison County, because our Hinds Countians screwed up on voting for DA as well.

Anonymous said...

You scared Victor?, reading a these negative comments about yourself?..

Boy I hope your saving your money, or hey, maybe your ole buddy Ron Sampson will bail you out again.

Damn! Your bringing stupidity to a whole other level now...

Get ready for the Lawsuit now..Kingfish!
YOUR a bad man, I don't ever wanna be on your bad side.

Thanks again for exposing and making this clown ass for a Sheriff look bad..

Anonymous said...

Just start remembering this name:


Anonymous said...

Kingfish, you resourcefulness knows no bounds.
We need folks like you and the media to stay on top of this and show Victor as the true idiot he really is.

This is a great start.

Anonymous said...

The deputies on the scene from the beginning could have ascertained the make and model and color from the security tape, one would hope. Other details could have helped.

If a van brought them to the scene of the abduction, then the description of that vehicle is also possible and probable that an APB would have been able to stop the van and driver.

I still am not clear as to how many got into the car with the child. Obviously one but did two get in?

Has the van been discovered or is there even really a van?

Thank You, Kingfish, for furnishing us the only coherent explaination and example of an Amber Alert. Still would like to know when Ridgland PD and MCSO got the JPD bulletin about the abduction and what actions they took.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell ya folks, there's a whole lot more too this from LE, that just isn't surfacing right now.

It's just going to make Victor look even worse. Everybody else did their jobs except for Victor and all his incompetent deputies involved.

This could've and should have been handled much more proficiently by Hinds County Sheriff's office.

Anonymous said...

When does the high sheriff come up for re-election? As a Hinds County resident I'm for "Anyone but Victor"

Anonymous said...

Tyrone needs to quit posting on here until he finds an editor or a spell checker. Quit using a child's death for your anti-Mason rants.

The truth will come out. If it is Mason's fault, I guess a new Sheriff will be coming to town. But the Tyrone folks need to quit embarrasing the whole county. Now is not the time.

Anonymous said...

2019 is the Re election year..

R.W Spooner will be your next Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

There is a commonality to all of the anti-Victor comments here. Grammar and spelling.

Anonymous said...


I am trying to help YOU understand the situation. The Amber Alert mode is a product of the U.S. Department of Justice and implementation has been tried and tested nearly 1,000 times across the U.S. with success

The vehicle description IS NECESSARY, in this case.

Here's why: The vehicle is known, but the assumption here is that the mother could not provide an adequate description. A description of the child is not primary to the abduction in the short period. The mode of abduction is what is critical.

Since LE, supposedly, could not ascertain a proper description of the vehicle, it would have been irresponsible to utilize the Amber Alert system prematurely.

As stated previously, and unfortunately, if only a description of the child issued through the Amber Alert system was utilized, it would have had no affect in averting this tragedy.

IF..... and I mean if... there was no vehicle description and there was no confidence that a vehicle description could be obtained, then YOUR version of how an Amber Alert could be handled would be satisfactory.

Anonymous said...

I read this morning on another JJ thread that Strain or somebody had said it takes three hours for an amber alert to be issued because paperwork has to be issued, handled, signed, etc. I don't believe that. This proves that comment wrong.

Anonymous said...

All of this could have been expedited with the Deputy on scene through their dispatch and put out in 15-20 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Just a suggestion - learn the difference between "your" and "you're" before calling someone else an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Again, Victor tried to blow it off and JPD refused to do their job while Deputies were working that as a detail.

Then Victor nonchalantly got involved and half ass'd everything from the beginning, thinking nobody was going to fact check, or call him out on his BS..

THANK GOD for Kingfish.

Anonymous said...

The folks on here defending Mason are not making any head way on this. Mason has proven his incompetence on this one. I understand he is not the sharpest tool in the shed but he has to be smart enough to at least hire people who know what they are doing. He isn't smart enough to realize this. It is all on him. You can wear a badge for a long time and still not be qualified to do certain jobs in law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

all this crap about the late alert is just that, crap. that kid was as good as dead when the car was stolen. the kid woke up, got a good look at the driver, and was shot. POS bought a murder conviction over an 18 month stint for car stealing. feral youth in hinds county.

Anonymous said...

To the dumbass at 6:01: An amber alert is for a missing child. No vehicle description is essential (I do hope you understand the meaning of the word essential). Many amber alerts include no vehicle description at all. Some mention when last seen, who with and even the name of a relative or other person who is suspected to be accompanying the missing person. Some include a vehicle description and or tag number but not all.

Sounds to me like you were helping Mason 'work' this case. If you are suggesting the alert was delayed for three hours because nobody was sure of color and make of car, you are beyond help. Please step back and stay out of the way.

Anonymous said...

Mason proved he knew nothing about Amber alerts when during his campaign he stated on camera he would issue one for escaped inmates. He also assured the public he would own up for his mistakes and not lie to the public. That being said, because McMillin endorsed him the voters of Hinds County put him in office. They didn't vet or research his creditienals on their own. This is what happens when you put incompetent people in office. (I can't help but wonder if ole Mac would be proud of this blemish on his legacy). The Sheriffs Office failed this baby in so many ways. I believe when all the facts are made public and the public realizes just how bad HCSO mishandled this case from the very beginning, people will be livid. But then again every person that cast a vote for Victor Mason is partially responsible for this little boys life being taken. At the very least Mason and the taxpayers better get ready because you can guarantee some lawsuits are coming out of this. Sheriff Mason the Incompotent, Lying, Sexual Predator.

Anonymous said...

Where's Black Lives Matter Now?

Oh, sorry..

Anonymous said...

Mason's incompetence aside, you people are farting in the wrong cabin. Back up and research where the baby-momma was before she disappeared inside Kroger for an hour. The loss of the child's life, as horrible as that is, had nothing at all to do with Victor Mason.

Anonymous said...

any one ever think that baby-momma was either so drunk or high she couldn't coherently tell the HCSO what happened ?

Anonymous said...

4:16, you act like everyone is in bed asleep at 1:30 AM, but what you fail to take into account is the number of people at Nissan and their subcontractors who work the night shift and are out in the area where the child was found at all hours on their breaks. A timely Amber Alert may not have made any difference, but it would have raised awareness and somebody might have seen something. To discount that possibility just because it happened while you were asleep is naïve.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is what it will take to de-criminalize law enforcement in this town. I want to know WHERE that deputy was when that car was stolen right under his nose..

Anonymous said...

May 21, 2017 at 8:32 PM

I am "the dumbass at 6:01." I can not help with your lack of comprehension. I don't know how to explain how and why it works, in a more simple way for you.

With an abduction via vehicle that is notified immediately thereafter, the vehicle description is THE MOST ESSENTIAL part of the Amber Alert. The child could be abducted and just driven for miles and the public would be unaware.

In action, IN THIS CASE, LE was aware that a vehicle description was imminent, or at least should have been. A vehicle owner should be able to at least provide cursory information about the vehicle in which they supposedly own.

Delaying to get this information accurate is imperative for the Amber Alert system to work. Inaccurate, corrective or vague alerts numbs the public to such alerts.

To the other Amber Alerts you allude to, those are not acute situations, or if you would have read and comprehended my comment, in some it might be the only information available. LE knew, IN THIS CASE, that vehicle information should or would be available and that is the most likely information to identify the child and abductors.

To further alleviate your ignorance, I am not local nor state LE and I have no direct knowledge of the whys of the timeline between first report and Amber Alert Activation. I simply was helping Kingfish understand why his opinion was incorrect in the given situation.

Anonymous said...

@6:36 don't the HCSO work the establishment she was at before she went to Kroger? Wasn't there also another HCSO Deputy working at Kroger? Why don't you research what she was doing? If one of those deputies (whom Victor states he is so proud of)had been in that parking lot doing what they are paid to do, surely they would have looked at the running car in the parking lot, noticed the child inside or prevented three thugs from taking the car and this child's life? Then for Victor to try and cover this shotty police work up by trying to blame everyone's crazy, it's scary and Kingston paid for it with his life! UNACCEPTABLE.

Anonymous said...

Would someone in this dumbed down city at least please correct the grammar on the MS Amber Alert report form? I assure you Sheriff Mason will not be able to do it. No wonder children speak and write animal language these days!

Anonymous said...

He was probably inside flirting with the cashiers as they all do on that shift or sitting in their car talking on The phone.

Whatever the case may be, CDS is liable and this'll cost them a lot whether it's in a settlement, or in Lawyers fees, get ready to pay up.

Anonymous said...

The car wasn't 'stolen' in the first place. The baby-momma told those gang thugs where it would be and would be left running. This whole pissant story is beginning to unfold. Plans laid while stoned aft go astray.

Anonymous said...

I just hope this be a learning experience for everyone that was involved..holding a press conference without notifying the parents first was out of protocol...and law enforcement need to be prepared for the next crisis...

Regardless said...

"...A vehicle owner should be able to at least provide cursory information about the vehicle in which they supposedly own."

Ignorant, dumb-ass, irresponsible adult... parent? (Thousands more just like this)

"Delaying to get this information accurate is imperative for the Amber Alert system to work..."

Relying on ignorant, dumb-ass, irresponsible local LE. (This is what today's elections give us)

Anonymous said...

I bet Sheriff Victor showboat Mason going to hop back on the scene with a drug bust. Everytime he screws up he goes missing for awhile an then ease back in the media with a drug bust! Showboat we know your movement! You are a proven failure Victor showboat Mason!

Kingfish said...

And as I stated earlier, the tag number is NOT required. It is useful and helpful. However, the deputies on scene could have just gotten the color and make. "Ma'am, what color is the car? Gray. Ma'am, what type of car is it? Camry." It's not that hard. You mean to tell me that it would take an hour or so to get from a woman whose child was just kidnapped those two pieces of information? Please. Quite a few law enforcement people have told me in the last few days how the Amber Alert is activated. They all said the same thing: The license plate info is not required. A simple color and type of car could've been submitted.

Or was it a case of the deputies not knowing how Amber Alerts work?

Anonymous said...


You are just being intentionally intellectually dishonest and argumentative in order to hide the inaccuracies you posted, to which I attempted to help you to better understand.

The very first comment effectively states what the assumption is.... the mother didn't give the information. Your comments to that was that it was not necessary for your to provide that information for the Amber Alert.

I then explained to you the process and the reasoning as to why the information was necessary in this case for it to be useful.

The only logical explanation for the delay given the comments from LE was that the mother did not provide adequate information about the vehicle and the delay was to gather that information.

If she did provide the accurate information about the vehicle, then LE failed, but that does not mean that the information was not necessary in this situation, as you have purported.

Aside from incompetence, the only other logical delay would be that the mother could have not timely provided a recent picture of the child, but there was not any reading between the lines to that effect.

Anonymous said...


So if no one noticed the license plate we cannot issue an Amber Alert. Got it.

Maybe the police can just announce a child has been abducted somewhere in Mississippi, and may be in some kind of car. Real helpful, dumbass.

Kingfish said...

Oh really?

JPD dispatch sent the message out at 1:37 AM to be on the lookout for a "SILVER TOYOTA CAMRY" with a seven year-old in it.

Then, at 2:28 AM. 2:28, got it? JPD tweeted this message: "Alert" 2000 Silver Toyota Camry stolen from Kroger parking lost on I-55 N w/7 yoa BM child in vehicle. MS License plate HYX 783".

So JPD had a description of the car and sent it out to units at 1:37 AM. JPD issued the tag number to the public at 2:28 AM. Yet the HCSO didn't submit the Amber Alert activation form until 4:06 AM. A form that takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

They had enough information about the car to include with the AAA and they had it at 1:30 or so in the morning yet the form wasn't submitted for another 2 1/2 hours.

Anonymous said...


Do you have a habit of not reading comments in their entirety before responding?

Please give it a try. It makes for a more intellectual discussion.

Same for you 7:05.

Kingfish said...

Why don't you try reading everything? I'm reading them just fine. You are the one who sticks to a bogus requirement of a tag number before an Amber Alert can be activated.

As the timelines show, the police got a description of the car before the 1:37 AM dispatch was sent to JPD units. Silver Camry. You are the one who claims a tag number is needed despite the fact that the form does not require it.

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