Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sheriff Tucker responds

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker issued the following statement. 

Statement by Sheriff Randy Tucker Regarding the ACLU Suit

I recently received and now have reviewed in great detail a suit that has been filed against the Madison County Sheriff’s Department by the ACLU.  Our deputies are professional law enforcement officials who enforce Mississippi laws.  If a law is broken, appropriate action is taken regardless of the race of the one breaking said law.

As always, we have fairly and diligently executed the duties for which we are required.  We are going to vigorously defend the Madison County Sheriff’s Department on every aspect of ACLU’s lawsuit.

The ACLU released this video when it filed the lawsuit.


Anonymous said...

Nothing too tragic about that video IF they had a warrant, OR were invited in and suspected the guy of being involved in a burglary. It doesn't seem too horrifying. There has to be more to the lawsuit than that?

Dane Kitto said...

Similar videos are all over YouTube. Officers, especially in large cities, are violating people's rights every day. With cellphones and GoPro cameras, they are slowly being caught and rooted out of the system. How do you think this knucklehead would have acted if he knew he was being recorded? The deputy on this video should be immediately suspended without pay. You can't treat people like this.

Anonymous said...

What a country we live in where we can invite an officer in our house and get chocked. I enjoy auto-erotic asphyxia every now and then, but this is breathtaking.

Anonymous said...

I like how there is music playing and conveniently parts where there is obviously talking, muted out. Plus it's 2017. That phone's camera looks circa 2003. #worldstar

Anonymous said...

Maybe I need some new glasses, but I couldn't see all the things actually happening that the ACLU had put in the subtext wording. The forced false statement being required didn't appear to be quite the black and white (no pun intended); the 'choking' incident somehow got blurred by something being in the viewfinder. I trust, but dont believe, that they have something more than this. Would not even make a good case on L&O.

Anonymous said...

Did the ACLU file a suit against the Black Panthers when they were intimidating voters from entering a voting precinct a couple of years ago? Or did they file a suit against Berkeley when Ann Coulter's freedom of speech was threatened? NOPE.

Nothing but a bunch of political hacks.........

Anonymous said... and the same.

Anonymous said...

95% of what the scroll says happened is not evidenced in the video. They left out the claim that goats were involved having sex. Just as credible had they inserted that. If this is evidence, the ACLU needs to terminate some pissant, junior attorneys who just graduated from some Nor-Eastern law school.

PS: The alleged 'beatee' in this case is a known drug dealer in Canton. Get fuckin' real.

Tellico said...

It's illegal for an LEO to threaten jail order to get a citizen to do something. Individuals cannot be detained without "reasonable, articulable suspicion that a crime has been, is being or is about to occur." This officer crossed the line and will not have qualified immunity in a lawsuit filed against him. Instead of apologizing to the elderly gentleman, firing the deputy and offering a financial settlement, the knuckleheaded Sheriff is hiding behind that chicken-feed statement. His department is on the hook for thousands.

Anonymous said...

@6:47 keep up. They're already paying a lawyer to defend this. This is about someone making a name for themselves and the other one getting paid.

Bernie Sanders' student loan bailout didn't exactly work out, so this is plan b

Anonymous said...

Like all of this type of videos people will see what they want to see. In a court of law where it counts this video will be easily defended. ACLU knows this but will in no way admit it.

Anonymous said...

MC Law Enforcement Week is Next week !
May 15- 21

COLOR The town and county blue with bows and ribbons!

Darvin R. Howard said...

That ignorant deputy obviously can't get any other job now that there are no more Piggly Wiggly stores.

Anonymous said...


That "ignorant" deputy made it through MLEOTA, something I seriously doubt your wimpy a** could do. I guess you are now working at Star Supermarket!

Anonymous said...

Darvin misspelled Darwin, the group that awarded his plaque, but, there are two Piggly Wiggly stores in Canton. You can find the residents starring in the video sitting on Pontiac fenders in front of one or both, most any day.

Get off the Truly-Train, chump.

Anonymous said...

@9:42 there are 2 piggly wiggly stores in Canton Ms. One on Hwy 43 at Hwy 16 and one on Hwy 51.

Anonymous said...

This is clearly no more than clips from the video put into an ad. It is not what a jury will see.
If I were on a jury, I would want to know the disability. I would want to know what probable cause existed for law enforcement to go to this man's abode, to physically put their hands on him or even to believe this man was a witness.
I, frankly, don't like the notion of anyone threatening a witness physically or with jail to secure testimony. And, I doubt anyone commenting would like have someone testify against them who had been frightened into doing so.
I am stunned that anyone commenting would think it's ok for law enforcement to come into a citizen's home ( whether it's rented or owned) without a warrant for arrest or search or if invited in to physically restrain or put their hands on that citizen unless that person presented a physical threat. Being black and poor is not a physical threat.
The Sheriff failed to justify the behavior of these officers.
In this country, citizens are supposed to be treated the same and none of you would think this acceptable in YOUR home.
That some of you are defending these actions you do see and jumped to the conclusion this is the " evidence" and didn't get that the music and commentary and streaming words make it an ad for the ACLU is rather revealing.

Anonymous said...

LOL at the folks who think ACLU just files b.s. lawsuits without doing their homework first.

Anonymous said...

Known drug dealer? Known how? Like, maybe a Deputy coerced a statement out of someone else to say that he deals drugs? Can't look at this video and say with absolute certainty and affirm to the contrary.

Failure to understand that coerced statements are at best highly suspect and worst worthless demonstrates that you probably aren't a good fit for law enforcement.

And drug dealer or not, his rights are inalienable. His rights come from the creator, not his government. Government is not their to bestow or deny rights, but rather to protect them. You don't get to decide who does or does not 'deserve' to have their civil rights and whether or not they are protected.

Anonymous said...

@8:46 Are you high? Stop sniffing glue this early & btw learn proper grammar. Your JPS education is showing.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely reprehensible behavior for a 'public servant.'

Anonymous said...

The ACLU video is a patchwork of selective muting and captioning for the purpose of altering or removing context. You can pretty clearly hear the Deputy saying the second half of a word, sounds like "either" or "because", before he continues to say "you can put it on paper...". The video caption starts with and capitalizes "You", knowing it will affect viewers perception to see it as an unsolicited command instead of a response. The context the ACLU is trying to remove is that Manning, attempting to clear himself, had given and was continuing to give only a verbal statement painting his neighbor's boyfriend as the thief. The Deputy was not threatening Manning to fabricate a statement, just to put Manning's own words on paper with his signature.

Anonymous said...

9:14, your detailed and thoughtful refutation of my arguments is hard to ignore.

You are correct that I should have proofread my voice typed response. An extra conjunction and incorrect use of a homophone is inexcusable.

Am I born with my rights or do the boys in blue decide which I'm allowed? Not to send you into a roid rage (not proper English, but widely accepted usage, please grant me a pass), but I would imagine were I to suggest any infringement on your Second Amendment Rights that you'd be waving a flag, crying, singing Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" at the top of your lungs whilst telling me to love this country or leave it. Were you to see some jackass burning a flag on social media you'd post that somebody, maybe even you needs to kick his ass.

Here's the deal.

Your right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. We agree on that.

Burning the American Flag is terrible, but it's part of free speech. Is the guy an asshole? Sure. But, It's his right. You don't get to apply violence to deprive him of his civil rights. See the progression?

And, lastly, and I'll say is slowly so as not to confuse you with my education, whether it comes from JPS or not (and you know that one can attend schooling past high school, right?). You cannot beat a statement or confession out of someone. You cannot threaten someone to produce a statement or confession. You can't hold the Second Amendment inviolate while pissing on all the others, or conversely expect others to not look to violate your rights if you are violating theirs.

I don't care if this guy was Roy Rogers or Al Capone. The law should apply to each of us equally. For you to posit otherwise isn't just ignorant, but incorrect. Our system isn't to punish the guilty, it's to protect the innocent. Unfortunately, that means some that should get punished go free.

Anonymous said...

I'm suspicious of anything that's been edited as heavily as this. I want to see the full video, and then hear the other side of the story...

Anonymous said...

So 8:46, you mean to tell me that it's impossible to have all the information (or the right information) based on this video?

Funny.... but I thought this video was the evidence. If it's inconclusive that this guy is a known drug dealer based on the video, shouldn't we just throw it out as evidence? Seems a bit counterproductive for your cause. Can't have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

11:23 is the only correct response in this thread. Kudos for taking the logical stance.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing but a continuation of the black peckerwoods up in that part of the county harassing and lobbing half-charged pipe bombs at the establishment.

They want control like in Jackson and stay pissed because they can't get and maintain it. Since the team of Banks and Griffin lost their power, this has ramped up the anger and hatred. They covet being viewed as Stokes and Lumumba or Miz Stokes and the old senile man on the Jackson Council. It's out of reach up in Canton but they keep meeting and conspiring in order to gain power.

Truly, Espy, The Blackmon Circus...they are all behind this crap. They do not want a peaceful and civil county or town and will chunk that aside in order to gain power.

We see this diversionary crap going on all day, every day at the presidential level with the media and the democrats. Same in Canton. If they can kick up enough stink and throw enough tomatoes and keep the circus going, night and day, they think the establishment will tire out (Tucker-out in this case) and quit. Then they'll be on the fast road to Little Detroit Junior right behind Jackson.

CPA said...

10:26 PM: I am a partner in a downtown CPA firm. I'd be willing to bet this knuckleheaded deputy wouldn't try these actions on me.

Anonymous said...

7:07 PM....Come to Madison County and push your luck. Stay in Jacktown and count pennies.

CPA said...

I live in Madison County, knucklehead. Let's see the jerk try it.

Anonymous said...

You gonna poke him with your pencil, CPA?

Ettioled said...

More like put a lien on his house, I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

CPAs are notorious for two things: Really sharp pencils and billing for answering a question via email. Otherwise, they're balled up in their recliner wearing a sleeveless sweater reading a who-dunit novel. With a really orange light-bulb and a nice fire going.

Pelligrin said...

CPAs are also known for having to answer complex questions and earning six-figure incomes.

Anonymous said...

Did you say 'earning'?

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