Wednesday, May 10, 2017

ACLU: Madison Sheriff targets blacks

The ACLU sued the Madison County Sheriff's Department on behalf of ten black Madison County residents for allegedly targeting blacks.  The complaint charged that the arrest rate for blacks was nearly five times the arrest rate for whites.  Deputies were accused of using roadblocks, jump-out patrols, and warrantless searches of homes to harass the black community. The lawsuit was filed Monday in U.S. District Court and is posted below.

The complaint alleges that MCSD used a "Policing Program" to illegally stop and search blacks:

The MCSD’s Policing Program impacts virtually every aspect of Black residents’ lives. Simple daily   activities—such as commuting to work, grocery shopping, visiting friends and family, attending church, or even sitting on the steps outside one’s own home—present the very real possibility of unlawful and humiliating searches and seizures, as well as the attendant prospect of arrest and jail time for unpaid fines and fees.

The ACLU claimed that the program placed the black community under a "permanent state of siege":
Some Black community members go so far as to avoid leaving their homes to limit the risk of encountering one of the MCSD’s many illegal roadblocks or pedestrian “checkpoints” described below. In effect, the Policing Program has placed the Black community of Madison County under a permanent state of siege.
The lawsuit then invokes the legacy of segregation and says Madison County is the wealthiest county in Mississippi but it has always "been acutely racially segregated."  The ACLU pointed out (in bold lettering):

Although only 38% of Madison County residents are Black,  approximately 73% of arrests in Madison County between May and September of 2016 were of Black individuals. Only 23% arrests during this time period were of white individuals, even though Madison County is 57% white.  These statistics suggest that the arrest rate for Black individuals is nearly five times the arrest rate for white individuals in Madison County.
Because the MCSD targets Black communities for roadblocks and suspicionless pedestrian stops, the vast majority of individuals arrested at roadblocks and pedestrian stops in Madison County are Black. Between May and September 2016, 81% of arrests at roadblocks and 82% of arrests at pedestrian stops in Madison County were of Black individuals. 
At roadblocks and pedestrian stops, the MCSD overwhelmingly arrests Black individuals. However, white arrestees are 1.4 times more likely than Black arrestees to be charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They are 1.1 times more likely to be charged with a drug crime. In contrast, Black arrestees face over 3.2 times the odds for white individuals of being charged only with a petty revenue-generating vehicle infraction, like having a burned out headlight or no seat belt. This data suggests a pattern of population-targeted as opposed to public safety-motivated policing.
The Board of Supervisors doesn't escape the ACLU's attention.  The lawsuit claims that the Board has intentionally allowed the alleged discrimination to continue by refusing to investigate MCSD or require MCSD to change its alleged discriminatory policies.  However, the Board of Supervisors has no real authority over the Sheriff and his department.  The Sheriff is an elected official and is allowed to operate his department without any oversight from the Board of Supervisors.

The lawsuit takes issue with Madison's roadblock policy.  The policy has no restrictions on how roadblocks are used.  The roadblocks are allegedly conducted in Canton on "quiet, residential streets" instead of larger roads with more traffic. Deputies "rarely, if ever" place roadblocks in white neighborhoods.  Roadblocks are often conducted by deputies in unmarked vehicles and wearing little visible identification.  Apartment complexes allegedly draw special attention from the Sheriff.  Roadblocks are placed at the entrance and exits of the apartments.  The ACLU also complained that notices posted on social media merely listed "dozens" of possible locations for roadblocks.  It was so overbroad that it was not a real notice.

The ACLU states that these roadblocks harm the black community:

Black community members therefore go to great lengths to avoid the MCSD’s roadblocks. They rely on an informal system of warnings communicated by friends and family through  social media, texts, and phone calls. Black individuals often change their travel and personal plans based on the presence of these roadblocks.
For example, one of the named Plaintiffs in this action, Mrs. Tucker, devotes a great deal of time and effort to finding out the locations of MCSD’s roadblocks. She uses phone calling trees, Facebook pages, smart phone apps, and texting lists to get news of the roadblocks. Although Mrs. Tucker has a valid license, registration, and insurance, she frequently rearranges her life to avoid the MCSD’s roadblocks, typically by cancelling her plans and not leaving the house to see family or friends.
One private Facebook group page that regularly warns of roadblocks in Madison County (the “Facebook Warning Page”) has nearly 1,800 members, the vast majority of whom are Black. The Facebook Warning Page features messages such as “Madison County is pulling people over on bikes and everything” and “Roadblock on maple by the tracks! They got their lights off.” According to recent posts, the MCSD has set up roadblocks outside of churches, the Madison County Department of Human Services office (which issues food stamps), and fast food restaurants.
However, the ACLU complaint does not end at the use of roadblocks.  It also accuses deputies of "forcibly" entering homes without a warrant to harass blacks.  It alleges that one man was beaten, handcuffed, and choked in a cruiser because he would not sign a false witness statement against his neighbor.  Other examples are cited as well. 

Madison deputies allegedly use "jump-out patrols" to harass the black community as well.  Deputies who are not in uniform drive unmarked cars.  They allegedly pull up to a group of young black men walking, jump out of the car, and proceed to search them yet do not do the same thing to white residents of Madison County. 

The plaintiffs cite Section 1983 (42 U.S.C.)  as the basis for suing Sheriff Tucker and several John Doe employees.  They also charge the defendants with violating the equal protection clause and the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  They ask the court to award damages against the defendants.   Further relief is requested in the form of documentation of roadblocks, all stops, all frisks, and publication of such data twice a year.

The case is assigned to Judge William Barbour, Jr. and Magistrate Linda Anderson.  


Anonymous said...

I, as a white male resident of Hinds County would like for the ACLU to sue all of Hinds County and its residents because I feel endangered to where I don't want to leave my house and go to work in Jackson, shop in Jackson, or even drive in Jackson. I feel as though I and my belongings are a target for crime and theft and feel white residents are targeted at a much higher rate by black residents.

Anyone think there is a change in hell this would fly for the ACLU? Yeah, me neither. Bunch of racists.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, particularly the entering homes without a warrant, action should be taken. Regarding roadblocks, I do not have a problem with those. If one has a valid drivers license, tag proof of insurance and is not belligerent or show signs of intoxication, then they will have no problems. I have been through roadblocks many times. Hopefully, road blocks help keep drunks off the road.

Anonymous said...

What is sad is the Mayor Arnel Bolden is a big supporter of the Sheriff. Instead of protecting the people of Canton the Mayor allows the sheriff to come into the city of canton and harass the residents.

Anonymous said...

Robberies, shootings, home invasions, prostitution and burglaries occur in the parking lots and generally about the grounds of apartment buildings at an alarming rate. This can be verified by checking police reports in Canton, Jackson and Ridgeland. Given that, what's the problem with road blocks and other types of police presence at these high crime locations? Should they be avoided by the police simply because of the potential demographics of residents and visitors?

If there are no records to substantiate where and when road blocks took place, what evidence (other than that of a woman who runs a facebook alert page) does the plaintiff class have to support their claim that an unusual number occurs in 'black areas'?

If the sheriff's department is jumping out of vehicles and harassing groups of blacks and/or busting down doors with warrantless searches, this must be investigated, and, if proven, must be dealt with harshly. If, however, all they have is several black men who claim, "They be jumpin' out they unmarked ride and comin' up in our face", this has to be viewed with the prism of doubt.

There is also a 65% chance that what we have here is simply more harassment of a white sheriff by groups known to come to the immediate rescue of any group of 2 or more black people who want to claim they don't like the status quo and want to be in charge. This has become a way of life in the South. If they lose at the polls, they expect these groups to come to their aide and give them these offices in the courts.

Anonymous said...

The High Sheriff and his patrol are also allowed to 'come into Madison and Ridgeland' on a day by day, hour by hour basis, on patrol, and we appreciate it. Has nothing whatever to do with any mayor. The Sheriff does not need a mayor's permission to patrol anywhere in the county. The last post can easily be recognized as originating with the Truly Camp.

Anonymous said...

Dear white male resident of Hinds County...let's put aside for a moment the fact that you probably don't feel as much fear as you say you do...what do you not understand about being targeted by officers of the law being different than being targeted by criminals?

There is no excuse for officers who are sworn to uphold the law to disregard it as recklessly as some do, regardless of who is being targeted.

Anonymous said...

The warrantless searches are true. there is a troy on the where one of those warrantless searches is actually videoed. The deputy was looking to get a resident to sign a false witness statement attesting that a neighbor had burglarized a home. The resident refused and was cuffed, beaten and taken to jail-ALL FILMED VIA PHONE.

The reality is that the arrest rates alone in these "police actions" are alarming enough to spark a federal investigation, under a normal DOJ. Under Sessions, they may receive a commendation for these terroristic tactics.

Dindu Nuffin said...

Target is a dangerous word and demands a lot of quantitative data, not just a bunch of stories. If there was a real problem the FBI would be doing a pattern and practice investigation.

I don't agree with roadblocks, and there is a strong constitutional argument against them.

Anonymous said...

I kept seeing this story on the AP wire and was hoping JJ would pick it up for discussion here.

Anonymous said...

That Khadaffi Manning is a drug dealer big time in Canton- Not sure how many convictions- No wonder he feels like he is a police target-

Anonymous said...

The harassment in the apartments if true is very wrong and should be addressed. But - As an LE officer I have participated in roadblocks checking for proper driver's license, vehicle insurance in this area. My experience has been that the overwhelming majority of individuals who have been ticketed or arrested have been African American. They were ticketed and or arrested not because of their race but because of infractions of the law - such as having no or a suspended driver's license, not wearing a seat belt, not having children safely secure in the vehicle, headlight(s) out, taillights out, no insurance, being under the influence of drink or drug, possessing illegal substance(s), being a felon and having a gun on their person in the car, refusing to comply with the legal command of a law enforcement officer, failing to obey traffic control etc. Hate to say it and I do not consider myself racist - but there is some aspect of this culture that does not want to follow the law and or observe the norms of civil society. Many possible reasons for this. But - if I have a car in the United States - I have to have insurance. If I have a car I have to wear a seat belt and observe traffic laws. If a headlight burns out I have to replace it. I should not park in handicap spaces if I am not handicapped. I should not do a U turn in the middle of a two way street if it is not lawful. If I choose to break these laws - I get a ticket. Simple just like paying taxes.

Anonymous said...

Put up or shut up with your evidence 11:23.

Anonymous said...

Wow, 12:09. Couple of things. A) Moral and legal aren't the same. See also, Crow, James. 2) How many citizens were hurt while you were out there at road blocks shaking down motorists?

Hate to sound racist? No you don't. With this attitude you shouldn't be a clerk at the local grocery, much less carrying a gun with a government monopoly on force.

I'd like to incredibly sarcastically thank you for your service and will sleep well at night knowing you brave first responders, you incredibly brave sheep dogs protect us weak, pathetic sheep from the wolves.

Anonymous said...

Obey the law, its really simple.

Anonymous said...

If only the ACLU would sue the IRS on behalf of me and 9 of my friends. They've been "targeting" us for years!

Anonymous said...

Tucker just maintained the status quo established by Towbridge and Weisenbeger. Unfortunately for the citizens of Madison County now we will have to pay for their transgressions.

Another white male Hinds County resident said...

I'm not the same guy at the first poster at 10:29, but whoever he is, he's an embarrassment to our community.

Anonymous said...

Nothing more than another shakedown.

Anonymous said...

@12:09 Well said & I agree with your comment

Anonymous said...

The A&E program LivePD is a good example of how policing works with most Sheriffs. Lets take Richland and Greenville counties in SC. Both depts cover high crime areas in high population metro areas Greenville County 500,000 population 785 sq miles Richland County 420,000 population 757 sq miles. Both cover rural and metro areas however the crime occurs in the metro area mostly in West Greenville and Northeast Columbia. That's where the 911 calls for assistance and crime comes from, not the rest of the county. However those two areas make up a significant part of the black population. What is not discussed is those calls for help are originated by black citizens that want to live in safety and raise their children in safety.

Take Calvert County Maryland only 213 sq miles and appears to be mostly open country. Traffic stops and calls for help are mostly white.

Now compare that to the Sheriffs in the other areas KY and MD for instance, most of their work is done with traffic stops and road blocks the result there is mostly white arrest. So are the stops made by the Highway Patrol in AZ and UT that they follow. All this has nothing to do with perception but the real world.

Two Mayors have cancelled the Live PD contract for their local Police Departments Tulsa, OK and Bridgeport, Conn according to press releases they were afraid it was showing their Police in a bad light. Fighting crime in a an urban setting is not always fashionable but it does give you what local urban police have to deal with.

Point is as the deputies often say they just want people to be safe, that's their job to protect those citizens that need it. Not all stops end in arrest, yes the show proves how a person can go from handcuffed to being released all in just a matter of minutes. This program is a snapshot of all law enforcement work and just like all of us, there are a few bad apples out there but most are trying to serve people the right way. IMHO

This show combines moments of fear, sadness and humor as these guys go through their night patrols. If you have not seen the handcuffed suspect run from deputies and crash through a motel window to get to his ex, well it has to be seen. Along with a deputy mistaken a hand to hand transfer as drugs and it turned out to be a friend giving someone a clock radio.

Anonymous said...

So what does the ACLU have to say about the percentage of black males that make up JPD arrests?

Anonymous said...

@ 12:09,
That's precisely the point of contention with setting up these roadblocks and "jump out" searches in black communities. Who's to say that if these things were done as much in the White communities, that one wouldn't find as many, if not more, of these infractions? And besides, issues with blown taillights, child restraints and insurance can be characterized by a lack of resources. It is easy for some of us to say "if you can't afford it, don't drive" and then have to deal with a (lack of) public transportation in many areas - Do they even have a public bus system in Canton or Madison?

So no, this question isn't as simple as choosing to obey or break the law. Targeting certain areas with certain frequency indicates a certain bias in law enforcement, which is indeed unconstitutional ( and roadblocks do raise questions of equal protection and search and seizure). To assume that the only reason why the arrest rates and roadblock/searches are higher in the black community is because more black people "choose" to break the law is presumptuous and unfounded. Research reveals that white people are just as likely to be in possession of illegal drugs and contraband than black people ( ).

So, there is no data to justify having more roadblocks and searches and such in black communities, only biases and ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Suspect this is multi-pronged:

1) There really are some racist attitudes in MCSD starting at the top and not necessarily all the way down but it must have an effect.

2) Unfortunately there really are a disproportionate number of black individuals violating various laws but not necessarily everyone.

3) Once a police officer has been on duty for some number of years and finds that he/she arrests a disproportionate number of blacks for legitimate reasons, its bound to fuel some predisposition for giving / not giving the benefit of the doubt. I'd guess that after many years you would have to actively fight your normal tendency to characterize people based on what you see.

4) Police only get called when someone is acting badly so that's pretty much all they see of society - the worst. That's gotta mess up one's perception.

5) There really are a disproportionate number of people in this world that genuinely believe that they are better than some group of people because of their ethnicity. Racism is still actually very real.

Probably a host of other contributing factors, but I suspect that there are some facts supporting both sides of this one...

Anonymous said...

@1:42 or the percentage of black males that are father figures. Or that are involved on black on black crime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your well thought out and informative response, 12:43. You sound like a model citizen and a productive, respected member of society.

Anonymous said...

Law enforcement tends to go to where the crime is. That is not a problem for the people who obey the law. It REALLY is that simple.

Anonymous said...

12:43, your argument is really weak... It is moral to have insurance to protect others against an accident you may cause - it is also the law. It could also be argued that compliance with simple, LAWFUL instructions is also moral - and also the law. You know, driving is a privilege - not a right, and in order to keep that privilege, you have to do a few very simple (and pretty cheap) things.

I've worked plenty of roadblocks and I've seen people go NUTS over me simply (and very politely) asking to see their diver's license, but when somebody tells me to go fuck myself without any provocation, I'm not going to stand for it, and when I politely advise somebody that they have a taillight out and they tell me to fuck off - I have a problem with that.

The MORAL of the story is -- take care of your business (pay your tickets and show up for court), keep your drivers license current and maintain insurance on your vehicle and for Pete's sake just be nice...

As for warrantless searches and coercion, that's inexcusable and if proven through evidence should be punished severely.

Honestly - Whatever happened to being nice to one another?

Anonymous said...

@ 1:49 can that same bias be applied to college campus's around fraternity/sorority row since those areas are "known" for drugs and alcohol, or no? I know for certain I was a target in college, received a DUI as well, from a white cop. Crazy huh?

Anonymous said...

1:29 You're gushing about a staged, reality television show.

I knew this lawsuit news would garner some classic, "cultural" blog comments. Y'all don't disappoint.

Gil H. said...

Khadafy's Instagram page is a treasure trove of drug use and other such tomfoolery.

Anonymous said...

12:09 you are right on da money!
Haters gonna hate! GOD Bless the PoPo!!!!
If yo charges stick with the judge then quit fussing
about yo arrest. If there is wrong doing by a few
Bad eggs, they need to answer fo it! But a blanket
Statement on the whole county Law Enforcement is
Just sour grapes by those in the wrong and those
Cough cough ACLU that wants their 5 minutes of
Fame by representing them!!!

Anonymous said...

ACLU is spot on with this one! The MCSO turn the streets of Canton and north Madison County into a blue light fast and furious scene every weekend! If you don't believe it, go see for yourself. They will literally run your azz over in those amped up patrol vehicles.

Can't we all just get along? said...

What's in a name, 2:11?

Anonymous said...

11:04, The Sheriff can go anywhere he wants. Bolden has no authority to keep him out of Canton. Lets see, election next Tuesday. Is that you Truly?

Anonymous said...

All those soccer moms high on pills, driving around in their BMW’s while they leave their influenza diagnosed pill youngin free to run over pedestrians with their mud covered Chevy trucks. The entire MCSD is racist until they start conducting roadblocks in front of Dinsmor, Lost Rabbit, Bridgewater, or Lake Caroline. That’ll never happen, because MCSD are too afraid of being sued by Ginger’s Husband “Give me a Hug”.

Anonymous said...

3:26 I have been through plenty of roadblocks on Highland Colony and 463.

Dindu Nuffin, Jr. said...

I think 3:26 is who is on the pills - just sayin'

That being said, I think there should be "jump-out" searches conducted at the Renaissance and in the shopping areas on Jackson Street in Ridgeland.

Anonymous said...

@ May 10, 2017 at 11:04 AM - The mayor of Canton and the Chief of Police in Canton have both asked for assistance from MCSO in patrolling the city.

You know how many officers Canton PD has to patrol the city?? Eight. Of those eight how many of them do you think patrol the city per shift? There are three shifts.

I'm not sure how many, if any, of those eight officers are certified LEO's. I would think at least 3 would be certified just so each shift would have a certified officer.

So before any of yall bash the sheriffs department you need to be proud they're out there cause the canton pd cant do it all.

Anonymous said...

I've been through plenty of roadblocks at the intersection of Catlett and Bozeman Roads, at 51 and Yandell, on 463. I was even stopped by a roadblock at the exit gates of The Legacy apartments on Rice Road in Ridgeland. They are a fact of life in Madison County. Have been for years.

The statement of the ACLU about race disparity in arrests is old news. This happens all across the country. A quick Google search shows a lot of research and statistics on this. Here is one statement from a USA Today article from back in 2014. " Arrest rates are lopsided almost everywhere. Only 173 of the 3,538 police departments USA TODAY examined arrested black people at a rate equal to or lower than other racial groups."

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, 2:02. Whether or not I'm a "model citizen and a productive, respected member of society" is irrelevant. I have access to the internet, some anonymity, and a god given right to speak my mind, same as you. That makes us equals, as painful as that may be for you.

2:11, we can disagree on the weakness of my arguments. Driving is a privilege on government owned roads, not a right. I concede that. Being "secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures" is a god given right. Asking for proof of insurance doesn't negate that, I mean, it's almost as if there was a caveat that allowed you, if, "upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Not, because you got authorized overtime to set up a road block and search people and their autos on a whim.

Anonymous said...

Madison County is enforcing the new Jim Crow.

Anonymous said...

4:30, I've been through plenty of road blocks in the 48 years I've been driving and have never had my car searched. But if I suppose you're driving with a suspended license, are under the influence, or have an outstanding warrant and get arrested, then the poh-leese will do an inventory search of your car - and if that reveals further contraband, then there will be additional charges.

It's really not all that hard - keep your shit squared away, be nice and don't drive under the influence. And 4:59, what's the new Jim Crow you speak of??

I'm surprised nobody has posted this gem yet...some advice from Chris Rock on how not to get your ass kicked by the police, enjoy:

Anonymous said...

3:26 PM had the best comment. The video released by ACLU was very disturbing. MCSD does not go to upscale homes and talk to people like that and they never will. Everyone has the constitutional right to be safe in their home and car and that includes being safe from law enforcement not respecting the law themselves.

Anonymous said...

Never consent to a search, or speak with the police without a lawyer - period.

Anonymous said...

Did somebody ask for a comparison of crime rate to arrest rate?

Anonymous said...

More black boys get whuppins and supension than white boys because more black boys can't behave and act up and shit. Regardless of school population.

How is that discriminatory?

You people want to turn Canton into a larger zoo than it already is and then you be bitchin' about outa control crime. Get somebody to screw your heads on straight.

And, Truly, quit posting anonymous and go fix supper!

Anonymous said...

Most of yall on here know racism exists, but every time a black person or another minority calls out racism yall tell them to shut up and quit whining. It's weird. What exactly do you want minorities to do? Especially since video evidence of obvious racism doesn't seem to be too convincing to some people.

Anonymous said...

I live in the Twin Lakes area with no black residences around. County Mounties frequently and constantly set up road blocks here. Just my white ass going through!

Anonymous said...

Local law enforcement does routinely target workmen in vans and work trucks. Always looking for drugs. Madison PD is the worst.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Trump fires the Director of the FBI, I think there is a bigger Smoking Gun in Tumpworld than Madison County.

Anonymous said...

Gee. I'm a white male in Maryville. Gasp! I drove through a roadblock where my license and insurance were checked.


Anonymous said...

8:35, put your tin foil hat back on. Trump fired Comey on the advice of the DAG and AG because he made a habit of exceeding his authority as Director of the FBI. In the Clinton case, he described a pattern of illegal behavior and mishandling of classified information, misquoted the applicable US Code and then predicted that no prosecutor would take the case - that's not his decision to make. For this to have been a "clean" legal process, the DOJ should have empaneled a grand jury and let the legal process play out. (By the way, when you are granted a clearance and have the need to access to classified information you are required to sign documents that indicate that intent to mishandle classified information is not an element of a violation - you are expected to know that).

As far as the Russian case goes - yes, Russia did release information that might have changed people's minds, but they did not create that information, they just created better informed voters and people had had enough of the Clinton bullshit.

Comey tried to be the investigator, prosecutor AND judge - THAT'S why he was fired. It's important to mention that Comey is also under investigation by the DOJ's OIG.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure increased patrols and road blocks are based off of where more violent crimes occur. Simple question that can easily be answered in FBI UCR reports. How many murders occurred in the City of Canton compared to the City of Madison in 2016. People don't want or see the benefits of proactive law enforcement until it's neeeded. How many times did MCSO have road blocks in Canton and a violent crime was prevented from occurring. Nobody knows because the crimes were deterred based off of increased law enforcement presence.

Anonymous said...

May 10, 2017 at 1:49 PM If they did that crap in "white" areas they would be out of office or out of a job so fast it would make you dizzy.I understand this same suit is about to hit several more cities and counties. Hattiesburg,Simpson Co,Greenwood. They built law enforcement into a system of revenue collection and a company store/ debtor's prison.
Some of you crew cut Bubbas are about to learn what you can and can't have a roadblock for as well as how to legally operate one.

Anonymous said...

"All those soccer moms high on pills, driving around in their BMW’s while they leave their influenza diagnosed pill youngin free to run over pedestrians with their mud covered Chevy trucks. The entire MCSD is racist until they start conducting roadblocks in front of Dinsmor, Lost Rabbit, Bridgewater, or Lake Caroline. That’ll never happen, because MCSD are too afraid of being sued by Ginger’s Husband “Give me a Hug”."
May 10, 2017 at 3:26 PM

You've got your clichés all mixed-up. I have to wonder whether you aren't permanently bedridden, or incarcerated. You don't seem to have actually been out among actual people, very much. And really, you need to work on your writing skills, too.

Oh, and when you wrote, "influenza diagnosed", did you mean to say, "affluenza-diagnosed"? Like I said, your clichés need some work.

Anonymous said...

@10:10 I have seen the S O have roadblocks at the entrance to lake Caroline and on hoy rd at north bay many times. Guess what the sheriff was re-elected.

Anonymous said...

It's socio economic.

Whites have jobs/money and work and commit fewer crimes.

Blacks have fewer jobs/less money and commit a higher % of crimes.

If you are in crime stopping biz you go where crime happens.

If sheriff just hung out in Reunion and never patrolled anywhere else.....ACLU would sue for failing to help black people.

If I were a cop I would not go near Canton.....God bless those who choose to serve and protect.

Anonymous said...

Judging police activity at a HUD voucher funded apartment complex compared to covenant restricted neighborhoods is attempting to advance an agenda and shows an unwillingness to face facts, regardless of race. Its absurdity is the same as if college guys accused cops of targeting their fraternity house repeatedly, or complained of roadblocks set up between a block of bars and campus. Stay with the college example...police presence, both proactive and reactive, at the men's dorms is much greater than their presence at the women's dorms.
Even more, most of the times the cops were at the women's dorms, it was because of a guy doing something he shouldn't have been doing. Does this mean cops "target" men? Maybe so, but no one questions it because it's common sense.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Leebo.

Anonymous said...

Cops in Pearl patrol the mobile home communities harder than they do neighborhoods like Country Place and Patrick Farms. Where's the outrage? I can just hear you ACLU suit supporters saying "There's just as much meth being used on the golf course at Patrick Farms as there is in the trailer park down the road."

Anonymous said...

If this ain't the dumbest shit I've seen in awhile: "And besides, issues with blown taillights, child restraints and insurance can be characterized by a lack of resources. It is easy for some of us to say "if you can't afford it, don't drive"...."

So, there's that poster who wants me to believe she ought not have to replace a blown tail light or fasten that free child-restraint seat or buy insurance because shit costs money.

Maybe you people need to get a wrist-band from the Medicaid Office that notifies the rest of us you ain't got no change and can't be bothered with purchasing tail lights and insurance. After all, we know the parts stores all mark up light bulbs so only white folk can afford them.

Anonymous said...

Look up the definition, in State law, of a law enforcement officer. It states it is someone who is duly sworn and vested with authority to bear arms and make arrests, and whose primary responsibility is the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehension of criminals and the enforcement of the criminal and traffic laws of this state and/or the ordinances of any political subdivision thereof.

Law enforcement officers put their life on the line every day they walk out of their home and go to work to protect the citizens of their jurisdiction. Protecting us means trying to prevent crime before it happens or before it gets out of hand if possible. I don't care what color you are, if you are breaking the law then that is the bottom line!

I have read the complaints that some people think it is wrong to have road blocks in certain areas. Road blocks are done to try and prevent and detect crime. That is part of the job of a law enforcement officer. Road blocks are done all across Madison and other counties (Not just white or black areas). I have gone through several road blocks in Ridgeland on Rice Road, Lake Harbour, and Old Canton Road. It is a known fact that there are a few establishments in that area that serve alcohol and stay open late at night. Officers are trying to protect everyone on the road. If someone is drinking and driving, it is a danger to themselves and others. They aren't targeting a certain race, just simply people that might be breaking the law. If you are pulled over, not doing anything wrong and comply with their simple requests then you get to leave.

A sheriff's department can go anywhere in their county and perform their job. If there are crimes being committed in a specific area law enforcement is going to step up their presence in that area. I would think that the law abiding citizens would be grateful for their presence. It is only the criminals that wish they weren't there.

Bottom line ... don't drink and drive, don't speed, don't break into someone's home or vehicle, don't break into businesses or steal from them, pay any traffic violations you have received, maintain vehicle insurance, a valid drivers license and valid car tag and don't do many other things that are against the law. If you break the law don't run from law enforcement, they will chase you and the situation will be worse. This is all common sense!!! I don't like getting speeding tickets but how can I really complain about it if I was speeding.

Thank you to the law enforcement that are protecting all of us. None of us are perfect. We are all human and most of us are just trying to do the best we can each day. Thank you for your service and watching over us.

Anonymous said...

May 10, 2017 at 4:30 PM

Driving is NOT a privilege. Freedom of movement is fundamental right. The mode of movement is only governed for the safeties of all. The "government" does not "own" the roads. They are community areas designed to easily and safely allow for a citizen's freedom of movement. The laws that govern the freedom of movement on public roadways are there for safety reasons.

There are no rights that do not come with responsibilities. With all that said, roadblocks are inherently wrong. This so-called pro-active policing is antithesis to the design of the United States Police force.

We, as a society, have allowed for the mission creep of civilian police to "prevent" crime. Their base job is to police and prosecute the laws, but we have created laws upon stacks of laws that takes an other-wise legal act and made it illegal, all for the sake of possibly preventing an actual crime.

Society is not homogeneous. Laws that attempt to address crime-prevention applied as homogeneous end up doing exactly the opposite. Society will have to accept that bad things happen and the feel good measures that legislatures have enacted to prevent such, actually end up creating biased applications of such laws.

Anonymous said...

Take a ride with one of your "black friends" on a Friday Night in Canton after 9PM. When the cop pulls you over and ask you where you hiding the Meth,maybe you will begin to understand what people of color go thru in Madison County

Anonymous said...

9:25 - got it, so you only want the police to react when bad things happen and not try to act as a deterrent or be proactive. This is an awesome idea, the cops can just sit in the police station and respond to calls for service rather than work in their communities in an effort to prevent crime. Imagine the money we'll save on gas and maintenance on police vehicles! So let's do the same for firefighters - no more fire inspections or testing equipment, they can just sit and wait for the phone to ring.

I'll look for your proposal at the next city hall meeting.

Anonymous said...


I never said that drivers should not replace tail lights, car seats, or have insurance if they can't afford them. I said when they don't have these things it could be an issue of finances, and not necessarily just people choosing to "break the law" as many on here are saying as a reason to justify road blocks. Not having the money to fix these things won't stop people who have cars from driving them. Would that be technically breaking the law, yes, but the context makes that choice vastly different from just willful and intentional law breaking. IF they had the finances, they would readily fix those things.

As for others who insist that the roadblocks and jump out searches are in response to high crime in those areas and are attempts to prevent crime, again, targeting an area and then subsequently arresting offenders does not justify targeting an area. Again, arrests do not equate to crimes committed. If you are committing crime, and are never targeted or arrested by police, does that mean you never committed the crime? Crimes are being committed all over Madison County. If the sheriff or the police are only targeting certain areas, then it would appear that those areas are high in crime. Now, concentrated poverty contexts will probably have higher incidences of property crime just because of the nature of poverty and the proximity of the people in those contexts. But, especially when it comes to illegal drugs, those types of crimes have no zip code preference. The biases of law enforcement will target certain areas for these crimes, but that doesn't mean those crimes aren't being committed in other areas.

Anonymous said...

"civilian police" what do you mean by that 9:25? What do you mean by police "prosecuting" laws - lemme set you straight - police enforce the laws, bring their evidence to a prosecutor and the case moves forward (or not). You seriously need a civics class. By the way, are you one of those sovereign citizen nutjobs?

Anonymous said...

None of these accusations surprise me. I have a high school classmate who is a former MCSD deputy (now with the Feds) and a cousin who is currently on the force and both have told me MANY things the department does (especially in Canton and around Ridgeland apartments) that wouldn't pass any kind of civil rights muster.

Do I think targeting areas with higher crime and or demographics that generally predict higher crime is smart police work? Yes. Do I mind it in my area? No. Do I think it is a clear violation of Federal Civil Rights laws? Absolutely, yes. It amazes me that Trowbridge made it through his career without ending up in the big house with all the biased policing he did.

On another note mentioned in the above comments, I think random road blocks are both Constitutionally questionable and simply lazy police work. My wife always cringes when we approach one because I always refuse to show my license and ask them who they are looking for. Have I pissed off a ton of cops? Yes. Have they ever asked me to even step out of the car? No. White privilege, I guess.

Road blocks should be banned unless they are looking for fugitives or the like. Otherwise, police are simply harassing citizens and trumping up "reasons" to search vehicles/run licenses. Nothing in modern America parallels the sold Eastern Bloc "show me your papers" BS like police road blocks.

Anonymous said...

1:15 AM? You’re either unemployed or an overnight security guard that wishes he were a deputy sheriff/police officer. You’re probably too portly to pass the physical or too much of an ignoramus to be allowed to write tickets. I hope you read this when you wake up for your shift tonight at 8:35PM.

Anonymous said...

The roadblocks might be a Fourth Amendment violation. "[T]he Court has never approved a checkpoint program [roadblocks] whose primary purpose was to detect evidence of ordinary criminal wrongdoing." Indianapolis v. Edmond, 531 U.S. 32 (2000).

Oh, and you can chant "just obey the law," all you want, but if officers are barging into your house without a warrant, that may not be enough. Some people think obeying the law is enough to avoid police harassment because it never happens to them. I wonder what their skin color is. . .

Anonymous said...

May 11, 2017 at 10:38 AM

Nice leap to intellectual dishonesty.

May 11, 2017 at 10:55 AM

What I mean by civilian police is that Law Enforcement Officers in the United States are termed civilian police, as they are not a part of the Nation's Military. They are civil employees and not enlisted.

I appreciate your attempt to "set me straight", but police officers prosecute laws. Prosecute is one of those great English words that has broad meanings and in this case it means that a police officer who writes you a ticket is prosecuting the law.

I'll give you a $0.02 hint. Try less to be so condescending and try more at understanding and things will become clearer for you. Or, "Shut up and listen."

Anonymous said...

2:04 - I'll give your comments about $.02 of my time, and judging from how you write that's a good portion of what you make in an hour.....

Anonymous said...

I'm having a really difficult time trying to figure out if some of these posts are written by Espy or one of Blackmon twins. Long story short...I'm stumped.

Many Cantonians will not be satisfied until there is absolutely no 'rule of law' on the streets of this once fair city. Then it will be too late and you'll be another Durant.

The quicker you put Truly back in office, the sooner you will see the total demise of this town.

Anonymous said...

Listen up folks! Here is your lesson straight from the law school classroom. Try not to giggle when you read it:

"Now, concentrated poverty contexts will probably have higher incidences of property crime just because of the nature of poverty and the proximity of the people in those contexts. "

You heard it here first......

Anonymous said...

Hold on! I'm still trying to make sense of this post...."Now, concentrated poverty contexts will probably have higher incidences of property crime just because of the nature of poverty and the proximity of the people in those contexts."

@10:50; Won't you come back and decipher that? Are you saying pool people steal and break shit or what?

Anonymous said...

For those of you that do not understand the "Poverty and proximity" precepts to property crime, let me break it down for you. If you are poor, that means you do not have access to enough resources to live in comfort and safety. This would probably engender some desperation on your behalf when needed resources are not available. Hence, you may have the motivation to steal for what you need, when if you had the resources to procure your needs legitimately, you would do so. Most property crimes are committed out of real or even perceived desperation, not just because only "bad" people commit crimes.

Also, the proximity piece speaks to the nature of concentrated poverty. When poor people live in high density population contexts (as most poor black and brown people do), there is more opportunity to come into contact with others who would be possible targets for robbery for desperate or poor people. Hence in many poor communities, you may have a higher incidence of property crimes, due to poverty and proximity.

These are not difficult concepts to grasp, if but only you actually saw poor people as human beings rather than the scourge of the earth that many of here obviously perceive them as.

Anonymous said...

4:17 = full of shit. How many of these supposedly "poor" folks have the newest smart phones, flat screen televisions and multiple satellite dishes in their yards? How many have newer cars tricked out with stereos and rims? How many choose to squander their limited resources on stupid things?

I grew up poor......really poor, not 2000's poor, but 1960's poor. Our house did not have an indoor toilet and you could see daylight where the walls met the ceiling - we froze our asses off in the winter and sweat all summer long. My Mother raised me and my four sisters by herself, we never had a car that cost more than $500 that I can remember, we showered at the school's locker room and wore clothes that we got from the church, we ate whatever my Mother could pull together, and we all worked - either doing yardwork for neighbors, washing cars, whatever we could find.

Don't tell me about needing to steal for the necessities of life, don't tell me that your geography or where you begin your life's journey determines your economic destiny, because it doesn't. Life is about choices. Choose poorly and bad things will happen, it's a certainty.

We all worked our asses off both in and outside of school, got scholarships and were the first in our extended family to graduate high school and then college - three of us are lawyers, and we all have advanced degrees of one sort or another. My family may be an anomaly, but my Mother was the driving force behind our work ethic and taught us respect for others and that in order to achieve your long-term goals, a little sacrifice is required in the near-term.

Anonymous said...

This would probably engender some desperation on your behalf when needed resources are not available. Hence, you may have the motivation to steal for what you need, when if you had the resources to procure your needs legitimately, you would do so.
Most property crimes are committed out of real or even perceived desperation ...

Next time I hear of a house burglary I'll be sure to inform the victim that their flat screen HDTV was likely stolen by someone desperate for a flat screen HDTV who lacked the resources to procure their own flat screen HDTV legitimately.

No doubt that will make everyone feel much better.

Anonymous said...


A poor attempt at a well-articulated excuse. You ought to be proud of yourself. Your mindset is the reason that things will ABSOLUTELY NEVER get any better for the empoverished community. There are a few that will make it out (of all races) because they have the ability to make good choices as opposed to rationalizing their problems or blaming them on everyone else.

It's all about attitude. And the wrong one is prevalent in that community.

Anonymous said...

"1:15 AM? You’re either unemployed or an overnight security guard that wishes he were a deputy sheriff/police officer. You’re probably too portly to pass the physical or too much of an ignoramus to be allowed to write tickets. I hope you read this when you wake up for your shift tonight at 8:35PM."

May 11, 2017 at 12:06 PM

Have you ever heard of TIME ZONES? I'm in the Pacific Northwest, where it was 11:15, at the time of my posting. But truly, dear, you need to learn to distinguish between when it's appropriate to write "that", and when it's appropriate to write "who". However, thanks for giving us all a window into the challenges you used to face, back when you were still seeking employment.

Anonymous said...

Professional statisticians must all be throwing up after reading this lawsuit. The connect-the-dots charts are beyond ludicrous, way beyond comparing apples to oranges.

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