Thursday, August 4, 2016

Help the ladies get their rings

The Murrah High School Lady Mustangs did the city proud in bringing home a tenth state basketball champeenship this year.  However, they need your help as they have not been able to purchase their rings.  Mr. Charles Irvin sent out this email to supporters:

Gofundme page

Dear Murrah Alumni, Fans and Supporters,

Yes, our Lady Mustangs brought home our tenth State Title in AAAAAA Basketball.  We are Champions once again.  This is our first championship since 2009.

Our student athletes could use your help.  The Lady Mustang Basketball Club is asking you to consider sponsoring our players to assist them in getting their commemorative championship ring.  The championship ring will be something they will keep and treasure for the rest of their lives.  The “Road to the Big House” was for all those players and alumni that went before them these past 60 plus years.  It truly is a victory for everyone associated with Murrah High School.

Neither Jackson Public Schools nor the Jackson Public Schools Athletic department provides our team with any money for our victory in the state playoffs. Our players must purchase their own championship ring.

The cost per ring is approximately $275.00, with a total cost of $8000.00.  We are hoping to subsidize the cost with sponsorships from our community and alumni.  You can make a significant contribution to help defray the costs or you can sponsor a player for $275.00 each.  Your contribution will offset the cost of the rings.

For each $100.00 sponsorship, you will receive a special Murrah Lady Mustangs “Commemorative Poster” celebrating our State Championship Season!  Thank you for your support.  GO Lady Mustangs!

s/Charles Irvin, President
Murrah Lady Mustangs Basketball Club


Anonymous said...

This is what the parents of the players are responsible for.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 10:17 for stating the OBVIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Problem is, I would bet, 80% of these youngsters don't have parent(s).

Anonymous said...

The comments are so insensitive. Everybody's situation is different. When I was in high school, both of my parents were disabled. (don't go there) I washed cars and cut yards to buy my own class ring. What's wrong with a little help for someone who is deserving?

Anonymous said...

Please, 10:17....
what about paying it forward, what about setting an example for these kids that they can succeed and then help someone else along the way. Of course, it is the responsibility of the parents, but it isn't the fault of the child if he has no parents or has lousy parents.

get some pleasure out of life. Do something good just because you CAN without worrying about who is shirking their responsibility. It feels really good to think of others sometimes & to have power and ability to make a positive difference in someone's life....... Even if they don't deserve it. Have you deserved every good thing that has come your way in life or have you been blessed?

Anonymous said...

11:12, what is wrong with these people doing exactly as you did?

Anonymous said...

I'll consider donating ... upon proof that the donee has no cell phone.

Anonymous said...

11:12. What is wrong with the players "washing cars and cutting grass" to buy their own ring?

Anonymous said...

Matthew 19:21” Jesus said to him, “If you would be perfect, go, sell what you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

Anonymous said...

Blog post: "Help a sports team get their championship rings. Here's a gofundme page if you wanna pitch in."

Commenters: *fresh off the toilet* "HURR HURR THUH WHY CAINT THEYRE PARENTS DO IT"

Several high school teams in various sports over the past few years have sought public help in paying for champ rings. What's different now? It's funny; there weren't any screeds about parentage, personal responsibility or "PAY FER YER OWN STUFF" when KF had a fundraiser for Reimagine Prep's kids to go to the WWII museum.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding accomplishment by these ladies. In all fairness, Mr. Irvin wrote the email to "Murrah alumni,, fans, and supporters" in his role as the president of the Lady Mustangs Basketball Club. If you are not a Murrah alumnus, fan, or supporter then he's not asking for your help. Although a little direct in his request, this fundraising effort is no different in concept than any other school's athletic booster club. Just a little basic in how it's being executed.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but a ring is not something that will be treasured for the rest of their lives. It will wind up in a drawer by the end of the semester. Many will eventually be pawned for $50.

I'm all for recognizing their achievement but this is throwing $8,000 down the drain. Get an inscribed trophy for each of them. Then they can put it on a shelf in their house. It will be much more memorable in the long term than a ring.

Anonymous said...

@12:57 - obviously you don't regularly read the comments on JJ, or else you either (1) have a comprehension problem, or (2) have a selective memory issue. There were many - many - "screeds about parentage, personal responsibility or "PAY FER YER OWN STUFF"' when KF made his pitch for the kids at Reimagine's trip to the WWII museum. Inappropriate, in my opinion, but they were made there just as they are here.

While I disagree with those comments, but I have to agree with 2:27. A ring will not be 'treasured for the rest of their lives", probably not for the rest of the next class year. Trophys in the schools display case with their names on it were the reward until today's 'give everybody a trophy' world. And that trophy would be there for them to show their kids one day. Much better recognition than a ring

Anonymous said...

Jeez, this is ridiculous. No one "deserves" a stupid class ring. I don't have one - why on earth would I give money to them?

Anonymous said...

As someone who donated several months ago to this effort on behalf of young lady from a poor family, and who knows of at least one young lady whose parents paid the total requested amount, the question has become: where is the money that was already raised? Surely they don't need an additional $8,000. Oh, wait, yes they do because your donations will also buy rings for coaches, principals and assistants, and all of the people who want a ring that didn't actually play.

Yes, we should help the less fortunate, and I for one have. What the boosters/school/whatever are doing now is just greedy. There will be no accounting and we'll be fortunate if the young ladies ever receive rings.

On another note, isn't the JPS budget about $300 million. No money for rings? Public spending laws probably prohibit such, but considering all of the other waste, perhaps changing the laws to reward those who sacrificed is appropriate.

Anonymous said...

These kids are being taught by the street and now their "supporters" that they should get paid or be given some material reward for every effort in life they make. Traditionally a team is rewarded with a team trophy to be displayed at the school forever as a cherished monument to the student's efforts and triumph. The gold ball and the team photo that you proudly point to at homecoming or twenty years after. The memory of a TEAM effort made back when you didn't have to do everything for money or to support a family. This is not the NFL or NBA or even college football where millions of dollars are generated at the gate or by T.V. These are kids. They supposedly play for the love of the game and school. To follow this path will lead to expectations of reward growing out of proportion. If every kid is to be given jewelry or money when they accomplish something, you'll soon have a society of spoiled teen aged idiots who won't get off their collective asses until you promise them they'll get "paid". Some will demand pay. Some will take what they want. After all, don't they deserve it. Hey wait. We're already there!

Anonymous said...

$8000/$275= 29 rings. I don't see 29 players in that photograph?

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid out entire basketball team, coach, and equipment went to games in a Volkswagen beetle. We won many trophies and that was when you had to actually win to get a trophy. Our parents would have been embarrassed if we would have asked anyone to foot the bill for us. That was years ago and the trophies are still in the show case at the school.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the booster club would take a more hands-on approach on the fundraising. How about selling barbeque dinners, the afore-mentioned car washes, raffles and such instead of just sticking their hands out and begging. Show a little effort and folks would be more inclined to contribute.

Agree with 4:19 on the number of rings...thinking 16 players, 2 coaches and 2 managers would be appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Rings? Is that all? They should get a trip to Disneyworld. Then a parade and a key to the city. What about scholarships for each one?
Don't they deserve it? C'mon.

Anonymous said...

11:12, you answered your own question: you worked, why shouldn’t they? If a ring means enough to them, they will.

11:40 I sincerely doubt a person on that team would see a donation like this as “paying it forward.” I’m thinking it would more likely be looked at as “hey, someone is giving me more free stuff.”

12:19 How do you know any of the players are poor? They may just have other things on which they choose to spend their money.....

12:57 Seems to me an historical educational experience - and not even a revisionist one - is more important than a trinket that will more likely be sold for the gold content within 5 years

2:27 I agree wholeheartedly

3:31 DEAD ON!!!

4:46 AMEN!

Anonymous said...

They lost me at $8,000 or 29 rings. Nuts. How about 12 rings. Coaches can buy their own or do without. I think the kids should pay something. If they have no money they can do chores, have a bake sale or something and earn at least $25 each. $250 x 12 players = $3,000. Not $8,000. Folks that is just greedy. I understand the some people come from a poor family, but there is no excuse for being greedy like this.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure the participating schools split some of the gate proceeds from the playoff games. Imagine where all that money goes.

Anonymous said...

Every MHSAA group that wins their "class" competition is offered a competition ring for sale.
This includes all sports teams, archery, bowling , band, etc. , check out the Mississippi High School Activities Association website for all of the various groups that compete.

The activities are great, also the competition. But why does everyone need an individual ring when they win their class? Who is selling these rings? And what are they made of?
And who is making the profits?

Anonymous said...

I've already abundantly donated. I've paid my TAXES.

Gimme Gimme said...

I'm reminded of the 'children' on street corners in Madison waving colorful poster board begging for money to fund their trip somewhere. What the hell is wrong with performing some sort of service for a monetary reward.

This disdain also applies to people in front of grocery store doors with buckets and jars surrounded by sleepy children who have no clue why they're standing there.

Cut yards! Wash cars! Bathe dogs! Sell tomatoes! Wash windows! Edge sidewalks! Put out pine straw! Detail Rims!

John Dough said...

Maybe Kennuf will hep.

Anonymous said...

People should take a little time and think about the situation. A child is born into a family, maybe a single mother, who receives all the benefits the govt. allows. Housing and food is only the beginning. As the child grows up they receive free school supplies, clothing, and meals. Even snacks to take home and a sack lunch for parent. Every holiday they are given free food, turkeys, hams for special holidays. They are given a free cell phone as soon as possible. They are given preference in everything they do just because of their skin color. If they want to go somewhere there is always free summer camp for disadvantaged kids. Later if the school has any trips they can stand in the street with a bucket and get money to go.

None of these kids know where things actually come from. They only have to ask and it will be there for them. When they get older they get kicked out into the free world without any clue how to make it. They have no idea about working as they were never around people who had a job. They never got an education because they were passed because it would be racist to not pass them on to another grade. Their choices are very limited. They still want the same things other people want but have no way of getting it. One can guess what usually happens to such a child.

Kingfish said...

And how many such kids do you know?

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, I lived in Jackson for a while until I saw what was happening there. I have known many families who have not had a single working member in many generations. I even have family members who were taught the same things.
Get out in the real world and take a look around. That is the one big problem we, not only here in Ms. but in the U.S., have. We have people making our laws and controlling the country that have never been out of the bubble they live in.

Anonymous said...


I know of about 1,214... well, a lot more than that considering 25% graduate each year.

so....20K or so?

but the point is that the recent generations of kids have entitlement issues. not just black, not just hispanics.... all of them. it's entitlement coming from different reasons, but the result is the same. the rich kids always have a sense of entitlement unless their parents consciously keeps them grounded. but the middle and lower class have grown up entitled

let's just call it the everyone gets a trophy

now, to these girls. I won't give them money because of the attitudes displayed by them, their fanbase and their parents last year.

Anonymous said...

Everyone gets a trophy is a good way to put it. For some reason people do not think people should have to work for anything. If a rich person has it everyone should have it, especially when it comes to children. This has almost stopped the working for something idea. No one likes to see a child want something and not get it. Even if the parents can not afford their wants. Kids working for something is a thing of the past. Even summer jobs by kids is something of the past. The hand out telling others they want something is getting to be very common. It isn't asking for money, it is demanding money. The only reason given is I want it.

Anonymous said...

a picture in the annual will suffice

Anonymous said...

Sort of hard to hock an annual. I do agree with you though.

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