Sunday, August 28, 2016

Open thread

Trump came to town.  Johnny D went Jim Morrison on a blogger.  Football season is about to start but Ole Miss is in the news for the wrong reasons.  Meanwhile, President Lincoln's favorite song, Dixie, will no longer be played at Ole Miss football games.  Can anything be done to improve the stoplight cycles on Old Canton Road in Fondren? Is Fondren Public still going strong? Check out Goku TV channel on Youtube.  Best kept commentary secret in Jackson.  It's hip, it's urban, and it's raw.  Does Sweet Daddy's have the best gas station bbq in the Jackson area?  Consider this an open thread to comment on anything. 


Anonymous said...

Good ole PC antics stirring up actual racism.

Sorry, I said ole. I hope I didn't offend anyone.

Sad to read the dismantling of so many traditions because a few scream rassssist.

Bye dixie! We will still sing the song loud and clear and welcome all races at our tent for food and beverage. Just no whites since they are the minority now and they need some good racist antics thrown their way. (Only kidding, but I am the minority now and can say what I want)

#blackbearnatlchmp16 (lol jk)

Ha oh goodness. Get angry!

Anonymous said...

Let's talk Longwitz v. ON'eal I say Longwitz wins by 85%

Anonymous said...

Out taxes for Jackson are about to be raised. Tony needs another credik card to go to nawlins and hotlanta to get a lap dance and get body painted. Wonder if the girls body paint him or do they just get the body paint. And if he does, what colors do you think he paints he self

Anonymous said...

Let's stir up some trouble and start a rumor they are going to replace Dixie with New York, New York.

Anonymous said...

Fondren red light cycles.....interesting topic.

It's only going to get worse with The Meridian apartment complex.

The long until it's The Grove?

Anonymous said...

Oh, good morning, Will (@11:55).

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anything nice to say, so I won't say anything at all. :-))

Anonymous said...

Harbor Walk update??

Anonymous said...

Is it time to consider forming a new city comprised of Northeast Jackson? This happened with several suburbans in Atlanta. I wanted to believe that eventually the "majority" would eventually elect responsible leadership, but Yarber is another in a series of failures. Call the new city Fondren and draw the boundaries at Fortification and Northwest?

Anonymous said...

Burwell (Harbor Walk manager)has a parking lot South of the piers that would make any Jackson roadway feel like a relative.How District tolerates this in Madison County is a great mystery.

Anonymous said...

I graduated from Ole Miss in 1968 and I can truly say that I cannot believe what has happened at my beloved Alma Mater. We are now the Mississippi Bears, we don't play Dixie, and the flag is nowhere to be seen. The states of the Confederacy are being sanitized to the point that they are almost interchangeable with (God help us) Nebraska and New Jersey. The PC folks have achieved the impossible.....they have made Oxford and Ole Miss every bit as interesting Lubbock, Texas. I look for Square Books to change their name to A Book Store soon. We have allowed all this because we worship at the altar of athletic success and we make football coaches the arbiter of all things societal. Put me down as sickened by the whole mess.

Anonymous said...

1:39 I guess the District puts up with the $650,000 a year in rent they receive. Kay Pace isn't upset with the $150,000 a year in taxes the county gets. Why don't you get the District to cancel his lease so they can take care of all the mowing and figure out where all those people will park. Madison I am sure will see your point when they have to cut something because State doesn't pay taxes. You really are smart!

Anonymous said...

1:23 PM - you are correct. Starting in 2005 suburbs of Atlanta (paying Atlanta city taxes) that were experiencing basic infrastructure failure (water, sewer, roads, crime, etc) failing schools, city hall corruption scandals, tax hikes, etc began to leave Atlanta, and form their own incorporated cities/towns.

A 2013 WND article - "As a result of the unsavory politics in urban Atlanta, northern suburban communities acted to distance themselves. Beginning in 2005, many communities began the process of incorporating into cities.

Thus far, Milton, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Chattahoochee Hills and Johns Creek have done so.

These cities, after breaking away politically from urban Atlanta, have become so successful that a libertarian think tank, the Reason Foundation, has featured Sandy Springs as a model of effective government…"

Could NEJ become its own city? I truly believe it could, and the current state of affairs at city hall certainly would suggest it is time. I suggest the Lefleur East Foundation do something besides planting flowers and thinking happy thoughts and actually contact city officials in Milton, Sandy Springs, Brookhaven, Dunwoody, Chattahoochee Hills and Johns Creek, Georgia. I bet you will find some willing assistance to help NEJ become Lefleur East or YOU NAME THE NEW CITY. If we don't do something our homes will be worth NOTHING, just like Detroit residents discovered much to their horror. NEJ still has some beautiful neighborhoods and wonderful people, but these neighborhoods will become another area of blight if the gross incompetency of the Jackson City Government continues. And after the elections…same old horses, different riders.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever figure out the name of the lady sitting behind Trump at the Jackson rally, whose facial expressions went viral?

Kansas Football Scoop said...

1:23- I've thought about that. I think the difference with new cities like Sandy Springs is they were unincorporated so they chose to incorporate which is much easier than leaving one city to form another (don't know if that's even possible). And even if you got through those hoops you'd still have to get through the Justice Department I imagine.

Anonymous said...

@1:52, you make all of your comments in such a negative tone, yet look how much things have gotten better between the races every time changes like these have been made! Now, once the moniker "Ole Miss" is gone (and you know it's coming), the University of Mississippi will finally be post-racial!

[/sarcasm off]

Anonymous said...

I think the only thing left to accomplish in the PC world that was Ole Miss is to remove all the columns from the buildings. After all columns in the South equal Antebellum which is the new PC math equals racism.

Just saying.

Absolutely agree with the general idea of no discrimination for any reason but hate to see tradition and history take the hit because a few snowflakes (probably from out of state) feel threatened.

Vitter may turn out to be a colossal mistake made in a panic.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that all Big-Time head football coaches have sold their soul to the devil. I know I am in the minority, but I would rather my team loose and be legal than win and be dirty.

Anonymous said...

@4:15... I am sure her plastic surgeon can. I have never seen someone look so plastic. I would love to know her name.

Anonymous said...

The MOST misspelled word on this blog is "lose". 4:49 and the rest of you country ass yahoos. IT IS NOT LOOSE, it is LOSE.

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone asked Kenny what he thinks of the mayor and these lawsuits?

Anonymous said...

6:33 here. I know what is next.

Anonymous said...

@4:15/ She was identified, WLBT and others had it on their newscast. Lives in NE Jackson.

Anonymous said...

4:34 Vitter may turn out to be a colossal mistake made in a panic.

All in the family....See Louisiana and all the help his sibling has brought.

Anonymous said...

@1:52. Well...bye. It's 2016 and you are whining over a damn song and a mascot. (BTW, the mascot is really for 8 year olds, not 65 year olds.). I'm sorry your feelings were hurt but finally crawling into the 20th F'in century really shouldn't cause you this much heartburn. If your allegiance to my school was predicated on a song and a mascot, we are better off without you, no matter how much money you will now claim to have given.

Anonymous said...

People's heads are being sliced off and our country and state are going bankrupt and my fellow UM grads keep the main thing the main thing. Play Dixie dammit. Wave that klucker flag while you are at it.

Anonymous said...

@7:47 PM. What? Allen Coon got a cob up your ass or something?

Seems to me the "alternative" mascot is near universally hated, the state flag is still the state flag. "Tradition Bad. Tradition BAD!" when it wasn't causing trouble except for a few special snowflakes since maybe 2010, remember the vote on that and how it wasn't honored? Hmm? But oh, that's right I forgot...

It's the , my mistake!

Anonymous said...

8:33 - what the OM faithful were waving wasn't the state flag. Keep your facts straight while you rant.

Anonymous said...

The thought of Northeast Jackson becoming it's on City is laughable. The majority of Northeast Jackson is just as bad as the remainder of the City. Take a look beyond your Eastover island (which is rapidly sinking). If northeast Jackson were to secede, it would be the same thing as the remainder of the City. You're about 15 years too late.

Anonymous said...

If ole miss is so racial, please refrain from attending. Go to MSU. Oh, but that's basically an agriculture school and some civil engineers. They won't tolerate your ass changing their history. Gator bait, referring to unruly slavery children being fed to the gators, racist. LSU tigers, named after a civil war brigade from Louisiana, racist. Now that's history. I welcome you to this century.

We're not racist, the past is the past. I'm the first poster on this blog and it was about Ole Miss. I know this will tear you PCer's up and confuse those who are actually racist (PC agenda people who can't formulate their own ideas) I'm in an interracial relationship and its not the first. Dated white, Puerto Rican, black. Get angry!! Ha! I'm white!

Would you have liked admiral akbar to be our mascot? Oh but admiral is a racist weird, right? Sure if you cry and whine anything can be turned rasssisst agaisnt any race.

Yeah..but NO..please take your PC, hypersensitive, opinion generated by the media, fake OM alum ass outta here.


Anonymous said...

Lefleur East Foundation = JOKE

Anonymous said...

This is 8:33 again, responding to 8:55, I was making reference to both.

But the state flag is another monster, because it was approved in a referendum, it's the taxpayer approved state flag and the former Ole Miss doesn't even have the balls, respect, tact, or dignity to respect the state or it's taxpayers.

But I do admit, seeing Confederate battle flags with Colonel Reb bantering around the sidelines would make a hell of a great show, shame I was too young to experience it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what the point of 8:33 and 9:32 was, as English is apparently their 6th language, but assuming it was just poor education and not cultural differences, you two appear to be upset over a mascot. Please, go find another school to cheer for. Any alleged adult upset over which particular anthropomorphic character is cavorting on the sidelines is a person that any school can do without. If, however, you are both 8 years old and upset that something you've never seen live is still not on the sidelines, I'm sorry for your non loss and hope you get adopted soon.

Anonymous said...

Ken Stribling the former House member proposed splitting NE Jackson off into a new
City in the mid or late 1990s. Border to be N StateSt from Target to Hwy 80. Said to call new city
Reagan, MS . He got laughed at. He had a lot of ideas

Anonymous said...

Can't find the "lady behind Trump" on the WLBT site.

Anyone have Army Worms? They are all over my neighborhood in Madison.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if it's State fans mourning the lost of Ole Miss's symbols.
It's all about football recruitment people and thus about the money!

If you are upset, be upset with those who disgraced the symbols of the Confederacy by using them as symbols of hatred and violence !

Racists exist and they are the ones , whatever their ethnic origin or religious zealotry, who deserve our scorn!

And, here's a news flash for you. IF you are criticizing an entire race or religion based on the bad behavior of some members of that race or religion rather than confining your criticism to the behavior, you ARE a racist!

Anonymous said...

How many of the folks at the Trump Rally could actually vote...with a valid ID

Anonymous said...

My first pres, jackson prep, and ole miss educations were just so poor.

It's a much deeper seeded issue which you clearly don't understand than a mascot.

Anonymous said...

AMEN @6:33, and the second one is "a lot" - obviously, they didn't teach you little private academy goobers that it is TWO words, not one.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to any semblance's of Dixie

Can't wait for the day the state changes that cotton pickin flag

The symbols of dixie are the standard bearing symbols for all racists that are out of the closet, from Illinois, to Washington, to Idaho, to California, even in New York, and in Maine.

They have can have that crap, it no longer represents Mississippi and its NEVER represented black southerners. Those symbols came to the forefront when black people were finally tired of being terrorized and decided to fight for their own civil rights.

Good riddance to all that mess

Anonymous said...

@ August 28, 2016 at 9:32 PM

You quote on quote anti-pc advocates are so full of crap

Because I bet if some idiot came up to your mother and called her a stupid b*tch you'd be ready to start fighting!?

How about some other guy comes up and grabs your girls ass, are you ok with that, since you're so anti-pc!?

The anti-pc crowd wants to lower the intellectual bar so freaking low, so they can spew whatever ignorant garbage is seething from their narrow minded brains.

Freakin' knuckle dragging mouth breathers

Anonymous said...

So what's the latest on the Oxford House in (or near) Eastover? Wasn't one of our esteemed legislators going to save us from the scourge of addicts in our midst?

Anonymous said...

Aug 29 7:56-- 99% could. Ask the same at a Killary rally

StO Frunt said...

1) White Lives Matter has officially been determined a hate group.|main5|dl2|sec1_lnk2&pLid=1075467339_htmlws-main-bb

2) I may be one stupid son-of-a-bitch, but I can pick out and click on a store front with the fastest draw in the west!

Anonymous said...

Ok I'll bite. Been reading some message boards about the NCAA investigation at OM. I will admit I am a little confused as to why they are blaming Saban, MSU or whoever for the renewed investigation. Doesn't that blame fall directly in the lap of Laremy Tunsil? I mean come on, the man said he took money from coaches, the texts were there to back it up and Freeze fled the building as if it were on fire. Do people not think that warrants a little investigating? Has OM officially confirmed that the money he was requesting came from the legit Opportunity Fund? If that is the case, then yes the investigation should cease. If not, then something stinks to high heaven. I just think we should all be honest and admit if what happened on draft night happened to any other school we would be calling for heads to roll and investigations. So please somebody, was the $ he was asking for legit?

Anonymous said...

@9:09. Thanks for the laugh... You demand for the flag to be changed then use the racial slur "cotton picking".... Oh the irony! I needed a laugh today!!! Hahahahahahah

Anonymous said...

@12:20 learn your history. White people picked cotton too.

Anonymous said...

KingFoot must really get off on these stupid 'open thread' threads. It allows him to be lazy and what democrat does not prefer laziness?

Kingfish said...

Y'all asked for them. Heaven forbid I should actually listen to requests. Quit your griping. You asked for it, you got it.

Anonymous said...

Snowflakes are falling on this thread!

A lot* sorry buddy!

WLM is deemed a hate group, wow.

BLM is deemed a a peaceful protesting group. 2x wow.

Mmmhhmmmm. Total sense.

And a guy grabbing your daughters ass or calling your mom a bia? How's that even relate to PC? My eyes burn from this thread, really shows some smarts. Done with this one!

Anonymous said...

Thank God I'm a USM fan so I don't have to deal with the OM/MSU Egg Bowl bullshit.

Newt Knight VII said...

Yee-haw! I declare another State University in Mississippi told Ol' Feel and Tater - we are not flying your racist symbol of a state flag! So take that you som'itchs!

New generation of Mississippians coming through to finish what Newt Knight started. The aristocracy in Mississippi is going down.

Anonymous said...

Can Jerry Mitchell not just write a book, get a blog, start his own newspaper for willing subscribers??? He once again brings Emmett Till to the front page of our statewide newspaper today.
Don't get me wrong, I think what happened to Till was horrific, but Mitchell is one of the main reasons the rest of the country can't see Mississippi in present day.

Anonymous said...

As far as Dixie and the Flag, if the State of Mississippi had allowed nonwhites to enter UM when the university was founded, these never would have been traditions in the first place. I'm surprised it took this long to get rid of them, but on the other hand, Mississippi has always been slow and backwards.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for diversity in our state's 'private' schools; however, can somebody tell me why a JPD patrol car is at Madison Ridgeland Academy every afternoon at 4:20 picking up a black, male student who appears to be a junior or senior?

Anonymous said...

6:52 - its obviously because of the abundance of JPD officers we have here in Jackson. Just check out those that provide 'personal protection'. Not just the multitudes that 'guard' the Mayor (or I guess now its sometimes just guarding the door) but we are the only city I know of where our Public Works Director had her own personal security detail. MRA is not that far out of the jurisdiction of JPD so I am sure that officer was ready and able to chase down any crime in NE Jackson.

Anonymous said...

The JPD officer lives down 463. Drives his patrol car almost everyday to MRA and home.

Personally I think he's the most smart JPD officer they have. I'm sure he dislikes many of his fellow police commrades and working out in Jacktown.


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