Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Leadership 101

Our friend Kamikaze was none too happy about the Brandon amphitheater project and said so on Facebook:

So. theres an ampitheater coming to Brandon soon. Little under 2 years and change. Seats 8000. Coliseum in Jackson (thats run by the state) seats 6,800. Ill just sit that there for yall. The ramifications will be explosive...for those who know what this means.

Oh...and theyre trying to take JPS' accreditation as well.

And this just after theyve spent the summer trying to take the airport.
 ...I dont have to paint you a picture here do I? ‪#‎ChessNOTCheckers‬

Oh really? Well, this is not the first time Mr. Kaze has been long on outrage and short on facts so JJ will help him out a little.  

Brandon's leadership showed some leadership.  It saw a need, looked at the problem, and actually did something about it.  Brandon voters passed a 2% tourism sales tax several years ago and unlike Jackson, immediately put it to work.  The tax generates slightly over $1 million per year.  The city didn't use high-priced consultants to develop the plan but instead created a committee of several aldermen.  They visited sites, talked to experts across the country, and submitted suggestions to the board.  The process took 15 months.  Brandon pays for the project.  Period.  There is no state money nor will bonds be used to finance the amphitheater.   The project is Brandon-owned, Brandon-driven, and Brandon-financed.  

Then there is Jackson.  What the Kaze may not know is Downtown Jackson Partners and the business community were raising money to fund a study that would focus on creating an arena in downtown Jackson.  However, Mayor Harvey and Sejanus Sean (Perkins) muscled in and took over the project.  The result was nothing got done.  Funding dried up, no movement took place, and no study was ever made.  In other words, Jackson leadership failed.  Meanwhile, JSU President Dr. Carolyn Myers promotes a pie in the sky $200 million  50,000 seat arena with a dome that will never be built.  The city of Jackson also agreed to pay baseball huckster Tim Bennett $100,000 for a "study" to create a baseball stadium in Jackson.  

Then there is the matter of his little screed against the state.  Um, Kaze, you might want to try reading the newspapers.  Ag Commish Cindy Hyde-Smith has pushed for either a new Coliseum or the renovation of the current one.  She is...gasp....a Republican.  Yup, she wants to build one and has tried to get such projects and the renovation of the Trade Mart stuffed into the bond bill. However, some of the leadership in the Legislature opposed her.  There is no grand conspiracy to deny a facility to Jackson.  There is nothing stopping Jackson from building its own amphitheater with its own money as Brandon is doing.  However, doing so requires actual leadership instead of just talking and paying consultants.   

Of course, its easier to point fingers and engage in Who Killed Da Mayor type of thinking then actually trying to find out is actually taking place.  Mr. Kaze might instead want to ask why Jackson leadership rarely gets things done and can't get out of its own way regardless of who the Mayor is. 

As for Mr. Kaze's remarks about JPS, do they even deserve a response? 


Anonymous said...

Go see a concert a coliseum and you will see why there is a need for a amphitheater. The echo is awful and seating configuration would not allow 1/4-1/3 of the seats to see the stage.

Anonymous said...

Total incompetents on Jackson part.
The voters in Jackson vote for the man & skin color & not the accomplishments of the man.
But, I believe, It's sinking in NOBODY wants to come to JackTown after dark.
And, shortly NOBODY will want to enter Jackson in the daytime either.
The state is building a civil rights museum in which 1/2 the population have no desire to go to in Jacktown. Let's see the attendant figures of this after it opens. Soon and very soon there will be a civil rights museum on every block in every city. nuff said.

Anonymous said...


Kent Dear said...

Amen and Amen, KF

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the entertainment that comes to the Brandon Amphitheater won't fit he and his constituents style. #factsnotfiction

Kamakaze or whatever swagaliscious way he spells it is a racist idiot.

Anonymous said...

The coliseum is antiquated and outdated. The load-in specs are so outdated and unusable by many tours and the old building cannot accommodate them. In addition, there are no beer or liquor sales inside the building (see the failed ECHL team, the Bandits). Add to it that the building itself still looks like its in 1962 mode. Its a dump.

While I think Brandon will squander many opportunities to book quality acts of all genres (hiring only hillbilly/CMT acts) it is their right to run the facility poorly. Jackson on the other hand can book ANYONE THEY WANT In the coliseum, and have chosen not to manage it properly.

Instead, Ole Kamikaze wants to point and shake his fist at other communities for developing entertainment venues, as Jackson continues to do NOTHING as usual. Quite frankly, it's NONE of his business what Brandon does. Stay in Jackson and fix your own problems before blaming others.

Anonymous said...

You should see the bid tabulations and costs of the civil rights museum....it's astronomical. #chessnotcheckers

Anonymous said...

Jackson can blame Ben Allen again for his lack of knowledge regarding revitalizing a city. He did not know that he did not know !!!!

Anonymous said...

Just commenting to point out the MS State Fair Commission runs that steaming pile of poo called the coliseum, not the city of Jackson. Commission Members: https://www.mdac.ms.gov/bureaus-departments/state-fair-commission/mississippi-state-fair-commission-members/

Anonymous said...

Building a Civil Rights Museum was a good move by the State and Jackson. MS was at the center of the Civil Rights struggle in the 60s, like it or not.

Anonymous said...

The Kaze and his ilk are caught in the sad cycle of Black distrust of every commercial initiative that does not include their "input". Make no mistake, the distrust is well earned. Years of getting screwed are not easy to forget. But now the economic reality is that African American leadership quickly devolves into a series of small-time "consultant" hustles when the old money whites are told how and where to spend their money by people who have no money. Is it fair? Probably not, but the world is not fair, even if democrat politicians say they will make it so. Jackson will make a moderate comeback when the rank and file have been hustled into complete desperation enough to face reality and demand representation that cares more about results and less about getting their "cut".

Anonymous said...

I think No bid contracts are hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I just hope to heck that somebody runs for Mayor that can lead. From the slate I have read, prospects now look dim.

Miss Nomer said...

Does anyone else see the irony in a guy who calls himself Kamikaze, yet returns time and again to spew forth on issues of the day? He should've been one-and-done a long time ago, right?

Anonymous said...

The next mayor of Jackson will be just like the last one. A true leader will never be elected mayor as the people do not want a leader.
A leader would have to look to the future, plan and work for some future improvements.

The people of Jackson want instant results. Results not to the city but to their pockets. No one wants to work for something in the future. They want something for themselves right now. The hell with the city and other people.

If a future mayor does not promise cash money into the pockets of a few people there isn't any use in running for office. To be re elected a mayor will have to pay off quite a few people.

With the tax payers leaving the city there is less money to play with. With business moving to the suburbs there will not be much left to steal.

Anonymous said...

There are problems with the amphitheater in Brandon, that may or may have not been addressed:

1. There are no hotels in the area, except for Pearl, for those attending from out of town.

2. Selling alcohol, beer, etc., and not having nearby hotels for said intoxicated people.

3. Traffic - The current 2-lane road is not conducive for traffic of any magnitude.

4. Very few restaurants in Brandon. For some reason, the city has not lured but a very few places to eat. If you live in Brandon, you have Applebee's, Lost Pizza, and several Mexican restaurants at which you can eat or order a drink. Then you have a few fast food places. That's it. I know when I go out of town to attend a concert, I usually go out to eat beforehand, somewhere like a Longhorn, Outback, Carrabba's or similar. There's nothing in Brandon to support dining before a concert.

Anonymous said...

Nothing insurmountable August 23, 2016 at 11:38 AM in your list of "problems".

Anonymous said...

11:38 AM, so you are saying the City of Brandon should build the convention center hotel that Jackson is doing? Or will it "sit back" and let private investors take on the task? If Brandon can get the acts to come play (i.e. people traffic), hotels will be developed near by along with restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Its a give and take. There aren't many places to eat because there really isn't anything here. There isn't anything here, bc there isn't anywhere to eat and stay. So Brandon starts building an amphitheater and a new sports complex and upgrading its Shiloh complex to match that of a Tupelo, Southhaven, or the like. We passed the liquor referendum that was supposed to kill us all and we're doing alright. Its baby steps. Its not built overnight or a pre planned community. It's an old community that fought off development and growth for years and as the younger generation comes in we are having to logically see what is the correct way to do things. But they are self funded project. Not gub'ment assistance like The Kaz would would like to lead his people to think. He can use his code words all he wants to, but what he is saying by "The ramifications will be explosive...for those who know what this means." and "I dont have to paint you a picture here do I? ‪#‎ChessNOTCheckers" is a call to arms for his brethren to mount up and oppose it or try and disrupt or otherwise take over once its up and going. That's akin to the KKK saying they are going to take action against the Civil Rights museum. He needs to stay in Jackson with that attitude. It's that mentality that doesn't make progress, but enemy's.

Anonymous said...

Jackson has many venues that are greatly underused.

1-Convention Center--how many does that hold? Just had a "rhythm and blues festival'--how many came? I'd like to know.
2-Smith Wills Stadium-how many does that hold?
3-Thalia Mara Hall--it could have something every night
4-Art Garden at the Art Museum
5-Farish Street (oops..sorry)
6-the interior of the MetroMall (oops-sorry again)
7-Smith Park

Instead of complaining and whining, why doesn't the majority of the city of Jackson residents demand better? Are they content to point fingers? Don't blame the suburbs for proactive thinking and leadership.

It remains to be seen how much use this facility will see--but I think it will do well if it concentrates on Country acts--and throw some washed-up pop stars in as well. Even host a symphony event and call it 'cultural attraction.."

Anonymous said...

If any of you have watched the public access channel maybe you have seen the crap that comes out of this racist's mouth. He should be concerned about jacktown and not worry what Brandon wishes to do. Let's hope that the city is smart enough to book shows that will not interest this guy and his friends from venturing out to this venue.

Anonymous said...

To 11:38 - there are 3 hotels in Brandon - LaQuinta Inn, Microtel, and Red Roof Inn. Plenty more in Pearl Four more in Flowood so close by. Plenty of good restaurants in Dogwood, just a 10 min. drive or so away. It's not an issue.

Anonymous said...

How many neighboring metro areas have a downtown coliseum and an amphitheater in the suburbs?
Memphis: run-down Coliseum & FedEx Forum plus Mud Island Amphitheater & one in DeSoto County.
Birmingham: Coliseum downtown plus Amphitheater in Oak Mtn. (plus a new one 1 hr. away in Tuscaloosa)

This isn't some new concept Kaz. Last time I checked, bands seemed to be booking the amphitheaters quite a bit. Maybe setting and acoustics matter?

Anonymous said...

The reason they think this will work is a 2% sales tax and a hotel tax that has been added. While having something in Meridian where you have no choice but to stay there may work, here lots of people may eat or stay elsewhere. As long as something is kept nice and has good entertainment people will go but what happens when the money doesnt come in to pay for it? Lets face it, if everyone paid another $100 on property taxes it could be really nice but will the money get diverted to other problems instead of quality of life items.

Anonymous said...

Kaze fancies himself as "the promoter" for Thalia Mara. Now he'll have competition and in the Fall or Spring who wouldn't rather be in a state-of-the-art outdoor venue than in downtown Jackson. The new amphitheater is a game changer and Kaze is smart enough to know it.

Remember, when in doubt blame whitey and blame Rankin County.

Anonymous said...

Holler when Brad starts paying some real property taxes beyond a car tag.

Kingfish said...


Anonymous said...

KF, on Tim Bennett - Thanks to Harvey Johnson and his Parks & Rec Director, Ramie Ford, Trustmark Park is in Pearl.

Ultimate Goal said...

The youth rodeo pulled out and went to Hattiesburg. Murders have happened withing four hundred yards of the coliseum during events. The acoustics are worse than terrible. The bathrooms are worse that those under the Mississippi State football stadium. There is no way to accommodate handicapped folks at the coliseum (forget the antiquated elevator).

Kamikaze for mayor. That clown would fit right in. What a jerk. WTF.

Anonymous said...

I wish Kamikaze would change his name that he appropriated from the Japanese. He has no right to use it and it is racist in the worst way.

Anonymous said...

Hooters is coming across from Home Depot!

Anonymous said...

"The coliseum is antiquated and outdated. The load-in specs are so outdated and unusable by many tours and the old building cannot accommodate them."

Tru 'dat. Back in 1991 I asked one of the Replacements why they hadn't played their hometown (Minneapolis) when they toured with Elvis Costello that summer. It seems the promoter wouldn't come there because the Twin Cities were one of the few remaining towns without a new, outdoor amphitheatre, aka a "shed". Apparently these places are basically identical, so the crews know what to expect at every single one of them before they arrive, and load-in/load-out is much more efficient.

That was 25 summers ago and Jackson still doesn't have one.

Anonymous said...

MIC DROP!! It is time for people to tell it like it is....kudos Kingfish! That idiot Kaze needs to shut up and sit down. He is irrevelant

Anonymous said...

9:28 The echo in the Coliseum is due to the fact that the original seats were sound absorbing chairs. When the state decided to remodel and removed those special seats, they were replaced with regular cheap seats. Nobody did any research to know that what they were doing would be a disaster.

Anonymous said...

You tool, take notes on how you find a niche, do your homework, include the community and work your ass off and that is how you succeed. Now I know I lost you at homework, community and last but not least, work, but that is what it takes you phony.

As to your "Explosive" comment, come on over to Rankin and let us introduce you to "the justice system" and you can say hello to our Sheriff. He has an affinity for Ward 3 residents and the like.

You are the reason your city sucks and it is others like you that make excuses and keep the city right where it belongs. Kaz is light in substance and heavy on the stank.

Mapdot said...

If there were a decent, logical, sensible way to get from Brandon to Flowood, the entire area would benefit. As it is, Flowood has all the decent hotels and eateries and Brandon languishes, wishing it had some business taxes.

If you know the terrain well enough, you can (maybe) wind through the woods and come out somewhere over on 25 if you start back around Wal Mart on 80. Or you can travel 471 if you know that area and think you won't get lost. Then there's always the option to drive from Brandon all the way back into Pearl at Miskellys and take the airport corridor over to Lakeland and then head eight miles east.

What an infrastructural circle jerk.

See? I said all that without addressing that nutcase who uses the Japanese handle.

Anonymous said...

@4:30 AM clearly doesn't know the terrain at all and hasn't a clue as to the road construction plans currently in progress in western Rankin county.

Anonymous said...

@4:30- Google "East Metro Parkway"

And is that difficult to manage Hwy 471? You get on it and stay on it, occasionally stopping at red lights though you don't have to stop for train tracks anymore. You can get off on Grants Ferry and take that to Dogwood area or you can remain until you hit Hwy 25. Or you can keep going. It's not rocket science.

Mapdot said...

The last two posts make my point exactly. 7:54 mentions 'plans in progress'. Progress? This area has languished without a corridor for eighty years or rather two hundred years. No work is being done on the corridor that extends southward from the new Outback in Flowood. The Trans-Alaskan Highway was built in less than 200 days.

8:14 furthers makes the point by suggesting one travel east out of west-Brandon to 471 and wind through the woods for twelve miles to come out on 25 about eight miles east of Dogwood and by the time you get to the populated area, you've forgotten what restaurant you wanted to go to and you're snarled up in eight quadruple lanes of traffic looking for a hotel or restaurant somebody told you about.

Point made. Checkmate. Can't get there from here.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:30 and 9:26 you sound like a whining millennial hipster. Do you need a GD monorail and an assistant to do it for you? Grow a set and explore. You obviously haven't driven any of these "backroads" lately. I live in Old Brandon Proper. Currently I feel as if I live in road cone purgatory, but you know what, progress is being made. It doesn't happen over night and these things aren't regulated by the municipalities themselves, but rather MDOT. Yeah, that incompetent bunch. Oh, and its been raining its ass off all summer. They are still working when they can. Please tell me how quick its supposed to happen when you have to buy land from landowners who may or may not want to sell. This takes time, a whole lot of it, before the first bit of ground get broken. Trust me when I say that we over here in Brandon are doing just fine without your help. So go to whole foods, get your growler filled, pay too much for some seaweed, and go back to your house and arm your security system and sit down and shut up. We're going to do just fine without you.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Kaz, man, I'm so disappointed. I actually, genuinely like you. You're a cool guy, but get centered man. You had a white education and benefitted from all that entailed, and now you hate everything it represents. It's ok to be black and support black without hating everything that suggests white.

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