Monday, August 22, 2016

Mayor appoints Judge Sutton to the 1% Sales Tax Commission.

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber issued the following statement:

Mayor Tony T. Yarber’s Nominee for Jackson’s 1 Percent Commission Receives Unanimous Approval from City Council

Frank L. Sutton, Mayor Tony T. Yarber’s nominee for the City’s Special Municipal Sales Tax Commission, on Monday, Aug. 22, received unanimous approval by the Jackson City Council.

Sutton has served as a Hinds County Justice Court judge since 2005 and is pastor of Fairfield Missionary Baptist Church. Sutton attended Jackson State University and received a bachelor’s in Management from Belhaven University. He is also a former Hinds County sheriff’s deputy.

“I look forward to doing whatever I can to help move Jackson forward,” Sutton said, shortly after Monday’s confirmation hearing at Jackson City Hall.

The commission has the authority to approve projects funded by the special sales tax approved by voters in January 2014.

Kingfish note: Is there some engineering, financial, or other much-needed expertise that qualifies Judge Sutton to sit on the Commission? The Commission needs experts.  Judge Sutton is a good justice court judge but frankly, this appointment smacks of playing to a segment of the community before an election.  However, the Mayor chafes at the mere existence of the  Sales Tax Commission and at times does not take it seriously.  However, this IS Mississippi where we appoint cronies and friends instead of actual experts who can make a real difference.  That goes for Democrats and Republicans.

These are the videos of the last meeting of the Sales Tax Commission. It met in March and April this year. Several other meetings were cancelled this year. The first twenty minutes consist of the Mayor and Pete Perry going at it and then the meeting settled down into 90 more minutes of attacks by the Z monster. In other words, things got real boring as projects and procedures were discussed.

JJ obtained a copy of a bound set of documents that were passed out to the Commission.  It will be taken apart and scanned later this week.  


Anonymous said...

Appointments to boards, commissions, etc. in the city are supposed to rotate through the wards. Slim pickings in some wards.

Anonymous said...

I trust the city attorney advised that there is no violation of the separation of powers doctrine by having a member of the judicial branch serving on what appears to be an executive board.

Anonymous said...

I once saw Judge Sutton let a defendant go with just a fine on a misdemeanor offense, then changed his mind 10 minutes later and asked the bailiff to see if he could go find the defendant who he already dismissed. When the defendant had already gone home, Judge Sutton issued a bench warrant for the defendant that he himself had already dismissed.

Anonymous said...

If Sutton takes this appointment then the Judge job is given up.Can not serve in 2 branches of government at same time. So first job is given up when a 2nd is taken.

Anonymous said...

isn't this a separation of powers conflict?

Anonymous said...

I thought all this 1% Commission was supposed to do is Approve The Plan submitted by the City of Jackson for spending the money collected. The Commission currently seems to feel differently. I just always think about how they are mpt elected by the voters in Jackson yet they think they control this tax money. Truth be told, they would even like to decide who gets what jobs.

Anonymous said...

6:25 - there is no requirement that the Mayor's three appointments to this Commission 'rotate among wards'. That is true of some appointments, generally those created by the city. But this commission was created by the legislature and the only requirement is that they be residents of the City. In fact, the legislation doesn't require that they be confirmed by the Council. (Evidently the Mayor didn't bother to read that part of the law.)

Appears that KF has it nailed this time. Sutton's connection to the Rev. and his vote block in the county makes this a very political appointment. But I think it is too little too late.

Anonymous said...

Pete Perry just likes to argue. He would argue with a tree stump. What moron appointed him to any committee that is in charge of action items?

Anonymous said...

Pete Perry likes to argue - but generally he is right on the issue. Maybe you and I would like to see a little more tact in his methods, but I'm glad that someone is there trying to make sure that the City does not waste away this money like they do the rest of the money that comes their way.

Kingfish said...

I thought all this 1% Commission was supposed to do is Approve The Plan submitted by the City of Jackson for spending the money collected. The Commission currently seems to feel differently. I just always think about how they are mpt elected by the voters in Jackson yet they think they control this tax money. Truth be told, they would even like to decide who gets what jobs.

Truth be told? Here is some truth for you. Jackson was doing its best when its captains of business and industry and political leaders actually worked together hand in hand. The Rez and Airport were built at roughly the same time. The President of MP&L, Dumas Miller (sp?), and others worked with the Mayor.

We have not had that level of cooperation in years, if not decades. Best and brightest are ignored. The intellectual capital of Jackson is in Wards 1,2, and 7 for the most part yet look at the appointments made from those wards.

Jackson needs true expertise and needs it now yet some of you clowns, and yes, you are clowns, don't want to make use of our intellectual capital. Its all about friends, its all about payoffs, and cronies, and me,me, me. Then you wonder why nothing is done and things don't work.

Perfect example. Supervisor Darrell McQuirter worked his ass off to help get Continental Tire to Hinds County. He should be praised in the black community for doing so. The common bitch at every Jackson mayoral debate is Jobs jobs jobs and economic development. One guy actually works with state political leadership to bring it here and what does he get? Nothing but hell from a certain crowd. Several minority legislators are flat out against him and the project because THEY are not allowed to parcel out the jobs to their own people. Uh huh.

Then they wonder why nothing gets done. Back to Commission. Compare the resumes of the Commission to the City Council. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

@7:35. - obviously one of Tony's staff cause this is what he has been saying lately.

But according to what I read, the commission is supposed to develop the plan, not just approve it. Once the plan is developed and approved, the Commission is charged with making sure that the money is only spent as detailed in the plan.

Yarbor is trying to get around the commission having anything to do with how the money is spent so he can cover up the problems in the budget - particularly the water/sewer fund shortfall - and spend the money with his buddies prior to next year's election. Best be glad that we have some folks willing to question how these dollars are used, unlike the hundreds of millions of the other money he is wasting.

Anonymous said...


Since you are not from here I wonder who provides you with these wise historical anecdotes about years past?

You pass this knowledge on as your own experience.

It's misleading at best...trying to get a step closer to a history unknown to you personally.....

No idea why you do this.....

Anonymous said...

Justice Court Judge Sutton is in no way qualified to serve in this capacity. He is a former Hinds County Deputy, preacher and non- lawyer. This appointment, if he serves, violates the Seperation of Powers Clause as he is not allowed to serve in both a judicial and executive or legislative capacity. Further he has been Publicly Reprimanded by the Mississippi Supreme Court and prior to that, privately reprimanded on other occasions, as noted by the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:56 PM
How do you know, is the information passed on correct, isn't this his blog and why does this bother you? In other words, what is your problem?

Anonymous said...

@8:56. Many of the best historical authors that have written many great books never lived in the same place, or at the same time, as their subjects. (Biographies of John Adams, George Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Teddy R, etc. just to name a few) But they were able to do a little reading, research, investigation and wrote some pretty interesting and accurate pieces.

Your suggestion that the only way to know anything about Jackson in the 1950's and 60's was to have been living here - and doing so at that time.

I assume that KF has done some reading and research about Jackson - noted recently the same regarding the Jackson Airport. Earlier about the Rankin County Gold Coast. Why don't you take your criticism and go back to your Hardy Book mysteries.

Anonymous said...

@ Kingfish

You do a good job, fudge the haters like @ 8:56pm, keep doing your thing.

Gonna be honest, the Continental tire plant is great for Hinds County. But terrible to Mississippian's, because look at what it take to get them here. Those tax incentives are massive. I say all that as a resident of Hinds County.

As far as cooperation between Jackson and the surrounding county's, that can be accomplished if there was a legit "want to" on both sides. The majority of residents in Rankin and Madison want to see Jackson fail, even at their own detriment. So of course the county commissioner's, mayor's, sheriff's, speak in dog whistle terms and increase the hostility between the city and bedroom community's to stay elected. Needless to say, it gives them some since of inflated ego and superiority. The onus falls on them as much as Jackson. The only thing different between "the good ole days" and now is that there are black people in office. Damn shame it all circles back to race. But if the shoe fits, wear it!

Anonymous said...

According to August 22, 2016 at 8:56 PM unless your are indigenous you are not allowed to reflect on the history of the place you are in.

Throw all historians into the fire.

Not a "misleading' comment by August 22, 2016 at 8:56 PM but an ignorant one.

Anonymous said...

The majority of residents in Rankin and Madison want to see Jackson fail, even at their own detriment.

No, the majority of those residents and localities refuse to fall-in-line simply because Jackson demands that they pay subservience to the "Capital City". The Jackson leadership attitude is the problem. The notion that the suburbs will fails if Jackson fails is a logical fallacy.

Avery Wiseman said...

@6:32, you were right when you said "The only thing different between 'the good ole days' and now is that there are black people in office." However, other differences between "then" and "now" emanate from that one.

And when KF (@8:49) pointed out that Jackson did best when business and government leaders worked together, he was right, too.

We all know the discrimination that existed in the 50's and 60's (much of it still exists today and it has always flowed both ways), but state and local political power along with economic power was, let's say, "racially aligned." This alignment of political and economic power resulted in progress with respect to public works projects, and economic development generally. (It also allowed for unchecked civil rights abuses, but that's a different subject for a different thread.)

Contrast that with today where the city leadership is not racially aligned with state political power or with economic power. Add the fact that city leadership is self-interested and frequently seeks retribution -- particularly against those with economic power -- rather than cooperation, and it's a recipe for failure. The ultimate power of capital is that it can flee, especially at the local level.

There's plenty of blame for each group of political power or economic power, but until they (and we) take the world as it is rather than as we wish it was, any "solution" to Jackson's problems will yet another exercise in futility.

"Could be financial suicide,
but I've got too much pride inside to hide or slide,
I'll do as I decide and let it ride until I've died...."
- John Popper

Anonymous said...

@ August 23, 2016 at 8:17 AM

I don't even want a sub-service, but if Jacksonians are going into Madison and Rankin to shop, there needs to be something to offset losing those revenues? Unlike the city of Memphis, it doesn't lose much because the surrounding suburbs are in the same county.

As opposed to Jackson, the surrounding cities are in other counties all the way to the border?

@ August 23, 2016 at 8:28 AM

I think we are pretty much on the same page. But I understand where you are coming from.

Anonymous said...

8:17, Jackson is losing revenue to Madison and Rankin because the people, city admin, and city police forced many businesses out of the city.
No business can stay in a place where crime is so common that the city council protect the criminals, the judges let criminals go free, and the people protect the criminals.

The people of Jackson have to go to another area to shop. It isn't the fault of Madison and Rankin. People go into a business with the idea to make money. If they are located in an area that prevents this they either move or go out of business.

Anonymous said...

@ August 23, 2016 at 9:53 AM

"because the people, city admin, and city police forced many businesses out of the city." - how did we force those businesses to leave, but yet do business with those very same businesses that relocated to Madison and Rankin county's?

"It isn't the fault of Madison and Rankin. People go into a business with the idea to make money." - but they are accountable for businesses that relocate from one area in the metro to another. Its just as damaging to Clinton, Byram, Pearl, Madison and Ridgeland, when a business relocates to another area in the metro.

We do not need mirror business within 15 miles of each other? If we are to grow as metropolitan area. We need to offer different things across the metro. Madison had the opportunity to rejects Sams and perhaps place Costco in the same location as the new Sam's. Instead they jump on it, after Pearl already has one, to the detriment of Pearl and Jackson.

The growth in the metro are needs to be complimentary, if we are all to thrive.

Anonymous said...

2:28, the businesses are forced out of the city by the crime. The people of the city, the elected officials, and the cops encourage, defend, and provide a safe haven for criminals. No one wants to go to a business where there is a good chance of becoming a crime victim.
High taxes and high insurance is costing every business in Jackson too much.

The only way Madison and Rankin are accountable for any business that relocates there is by providing a safe friendly atmosphere.

Jackson is not interested in growing the metropolitan area. They are not even interested in growing the city of Jackson. They fail to maintain the streets which is another reason a business would leave Jackson.

Anonymous said...

@ August 23, 2016 at 3:16 PM

"Jackson is not interested in growing the metropolitan area. They are not even interested in growing the city of Jackson." - so what should they be doing to show they are interested in growing the metro area? How can they grow the city?

"They fail to maintain the streets which is another reason a business would leave Jackson." - how can they maintain the roads, without revenues to do so? Give contracting companies I.O.U's?

Anonymous said...

Avery....did you actually waste your time posting that drivel?

Anonymous said...

3:29, people have posted what Jackson could do to grow the city of Jackson. Control the crime. Elect honest and experienced leaders. Pave the roads.

Jackson has had the money needed to maintain the streets. They wasted it on companies that never paved an inch of road before and got the job because they were minority owned. Jackson is too interested in giving people money to watch other people work. How many mentor programs have they forced on companies and at what cost?

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