Tuesday, February 3, 2015

IS about to get some street justice.

Hell f'n yes and its about damn time. Too bad its the Jordanians who are teaching this lesson.  They are dealing with IS in a very, dare I say, Roman fashion:

Jordan will execute Wednesday an Iraqi would-be suicide bomber on death row and other jihadists after having vowed to avenge the murder of a Jordanian pilot by Islamic State jihadists, an official said.

"The sentence of death pending on... Iraqi Sajida al-Rishawi will be carried out at dawn," the security official said on Tuesday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Rishawi, the would-be bomber, was condemned to death for her participation in deadly attacks in Amman in 2005, and IS had offered to spare the life of the Jordanian fighter pilot, Lieutenant Maaz al-Kassasbeh, if she were released.

"The death sentence will be carried out on a group of jihadists, starting with Rishawi, as well as Iraqi Al-Qaeda operative Ziad Karbuli and others who attacked Jordan's interests," the security source said.   Article.
 Too bad they won't go all the way and crucify them.  This is the way you do it.  They butcher one of their prisoners , you kill five of  your own. 


Anonymous said...

A little bit of swine entrails added into the scenario would do nicely. Blackjack had it right.

Anonymous said...

Another proposal to put a quick end to jihad BS everywhere, courtesy of the only country in the history of the world to stop a war by dropping nuclear weapons on cities full of civilians (remind them of that - they won't believe it based on the Pinhead in Chief wasting oxygen at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue):

1) Every Muslim is required to make a pilgrimage to Mecca or Medina once in his/her lifetime. If they don't they will not be able to meet Allah in the next world, ever.

2) Publicly announce that if one more atrocity is committed (e.g., beheading a journalist; burning a pilot alive in a cage; etc) Mecca will get the Hiroshima treatment.

3) If an atrocity occurs, leave Mecca a flat, glowing sheet of glass in the desert (including anyone stupid enough to stay there after the announcement). No mercy.

4) Publicly announce that if another atrocity is committed Medina will get the Nagasaki treatment.

5) If they commit another barbaric act, get rid of Medina. No mercy.

6) Watch them go hysterical trying to figure out how to save their souls once they are incapable of fulfilling the edict of (cough, cough) "The Prophet" (Peace Be Unto the Pedophile).

Either way the atrocities stop. Too bad for those living downwind of Mecca and Medina once the uranium starts dispersing, but they had their chance to contain these savages and didn't.

We Are The World said...

'We need to find our collective voices, identify a holistic approach and we can (as a planet) soar."

Anonymous said...

Deuteronomy 19:21: "You must show no pity for the guilty...life for life...eye for eye..." I also agree with you 9:21. When our president and congress stop trying to be politically correct about everything and start treating these savages for what they are, these atrocities will stop. You can't reason with the unreasonable. They are not going away quietly. It's time to show them that we mean business. If their own country won't take a stand against these senseless acts, we must take a stand against their country. They can be with us or against us. It's their choice.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a disease that needs to be deleted from the world, as is the Jackson Free Press.

Anonymous said...

Desert gods generate genocide and death in general.

Perhaps we should add them to the list of controlled substances.

Anonymous said...

I don't think becoming as barbaric and psychotic as ISIS and the other sicko jihadists is the answer.

I would remind all of you that the Jordanian so heinously murdered was a Muslim fighting ISIS!

Why do some of you want to be just like ISIS? You want to make this about religion as a justification for barbaric acts as well?

I want them dead as punishment for what they did and all those like them.

I want a united worldwide effort to destroy terrorists and wipe terrorism as a strategy from the face of the earth!

Some of you have been an obstacle to having that happen with your anti-all Muslims BS and your hypocrisy!

You haven't condemned all Mormons despite the sex abuse polygamist cults or all Catholics for having pedophile priests or all Christians when some have killed abortion doctors or set off bombs in clinics.

There was silence when the IRA was using terrorist tactics including blowing up innocent civilians in London. Indeed, money was raised for the IRA in bars in this country.

Some of you, no doubt, defended the My Lai massacre by our troops in 'Nam as an " oops".

How many of you spoke out when the Philadephia murders of civil rights workers took place and think it's unfair for all Mississippians to be poorly regarded for that and other Klan actions in those days?

And, the massacres during the Zionist war didn't seem to bother anyone.

It's not true" that one man's terrorist is another man's patriot". Those who would engage in excessive cruelty towards those who pose no physical threat and are helpless in the moment are sick fucks and it's way past time THAT was a united world view!

There are no excuses for barbarity!

And, being able to control one's anger is called maturity! Real men ( and women) can do that!

Anonymous said...

Stop calling it a religion. It's a political ideology about power and control. Nothing more.

Anonymous said...

@7:50 It doesn't appear that anyone wants to "be just like ISIS". Doing what's necessary to put an end to terrorist activities is the only sane option. Just like dropping the A-bomb, twice, was not stooping to Japan's level as they were the aggressors. They were the ones committing heinous crimes against civilians in China and the south Pacific and were responsible for horrible treatment of Allied POWs (Bataan death march for example). The good guys in the Middle East are tired of talking and seeing violent acts go unpunished....bout time European and American leaders get on board with our Allies in the region.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that our children will be fighting ISIS or a similar muslim group on American soil during their lifetimes. As long as idiots like 7:50 (and there's plenty of idiots in America) keep inviting muslims over with open arms, at some point they will try to enforce sharia law here. It is inevitable.

Pittpanther said...

7:50am, I applaud your posting. You made the rest of these "shoot from the hip", "consequences be damned" posters look pretty silly.

Anonymous said...

Pittpanther ... Another loyal JJ reader!

Anonymous said...

Sorry 9:42, Islam is an Abrahamitic, desert god religion, no different than the ancient Hebrew Bible entity that sent "His" people to kill the children of "others". (Like when Saul was sent to slaughter the Amalekites-for an easy example.)

Yes, there is a political element to it-when you're committing genocide, you typically take power after you've slaughtered you're enemies. And their children.

Anonymous said...

10:13 am Even in WWII, we did not crucify the war criminals in the Axis regimes!

We did not torture their prisoners in our hands because they tortured ours!

Indeed, we were not particularly punitive afterwards except for punishing those who committed war crimes at Nuremberg.

We had learned something from our own Civil War about the long term consequences of a vengeful policy approach! We are still experiencing the effects of Reconstruction to this day!

Bomb ISIS if you like, but bombing Mecca is the equivalent of Nazis deliberately targeting the Vatican.

Saudi Arabia is our ally, for God's sake !You'd just galvanize Muslims and turn those who hate ISIS like the Jordanians into enemies.

And, it must not have occurred to those suggesting bombing Mecca that oil is needed in a war! Just as it didn't occur to hot-headed secessionists that the South lack factories for shoes and arms!

That some have made this about religion rather than terrorism gives ISIS a legitimacy they do not deserve!

ISIS no more defines Islam than the Spanish Inquisition defined the stake was about Catholicism !
This about psychotics and their pursuit of power!

This about those humans who are duped by appeals to the worst human emotions (pride,envy,greed,fear and anger) and who react rather than think always causing the worst problems mankind. This is about appeals to young men with more testosterone than sense as well!

There is outrage in the Muslim world! And, you want to squander that! You didn't pay attention to Egypt turning out the Muslim Brotherhood and restoring the military apparently. Did you miss the Arab spring and what that was about altogether?

You must have, because rather than encourage and support Muslims who hate jihadists as much as you do, you have empowered the jihadists by making it seem that the only choice is to support their religion or abandon it. Would you abandon Christianity?

For God's sake, will some of you shut up long enough to THINK!!!!

Anonymous said...

And, will some of you also please learn what an analogy is and isn't!

Anonymous said...


The fact that you believe Saudi Arabia is our ally shows how naïve you are. We are just kicking that can down the road as long as we can.

No matter how much you love the muslims, you will always be an infidel whose death will be celebrated.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, don't read any of your shit, er, comments 11:19 AM. You are a blabbering ahole.

Anonymous said...

isis is no more dangerous than the Nazis or pol pot and his crew were. we know more about them than the Nazis and pol pot because of the internet. isis will be exterminated in the same manner as all former radical, evil regimes have been. they will be exterminated through the process of war. we will have to realize that at the highest levels of leadership and then devise a plan and execute it.

isis did not invent atrocities. they are some of the first to have social media and the internet to "brag" about them.

Anonymous said...

12:41 pm Not ALL Saudis are our allies.

However, I would remind you that that the royal family has been within their ability. They have to maintain power.

I do have Muslims friends that I've known for over 40 years. They are, to a person, appalled. They have spoken out.

You , however, are totally and completely ignorance of other cultures!

Anonymous said...

Do enlightened us 8:42 am. In your fantasy world, what are the religions you recognize?

Please share with us your definition of a religion.

Anonymous said...

"12:41 pm Not ALL Saudis are our allies."

True enough, starting with the 19 of them who hijacked planes on 9/11/2001.

Anonymous said...

" isis will be exterminated in the same manner as all former radical, evil regimes have been. "

I doubt it - these savages are basically continuing to fight the Crusades, as they have been for 500 years or so. The only way to end this is to destroy their motivation. The Soviets did NOT have a death wise, so the Cold War never really heated up (Mutually Assured Destruction). However, these clowns truly believe they will get 72 virgins from Allah if they die while engaged in jihad, if they have been faithful Muslims. Destroy Mecca and Medina and they CANNOT accomplish that, as they will have failed to do as commanded by their belief system. Their heads will explode if those cities vaporize, and they cannot make the pilgrimage required to enter heaven.

Anonymous said...

6:21 they will die from superior weapons, soldiers, equipment, supplies and determination. they will die from a lack of sober leadership, supplies, equipment and professional soldiers. they have no air power, no navy and no real rational leadership. religious fanatics are not military leaders. they are doomed to fail IF our current weak president puts the full force of our might to quash them like the insects they are.

Anonymous said...

I am all for doing in ISIS. I do not want to shed one more ounce of American blood fighting in that God forsaken part of the world. If some of you chicken hawks want to by all means go enlist. I spent a year of my life in that hell hole and I don't wish that on anyone. If the Muslims want to slaughter each other then that is their business. BTW, no sane westerners should be over there anyway in a position to be taken hostage!

Anonymous said...

6:16 pm You state the obvious.

I also know that we trained bin Laden in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets.

We recruited the religious zealots to fight the Soviets.

In effect, we showed the zealots that they could defeat a modern army with insurgency. We showed them that the costs of war could bankrupt a world power and cause it to break up.

How's that working out?

The same mentality is still driving our foreign policy because it was politically successful on our domestic front.

We can't take a long view about anything now that the uninformed extremists along with special interests drive decision making on both sides of the aisle!

Patience is impossible.

It's impossible because of our cowards who are terrified all the time...of communists , of jihadists, of immunizations, of global warming, of basically anything they don't understand.

Our extremists that drive our politics have no faith in our system of government. They have no faith in our principles or ideals.

You can't see that you and those like you are the reason for our government has gotten worse and deserves less faith.

8:50 pm makes a good point worthy of consideration. This may be a fight for the Jordanians, Turks, Saudis and Egyptians to take on. It may be fight that Russia, which was the first to experience Islamic terrorism inside it's borders should be forced to take on.
But, our extremists and news junkies who don't get news is now entertainment not factual reporting of " who,what, when and where", just won't let those who have more facts make good decisions or elect those with the sense to make good decisions.

There are few of our great Presidents who could be elected dog catcher as they were homely and imperfect.

Anonymous said...

Do you have your own blog 7:46 AM? I'd like to be able to read more about your vision and greatness than the blizzard of comments (about your vision and greatness) that you're limited to here at JJ.

Anonymous said...

7:46 has to post here to have people read her idiocy. No one actually reads the stupid tabloid or her blog.

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