Sunday, February 15, 2015

Meet Representative Kennuf Alday

We got us a honky Kenneth Stokes.  Representative Gene Alday (R-Citizen's Council) said a few things in this Jerry Mitchell story about education in Mississippi:

State Rep. Gene Alday, R-Walls, doesn't believe any more funding is needed. "I don't see any schools hurting," he said.

But then he went on to say that Mississippi "has a lot of bad school districts. The people are electing superintendents that don't know anything about education."

The former mayor of Walls (population 1,248) went on to say, "I come from a town where all the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call 'welfare crazy checks.' They don't work."

He had to go to the emergency room for pain, he said. "I liked to died. I laid in there for hours because they (blacks) were in there being treated for gunshots." Article.


Anonymous said...

I liked to died?

Anonymous said...

No doubt....stupidity IS color blind.

Anonymous said...

Mississippi; last at so many good things and first at so many bad things. That's not just a randummm performance.

Anonymous said...

CL editorial on this Rep. Gene Alday should retire after race-tinged comments

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the truth hurts here. But that doesn't make reality less true.

He Spoke Truth said...

Rather than pandering to your small black audience on JJ, Kingfish, how about taking a moment to tell us exactly which of his comments you find fault with.

What we have here (as evidenced by the thread and the comments that immediately followed is just another example the white guilt mentality of the 90s. Make a true statement, get called a racist, run and hide.

Sorry no longer works.

Are we seeing the emergency of JJ Mitchell?

Anonymous said...

My sense is that the Desoto County education establishment, embodied though its superintendent and school board, has a candidate recruited to run in the GOP primary against Alday.

Anonymous said...

The boy has done got two opponents

Anonymous said...

Are his views going to be part of the new Mississippi Educational Standards? Ya know, the ones not written by Obamacore liberals bent on destroying our freedoms?

Anonymous said...

blah blah blah...All of you #jerrymitchellites need to give it a rest. Like 6:49 AM said, it is what it is, even though you don't like the messenger. AMR spends most of it's time hauling the entitlement crowd to the local hospitals for routine medical care and I know this for a fact. Do you think for one second these people have insurance? Do you think they whip out the old BCBS OF MISSISSIPPI card upon arrival? Probably not.... Like it or not, these people do not work and soak up a HUGE portion of the tax base. As far as the CL Board bleating for resignations, if every politician had to resign for saying something stupid there would be no politicians in short time..wait...hmmmmmm....

Anonymous said...

Seriously 6:51? You took your pointy hood off long enough to type that?

Anonymous said...

6:49 am and 6:51 am

I know you both ( though I pray it's one person posting) don't understand the world around you.

It's not really your fault. You can't.

Let me explain.

Emergency rooms triage. They take the most critical patients first. Mr Alday was not in danger of dying.

He contradicts himself about schools. That means he makes two statements that can't both be true.

He doesn't understand welfare well enough to do more than use the term " crazy checks". There are no doubt some people who abuse the system and some in real need , but Alday has nothing useful to say about that.

All these statements he made are the statements of a stupid man. He can't be in the legislature and claim ignorance as information is available to him. If he could learn , he would have.

You may have to look up the difference between stupidity and ignorance.

I know you both suffer from the same learning problems.

You must, unlike Mr. Alday, accept that you should let others who can learn make judgments and participate in our political discourse.

Dumb is dumb and comes in all colors.

Anonymous said...

When Sam Hall condemns the race baiting radio commmercials the Barbours ran up and down Mississippi on behalf of Senator Somnambulist I'll pay attention.

Anonymous said...

"He doesn't understand welfare well enough to do more than use the term " crazy checks"."

You're the one who doesn't understand the system (or the vernacular attached to the system).

"Crazy checks" are a widely-used terms for SSI/Disability payments. There is a doctor in Alabama who signs off on every disability claim because he feels being black in the USA is a disability in and of itself. Google it if you're not familiar with it.

The other common term for disability fraud is "sittin' at home check".

Welfare has nothing to do with "crazy checks". Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich changed "welfare as we know it but Obama undid every bit of progress they made (time limits, work requirements, etc). Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a dyed in the wool NY Democrat, predicted the emergence of a "permanent underclass" back in the 1960s if the deterioration of black families and neighborhoods didn't get reversed. Instead it accelerated and we are all paying the cost. Of course Moynihan spoke much more eloquently than the fool who is the subject of this thread.

Anonymous said...

Getting attacked by a former Mississippi Democratic party leader now newspaper Editor back in Jackson won't hurt Alday the least in his district. Few people at that end of the state give a damn about criticism emanating out of Jackson.

Remember, Sam Hall is the best the Ledger could find after conducting, supposedly, a nationwide search. Yeah, right. We believe that.

Anonymous said...

My takeaway from the article is that only half of third grade students read proficiently. How can one compare Ms. to Florida. Surely there is not a comparison to Miami, and Walls. With the high ratio of third graders unable to read proficiently, how can you put all the blame on educators. Could it be their teen mamas can't read, don't care about education, or how much it cost? If Mitchell wants to be an expert, he needs to go back to school; maybe study economics, education, psychology, and other related details that effect the subject matter. As for the senator from Walls, Mitchell owes him an apology for spewing his crap.

Anonymous said...

"Getting attacked by a former Mississippi Democratic party leader now newspaper Editor back in Jackson"

Yeah - that really gives me the warm fuzzies knowing the only paper in the state's capital and largest city works so hard to be objective in reporting the news.

Thank the Lord for JJ.

Anonymous said...

We're missing the forest for the trees here. Currently, more than 60 cents of every dollar in state income tax goes to support education. Frankly, that should be enough. Mississippians don't have bottomless pockets to keep supporting and educational bureaucracy that is bloated and overstaffed from the state to local level. And superintendents should not be elected. Even if you think we should continue electing them, at least change the qualifying requirements so people who know how to balance a budget can run. Currently, one has to have X number of college credits in suspect "educational administration" courses to even get on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Any politician, well, actually, anybody who does an interview with Jerry Mitchell and doesn't record the interview themselves is an absolute fool.

Anonymous said...

People are actually coming on here and defending this guy??? Sort of explains the educational cycle in Mississippi... Alday has made his bed, and sadly his descendants will have to lay in it instead of him.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how Rep. Alday's comments relate to public education. What was the question? Did Alday just throw this statement out there? Also, can anyone provide a link to the demographics for the SNAP recipients in Walls?

Anonymous said...

Who cares about him? The public schools are a mess. Make the kids test in like in other cities you will separate the idiots from the serious students and parents!
Problem solved. The high achievers will concentrate and perform improving out talent pool.

Anonymous said...

Any politician, well, actually, anybody who does an interview with Jerry Mitchell and doesn't record the interview themselves is an absolute fool.

Permit me to edit your sentence:

Any politician, well, actually, anybody who does an interview with Jerry Mitchell is an absolute fool.

Anonymous said...

"I fail to see how Rep. Alday's comments relate to public education."

The moment those comments came out of Alday's mouth, the stuff about education became filler. Betcha' Mitchell was giddy as school girl.

Anonymous said...

Mitchell and Hall have to do something, anything, to keep the Democrats relevant.

Anonymous said...

If you tell the truth the Left will call you a racist. If you think the welfare system is good for anything other than buying votes from the lazy, you are part of the problem and if you think throwing more money at public education will make it better you are a blind fool.

Anonymous said...

In other news:,34211/

Congratulations! You guys made The Onion - America's finest news source.

Please, keep commenting and make your true nature even more apparent. People need to know not to take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

9:21 am You and Alday don't apparently know that you are referring to SSI.

That change was made in the Nixon administration.

I'm not the one who doesn't understand how the public assistance or our Social Security system works.

And, the thing that would be funny if it weren't a political reality is the large number of poor white folks who say they are against " welfare" but they receive public assistance. They tell themselves and others that they are " just getting back their tax money" or their " social".

I doubt you know which of your relatives actually qualified for Social Security and which are receiving SSI or in your words " crazy checks".

Anonymous said...

yes indeed..."crazy checks" are a reality. It doesn't take a lot to qualify for said "crazy checks'' and as a matter of FACT, my deceased sister-in-law's slug ass husband collects $2200.00 a month until the youngest of their litter reached the age of 18 which in this case is still several years away. The remaining benefit for said slug ass husband exceeds over $250,000.00, yup, a 1/4 of a MILLION dollars in "muntly" payments.... oh happy days are here again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

7:15 pm The checks are for your wife's sister's children.
You should share how many children there are.
We can do the math for how much money per month that is per child.
I suppose you don't mind if your nieces and or nephews suffer because your brother in law is a " slug ass".
Since it takes over $100000 to raise one child with no frills to age 18, I doubt they are living in high cotton.
IF you can prove he is not spending that money on them, then you should report him to Children's Protective Services.
I hope your resentment hasn't prevented your wife from having a good relationship with the children who lost their mother. Of course, you could have chosen to be a real uncle and made sure they don't turn out to be " slugs" too.
Why do I think you made sure you and your poor wife have no meaningful relationship with those children?
Before public assistance, you do know that families were expected to provide for their poor relations or else judged harshly.
My father stepped up to the plate for his sister in law's children to keep them off of welfare . One is a doctor, one has a large construction company and the third is a teacher. It was a great lesson in what family values should be.

Anonymous said...

Some of you need to spend some time in the delta. Do folks really think the residents of all the tiny towns like Walls have gainful employment at the one gas station and bottom tier grocery store? Do you assume that towns like Louise, Midnight, Isola, Inverness, Morgan City, Marks and Pace are chock full of men that walk the streets with a bottle in Feb, then operate a farmer's quarter million dollar tractors in the spring? Those people don't have much, but they get every bit of what they do have from taxpayers. I'm not saying all the help needs to be stripped immediately, but we'll never permenantly help those people by ignoring the facts of the current situation.

Anonymous said...

But doesn't the Delta have a Congressman who is working hard every day to bring new jobs to that area?

Oh, wait.......

Anonymous said...

Nor is forgetting how the Delta came to be populated with so many poor folks who haven't had what it takes to leave helpful, 8:48 am.

This falls under " reaping what you sow".

The choice is to either blame those who lack the resources to improve their lot or find ways to improve their lot.

The first choice gets those who played a role in creating the problem off the hook, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

6:48 9:21 here

I'll type slowly because of your obvious reading comprehension problem.

You wrote: "9:21 am You and Alday don't apparently know that you are referring to SSI."

I had written:

"Crazy checks" are a widely-used terms for SSI/Disability payments."

See those three letters in a row - "S", then "S", then "I"? I used them first (you'll have to trust me since I don't have time to teach you how to tell time as well as read today) and I know how the system works.

You then wrote: "I doubt you know which of your relatives actually qualified for Social Security "

My parents, both in their 80s, actually "qualified for Social Security", each on his or her 65th birthday (that was Lyndon Johnson, not Richard Nixon, who signed that law.

I have dealt with many scam artists in the past trying to get SSI. Once I started writing "after a thorough history and physical exam I find this patient shows no sign of any disability whatsoever" they seemed to stop coming to me. I guess word gets out :-)

And yes I do write letters supporting disabled people with genuine disabilities.

Anonymous said...

"Nor is forgetting how the Delta came to be populated with so many poor folks who haven't had what it takes to leave helpful, 8:48 am."

The bright, ambitious ones who were willing to uproot themselves and work hard in search of a better life left decades ago when manufacturing jobs open to blacks became available in Chicago, Detroit, Cincinnati, Baltimore, etc.

When your remove all the bright, ambitious, brave ones from a population, guess who's left?

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