Friday, February 13, 2015

Justice Court Judge indicted

Attorney General Jim Hood issued the following press release:

Madison County Judge Arrested for Simple Assault on a Vulnerable Person
February 13, 2015

Jackson, MS—A Madison County Judge has been arrested for simple assault on a vulnerable person, confirmed Attorney General Jim Hood today.

Madison County Justice Court Judge Bill Weisenberger turned himself in to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Thursday following indictment by a Madison County Grand Jury.

The indictment accuses the defendant of striking the vulnerable person in the head .  The  assault is alleged to have occurred during a visit to The Canton Flea Market. 

“The law does not discriminate, and the Grand Jury has given us our marching orders,” said Attorney General Hood.  “We look forward to presenting the facts of this case in court.”

The defendant was released on a $10,000 bond.  If convicted, he faces up to five years behind bars.    The charge against him is a felony.

The case is being investigated by Victor Mason (Yes, THE Victor Mason) and will be prosecuted by Assistant Attorney General Stan Alexander of the Attorney General’s Office Public Integrity Division following recusal by the Madison County District Attorney’s Office.


Anonymous said...

Good job to the future Hinds County Sheriff and all involved.

Anonymous said...

What - no million dollar bond in MadCo? :=_

Who is Victor Mason?

Anonymous said...

This one hit CL's radar pretty quick. White on black crime - Front page material.

Kingfish said...

He gives Jack Abbott nightmares. He's banged every hot chick in town. He's got swag. One bad dude.

Anonymous said...

Victor Mason is a, ... en'm he'ghm, excuse me, retired JPD officer, who has been spending time at the A.G.'s office for the last several months, waiting to qualify to run for Hinds County Sheriff. If nothing more, he is a "sharp dressed dude".

Anonymous said...

Names and pics or it never happened!!!

Anonymous said...

Just talkin' 'bout Shaft........

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Victor Manson that got in trouble for misusing money that belonged to the FBI?

Anonymous said...

"This one hit CL's radar pretty quick. White on black crime - Front page material."

Want to wager that it's the cover story of the next JFP too?

Anonymous said...

He be cool, real cool. Wonder who did the investigation for, um, "with" Mason.

Anonymous said...

Want to wager that it's the cover story of the next JFP too?

But, but, BUT a SPLC-loving, leftist, Maddow groupie, atheist white male goes off the deep end killing 3 Muslim students in NoCarolina and not a peep outta ol' DonnerKay.

Had that been a killer with Tea Party or conservative or Republican connections the LaddFraud would be wall-to-wall with the coverage.

Anonymous said...

Good news. Weisenberger is a redneck thug who had no business on the bench or wearing a bag. An arrogant bully and a jerk.

Didn't give a damn about the law, or make an effort to learn it. Good riddance. Hope he goes to prison.

Anonymous said...

I will be watching how Victor Mason handles this investigation. I think he will make a very good sheriff for Hinds county. So far he has my vote.

Anonymous said...

wearing a *badge*

Anonymous said...

Thanks for correcting the bag thing. Been wondering what the hell this guy was doing wearing a bag (over his head or a nice Guicci?)........

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened one way or the other. But for an elected official, (especially a judge) in this day and time, to slap or hit someone followed by a racial slur in a an area with so many witnesses seems odd.
Now, if it were in the 70's and it was justice court judge Dallas Williams....then I could believe it.

Know When To Fold 'Em said...

five to one odds Kingfish has one of the players on the radio show nobody ever listens to next week.

Anonymous said...

This incident was the logical conclusion.

After Weisenberger was elected justice court judge, he continued to serve as a volunteer medic with the Sheriff's swat team.

This was in clear violation of state law (both separation of powers under the Constitution of 1892, and many AG opinions.) You can't serve in both the judicial and executive branches.

He was told this by lawyers and judges. He ignored it. "That ain't gonna be a problem," is what he said when challenged on it.

He thought he was above the law. He was a judge -- albeit not in a "real" court -- and a constable (fake cop).

And he got eat-up with all that small-time power.

A stupid redneck who brought shame on the state is about to go down. It's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Im sure none of the people posting saw what happened-that's why we have court, innocent til proven guilty. I like Bill and although I think he is overzealous at times, I like him and pray he is proven innocent. He lost his son in a tragic accident and he and his family have worked in law enforcement and with fire department for years. Wish for good things not bad onto people.

Anonymous said...

Do your homework 5:32 he was not a fake cop. Before ever being elected as a constable he was a law enforcement officer who went to the police academy. You know the 10 week course which you have not the balls to go through. And as Bill can be obnoxious at times he is not stupid enough to hit and slander someone rather racial or not in public or not. This whole case stems from the naacp not wanting Bill in office in the first place. That RACIST William truly of the canton naacp is the one pushing for this prosecuting. The A G's office does not have the balls to stand up to him(William truly)

Anonymous said...

I don't know the man nor do I know what happened.

However the thought of a Judge (even a Justice Court Judge), directing traffic/parking at a flea market is sad & funny at the same time.

Anonymous said...

5:32 What is the real reason you are spouting so much venom in your post???? What charge did Bill arrest you on or what did he charge you with in his court???? It had to be something or you would not be this adamant. It is obvious that this is a lot more than what you have posted on this blog. Remember, if you do not break the law, you can not get arrested or hauled into court!

Anonymous said...

That shit has to be made up.

He was working WITH the sheriff's office while a JUDGE?!

When you think you've heard it all...

Anonymous said...

A judge working WITH the Sheriff's office.
Not like a mayor posing, or working as a police officer.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't sarcasm. That was disbelief.

A judge doubling as a cop is pissing on the very notion of a system fair to the accused.

Nixon would be proud.

Anonymous said...

With all the racist posting that goes on here on JJ, some redneck screws up in more ways than one, and people still come to his aid. The evidence could lay at their feet and they would still defend him. It really shows the true nature of the majority of posters on this site.

Picture That said...

He was serving (but rarely) as a volunteer medic and first responder, not in a law enforcement capacity. In Podunk, Mississippi, it's not unusual for people to wear multiple hats when needed. You might even find a dentist serving as NAACP chairman while running unsuccessfully for office following a stint as irrational mayor.

Anonymous said...

There are supposedly 'eye witnesses' to the slapping incident at the flea market. Lets see if they come to court testify.

Bill should have let being a cop go when he was elected a judge but he couldn't. Why, I've got no clue but it appears now that he will have to let it go and no agency in Madison county or the state will hire him. I guess now he will have to live off the money made when the family land was sold and be content to work at Tractor Supply like he has been doing.

Anonymous said...

"And as Bill can be obnoxious at times he is not stupid enough to hit and slander someone rather racial or not in public or not. "

About ten witnesses who gave newspaper interviews at the time of the incident said otherwise. No witness disputed the events in the indictment.

"Remember, if you do not break the law, you can not get arrested or hauled into court!"

Oh, horse**** and you know it. The Innocence Project has gotten 100s of wrongly-imprisoned, INNOCENT people who were framed or railroaded by crooked cops and prosecutors freed, several from Death Row.

Anonymous said...

Taking your comment at face value 8:38, if he "couldn't" (indicating inability) let go of enforcement power when he took judiciary power, he never had the proper proper psychological makeup to be a fair judge. A decent forensic shrink's notes on anyone who would be both cop and judge would be highly interesting.

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct, 7:49. The ignorance on here is glaringly obvious.

Anonymous said...

Its funny how people react. . .

Elected official in Jackson does something stupid = the sky is falling

Elected official in Madison County does something stupid = Much less attention (crickets, relatively).

One would think that a judge committing a violent crime against a disabled person (while using a racial slur) would invoke more outrage than Kenneth Stokes screwing over a bus company. But in Mississippi, it is the other way around. Is it any wonder this state is last in (just about) everything.

Anonymous said...

What about the black Jackson police officer who tried to kill the unarmed white redneck at St. Padded parade a couple years back? He's still employed with JPD, right? A baton to the head seems more serious than a slap across the face.

Anonymous said...

Um... 7:37, the video is still online. Do you really want to go there? The kid from Rankin County was clearly the aggressor and you know it. And "tried to kill" really??? Can you atleast TRY to show some objectivity.

Anonymous said...


The kid from rankin county did not assault the officer. And yes, tried to kill is an accurate term. Considering officers are trained that a blow to the head is potentially fatal, the officer was aware of what could hve happened. The officer let his thug emotions take over and he tried to kill the redneck.

Under no corcumstances is an officer allowed to strike the head with a baton. Unless lethal force is justified.

Libel? said...

How does KangFush get away with claiming somebody has 'banged every hot chick in town'?

He often claims to be an investigative reporter, a journalist, a news person. Now this?

Anonymous said...

Haha, wow!

The kid is clearly the aggressor. He swings at the cops (probably would have made contact if not for his friend holding him back) while calling them "f---ing n----r." The natural consequence followed - the disorderly kid was subdued with force.

Yes, the cop used a baton. Yes, the cop could have killed the kid IF that was what he wanted to do. The cop did not kill the kid, despite his ability to do so. Is every use of a baton by a police officer an attempt to kill?

. . . And the cop is the thug??? Okay, Al Sharpton.

I'm actually glad you posted. It shows just how many hoops people like you will jump through to abide by your double standard. It is an excellent illustration of just how ridiculous you and your ilk are. I will pray for you.

The point stands: you guys have a double standard, and it is obvious to everyone but you.

Kingfish said...

The Jack Abbott reference should have given away it was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Harvey and Gaillett would have diligently overseen the implementation of the Siemens contract. Lumumba was largely detached from his responsibilities as hands on chief executive. Willie Bell was over his head.Kishia Powell is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

The redneck never swang at the officer. He was pushed by the female. He shouldn't have insulted the officer, but the officer had no right to use lethal force.

And yes, the JPD officer was a thug. The majority are. Any respectable officer of the law would agree that the thug should have been relieved of his duties

Glad you feel so strongly though. Next time your neighbor calls me a cracker, I'll be sure to bash his skull in with a baton, since you seem that as an appropriate response to verbal insults.

And if any cops out there are reading this, if my friend or family was struck in the head by a thug officer I would blow said officers brains out.

Anonymous said...

The mere fact that the thug officer never recieved disciplinary action shows how pathetic JPD is.

Anonymous said...

1:16 and 1:18 (since you are clearly the same person), did you watch the video? Maybe a "swing" was not the right thing to call what the kid did (because it was so uncoordinated), but the kid definitely went after the officer (and likely would have succeeded had his friend not held him back. Once again, you're doing mental gymnastics to take the "right" side.

What is your opinion about the Michael Brown case? Considering your opinions about this Rankin County thug, your explanation should be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Say what you want about Bill Weisenberger. You can't deny how awesome he looks in the Madison County Sheriff's Office SWAT uniform at the Christmas Toy Drive at Wal Mart on Sheriff Randy Tucker's Facebook page this past December.

Anonymous said...

Why don't some of you jerks form y'all a KKK chapter and get you some white sheets and go for it! I read an article today comparing ISIS to the KKK. Both claim to be religious fundamentalist, one Islamic the other Christain. Put a bunch of fundamentalist in a sack, shake them up and when you pour them they all look the same!

Anonymous said...

I think that 1:16 is off his/her meds. Sounds like he/she has been hit in the head a time or two. And so 1:16 you would commit a more severe crime than would be committed against your family. Go to Whitfield you psychopathic nut job.

Anonymous said...

6:05 I missed the photos/videos of the KKK decapitating anyone last month, or the threat by the KKK today to burn alive all the prisoners they displayed in cages TODAY.

Please provide a reference for your belief to show it's not a delusion - you must read more papers than I do.

Anonymous said...

8:16, are you REALLY trying to take up for the KKK? Are you out of your mind??

Anonymous said...

8:16 is sticking up for the KKK. No, these commenters are soooooo not racist.

Your KKK mentality is dying out. Sure, the KKK might not have done those things in the past month or today. Why, you ask? Because the KKK is a dying breed that is composed of the lowest of the low in the most remote, obscure, and backwards parts of even this State. They simply do not have the resources or the influence to do what they did in the past.

The recent KKK inactivity has nothing to do with whether or not they are more decent than ISIS. I love how you had to narrow that down as being in the last month.

When the KKK still had influence in this Country and State, the type of behavior you have described was standard and accepted (against African-Americans, Jews, Catholics, Atheists, and just about anyone else who doesn't have sex with their cousins).

Keep commenting. It makes it even more clear how little stock we should put into your opinions.

Anonymous said...

2/13/15 @ 8:57

Weisenberger never arrested me.

But I've practiced law in that courtroom, plenty.

I send an affidavit to the commission on judicial performance when he sentenced a black man to 5 days in prison for a DUI 1st offense, when the maximum is 48 hours. He did this while he was under investigation for the flea market incident.

I'm a right-winger who hates when people play the race card. I think Bill Truly is a race-baiting piece of filth, and I don't give two damns for the NAACP.

But Bill Weisenberger is a redneck thug, who had no business wearing a badge or a judge's robe.

He also sentenced someone for a crime that doesn't exist.

Now come on back at me, Billy Bob. Bill didn't arrest me. He's just a stupid piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

9:09 if you were an actual lawyer you would know that misdemeanor convictions do not go to prison. And what crime does not exist are you talking about?

Anonymous said...

I'm not 9:09 but if you don't think 5 days in jail is imprisonment, my guess is you are one of this guy's comrades (or more fittingly a fellow super soldier) who believed it was ok for a judge to wear a badge.

On a related note, wtf was that sheriff thinking?

Anonymous said...

1. I'm not a super soldier 2 you said you have practiced law in a court room. 3 so what are you 4 I can't speak for the Sheriff

Anonymous said...

6:05: I'm responding to your response to my post about KKK and ISIS. You, sir are a fool. Of course the article was comparing the KKK and their past record to ISIS and their current horrific activities. Now would you like for me to go further? If you do, post your email address and I will compile several attachments for you. I don't think you can attach photos to this thread. I tell you what idiot, just goggle Emmitt Till and choose images, then get back with me. By the way, I don't think justice has been served in the Till killing.

Anonymous said...

Someone should show 3:23 pictures of Ralph Weems after he was savagely beaten by a black mob. I don't believe justice has been served in that case either.

Anonymous said...


Fine, dummy. Jail, not prison.

"Roaming Luvestock."

I'm not just making stuff up. Google it, dummy

Anonymous said...

4:44... You don't want to get in pissin match with me on this. You will lose the argument. You see, there is no way to tell what the true numbers would be because there was a time not to long ago that killing a black man wouldn't even get documented. You are either to young or to dumb or you yourself are so full of racist rage you can't deal with facts. I'm a white man who grew up in the Delta, I wittnessed a black farm worker get his ass slapped around for breaking a plough share. Question: was there not two arrested made in the Ralph Weems case? The Till family has been waiting on justice since 1956!

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