Saturday, February 14, 2015

Here we go again

13 auto burglaries at the Cabot Lodge on North State Street last night.  All were trucks and yes, guns were stolen.  The police were never called and the new security guard reported blew off reports of suspicious activity in the parking lot.  This is not the first such episode at this particular hotel as an AR-15 was stolen out of a DWFP truck last year. 

Kingfish note: Possible inside job? Just a thought.


Anonymous said...

you cant help but wonder what the people staying there are thinking. There are plenty of hotels in safe areas close by, why in the world would someone choose to stay in Jackson? They have to be aware of how dangerous it is.

Anonymous said...

Going to have to move the Dixie National to Meridian

Anonymous said...

Cabot's problem is that it's not close enough to Belhaven or Fondren. If it were closer to either, it'd be perfectly safe to park there and stay there.

Anonymous said...

11:03, I can't answer that first-hand, but probably something like "my hospital visit/business meeting/whatever is in Jackson, and I, like most normal people, want to stay somewhere convenient." No one, after having traveled to the area, wants to drive in from Pearl or Ridgeland when the purpose of the trip is something in Jackson. I am sorry that this crime happened, but I think you overreact. This is a free country, so you are free to live in your little bubble, but if you don't like it here, feel free to leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the new neoHUD apartments get built just north of there in Fondren.

Anonymous said...

Connection to the car jack'n in the Baptist parking garage ?

Anonymous said...

Whenever I stay in an out-of-town hotel, I always bring my guns into the room rather than leave them outside in the car or truck.

Anonymous said...

The apartments will actually be an improvement compared to what was there before. You conveniently left out the luxury apartments being built across from St. Dominic's or the luxury apartments going up downtown. Of course, that does not fit well with your point of view so you ignore it . . . figures.

Anonymous said...

Probably all ford trucks that can be popped open with screwdriver in 3 seconds. Any of you douchebag lawyers wanna start a class action lawsuit agaist ford for the obvious design flaw? Get some jimmyjammers installed

Anonymous said...

This is not a difficult concept. Never. Leave. A weapon. In. Your. Vehicle. No matter where your are. People brag, "Oh, I keep a gun in my truck. Ain't nobody gonna mess with me." It's a truck. Crooks know you have a gun. If you're such a supporter of gun rights, get a CCP and use it. If you can't carry a gun into the place you're going, leave the gun at home. Your vehicle is far more likely to be pilfered than finding yourself in a situation where you would need to use your gun.

Anonymous said...

Cabot Lodge Milsaps is a wonderful facility. No area of the metro area is immune to crime. Wonderful developments under way in Fondren area. UMC, St D's, VA serve as a hub to Fondren along with many stores, restaurants and churches. A shame that some suburbanites take pleasure in criticizing the Capitol city!

Anonymous said...

"Cabot Lodge Milsaps is a wonderful facility. No area of the metro area is immune to crime. Wonderful developments under way in Fondren area. UMC, St D's, VA serve as a hub to Fondren along with many stores, restaurants and churches. A shame that some suburbanites take pleasure in criticizing the Capitol city!"

If you're deep in PARODY, then you've done an excellent job mimicking a certain element. Otherwise...

Anonymous said...

13 cars and a paid security patrol outside? That's suspicious to say the least...

Anonymous said...

Just more guns on the street to terrorize the residents. If you live in Fondren or Belhaven be aware. The thugs live close and love visiting you.

Anonymous said...

2:55, if you don't like Jackson, you are free to focus on your own community.


Anonymous said...

2:55: So tell us about your community. I'll give it a shot: Lots of great things happening. Just last week, we got ourselves a Longhorn. Take that Jackson! There's another strip-center going up on the other side of the fence. Can't wait. I look forward to shopping there after my 45 minute commute from Jackson. Speaking of Jackson, that place sucks. Pay no attention to the problems elsewhere. Focus on Jackson. Suburban property values depend on it, because God knows we have nothing else to offer.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the criminals were white people from Rankin county with Whole Food bumper stickers!

Anonymous said...

I live in Fondren. Have not spoken to even 1 Fondren homeowner who thinks that a high-density low-income apartment complex in that location is going to help our property values. You only fool yourself if you think those complexes will not increase crime rates in this area. Low-income apartments are crime magnets. Appears that our so called Fondren leaders were asleep at the wheel on stopping this development before it started.

Anonymous said...

Since Belhaven has been mentioned in this thread just wanted to mention the must luxurious hotel in the metro, the Fairview Inn, is located in Belhaven. By the way I also rode through Fondren last night the restaurants were packed!

Anonymous said...

4:21, how is 1863 treating you? I (almost) feel sorry for people with your mentality. This country will become stranger and stranger to you as we move away from your way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

5:03: You might not be correct on your facts. The apartments are 60% median income, 10% veterans, 10% accessible, according to the article. Median would require an income above 30k for a single person.

Bringing tens of millions of dollars to an area like this one should be part of the answer, not the problem. It is up to the residents and leaders to make sure that it is done well - not that it is stopped. We can't solve anything by stamping out every project that might happen.

There are hundreds of thousands low and median income residents (real people!) in the metro area who are not criminals and who make great neighbors. Don't just blanketly insult every service employee working at the hospitals and colleges and every police officer and teacher! Why can't all of these people live here? Are you serious?

It is also worth noting that a few years ago over 20 cars were broken into in Fondren in one night and the thug turned out to be a middle aged white guy from Madison County. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

5:03: You might not be correct on your facts.

That's funny. Don't see where 5:03 PM offered any stats at all.

Looks like your numbers are completely wrong regarding median income.

The units are going to be available to families with incomes 60% or less of Jackustan's median income.

Per USCensus Jackustan's median household income is $32,708, 2.7 persons per household.

60% of median is $19,624 annually. NOT "30k for a single person".

That's Federal poverty level stuff. But you go ahead and keep that head buried in the ground that elected officials will "make sure that it is done well". Like the water meters!


P.S. 5:03 PM did get this right:

Low-income apartments are crime magnets.

Fondrenites like 5:03 PM have something to be worried about. You BETCHA!

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna

Want to know something fun? I wait tables at one of the fondren restaurants you just adore. Last time you were here I spit in your food.

They way you talked to my girlfriend and tried to belittle her with your blind logic was ridiculous. Let alone the you took it upon yourself to attack her character. I'm going to do it next time you come as well.

Anonymous said...

If there were THIRTEEN vehicles broken into, with a so-called "security patrol", Mr. Security Guard has a few friends with some new guns now. GEEZ.

Anonymous said...

Not to excuse the burglars, but I can't believe that people leave valuables and guns in their cars overnight. Now what sensible person would do such a thing? It is as silly as leaving your car running while you go into a convenience store

Anonymous said...

1:35 Same with some Chevy trucks, they can be opened in seconds with a screwdriver under the door handle. And Jimmi Jammers DON'T WORK. I know for fact. I thought they would and had them installed on my Chevy truck a few years ago after a friend's Chevy truck was broken in to in Jackson. Mine with Jimmi Jammers installed was finally tested a few months ago in Jackson, the thugs succeeded in unlocking my truck quickly in broad daylight in a busy parking lot.

Anonymous said...

6:58: You are correct that the requirement is 40% of units at 60% of Median income. But you are incorrect on the number. Median income according to for Jackson, MS HUD Metro is 58,600. I am not an expert, but 60% of this is 35,160. The MHC site references HUD for median income, not USCensus. I believe that this area includes the median of Hinds, Madison, Rankin. Someone can correct me if I am wrong here. A teacher in JPS would have to teach for 3 years to reach this salary. Rents are to be 658 1br, 792 2br, 914 3br. Those are not terribly low.

Where do you propose that people who make less than 35k should live?

Anonymous said...

Pretty crazy. I don't live in Jackson (I'm a Hattiesburg guy) but was there this past week and stayed at that Cabot Lodge on Tuesday night.

Anonymous said...

I've had my problems with Donna, I'm assuming we're talking about DL. Spitting in her food and admitting such a deplorable act only displays your weakness as a person. It really shows me that you don't think much of yourself. I hope you get caught doing this because if you will do it to her you will do it to others! You are a lowlife misfit to say the least.

Masta Gatmasta said...

** Median household income, 2009-2013 **

$59,904 Madison
$57,380 Rankin
$37,626 Hinds

$99,124 Madison

$67,997 Brandon

$59,355 Clinton
$56,102 Byram
$52,233 Ridgeland
$51,125 Flowood

$43,784 Richland
$43,134 Pearl

$39,031 Mississippi
$33,692 Canton
$32,708 Jackson

Anonymous said...

"2:55: So tell us about your community. I'll give it a shot: Lots of great things happening. Just last week, we got ourselves a Longhorn. "

Sorry if I'm late to reply - just came back from my long-delayed first visit to a packed Seafood R'evolution. Had a meal equal to any I've enjoyed in NYC or New Orleans. The other diners I spoke to agreed.

Oh wait - I must be mistaken. Since it wasn't in Fondren I must have mistaken a Longhorn for where I thought I was :-)

Anonymous said...

At least 2 vehicles were also broken into across from Old Capitol Inn on State Street last night, and at least 1 gun was taken.

Anonymous said...

And, we wonder where convicted criminals and some would be jihadists will get their guns!

Tell me again how responsible gun owners are and how you all take safety seriously and why letting irresponsible people who couldn't pass a licensing test own guns makes society safer?

And, how about my right not to have to suffer the consequences of your stupidity?!

It's time we held gun owners financially responsible for any crimes committed with their stolen weapons!

Sleeps In Truck said...

I've read all the posts. I can't understand all these people who (appear to) live in Jackson immediately straddling the throats of other communities. The issue here is the break-ins of multiple vehicles at a Jackson hotel. The issue here is NOT 'shut up if you don't like Jackson'.

How could this happen. It's a relatively busy area, not secluded, not walled up, not hidden in bushes or trees.

Nor is the issue how much it costs to replace a gun. Nor is it the loss of guns. Who wants their windows busted out, whether a gun is in the vehicle or not.

What's the answer to this problem? It is NOT to sling crap at outlying communities.

Anonymous said...

7:23 pm

That you think spitting in Donna Ladd's food would be a better alternative that defending your girlfriend verbally to Ms. Ladd at the moment of insult is something you should not admit.

Spitting is juvenile. I would wish your girlfriend to have a man, not a boy at her side.

I would hope your girlfriend would choose someone who wouldn't risk his job to do something so meaningless since Ms. Ladd wouldn't know. Unless every waiter in Fondren has a girlfriend who Ms Ladd belittled, you have placed your job at risk with your post.

I would hope your girlfriend was capable of defending herself against put downs by anyone including an apparently volatile boyfriend.

Grown ups learn how to deal effectively with obnoxious people.

No one can " get your goat" unless you react to their goad emotionally. You should have an arsenal of responses that make the person goading you feel foolish for trying.

Sometimes, simply a smile and saying " I'm sorry you are having such a difficult day " can be devastating. You have made it clear you have dismissed every word they uttered. And, that sinks in .

Kingfish said...

Spit in her food? Classy. You deserve to get your ass kicked for that one.

So if someone steals my car, commits a murder with it, or gets drunk and kills a child while driving the car, I should be sued because its my car?

Anonymous said...

People need to become more comfortable wih open carry. A gun on your hip is much less likely to get stolen.

Anonymous said...

KF, if you left your unlocked car in the front yard of person you knew to be a known criminal or drunk with the keys in it with a history of car theft, yeah.

You know the liability would be established by a jury as to whether or not the person was negligent in securing their "lethal weapon".

And, we both know that laws can establish the extent of liability and define negligence.

Leaving your gun in an vehicle with windows so it's visible or obvious or leaving children in your car with a loaded gun in the glove compartment is negligent.

That we have concealed carry where you can take your gun with you makes it even more negligent.

That you have to demonstrate some maturity by age and some competence to be licensed to drive a car but not to own a gun makes your example a poor one.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought: if it's so damn dangerous in the Fondren and Belhaven area why would you leave your weapon in your car? My weapon would have goes to my room regardless of what the motel policy is. My safety is paramount when I travel.

And remember with all the attention that these wild packs of dangerous thugs are getting in the city that's even more of a reason to have your weapon. Most of the time these folks are all 'cracked' out, so what would keep them from entering the motel and attacking people in side?

Anonymous said...

12:24am mentioned 2 that were broken into in the lot across from Old Capitol Inn on State, but I also think there were 4 more broken into that had parked on the street beside Old Capitol (Amite maybe). I was attending the same event there Friday night, but made the decision to carry my firearm in with me since I have my CCP & was not going to be unprepared walking back to my vehicle when it was time to head home. Everyone carrying a firearm should seriously take the time to get their CCP so you don't have to leave it in your vehicle ever!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard any evidence of if/how many guns were taken in the break ins, but you are crazy to leave one in your car. The '1863' comment was funny, some hipster who is several generations removed from any male relative who had a pair. You guys have a nice relaxing life down there in Little Soweto.

Anonymous said...

2:45 pm my male relatives have had a " pair" since 1730 and right up until today.

They weren't so dumb as to leave their weapons where the Indians, the British, the Yankees or anyone else could steal them or use them useless their bodies were on the ground !

Your macho BS is telling!

Anonymous said...

"Cabot Lodge Milsaps is a wonderful facility. No area of the metro area is immune to crime. Wonderful developments under way in Fondren area. UMC, St D's, VA serve as a hub to Fondren along with many stores, restaurants and churches. A shame that some suburbanites take pleasure in criticizing the Capitol city!:

Follow the yellow brick road...

Trust Me - We're Safe said...

Fo-Low The Yello Brick Road.

Drink the Purple Kool. Aid.

Anonymous said...

Stole guns, electronics, and money from 15 cars at the Cabot.

Anonymous said...

It appears blaming the victim is no longer enough... now we must prosecute them. Unbelievable.

Getmo Facts said...

More info please. Was this a guard employed by the faciluty or one contracted to a private firm? This is important to know. How could this possibly happen with a guard on duty in that small parking lot? Were windows busted out or locks picked or was entry gained some other way.

Those are the things we need to know. Not how this relates to Fondren or Belhaven or Madison. Where are the facts, Kingfish?

Anonymous said...

5:03 pm I see you don't get it.

There's something called negligence.

I'm not holding the " victims" responsible for the break in and damages to their vehicles but rather for leaving a weapon unsecured.

And, they are only held responsible at the point their negligence causes damage...the use in a crime of their weapon.

Leaving your weapon in a vehicle is the same as speeding or driving drunk. Even if someone else who is drunk hits you, you aren't off the hook.

Anyone who leaves anything of value in a vehicle that isn't in a garage that's secured is just asking for trouble.

Anonymous said...

Using your 'logic' 7:22 would make us responsible if someone carjacked our vehicle and ran over you... simply because we were the owner of the vehicle?

Anonymous said...

4:14 PM: Anyone using YOUR so-called "logic", would simply make them responsible for being a dumbass. You clearly missed the fact that 7:22's comment was stating that leaving a GUN in an unattended vehicle was negligent. But it is quite obvious that "logic" is not your strongest trait, nor is reading for that matter it seems. If it were, you would have refrained from jumping the gun & attempting such a stupid analogy. Nevertheless, I do hope that you can take off your blinders long enough to prepare yourself if someone does attempt to carjack you, because us CCP holders WILL be as prepared as we can be in the situation that they do attempt to carjack us, rob us...or even run over us in your car they just took from you. Why? Because we will not have left our firearm sitting in a car in a parking lot somewhere! Get a grip dude.

Anonymous said...

First off, being on of the people that was staying there and have stayed there for years for Dixie Nationals an being a person that's vehicle that was broken in to, it was 16 that was broken into an not all of them where trucks. Most of them where but there where also several SUVs involved as well. People need to get em there facts straight before they start jumping to conclusions about what happened, all of these 16 vehicles were broken into by a smashed window and some even had two windows smashed. The Cabot Lodge did a great job and comped everyone's rooms an even paid to fix the glass of the vehicles that where broke which was something a lot of hotels would not have done. Not only was the Cabot the only other place that got hit. There where also 5 other hotels and the hospital had vehicles broken into the same night.

Anonymous said...

And there was a security guard on duty in the parking lot when these windows were being smashed?

Kingfish said...

The information I posted came directly from JPD. Take it up with them.

Luxury Serviced Apartments Guy said...

Oh, the controversy!

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