Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Police: Gun not pulled on child.

A Jackson family claims that Ridgeland police pulled a gun on a six-year old boy during the execution of an arrest warrant. WLBT reported:

A Jackson couple is outraged after they say Ridgeland Police officers threatened their 6-year-old with a gun during a search Friday.

Paul and Angela Thompson Roby said Ridgeland officers arrived in an unmarked car at a home on Brisbane Lane looking for 23-year-old Carneigio Gray.

Gray is Angela Roby's brother. The home belongs to her mother Olivia Gray.

The Robys said officers pointed their weapons at their child who is special needs.

"My son was telling the police officers to stop to not do that. Please don't hurt his uncle and that's when the guns were drawn on him and my mother was telling them hey please don't point your gun at my grandbaby. Please don't do that," said Angela Thompson Roby, mother of child.

Ridgeland PD Lt. John Neal said Gray was charged with contempt of court for failure to appear on a paraphernalia charge from 2012.

Neal said during the arrest Gray resisted Hinds County Deputies and Ridgeland Police. The Robys have contacted the FBI and Attorney General's office.  Ridgeland Police said they have not filed a complaint with the department.
Pretty serious charges. However, law enforcement sources dispute the grandmother's allegations.   Sources told JJ that police received information that Gray was at the home of Olivia Gray.*  Ridgeland police sent officers in an unmarked car to the address. A Hinds County deputy accompanied them as they were out of their jurisdiction.  That means two different law enforcement agencies were present at the scene.

Sources said Ms. Gray told the police her son was not at her home but she gave them permission to search the house.  The police found one Carngeigio Gray hiding underneath a pile of laundry doing his best impression of an MDOT employee.  He refused to leave with the police and instead put up a fight.  One officer subdued him with a taser.  The taser apparently sounded like a gunshot and Ms. Gray and child went to the back room.  The officer heard the commotion behind him and turned around to see what it was while holding the taser in his hand.  No weapons were ever pointed at the child. The police told them to retreat from the room.

Sources were emphatic that at no time were guns pointed towards the child nor was the child threatened by police.   The Robys were not present.  All allegations charging the police pointed a gun at the child originate with Olivia Gray.

The family did file a complaint against the Ridgeland police officers involved in the incident at the Ridgeland Police Department today. 

Kingfish note: If the Robys and Ms. Gray are not telling the truth, they achieved their purpose.  Here are some comments from WLBT's website and Facebook page:

So you would trust a police officer that pointed a gun at your 6 year old special needs child?

 Or blame the officer who pointed a gun at a 6 year old!

 A UNARMED CHILD!!! & he has special needs.. That's just sad. Police take their job too serious.. What they fail to realize is that "you bleed red blood just like I do" without that uniform you are nobody!!! Exactly why I do not trust some police officers

  yall white people are the real crooks

 They where there though & they aimed a weapon at a child who was unarmed! You can make all the excuses you want. That unprofessional & not right at all

 A badge and a gun makes some ppl just plain stupid!! Really?? So desperate to make that arrest,they pointed a gun at that sweet baby whom the mama says is special needs?? SMH.... No wonder haters gonna hate!!! I hope that baby is compensated dearly...…officer responsible,fired!!!!

 What about the officer threatening a special needs child? Well a child period! Something needs to be done about these officers these days because they are taking their jobs to a whole different level. I understand you looking for a criminal but don't disrespect and threaten my child!

 These police needs to be held accountable for their action. I hope the parents sue them. It's just wrong to pull a gun on a child.

 Somebody really need to handle ridgeland police because they really dont know the meaning of being real police officers they all are just stupid in target every car that comes thur there thats not a BMW

 Let's see them do that to my special needs child I would go hunting the sob.

 Just think about it... What if it was you, your child, your niece /nephew, mother, grandparents, cousin? How would you handle it? Would you just sweep it under the rug? Say for instance if the gun actually went off and harmed this child?

 I don't care what the situation was... a gun in a six year olds face....RIDICULOUS, NO EXCUSE!

  I still say it's wrong pulling a gun on a 6 yr old

 Omg!! I'm sorry that's just wrong for pulling a gun on a 6 year old!! Like frfr it doesn't matter what the cop came for that's a child!! Glad it was my child r family cus that cop would have been good a dead in my book! ! That's a baby!!

 He is only six years old but I guess if they are BLACK of any age they are a threat. I thank God that they did not shoot the six year older.

 These stupid cop's think they can just do this to a child I hope the sob cop who done this is gone off the force for good pos

 Sorry excuse for cops!most cops aren't worth chit anymore!I see why people are killing them off

 I understand if they was in THE OTHER room she doesn't have xray vision. Her and the grandbaby ran into the room which was wrong but why put the gun on the grand baby and not her? It's a war against black men.

*Olivia Gray is not listed as a property owner in Hinds County property records.


Anonymous said...

It's just too bad that the word of the police can not be taken as the truth without question anymore ( least not for me).

Unfortunately, the thugs among their ranks (and the others who refuse to call the thugs out) have created this situation.

Anonymous said...

4:02 - yep. Too many stories lately where cops swore to one version, & then it turns out some camera caught a very different version.

I hate it for the good cops, but until the good cops start policing themselves, they'll suffer the reputation created by the bad ones.

That said, do I know the truth of this particular story? No, I do not. And without video evidence, the cops' version will win out, regardless of what happened.

Anonymous said...

Hiding under a pile of laundry is always an effective way to fool law enforcement officers......said no one ever.

And That's....The Bottom Line said...

Before the Justice Department plane lands, can we get some things straight here?

What was the race of the Ridgeland Cops and of the Jackson Cop(s)?

Do the cops of both jurisdictions corroborate each others' story?

If cops in a bedroom have just tased a man on the floor and there's suddenly a loud commotion at the bedroom door, is it logical to suspect one or more cops might turn rapidly toward the source of that noise? If the people roaming around in the living room were able/allowed to move to the bedroom door, making loud noises, does that not indicate that all of the cops were in the bedroom where the tasing occurred? And if the answer to the last question is 'yes', and the stories of all of the officers (of whatever race) are in agreement, then there's your facts.

'Special needs' has nothing whatever to do with this story.

When all is said and done, I'm afraid this non-story is about 'my baby ain't done nuthin'. He might hide in a pile of laundry, but he a good boy'.

Anonymous said...

Just like Ferguson MO. The guilty say one thing while all the evidence says the police were in the right.

Anonymous said...

constables on patrol are underpaid, ill trained, and ill educated to do the job. I read "reports" quite often and am appalled at the scrawled and poorly spelled attempts at recording an event.

police departments are also havens for disturbed military veterans that can't reintegrate into civilian society.

its just like so many societal problems: more money to pay them would allow the misfits to be weeded out in the application/training phases.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Gray would have more credibility if she had not lied about her son being in the home.

Anonymous said...

Once again the media is to fault here. This is a non story until it is investigated properly and becomes a story. If they have contacted the justice department let them be the first to be interviewed. It's all about media being able to charge more for commercial time.

Anonymous said...

6:14 best comment yet

Kingfish said...

The stories from both agencies matched up. Of course, that is proof of the conspiracy.

There is also a great example of the opposite case. Black guy in Oakland claims police mistreated him and his kids. They went to the media and pulled the same stunt as the Roby's.

Just one thing. The cop wore a body camera. Showed a totally different incident than the one described to the media. Was actually nice to the kids.

C Ainsworth said...

police departments are also havens for disturbed military veterans that can't reintegrate into civilian society.

To this I say: Screw You Asshat.
There are a LOT of LEO's that are peculiar, and even more Firefighters that are just plain weird, but have a little respect for those putting their lives on the line on a daily basis. Most of them joined to help others, much like most Military Veterans. Now pull your head out of your third point of contact you anonymous dingleberry.

Anonymous said...

LOL,,, you want to be a cop? You go into some criminals momma house and pull out a wanted man, who does not want to go into custody. He was tazed not shot. The criminal was removed from a full house of family members and nobody else got hurt. Quit crying about your special needs child, criminals' momma seems to be trying to get a little jackpot justice. She lied about the criminal being at her house. How can you trust anything else she say?

Constables? said...

Don't know what this story has to do with Constables; but, constables make more money than school teachers and most state employees.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine why anyone would want to be a cop today. The media and the hoards of bottom feeders that live outside the law have demonized them to the point that anarchy is just around the corner. SHAME on you WLBT. Just who's side are you on?

Anonymous said...

6:16, You are correct in some instances, but it depends on which county the constable is in. In most counties they have another full time job so they can put groceries on the table.

Anonymous said...

Body Cameras.

Anonymous said...

The worst part about this situation? The media ran with a story without all of the facts. Sensationalism at its best.

Anonymous said...

I would suspect both Ridgeland PD and Jackson PD are more than a little miffed that grandma lied to them about ole Carneigo hiding in the dirty clothes hamper. What if her baby just happened to have a gun and decided to use it. Hopefully grandma gets more than a slap on the hand.

Anonymous said...

Kid did drugs or had drug paraphernalia.

Kid didn't show for court.

Mama lied.

Other family stood by and didn't care to speak up the truth when they should.

Kid wasn't man enough to come forward so as not to shame his family.

Kid resisted arrest.

Mama lies again about big bad cops handling the situation.

Commenters scream anti-cop, anti-whitey immediately even though mama just showed she is a liar.

This is why people segregate.

Kingfish said...

Only black people lie to the cops? Really?

Anonymous said...

Ridgeland PD officers went to this house along with a Hinds County Deputy. These are paid law enforcement officers that have been trained and certified at an accredited training facility.

A constable is an elected official that doesnt have to have a minutes worth of time or training at any training facility. He is paid by the papers he serves and the tickets he writes that the court can collect on. You say a constable is undertrained?? You're right in that aspect because they dont have to be trained. All they need is to qualify to run for the office of constable and get elected and thats IT.

Car 54 said...

Show me a constable who works two or three jobs and I'll eat your tinted windows. These guys make upwards of $50-$70,000 dollars a year serving process and pretending to be cops. If not, they should not run for the job.

Anonymous said...

I just love what they've done with the yard. Those wobbly 'Cotswold-style' cobblestones off the front gallery are a creative touch.

And it's always good to cut down all the shrubbery. Bushes draws snakeses.

I looked up 'Carneigio', to see what part of Italy this distinguished family is from. No luck with that. But I do see that Carneigio Gray has a GooglePlus account (nothing interesting I could find, though), and Facebook says he 'studied at' Jackson Stay.

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