Friday, February 13, 2015

Flowood robber was remanded to file in Jackson. (UPDATE)

Update: MDOC reponded to a JJ inquiry regarding whether it would revoke Carter's probation with this statement: "We have asked that a hold be placed on this offender for probation violation.MDOC now wants Carter.  It remains to be seen if the Hinds County District Attorney will revive the armed robbery charge that was remanded to file.  Question for Mr. Carter: How does it feel to be so popular? Flowood wants you, MDOC wants you, even Robert Schuler Smith might want you. 

Original post on 2-11-15: Flowood Poh-lice arrested Carter and Sharonda Willis last week for a string of armed robberies of Flowood gas stations.   WLBT reported on February 4:

Twenty-four year-old Roderick Carter of Jackson and 18-year-old Sharonda Willis of Canton were arrested by Flowood Police following a report of an armed robbery at approximately 2:30 a.m. at the Cefco Store located at 5348 Lakeland Dr.

The suspects' vehicle was stopped and both arrested within minutes after the 911 call.
“This concludes a 2 week investigation where the same couple robbed 2 other stores in Flowood”, said Flowood Police Chief Richie McCluskey.

The robbery spree began on January 24 when a Cefco Store located at 4445 Mangum Dr. was robbed and then on January 31 another robbery occurred at a Kangaroo store located at 2391 Lakeland Dr. was robbed. All robberies included Carter entering the store wearing covering to hide his identity, displaying a weapon and demanding money.

Undisclosed amounts of money was taken from all locations and Carter and Willis would flee in the vehicle they were arrested in.

Both Carter and Willis were booked into the Rankin County Jail and are charged with 3 counts of armed robbery and Felon in possession of a firearm. If convicted both face 3 years up the possibility of life in prison.  WLBT story.
He was denied bond by Flowood last week. 

The Kingfish went to the Circuit Clerk's office in Hinds County and presto, there was indeed a court file on this guy. Two files actually.  He was indicted for armed robbery on November 9, 2012 with two other defendants for robbing a Wendy's on Ellis Avenue with a handgun.  The case was remanded to file as part of a plea agreement with the District Attorney (Educated guess: He either cooperated against the other two defendants or there was a lack of evidence.).  He was denied bond for the robbery charge. Judge Winston Kidd ordered him released from jail on February 28, 2014 and stated he had been in continuous  custody since  July 2012 for this charge and a  forgery charge.

Mr. Carter was indicted and convicted of uttering a forgery after he wrote a bad check for $468.  He was sentenced to ten years in prison with nine years suspended and given credit for time served in jail. He was set free immediately upon conviction.  He was serving a sentence of two years of probation when the arrest took place last week.

This case does not qualify for the Hinds County Catch & Release program but it does show Mr. Carter's successful progress in becoming a career criminal.      However, let's see if MDOC will revoke his probation.  Mr. Fisher, this is your test.


Anonymous said...

Diversity makes us stronger.

Anonymous said...

He certainly knows how to game the system.

Anonymous said...

Are you referring to economic diversity?

Anonymous said...

This pattern concerning the Hinds county justice system is unmistakable and the silence from Jackson and Hinds officials is deafening.

Anonymous said...

Note to Hinds County career criminals: Diversity in your selection of counties wherein to ply your "trade" can have negative consequences. Best stay in Hinds.

Anonymous said...

criminals don't care what county they are in...and besides, where u gonna git more bank? ellis or lakeland? fondren or farish?

Anonymous said...

@8:34, Kennnufth is mo worried bout people water bills

Anonymous said...

Note to all. See JPS democrat comment at 9:00.

Time Served YO said...

It's finally become apparent to me that one way to save time and money in Hinds county is simply to jail them for a period of time and later release them for 'time served'. Saves court time, frees up the jurdge, unlaxes the time of bailiffs and reporters and eliminates the need to come up with a pool of peers.

Anonymous said...

Quit your worrying guys. Just remember that mantra y'all have been repeating over and over on here: "contagion theory is fallacy - contagion theory is fallacy - contagion theory is fallacy." Just say it a couple more times and this stuff won't happen in Flowood anymore and Maybe there won't be anymore homicides in Madison. Remember guys, the most sustainable way to make your property values go up is to constantly blame Jackson for everything, and don't believe people when they say that Jackson going downhill will effect you. They just aren't as "smart" as you, so they don't know that contagion theory is a fallacy.

Remember, its not your problem - only a reason to throw stones.

Anonymous said...

More fear mongering by the clueless crew member in yet another last ditch effort to refloat the listing Jackson ship. Sorry pal, it isn't our problem.

Anonymous said...


I don't blame everything on Jackson. I blame the problems on a different factor. A factor that has historically proven to be the reason. If you want to discuss the problems in Jackson, and more and more of the surrounding area every day, then we have to have it somewhere where there is no moderator telling me was is too politically incorrect to say.

Anonymous said...

9:46--I'm 9AM-a Clinton republican. We know that the trash of Jackson comes knocking on our door every day, and if it weren't for our community, black and white, rallying against this crap it would totally ruin the place. Keep on kidding yourselves that criminals will not cross city or county lines to be thugs. They don't care--they follow the money. The one thing that's saving is is that west jackson continues to die and there are far less thugs than there used to be because there isn't any more stuff to steal. The thugs are moving east and north and south--and don't be as clueless as the JFP crowd..

Anonymous said...

12:33, so you're saying you want to blame black people, right?

Anonymous said...

so, you think property values really go up when the community 2 miles to your south implodes? I wonder what property values would do if the surrounding areas flourished.

Anonymous said...

@9AM Clinton Republican - Madison and Rankin counties have plenty of resovle to rally against this crap. In fact, Madison and Rankin should have an easier time than Clinton since they aren't subject to the stupidity of the Hinds county leaders and voters.

No one is dumb enough to believe crime can't happen in the best of places, but it doesn't take a detective to realize the measures taken to prevent these incidents. Of course an imaginary county line doesn't stop a criminal, but the crook knows he's in an area where he looks out of place, is being watched by proactive citizens who support relentless cops and elect a DA and Judges that don't play.

Anonymous said...

3:25, what a nice sanctimonious post. Please forgive this Hinds County resident from ever questioning a superior being like yourself, but despite your claims of superiority, this stuff still happens in Madison or Rankin Counties . . . hence this thread.

By the way, I've never worried about being stabbed by a syringe where I live . . . you know, like what happened in the not-so-distant-past in Madison County by a Rankin County resident.

Anonymous said...

4:06's desperation shows.

I assure you those of us that live in safe neighborhoods are well aware of the risks when Jackson residents come to town....hence this thread.

We don't believe we are in a bubble, and we are aware that Jackson residents drive cars to safer areas and rob and murder citizens there. But we do all we can to protect our families from them, not turn a blind eye and claim all is well.

Here; I'll Say It! said...

This is not unlike Obama's unwillingness to identify the enemy. Remember, if you can't or won't identify the cause of a disease, you can't expect to cure or diminish its effect. Same with doing battle or fighting crime.

You people who are unwilling to come right out and state what the problem is will always impede efforts to eradicate crime. You pretend to believe 'crime' is the problem while you know that crime is simply an outcome, a manifestation of the problem. You hide your heads in the sand and engage in riddles.

Yes, the problem is black youth - black youth who are poorly parented, unrestrained, absent work ethic, without any sense of personal responsibility and who are willing to take what you and I have without the assessment of personal risk and without appreciation for the harm and pain they might cause others. Simply, none of that matters.

How hard is that to understand? Why can't it be admitted? Why are there still people out there who are goofy enough to believe 'crime', at the level enjoyed by Jackson, is simply a normal outgrowth of a community in motion?

White people do not commit as many crimes as black youth. White kids do not act out in class as much as black kids. Communities with a majority white residents do not have the crime statistics as communities with a majority black residents. The more young black residents a community has, the more crime that community will have (see above description of black youth).

Guns do not commit crimes. Communities do not commit crimes. Crime does not just 'bubble up' naturally in any community. Crime is not natural. Crime does not happen equally from community to community (see contagion fallacy). People who speak up and are willing to identify the problem do not cause crime and they are not racist for having done so.

Next Question, Jackson.

Anonymous said...

6:11 is angry because he is late for his klan meeting. This is a poverty thing. Poverty is more prevalent in the black community. Therefore, social ills connected with poverty hit the black community harder. You seem like you blame poor people for being poor, which (I guess) helps you justify blaming black people for the problems you perceive in society. Have a nice life knowing that American society will just get stranger and stranger to you as we move even further away from your 19th century train of thought. Wake up - it's a brave new world.

Anonymous said...

6:11. Check fbi stats on that one. White people commit 69 percent of crimes in the usa. Just because you want something to be true does not make it so!

Anonymous said...

White people commit 69 percent of crimes in the usa.


Anonymous said...

9:22pm - link is:

Caucasians make up 75% of the population of the U.S. FBI crime statistics consists of some jurisdictions that do not report the race of the arrested and utilizes 4 categories: White, Black, American Indian or Alaskan Native, and Asian or Pacific Islander.

That 75% demographic does not include all of those ethnic groups that the 69% criminal stat does. So, no, 69% of crimes ARE NOT committed by Whites. At least 29% of crime IS committed by Blacks, which makes up only 10% of the U.S. population.

The FBI's distribution singles out Blacks, "Indians", and "Asians". If one does not fit into one of those narrow categories or if their race was not logged, then they are aggregated into the White category.

Blacks are nearly 3 times more likely to commit a crime than any other race (if you use the FBI statistics). That's using the stats that 7% of the Black population is the statistical number of Black arrests. 2.5% is the statistical number associated with everyone else, but is set against the demographic statistical number of only truly Caucasians.

Additionally, 49% of murderers were Black. 49% of murders were committed by 10% of the population, ethnically.

With all of that said, one can not correlate based on race. Culture is more significant than race and there are a multitude of cultures and sub-cultures within the different races.

Anonymous said...

@7:54. You need to further refine your stats to account for that portion of the black population that represents black males within a defined age range of, say, 15 (and getting younger every year) to 34. I expect that figure to represent less than 3-4%of US population figures. It is that 3-4% that is committing almost 1/2 of all murders in the U.S. Think about that. Black people have a serious culture problem. And I hear almost no one from within that culture attempting to seriously address the culture problem. Too easy to blame rich white folk.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to be a Mississippian. Most Mississippians I know are proud too.

I think we have all lost a sense of pride in our State--we have become desensitized to just how bad things have gotten in Jackson. It is unacceptable.

I appreciate Kingfish trying to go a step further and actually reporting crime in a relevant fashion. It is clear that there is a systematic failure in Hinds in the way we process criminals (among other things).

I just came back from business in Denver and was amazed by a lot of the things there. They had a massive, beautiful public library, infrastructure, University of Colorado Denver had just been rebuilt, etc. etc.

My point is this: we have all become to silo-ed in our view of Jackson. It is our capital city. One of the most apparent representations of our State. It should be something we are proud of, something we to take pride in.

The harsh truth and reality is that by saying it is not our problem, choosing to ignore, we have let the grass in our front yard become long and unmanageable.

To fix it is going to require us to stop being complacent. I always say, if people realized how profitable the business of doing good is, more people would do it. A thriving Jackson would be great for the surrounding areas.

-from Madison

Anonymous said...

Amen, 1:09. It is refreshing to finally see an intelligent comment on here. Too many people just don't seem to get it.

- from Jackson

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 1:09.

-from Jackson

Anonymous said...

You've self-congratulated yourself two times now. Good job!

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