Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Kaze responds

Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin responded to my little post about his Clarion-Ledger column.  Here is the statement he sent to me yesterday:

My only statement.... "Like a man...I want to take a moment and correct a mistake that I made. My latest column on folks reactions to crime in Jxn was written before I was made privvy to ALL the information regarding one of the cases. As a result, the comparisons I made between two separate deaths was premature. After receiving that info I can honestly say the 2 situations were indeed different and the circumstances/actions of those involved were vastly different. The 2 aren't the same. My apologies. I should have waited. HOWEVER, that does NOT change the fact that reports of Black victims of violent crime are handled differently by citizens and the media here. It does NOT change the fact that the media and some citizens value lives in Jackson differently. And it doesn't change the fact that no matter WHAT you've done in your past. Prior transgressions do not mean you "deserve" to die or that your life has less value than another. And it doesnt change the fact that black folks JUST like white folks are tired of the killing. Our outrage just doesnt make news. I won't stop pointing out that disparity any time soon As far as parts of my column...If I'm wrong. I own it and will SAY I'm wrong."

If someone is man enough to admit he is wrong, I'm man enough to accept it.   


Tell da troof, Danny Mollisack! said...

Good to see that a man, even one who refuses to shuck a juvenile rapper name, can admit his mistakes. HOWEVER, it does NOT change the fact that many outspoken liberals like you jump to conclusions regularly before all the facts are in and are ever at the ready to blame white people and scream racism no matter ther actual circumstances. Your tactics of dropping a bomb then coming in with a meek little, "sorry, BUT" are tiresome. It would have been nice to see you admit your mistake and apologize without all the conditions and caveats. The "but here's where I'm right" section is twice as long as the apology.

And last I checked, it's not white people loading up in a car and driving to black neighborhoods to rob and kill someone. The last time that happened, it made NATIONAL news and brought the DOJ to town. That's attention no murder of a white person around these parts receives.

Anonymous said...

when we had rush and were in bid sessions, one of the rules was that you couldn't pron a potential member. Pron being a pro and a con rolled into one statement. He has great grades and mom is a Milf, but goddamn he is a sloppy fat ass. Mr. Kaze, I don't need a lecture once again, you already did that the first time. Here is the reality, black America has attenuated to the violence within it's own community and accepts it. Getting stobbed on friday night or cut by a boxcutter is just part of it. A bunch of kids carjacking is part of growing up, kill a white lady? well she kinda deserves it for the whole slavery thing anyway. Ever stop to think that maybe, just maybe, black folks are inherently more violent and less in control of their emotions? Well a lot of white people have come to this conclusion. Maybe you sir need to preach to your own and not those who already act civilized. And get a new fucking name, moron.

Anonymous said...

And it doesnt change the fact that black folks JUST like white folks are tired of the killing. Our outrage just doesnt make news.

Then that is your action item Brad to change beyond your all-too-predictable tired laments and complaints we read ad nauseum in your C-L columns. The lack of media coverage for black murders is not the fault of Jackson's 18% white community.

Anonymous said...

Whoopee Doo!

Anonymous said...

"And it doesnt change the fact that black folks JUST like white folks are tired of the killing"
Then do something about it. All I see are blacks like "Kaze" celebrating the gangster lifestyle (seriously what self-respecting person calls themselves "Kaze"?), refusing to be held accountable (it ain't our fault, it's the white man/government/Mexicans etc.), and turning a blind eye to problems within their community because they are scared of being called an Uncle Tom by the same idiots causing the problems.

Anonymous said...

I respect Kaze for admitting his mistake and apologizing.

I respect KF for accepting his apology.

This is how " real" men who were raised with the hope they would become gentlemen behave.


6:34 am thru 6:57 am : Your comments are totally unworthy of our respect.

This morning, they have again contributed nothing to solving the crime problem. They have presented no new ideas. They have preached to the choir rather than persuaded anyone not already sharing their points of view.

They are engaging in pointless repetitive behaviors that have proven to change nothing.

That is what emotionally unstable people do. They know this is true, but can't recognize those behaviors in themselves.

Anonymous said...

6:40am - thank you for the hilarious bid session run down...brings back fond memories. Everyone else is spot on with comments about Kaze's "sorry, not sorry" apology.

It's the same attitude we see over and over again. Duke lacrosse team, sorry your lives are ruined over a story this stripper made up, but hey yall are privelaged so you'll do fine. George Zimmerman, sorry NBC ran a doctored 911 tape that turned the public and even the POTUS against you. Officer Darren Wilson, we don't care what the 10 autopsies show, the gentle giant's partner in crime has condemned you with his "hands up" testimony.

Every damn time, Sharpton and crew bus in, stir the pot, then slip away when their version of the story falls apart. When is enough, enough?

Anonymous said...

I guess I will never understand his point about the media covering (or lack of coverage of) black crime. "Our outrage just doesnt make news." Well, my individual outrage doesn't make the news either. No one in the media ever knocked on my door and said, "Gee sir, I would like to interview you about your outrage over crime in Jackson." What the media does cover is community rallies, meetings and other newsworthy gatherings concerning crimes (and other matters). Does he honestly believe that if the citizens of South Jackson organized an anti-crime meeting and hosted the police chief and mayor that would not be covered??? This assertion that the media is not covering "minority" matters in a city that is 80%+ African American is way off base. This is the type of argument that has merit in a city where the "minority" is truly the minority and is being overlooked. I can't say that's the case here. Perhaps I just don't get it. (Or perhaps it's just rhetoric).

Anonymous said...

8:06, solving the crime problem is only gonna happen when elected black officials all agree that the problem is withing their own community. I took a statistics course in college and just looking at the data on violent crime is enough to prove it is a young black male problem. All the overpriced pizza and pomp ain't gonna stop it. I dare you to walk down State Street from Fondren to Meadowbrook with a thousand dollars in your wallet at 10pm. Your dumb ass would be mugged and shot dead.

Anonymous said...


you are way out of line. i bet you wouldn't take your disrespectful ass down to jackson and say it to his face. most of you wouldn't. you just hide behind a keyboard talking shit that you wouldn't dare say out loud.

The man apologized. and you also can't knock him for having a voice of change in his hometown. he could have took the hollywood route and not looked back. He chose to stay in Jackson and use his gifts and talents to help his people and promote change. You are free to disagree with the "how" but then again.. HOW many others are at least making an effort? calling his mom a milf.. c'mon dude...

Anonymous said...

Either you apologize or you don't. "Sorry, but" isn't a true apology.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think his original intention (here) was to man-up and show complete courage, but that didn't happen. "But this, but that..."

Where he REALLY should post his admission is in the C-L but I don't think 80% of Jackson residents read it anyway.

Anonymous said...

@9:17 - you need to go back and read 6:40 again. He didn't call Kaze's mom a MILF.

Anonymous said...

...he could have took the hollywood route and not looked back.


...and you also can't knock him for having a voice of change in his hometown.

What has changed? Show us his results.

Burke said...

Well said, 8:06.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish you get carried away with your comment zapping. There is nothing wrong with what I said.

Until the black community resolves its mentality of 'snitches get stitches and end up under bridges', then expect young black males to continue to kill each other for sport. Don't come running crying to the white community about the mentality that is prevalent in your community.

Anonymous said...

Oh, dear!
Some of you just persist!

And, in doing so, you call your reading comprehension skills into question.

Kaze apologized for making an inappropriate comparison and admitted KF was right about it being inappropriate and agreed with the reasons KF was right.

He then clarified that his position on the inequality in the reaction to crime in the white community vs crime in the black community was unchanged.

That's not a " but", that's honesty.

As a white Southerner I find it disingenuous that some of you find yourselves unable to admit a history of inequality in treatment by law enforcement in the past or admit a problem can still exist.

I'm quite sure each of you know of teens, in particular, who , only because they were white were not charged with vandalism or theft!

I would remind you all that Claiborne Frazier and Linda Harmon both got by for far too long with unlawful behaviors that, when recognize as they were with them, would have sent them to Parchman had they been black with poor parents.

I would remind you that when KF noted that the teens with Desmond may have been easily misled, he was right. Peer group influence is strong during the teen years. What was missed is that blacks, particularly poor blacks currently have far more bad peer group influences to overcome when raising a child!

Single mothers of both trying to make ends meet also face similar challenges.

So, if you are sitting smugly while your little Janie or Johnnie is in day care or private school and has constant adult supervision, count your blessings!

I was lucky to get to choose to be stay at home mom. I was lucky to have a supportive and successful husband who loves me still. But, I got to see that not everyone was as fortunate as I. I got to see that those who worked for us over the years were not so lucky though they were good people and tried very hard.

I don't understand why some people can't see that " there , but for the grace of God, go I"!

Anonymous said...

A non-apology from a "rapper" who's never had a job, blames whitey and plays the race card. Perfect.

Anonymous said...

You can shove that police discrimination BS right up your ass. The vast majority of JPD is black. We have no control over what happened 60 years ago. Move on.

Poor White Kid Growin Up said...

11:10 Lady, you're so full of yourself it's spillin over.

If you really believed then what you say now, instead of staying home baking cookies, you should've been in town helping poor black kids for the many reasons/excuses you stated.

Anonymous said...

11:10am - I'm sure you're a wonderful lady that is of huge value to your family, and your life sounds a lot like my mother's. Your compassion is admirable, but it's not a characteristic our local, state or federal decision makers need to be swayed by. Compassion politics/programs began shortly after womens' suffrage, and many believe the creation and expansion of those programs began the steady undermining of the principles this great nation was founded on. I say that with no hostility or frustration towards women like yourself, who chose to work in the home as my mom did.

Anonymous said...

My biggest issue with what Brad said is that he forgets the black community isn't exactly welcoming of white folks who want changes made in the black community, even if they live in the same town. Whitey can't win in this situation. If you voice concern over the crime in a black neighborhood, you're racist. If you voice concern over a white woman getting murdered in NE Jackson (but did not do the same when Battlefield Gucci gets shot across town), you're a racist.

Burke said...

Take heart, 11:10. Rudeness on this site is systemic. Probably peer group pressure. Anyway, I am glad you chose to take the time to offer some perspective. Beyond that, though, however rudely stated, there is a serious need for black citizens to be more vocal about the significant amount of blame that has to be placed on themselves for the actions of what we used to call juvenile delinquents -- a term that doesn't begin to convey the grim terror now prevalent. An occasional voice can be heard; we need a mighty chorus.

Anonymous said...

"C-L but I don't think 80% of Jackson residents read it anyway"

I doubt 80% of them can read, period.

Thanks JPS! :-)

Hair du Nosef said...

Dear DonnerKay:

The police officer is black. The Yale Chief of Police is black.

But thanks sweetheart for perpetuating the race hoax.

Anonymous said...

8:06 am bashes other posters for not offering solutions yet offers no solutions themselves in their condescending post. To me, that is what emotionally unstable people do.

Anonymous said...

Public executions would work just fine as a solution.

Anonymous said...

7:34 And Pay-per-View could solve the city's budget problems. :-)

Anonymous said...

What Kaz does not realize or understand is that Ms. Temple was a well respected and much loved person by many. the people who loved, respected and admired her spoke out, stepped up and demanded justice. I for one don't know the person who he referred and was upset that no one noticed when he died. Perhaps the people who admired, respected and loved should have meetings demanding justice for him. Seems to me fair...

Anonymous said...

Packs of animals run the streets in Jackson, taking what they want. Killing people.

And this "rapper" is concerned that folks in a somewhat civilized enclave of the "city" are outraged.

Hey Kaze: are you married to your 17-year-old's mother? Y'all raise him in a 2-parent family?

Anonymous said...

6:34 am You are such a drama queen!

And, a nasty one at that!

You aren't " civilized" as those of us who are find no need to resort to hysterics. And I doubt you live in one of the " enclaves" or else you'd know there aren't " packs of animals running the streets" and that most of us go about our lives as do others in urban areas. We know that crime happens everywhere and simply stay alert and aware.

And, it's not a news flash but a reality for us that some areas have higher crime rates. We even know why that is. There's been tons of research on crime and nary a one says that criminals come in only one color!

Poverty is one of the consistent indicators and oh , DUH, more blacks live in poverty. There's not as much poverty in suburbia since housing is more expensive so less crime. Another DUH.

Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

The previous poster oversimplifies crime. Crime is not a product of poverty. Poverty is a catalyst and fertile ground for crime.

This is not a news flash, but there are many impoverished communities, and have been, that does not resort to crime. Years ago, a black college professor noted that urban crime has a cultural component. It has nothing to do with skin color, but to do with culture. He supposed that the black community does not value individual lives (especially black lives) due to the leftover devaluation associated with slavery.

He was not placing blame or creating an excuse, but was attempting to offer an explanation so that people could change that culture of indignation.

He noted that small communities of blacks in the southern states did not appear to adhere to such culture. That they, even though impoverished and are direct descendants of the aforementioned slaves, appeared to value more the individual life.

IIRC, his whole premise was based on the notions that we (humans) in large groups can alter right and wrong as long as the group appears to accept the changes. [Mob Mentality] That we have Congress and state congresses, who appear to us as apotheosis of We, The People, who are elected by popularity, who we simply accept decree from. We have moved from society is there for the benefit of the individual to the individual should do what's best for society.

The value of the individual is simply lessened.

Anonymous said...

Referring to someone as a "drama queen" is higly offensive and uncivilized.

Anonymous said...

@8:40 - Absolutely correct. Anyone that's spent a lick of time in the Delta can attest that most of the black communities there act totally different than around Jackson and Memphis. Sadly, even the Delta isn't immune to the cultural shift in the larger towns like Greenville and Clarksdale, with populations that are 80%+ black.

@7:57 - Impoverished blacks have been the majority by a large % in the Delta for decades, yet crime there, esp in the smaller towns, has historically been much lower than many urban areas. And yes, there is just as much opportunity to steal even tho there are less people. There also seems to be more value for human life and respect of individual choice, instead of a constant pressure to take sides with one side/group or another.

Anonymous said...


Crime there is lower than in other areas? What in the world are you talking about? Please explain Jessica Chambers, Ricky Saxton, or any other of the whites murdered in the Delta recently. The Delta is one of the most dangerous parts of the state, especially for white people.

Anonymous said...

What's crazy is that you have to use a time stamp to reply to people, because 99% of y'all are too scared to use a screen name. Smh

Anonymous said...

January 29, 2015 at 10:42 AM = Captain Courageous

Anonymous said...

Big shootout at Fondren Park this evening. Nearby houses riddled with bullets. I sure Brad has a simple explanation. Maybe the shooters are frustrated that JPS lacks laptops and STEM classes?

Anonymous said...

This was posted on NextDoor in response to the the shootout at Fondren Park. This very easily could have been addressed directly to Brad or DonnerKay:

This is unbelievable. I have stuck with Jackson for a long time but I am about done. Who is in charge of this town? Anyone? Put a cop on every corner until control is maintained. If it takes the National Guard to get it under control, then so be it. This is at a PARK where KIDS play. Are you kidding me? I am SICK of all of the talk about how we are just turning the corner, email the precinct, just be involved in the community, all of that crap. It doesn't mean anything if the thugs can do whatever they want, and they can and do. Why is this not a problem in Madison? Brandon? Clinton? I will tell you why. they don't put up with it. We do. And we are idiots for doing so. I know a lot of people who are about to write this place off, and it won't be soon enough.

YARBER: Wake up. Pay attention. Pull your head out. State Street's rep as Jackson's DMZ is alive and well. New strata of your cash cows are gearing to leave for other pastures. Do you really think the bills will get paid when all you are left with is the DonnerKays and Brad Franklins and Kenneth Stokes and Ben Allens blowing smoke up your ass?

Holistically Approached said...

Geeze Lou-EEeeeze: 8:06 plays a junior psychologist on blogsites and joins the "Can't We Just Get Along and Come Up With Workable Solutions" choir while BURKE (as always) separates himself from commoners by admonishing the proletariat for their systemic rudeness and suggests, instead, that what we need is 'a mighty chorus' (with him directing the music, no less).

How much bullshit are we to tolerate coming out of one thread?

Just last week we suffered a 'column onslaught' from one Fondrenite who suggested that all Jacktown needs is to 'find our collective voices and identify a holistic approach and with that we can soar'.

I don't know sometimes if I'm being tied up and made to sit in a McElwain classroom or if I'm running naked through one of Tom Head's dreams.

Holy Shit, Batperson.

January 28, 2015 at 8:06 AM

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