Tuesday, January 13, 2015

JPD charge two with capital murder in Temple death. One is at-large. Yes, two were out on bond.

Update: JPD confirms Dukes turned himself in this morning. 

JPD issued the following press release:

On Tuesday, January 13, 2015, Precinct 1 officers observed a white in color Kia Sorento SUV that had been recently carjacked traveling in the area of Woodside Dr. Officers followed the vehicle towards the 2800 block of Woodside Dr., two black male subjects exited the vehicle running on foot. Officers were able to detain one of the subjects at a nearby residence. He was identified as Antreal Jones. Officers were also able to detain another subject on Revere St. that was also believed to have exited the vehicle running on foot. He was identified as Jerome Moore.

During the investigation Robbery/Homicide Detectives were able to obtain information that Antreal Jones and Jerome Moore were allegedly involved in the incident that occurred on January 7, 2015 at 760 Euclid St. where Ms. Carolyn Temple was robbed and shot by suspects occupying a maroon vehicle. Ms. Temple later succumbed to her injuries on January 12, 2015.

Based on the investigation thus far, Antreal Jones and Jerome Moore have both been charged with Capital Murder resulting in the death of Ms. Temple. They have also been each charged with one count of Armed Carjacking. They are both in custody and have been booked in the City Jail.

A third suspect in the death of Ms. Temple has been identified as Antwain Dukes. A warrant for his arrest for the charge of Capital Murder has been issued. Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Antwan Dukes is urged to contact the Jackson Police Department at 601-960-1234 or 601-355-TIPS (8477). He should be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS. The investigation is still ongoing and more arrests are possible.

Carolyn Temple-69

Kingfish note: Dukes is out on a $25,000 bond after he was arrested for armed robbery in March 2014.  Jones was out on a $10,000 bond for after he was arrested for armed robbery with a deadly weapon in April 2014. 


Anonymous said...

No amount of Whole Foods locations or Districts at Eastover or new mansions being built in the shrinking white GOP enclave of NEJackson or quaint LeFleur East Foundation boundary signs fixes the completely broken and wholly dysfunctional Hinds County justice system.

You called it Kingfish. Catch and release.

Anonymous said...

Thank God

Anonymous said...

Okay, Jackson haters-this may be one to say "Good job" to the much maligned JPD.

They're better than they get credit for.

Anonymous said...

JPD may just pinning this on the first 2-3 folks handy to lift the pressure.

Anonymous said...

These thugs are 17 and 16 years old. So, (i) were they enrolled in school and if so, which one, and if not, were truancy officers looking for them, and (ii) who are their parents and how can they too be held responsible for their abject failure to supervise these animals?

Anonymous said...

7:19: So, economic and residential development combined with organized interests can't improve an area? Thanks for your educated insight. Enjoy Rankin, redneck.

Anonymous said...

I do not believe it is Jackson haters who reside in this blog community.

I do believe, given the chance, readers here would invest heartily in Jackson if it had "something" to offer.

Remember you have to have an investment that pays off to gather investors.

I am certain Madison folks are willing to forego the cookie cutter (aka Pineapple) approach to life.

I'm certain Rankin is a closed group with little opportunity to build community beyond what is already there. Let's face it, it is about what is mine is mine and will always be mine.

Jackson is different. NE Jackson is the last enclave of the founders of this city.

People, including myself, would flock to Jackson, but frankly, with the recent crime spree (and ongoing crime sprees) and the fact Rankin is paying to take care of Jackson's problems is a major problem, I am of the opine "why would I ever consider going to Jackson to raise my family?"

And for all you no kids folks, schools bring taxes. Don't kid yourself and don't show ignorance otherwise.

Anonymous said...

So, economic and residential development combined with organized interests can't improve an area?

Been hearing that garbage in Jackson for the last 30+ years. So far the absolute lack of bonafide results has resulted in an answer of a resounding NO.

Anonymous said...

8:33 "So, economic and residential development combined with organized interests can't improve an area? Thanks for your educated insight. Enjoy Rankin, redneck."

Your leaky rowboat is completely full of water, and you're bailing with a thimble. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

8:38 "I am certain Madison folks are willing to forego the cookie cutter (aka Pineapple) approach to life."

Since you obviously have no idea what the pineapple reference is all about in reunion perhaps you should just not mention, rather than let everyone know you make incoherent comments on topics you know nothing about. Pineapples have nothing to do with "cookie cutters" in any context.

2) "I'm certain Rankin is a closed group with little opportunity to build community beyond what is already there."

Is that why Dogwood, Trustmark Park and the new outlets ended up there? Were they there ten years ago? How do you define "buils community beyond what is already there"?

3) "Jackson is different. NE Jackson is the last enclave of the founders of this city."

"founders of the city" - as in slaveowners? You really bragging about them? Seriously?

4) "And for all you no kids folks, schools bring taxes. Don't kid yourself and don't show ignorance otherwise."

Higher taxes are now an attraction? Seriously? How do "schools bring taxes" in your reality? Where I live the schools spend tax dollars.

(PS Good schools do keep up property values, which is not the same thing)

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, can you comment?--Why would this be a capital murder charge? It sounds like the actual cause of death was hospital negligence. ???

Anonymous said...

9:45 pm I'm sorry for your visual problems.

You are blind to the growth of Baptist Hospital, UMC and St Dominic.

You apparently haven't seen the new courthouse or construction/renovation downtown.

I'm sorry you haven't seen the renovation of Brent's and what's going on at Duling School and all the new restaurants in town. I had a hard time finding a parking place this weekend.

And, yes, there is new residential construction as well and not just in Eastover.

Are there still problems, like the fact these violent thugs were given bond low enough to get out? Sure, but rather than moan about the demise of Jackson, why don't you suggest how to change that?

We could discuss the pros and cons of removing the ability of judges to set bail amounts but attach it to a formula based on the crime and income/assets of the arrested. But, if you are a friend of someone who had a high bail, you won't like that.

We could talk about setting higher requirements to run for judgeships or not electing judges at all.

But, no, you just want to bitch and find some reason to feel better about yourself and your decisions.

You want to believe that living in a small community will insulate you and yours from crime and like Sheriff Taylor on Mayberry, all crimes will be resolved. Tell that to the parents of the girl burned to death.

The world is less than perfect and you can always find things to complain about and bemoan.

Neither Jackson nor any other community is Valhalla. Your focus should be on your own community and not someone else's. You don't have to come to Jackson or live in Jackson if it scares you.

Your only protection in life is self-protection through knowledge and well thought out actions rather than emotional reactions. It isn't a guarantee but it's the best we humans can do.

I am sorry for your lack of vision but am glad that no improvements are needed in your own life so you have time to waste sitting in judgment on others.

Anonymous said...

Were these amounts too low for the crimes committed?

And, isn't it true that most crimes of stranger murder/assault are committed by those who have a history of crimes or mental illness and have been jailed or treated in the past?

I don't want this sort of thing to ever happen again to anyone, but how can we fix it?

Should be eliminate bail altogether? How can a judge or a psychiatrist have certainty that the person before them is more or less likely to re-offend while on bail? If there are guidelines that should be in place, what are they?

Put Up Or Shut Up said...

These people who keep insinuating hospital negligence and 'died after taking a pill' need to reveal their inside information or either shut the hell up. Sounds like 'beauty shop chatter' to me.

Kingfish said...

JPD usually does catch the bad guys. The problem is that there is a catch and release program. Between the D.A. and the courts, too many bad guys are getting back out on the streets.

by the way, have we ever heard of an indictment on the indians who were caught with opium at that convenience store bust on Northside Drive last year?

Anonymous said...

KF, I've seen many of your posts imply that criminal defendants shouldn't be given a bond. Is that your stance on that constitutional right? And is Hinds County responsible for the subsequent acts of defendants who are out on a perfectly legal bond?

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, I must have been out of town; Opium? Indians? Please refresh our memories. Another case of the DA not prosecuting?

This bail mess has got to be straightened out; and now! No one committing any crime with any type of weapon should be out on $10,000.00. That is just piddling money. The perpetrator, though not convicted, has presumably shown willingness to harm another human and is dangerous! The problem is not JPD; it is our court system.

Anonymous said...

Are you idiots actually naïve enough to believe that the Jackson street gangs haven't thoroughly infiltrated JPD? HA!

Random Hero said...

As for Tom Heads question about "hospital negligence" and "why is this a capital crime"...when predators put a bullet in an old lady during a robbery, center mass, it's intent to kill: ie-capital offense

Anonymous said...

11:38 - she wouldn't have been in the hospital if they hadn't shot her. Thus capital murder. You are correct there is still the possible issue of hospital negligence.

Anonymous said...

This crap about the hospital is silly.She was all but dead from the start and any slight change in her condition could have led to all types of heart or organ failure.

Anonymous said...

Wait... so you are telling me these two worthless pieces of shit were out on bond for armed robberies that happened only 9 months ago? WTF?

Anonymous said...

I used to live in Madison. I feel much safer in Jackson. Why? Because Ridgeland and Madison both target the lawyers, doctors and business professionals in a never ending, greedy quest for questionable DUI arrests that profit those towns and the tow truck operators they are in league with. Remember Officer Daniel Soto who falsely testified for Ridgeland on fake DUIs?

Anonymous said...

C-L is reporting that they've caught #3.

Anonymous said...

I though these were young people. How have they had time in their life to already get into trouble.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please make the bond amounts the same as Rankin /Madison? 25k for armed robbery is a joke - that means the defendant only has to come up with 2500 bucks to get out of jail - total joke - CL needs to do a long series looking at the crime/judges /bail and DA follow through!

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Madison, keep thinking you're safe up there. You are not. We all rise and fall with the success or failure of Jackson. Talking shit about the city isn't doing you any favors either.

Obviously there are a lot of large, societal-type issues at play, but some competence on the part of the judges and DA would go a long way. Someone (Kingfish) should do a study on the difference in sentencing for similar crimes in Hinds, Madison, and Rankin Counties and expose the Hinds County judiciary. It seems the judges give light sentences for fear of angering the electorate.

Anonymous said...

People of your ilk continue to state that all the cities around here rise and fall with the success or failure of Jackson. Please explain why Jackson continues to fall, yet the surrounding cities continue to expand and grow? That old canard that you spout is clearly not true. Have you driven out Lakeland or up Highland Colony? Been to Pearl lately? Hell, even Clinton and Raymond are growing.

Anonymous said...

12:01 AM = (bad) social philosopher

Anonymous said...

11:19, I am also glad you are now in Jackson since you fear a DUI. You must drive drunk and good to have you off the streets of Madison.

Hai Coo said...

At one oh-seven,
Your words; you have taken them
right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I'm not 11:44 am but I can certainly explain 12:55 pm since I've seen it on the east coast many times.

The cities expand to the suburbs and the suburbs become no more than pockets.

Besides that, you can't possibly believe that Jackson will stop being the capitol of this state and that the new Capitol and Governor's Mansion.

If you think those interested in economic development of Mississippi won't be negatively influenced by a failed capitol city, you are truly ignorant of how the world works.

It's you and our legislators that make decisions based on politics and their " gut" rather than learning facts that would help them make good decisions that prevents us from doing what other states were smart enough to do...pour money into their capitol cities because it benefits the entire State!

The competition between rural and urban and worse here in MS, the competition between the Delta, the Coast and Central Mississippi as well as our IHLs is not healthy but counterproductive!

We are our own worst enemies!

Anonymous said...

12:55 if you cannot recognize nor understand that our metro and state will be much more successful with a vibrant capital city, then I/we are totally wasting our breath. Good God son get out more. Look around the country.

Whether you recognize or will admit it, large metro areas are never complete and "cool" without a robust downtown and center city. Google William Whyte or Fred Kent. Read their books and come back with the egg of your country face.

Young people and professionals across the country are attracted to metro areas with strong downtowns and cities.

there is a reason we are last in everything. Part of it are people with the simple, backwards mindset of people like 12:55. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Normal rules of city planning/ economic development do not apply to a city like Jackson that is this far gone and has 0 leadership.

Anonymous said...

JFP trolls are all over this thread.

Anonymous said...

2:07 back your asinine statement up with some facts. Not emotion. Facts.

I will eat you alive in rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

I am 11:44 and its refreshing to see not everyone is a moron who thinks they can move to a house in Gluckstady that looks just like their neighbor's, stick their head in the sand, and everything will be ok.

And I loathe the JFP, just in case that was directed at me.

Anonymous said...

2:47 why is that? I can't stand the JFP, but do recognize the fact that Jackson is my home, and not yours. You and the Madison/Rankin "quitters" are the clear trolls daily. Can't stand it that we work hard for the betterment of our home, and Mississippi's Capital City, and are glad we live here.

Runs your country asses crazy. Enjoy your home as we enjoy ours, and get a freaking life.

Anonymous said...

Neither 1:48 nor 1:52 addressed the fact that Jackson has been in decline for many years. Population reduction, tax base reduction. As usual, the statement wasn't addressed. Jackson in decline. All surrounding areas growing. 1:52 are you talking about young married couples, or singles? Big difference, in case you don't know. As far as gentrification of downtown, almost all of the "cool" old buildings that most young people and professionals want to renovate and move into were torn down long ago. How are you going to deal with that, genius?

D-Day said...


Fact: the Hinds County electorate just voted in LaRita Cooper-Stokes as a judge.

Eat me.

Anonymous said...

Damnit Kingfish how the hell are we supposed to discuss the issues that we face if you wont even let us discuss them.

I'm wording this as politically correct as I possibly can, you nancy bitch.

There is a certain factor of Jackson, Mississippi that makes it different than other capital cities. What worked for them will not necessarily work for us, and you cant compare the two.

Anonymous said...

Nancy bitch? Can you define that one for us?

Anonymous said...

3:33 sorry but there are several old buildings downtown on the cusp of re-hab. DGB Plaza (Hertz Investment Group), Eastland Courthouse (Tom Tarber), Lamar Life building (Mattiace), Walthall (Amit Goell) Robert E. Lee is on the wish list. Several others not so old as well, like the Landmark Center.

Sorry to disappoint. We are very hopeful. Oh. BTW. Jackson's population is for the first time in 33 years actually increasing (CMPDD).

Did I mention the Downtown West project at the corner of Amite and Capitol, or Helm Place right off Farish?? Haven't heard of them, have you? 260 new townhomes UNDER CONSTRUCTION??

In the words of John Wayne: "Life is hard, Pilgrim, and even harder when you are stupid"

The Grass Really Is Greener said...

You people who think the suburbs can't survive without a "vibrant capital city" are hilarious.

Its position as the State Capital is all Jackson has to offer. Other than state government, Jackson really has nothing. No industry. No production. Just our state legislature, governor, state agencies, and supreme court. And those really aren't institutions worth bragging about, now, are they?

Jackson, like Detroit, is a city sucking on the teet of federal and state government for its very sustenance. You need to forget grandiose dreams of a "vibrant" capital city until you first fashion a functioning capital city. Sadly, demographics (economic, not racial, though the two are intertwined) won't permit that anymore.

Anonymous said...

Not so sure an increase in population in poverty is worth bragging about.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the cusp of rehab, like Farish Street? Convention Center Hotel? Where is that Westin Hotel, anyway? Maybe you meant the Old Capitol Green. Can't wait for that robot parking garage. Well, maybe I can. The Walthall has been boarded up for how many years? Do you really think the state is going to sell the Robert E. Lee building (and how long do you think it'll still be named that)? Isn't the DGB building tied up in litigation? The Landmark Center sold for how much? Now that the round-abouts are in on Capitol Street, trucks can't go that way, now can they? Another genius move. Yes, and maybe the city CAN get the state to repair all the infrastructure under their buildings. How about we start a study of that. Yes, things are coming up roses in the City with Soul.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint. We are very hopeful. Oh. BTW. Jackson's population is for the first time in 33 years actually increasing (CMPDD).

There he goes again. CMPDD projects Jackson's population to DROP to 167,777 by 2016.

Don't listen to Ben. He's an idiot.

Kingfish said...

This is one comment that was made:

Ask developers. Jackson's 3 largest employers are the medical field, government and education, all growing and recession proof. Developers don't give a shit about smokestacks. They care about sound financial bases, and our future is very bright. See John Wayne reference above

Anonymous said...

What is the bond amount for armed robbery in Madison and Rankin Counties? Is it more than Hinds?

Anonymous said...

Ben Allen, president of Downtown Jackson Partners, said at the press conference that he has seen figures showing that, with all the residential development downtown in the form of loft apartments and condos, that in 10 years there could be as many as 25,000 people living downtown, tripling traffic on Pearl Street and Pascagoula Street.
-- Mississippi Business Journal
-- March 3, 2008

Anonymous said...

[Ben] Allen emphasized that he and others have proved naysayers about the city's potential wrong, pointing to his own role in promoting the Jackson Convention Center and the King Edward. "I'm not a cheerleader. I'm a damn prophet."
- Jackson Free Press
- April 1, 2011

Anonymous said...

5:45. 4:13 here. Those were estimates based on trends at the time the demos were taken. I will send the actuals tomorrow as they are surprisingly upbeat for our Capital City. Don't know Ben, but you sure have a hardon for him. Did he pinch your wife or something? Refuse your sexual advances? Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Oh 5:57. A thing called the Great Recession slowed everything down, not only in Jackson but all over the country. Seeing as how you clearly don't get out much, that probably escaped you. Thinks have really picked up dowtown, and all over Mississippi. You need to get out more.

Anonymous said...

7:40. Those that follow JJ have seen 5:45, 5:57 and 5:59 stalk Allen for years. Oh, same person BTW. He is obsessed with him. Has done it for years. Same pattern in his posts. I talked to Ben about it as he is a JJ fan and he thinks it's funny as hell. Flattered actually.

Michael said...

Antwan Dukes deserves to be taken to a tree or put in a room an deither hung or shot. He isn't worth living.

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