Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Devine prelim hearing postponed

The preliminary hearing for Eddie Devine is continued until January 27. Mr. Devine was charged with one count carjacking at the Dogwood Festival shopping center on December 23, 2014. He allegedly used a knife to commit the crime against a female shopper at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. He currently resides in the Rankin County Jail. Mr. Devine has become a familiar name to JJ readers as he has been a member of the Hinds County catch & release program.

JJ reported last week:

Devine is indicted for carjacking in July 2013. He is allowed to post a bond and remain free.  No trial every took place.  He carjacks, kidnaps, and repeatedly rapes a woman in April 2014.  The Judge refuses to set bond but puts an expiration date on the no-bond order.  He is indicted but gets out anyway.  He is never arraigned on the indictment.  He then carjacks a woman with a knife in Flowood just a few days before Christmas.   All before his seventeenth birthday.  Earlier post.

WAPT also reported on Mr. Devine's criminal background:

A 16-year-old arrested in connection with a Flowood carjacking was released from the Hinds County Detention Center two days after he was served an indictment on kidnapping, rape and robbery charges, 16 WAPT News has learned.
Eddie Devine and 13-year-old Remy Harvey were arrested April 19, 2014, by Jackson police. The teenagers are accused of forcing a woman into her car at an apartment complex in Jackson, and then driving around while one of the teens raped and assaulted her with an icepick, police said. The woman was able to escape when Devine and Harvey stopped for gas, police said.Both teens were charged as adults and jailed at the detention center in Raymond.

At the time of his arrest, Devine was out of jail on bond in connection with a 2013 arrest in Hinds County on two counts of carjacking, court officials said. (KF note: No motion to revoke that bond when he raped, pillaged, and plundered last April was ever filed.)

In two different court hearings, Devine was denied bond in the 2014 case. During a June 16 hearing, Hinds County Court Judge Houston Patton stipulated that if Devine was not indicted by Sept. 1, he was to be released from jail. Rest of story.


Anonymous said...

Hinds County ... A Very Special Place ... and a World of Difference!

Anonymous said...

Because of committing the crime in Rankin County he will have his 17-77 birthday parties with Bubba at Parchman

Anonymous said...

When is Hinds County going to step up and start carrying its weight on putting these subhumans away? The problem of Eddie Devine as a menace to society is now solved, as Rankin County will do what Hinds County should have done at least two years ago. Are Hinds County elected officials soft on crime because every arrestee is the cousin of some large number of voters? With violent crime now moving east of State Street, how long will decent people remain in Jackson as part of the city's Crime Victim Equal Opportunity Program?

Tree Hugger said...

Aren't you being a little harsh on Mr.Devine? This lad was probably needing cash to buy his momma -- who he loves so much -- a nice new bedspread for Christmas. He's a good boy.

Anonymous said...

My friends car was stolen in Eastover this morning. I thought you Jackson lovers said that was a safe neighborhood as well?

Anonymous said...

Good for you, 11:15 AM. My friend's car was stolen in high neighborhood on the Rankin Co. side of the Reservoir. They later found it was by another resident of Rankin County. His Rankin County neighborhood is not dangerous. Neither is Eastover.

Anonymous said...

I'm on Nextdoor Fondren and I've lost count of the number of crimes committed last night and this morning.

Anonymous said...

11:53 can you please copy and paste some. I'm very curious and worried as, despite my begging her not to, my sister just moved to the area.

Anonymous said...

@11:51 I would take my chances ANY DAY in any Rankin County neighborhood but can't say the same for a Jackson neighborhood...

Anonymous said...

Heck, when my son was robbed at gunpoint in Fondren, he found out the names of the idiots and gave them to a JPD detective and JPD never did a thing.

When he was attacked by an idiot with a steel pipe in Fondren, JPD once again did nothing.

Needless to say, he left Fondren.

Anonymous said...

There is a new Frat house being built two doors down from Uncle Ben Whitebread. Of course Eastover is safe!

Armed and Dangerous said...

Meanwhile; Mayor Tony Yarbro has arrived on the scene of the hundred-man swat lockdown in the McDowell/Woodside area of Jacktown. TV 3 shows a bevy of cops standing around the backs of cars, guffawing, apparently unconcerned that the perps might have rifles. Marsha looks a hundred years old but is breaking the story.

Anonymous said...

And there you have it 12:07, JPD never does anything. Need a new
Detective Division.

Anonymous said...

It’s a conglomerate of things that lead up to this. The folks with their blinders on saying "it won’t happen to me" or "it’s part of living in a city" need to start dropping these natives/thugs like flies. I carry everywhere I go because of people like this.

The JPD or judges that don’t give a crap to lock them up, or a white man to run to do anything because "they", the stokes, lumumbas, and others scream racism so that they can get away with this crap because they've instilled a little fear in a few folks who don’t know any better.

Or places like Kiefers, the NE Jackson utopian lunch and dinner spot that ive had several friends vehicles broken into that each time the owners/mangers/workers keep saying they are installing cameras, or they’ve installed them and they haven’t been hooked up yet...4 months between the two. Or the Cherokee where a friends work truck was broke into, or Que Sera where my brothers was broke into. Its time we as citizens stop going to these places until they fire their security, hire someone who isn’t turning a blind eye, fire their kitchen help who is been suspected in several of these, and put the proper things in place to make us feel safe. If enough people stop going, someone is going to take notice. Same with the thugs. Start putting a .45 in their chest and leaving them laying and they might start thinking twice about it as well. Surely a judge that won’t convict these we've been talking about being repeat offenders, they won’t convict someone with a clean slate and probable cause against the deceased.

Anonymous said...

One thing is for damn sure 11:51, the thugs JPD is chasing this morning didn't retreat to Rankin County. Can you guess where they are hiding out?

Anonymous said...

Armed robbery at the Regions on State (assuming that's the one downtown) Occurred about 6:00 this morning. Thugs shot at the victim's car disabling it. Armed car jacking last night at corner of Madison and Morningside. Carjackings on Keele Street at 1 a.m. and Eastwood Place at 1:40 a.m. I'm sure I have missed some.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for victims of crime, I really do.
However, it's time the adults take off their rose colored glasses and realize that Jackson has been systematically taken over by a malicious criminal element. I miss the old jackson I used to know, but I do everything I can to avoid coming into that town after being robbed at gunpoint.

You don't have to be doing anything wrong or ' asking for it.' These opportunistic criminals are everywhere and in a lot of instances, you don't even have the chance to call the police for help.

I just checked my Twitter feed and apparently there's a manhunt going on right now. This type of news is getting to be more than an everyday thing,

No, I'm not a realtor trying to sale your house, but I honestly pray for yalls safety living in that town after going through what I went through and seeing what I see on the news everyday.

Yes, crime happens in rankin/ madison counties, but they are the places of least resistance so to speak when it comes to keeping your life.

Poor old lady - they probably would have shot her even if she handed them everything with no quarrel.

Anonymous said...

@ 11:53

Most cartridges come 50 to a box. Get two.

Anonymous said...

@12:53 - The better ones come 20 or 25 to a box. Sometimes less. :D

Anonymous said...

"Its time we as citizens stop going to these places until they fire their security, hire someone who isn’t turning a blind eye, "

What about the large number of car burglaries that happened one night in the parking lot of the hotel next to the Convention Center a year or so ago?.

By the strangest of coincidences they all happened between 3 am and 3:15 am when the overnight security guard was taking his meal break and didn't see anything.

Sound like an inside job anyone?

Anonymous said...

Armed robberies, carjackings, capital murders. Is Jackson at the tipping point of no return, or this the point where Mississippi, not just the Metro, but the entire state, needs to step in and collectively say "enough" and try to save our capital city?

Obviously the leaders of Jackson and Hinds County are not going to do anything. These thugs will continue to take their chances and venture into Madison and Rankin counties, too. Yes, those counties will act as is the case with the Bed, Bath, and Beyond carjacking in Flowood, but that is basically a reaction to a crime already committed.

What can the state Legislature do? Can there be legislation introduced for a state takeover of the City of Jackson?

Anonymous said...

Make fun of rankin rednecks all you want but most of these rednecks have multiple guns ready at all times and absolutely no problem with their aim. I tend to think even thugs avoid gun loving rednecks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed your sarcasm, if so forgive the question, but, WHAT hotel next to the Convention Center? You mean that empty lot across the street?

Anonymous said...

@3:30-"I tend to think even thugs avoid gun loving rednecks"

unless they drive a Ford Truck in the city limits of Jackson, then they are a target to have their stuff stolen. Want to talk about a downward spiral, wait until the people that dont live in Jackson give up and refuse to come back. I am there already. Reminds me of something to the effects of termites.

Anonymous said...

3:20 - Your suggestion is already being advanced in a way most of JJ's posters take issue with. Look at MAEP and its core function...for better off areas of the state to make up for shortcomings of the consistently lacking disctricts. To hear the formula's supporters talk, pouring more money into educating our state's persistent problem causers is going to rid us of society's lingering difficulties, which are charged with keeping MS on the wrong end of every meaningful ranking (crime, poverty, births to unwed mothers, obesity, on and on).

Anonymous said...


Think roaches. You know they're there... you'll never get 'em all... but it is so satisfying to smash 'em when you can!!

Anonymous said...

4:05 - Couldn't agree more. Lifelong resident of Jackson that still works in the city but moved to one of the 'burbs recently. My wife and I rarely, rarely, spend a dime in the city other than lunches and other small incidentals. If the commuter tax is ever implemented, even more in our shoes will go out of their way to keep from spending money in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Former Northeast Jackson resident here and currently proud to live among the mobile homes and rednecks of Rankin County.

It breaks my heart that I don't feel safe to go into the areas I used to frequent, but that sadness does not eclipse my desire for safety.

Pittpanther said...

To 4:27pm, NOT adequately funding education has gotten us to this point. Your solution is more of the same?

Anonymous said...

Pittpanther- 4:27 here. My solution is to try solving our education issues by taking away the incentives that greatly reduce the consequences of having multiple children with multiple men, none of whom care to be positive male role models for their children. Taking Rankin county folks' money to make up for Jackson and the delta's family unit issues doesn't make all of us feel warm and fuzzy. If the politicians and educators gave a damn about the kids, they wouldn't be afraid to discuss the actual, well known issues.

Anonymous said...

Sheriff Tyrone Lewis still needs to explain why he released Devine after he was indicted - but not arraigned - for carjacking, kidnapping & raping a woman with an ice pick.

Anonymous said...

The primary goal of the Great Society programs implemented 50 years ago was to eliminate poverty and racial injustice.

The end result has been 50 years of taxpayer-funded entitlements that have in most cases become more of a hand out instead of a hand up.

I would be happy to see more money going to fund education if something could be done about these entitlements that do nothing more than encourage and reward reproduction.

Anonymous said...

'The primary goal of the Great Society programs implemented 50 years ago was to eliminate poverty and racial injustice.'

Bullshit. The primary goal of the 'Great Society' program was to keep blacks in poverty and as second class citizens. It has worked exactly as planned.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed your sarcasm, if so forgive the question, but, WHAT hotel next to the Convention Center? You mean that empty lot across the street?"

I think it was and old hotel (King Edward?) converted to a Hilton, and is near the train station and the Convention Center. It was hotel parking that got robbed, not the parking lot across from the convention center.

Anonymous said...

5:51 "NOT adequately funding education has gotten us to this point. "

IIRC the largest single outlay in the state's budget is for education. Since they can't seem to accomplish much with that money I don't see the point in giving them more. It's like the old Woody Allen gag complaining about the taste of the food, then complaining the portions are too small toochatm.

Anonymous said...

11:41, the King Ed doesn't have a parking lot. Also, they almost exclusively use valets. Considering the fact that King Ed Hotel patrons (including locals who are there attending events) generally do not walk to their cars when it is parked in the garage, there is good reason to doubt that someone got robbed in the King Ed parking lot.

Anonymous said...

... there is good reason to doubt that someone got robbed in the King Ed parking lot.

Since you are anonymous there is good reason to doubt that you can prove someone did not get robbed.

Anonymous said...

3:12 I put a question mark next to "King Edward" because it has been several years since I stayed there. It is now the Hilton Garden Inn Jackson (235 West Capitol Street, Jackson, MS) and according to the web site it was rehabbed from the Old King Edward hotel. Also according to their own web site they have parking for $14. According to their web site and Google maps they are located next to the Amtrak Station as I said, about two blocks from the "Jackson Convention Complex".

That is the hotel and parking lot I remember from the news story about the apparent inside job where travelers' cars got robbed overnight a few years back.

Anything else I can do for you? Google is a powerful tool, as some of us know.

Anonymous said...

11:41 From the original post: "What about the large number of car burglaries that happened one night in the parking lot of the hotel next to the Convention Center a year or so ago?. "

Burglaries are property crimes. The car owners were not present when their cars got broken into and robbed during the same 15 minute interval when the security guard just happened to be on a meal break.

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