Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vaccine FOOD FIGHT!!!

The anti-mandatory vaccine crowd blew up Twitter yesterday:


Anonymous said...

Note which side is doing all the yelling. When you're right, you don't have to yell.

Anonymous said...

These people are insane. "I didn't die from measles! It's not so bad"

Anonymous said...

These people are idiots.

Anonymous said...

everything is fine and dandy until kids start dying from these diseases...

which they now are again..

Anonymous said...

I had a childhood friend who did not survive measles. And I went to elementary school with a girl who wore leg braces because of Polio. We are living in a nation that hasn't seen these horrors in decades. Many of those yelling so loud weren't even alive when these outbreaks occurred and thus have no clue. Mississippi has it right-- vaccinate.

Anonymous said...

You can't talk to these people. The know "everything", more than doctors, as far as they are concerned. They've done all their "research" online, reading only stuff written by people who think like them. Try to show them something more objective and they won't read it, calling it medical propaganda.

Anonymous said...

The chick with the Ginny Stork Twitter handle is smokiin' hot. Wait, what was the subject about again?

Anonymous said...

These people need to learn to use wikipedia:

The MMR vaccine controversy centers on the 1998 publication of a fraudulent research paper in the medical journal The Lancet that lent support to the later discredited claim that colitis and autism spectrum disorders are linked to the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.[1] The media have been criticized for their naïve reporting and for lending undue credibility to the author of the fraudulent paper, Andrew Wakefield.

Investigations by Sunday Times journalist Brian Deer reported that Andrew Wakefield, the author of the original research paper, had multiple undeclared conflicts of interest,[2][3] had manipulated evidence,[4] and had broken other ethical codes. The Lancet paper was partially retracted in 2004, and fully retracted in 2010, when The Lancet's editor-in-chief Richard Horton described it as "utterly false" and said that the journal had been "deceived".[5] Wakefield was found guilty by the General Medical Council of serious professional misconduct in May 2010 and was struck off the Medical Register, meaning he could no longer practice as a doctor in the UK.[6] In 2011, Deer provided further information on Wakefield's improper research practices to the British medical journal, BMJ, which in a signed editorial described the original paper as fraudulent.[7][8] The scientific consensus is that no evidence links the MMR vaccine to the development of autism, and that this vaccine's benefits greatly outweigh its risks.

Following the initial claims in 1998, multiple large epidemiological studies were undertaken. Reviews of the evidence by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,[9] the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Institute of Medicine of the US National Academy of Sciences,[10] the UK National Health Service,[11] and the Cochrane Library[12] all found no link between the MMR vaccine and autism. While the Cochrane review expressed a need for improved design and reporting of safety outcomes in MMR vaccine studies, it concluded that the evidence of the safety and effectiveness of MMR in the prevention of diseases that still carry a heavy burden of morbidity and mortality justifies its global use, and that the lack of confidence in the vaccine has damaged public health.[12] A special court convened in the United States to review claims under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program rejected compensation claims from parents of autistic children.[13][14]

The claims in Wakefield's 1998 The Lancet article were widely reported;[15] vaccination rates in the UK and Ireland dropped sharply,[16] which was followed by significantly increased incidence of measles and mumps, resulting in deaths and severe and permanent injuries.[17] Physicians, medical journals, and editors[18][19][20][21][22] have described Wakefield's actions as fraudulent and tied them to epidemics and deaths,[23][24] and a 2011 journal article described the vaccine–autism connection as "the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years".[25]

Anonymous said...

I wondered where all the b@t$h!+ crazy Y2K nitwits ended up.

Anonymous said...

12:26 Thank you for the concise and accurate summary of the data.

It is shameful that ignorant (and loud!) people have such an influence over our legislature.

Mississippi has only two current things to brag about in the area of health: the first expanded newborn screening program in the country (starting in 2005) and the highest vaccination rates in the country against preventable, sometimes fatal disease. In everything else the state is 49th or 50th. To try to destroy one of the few things this state has that it can brag about is ludicrous.

And for those twitter posters above posting the same moronic question (wait - what do you call those people - twits?: my spouse and I and both of our kids are fully vaccinated. We have seen the damage some of these diseases cause.

Anonymous said...

I am not going to do the research for you. If you want a real factual based opinion on this topic:

1.Go to google type in whooping cough, Kentucky. Let your brain absorb. Completely preventable.

2. Go to TED and watch this video:

3.And the KICKER of all Kickers:

I think this is where journalists should take a stand and state only facts. This is a public health topic and needs to be discussed by doctors of the highest caliber.


Anonymous said...

I'll try to hope one person changes their mind after reading your factual post, 12:26 pm as that may save children not just the misery of the measles ( which I had) and death from pneumonia which often follows, but also , from becoming deaf or blind.

Too many won't get past the first sentence as they are unable to admit being wrong or being duped.

It's working. We are fighting over nonsense.

Too many of us have been subjected to fear mongering and misinformation that rational thought has become a casualty.

Too many more have become addicted to their anger and anxiety thanks to the fear mongers among us.

It is so bad that an opinions of admitted former drug addicts who have no expertise or educational background in any subject carries the same weight as those who have spent a lifetime studying the subject matter.

I'm afraid our democracy is crumbling from greed, from fear, from anger so that we give away our freedoms to those who profit and to those who would control us, in the hopes of being safe.

Anonymous said...

12:26 Good job of cut and paste. And your further research revealed?

Anonymous said...

She's not that hot but she does have some impressive qualities and is shooting a gun on Facebook. She can't be all that bad.

Anonymous said...

12:26 I'm sure you've investigated all the footnotes in your cut and paste comment. Poor research on your part.

Anonymous said...

Granny Whack Job hard at work.

Anonymous said...

1:14 and 2:05 I notice you present no evidence of your own to contradict the summation of true and accurate findings summarized by 12:26.

Next up: try pounding the table if yelling and ad hominem attacks aren't convincing the knowledgeable people.

Anonymous said...

"I have no formal training in medicine, but I read a website and I happen to have a child" - Every Person Supporting The Ridiculousness of Eliminating Vaccinations

Anonymous said...

Maybe they should move to California and figure out just what kind of crowd they are mimicking. They will be back in Jones County by night fall.

Anonymous said...

I've got boys so I worry about autism since it's more prevalent in boys. I read around online the arguments for and against vaxing on the recommended schedule or spacing them out or not vaxing at all.

I'm not a doctor. Not a nurse. My degree is in an unrelated field.

I have a close friend who is a pediatrician. With kids the same age as mine. I asked what he thought about it and he said he would be vaxing his kids on time with the recommended schedule. He did the research and felt like sticking to the recommended schedule was best.

That was good enough for me! If medical professionals who research that kind of thing are comfortable doing it to their own children, then so am I.

Anonymous said...

3:57 and your evidence is? Wiki? Oh my, go back to school. Do some more research. Then get back to me.

Anonymous said...

There is never enough tin foil at the hat factory in Jones County.

Anonymous said...

1:14 and 1:28 The "cut and paste" shows that you have about as much knowledge as the organic crowd at Whole Foods and the anti GMO group

Anonymous said...

When I was little, the vaccine list was only about 12 shots long. Now the vaccine requirements are up to about 30. Just too much stuff. Big Pharma is loud, proud and will manipulate the hell out of the public as they continue not to acknowledge the connection with the kids who change overnight due to vaccinations.

Anonymous said...

Big Pharma is loud, proud and will manipulate the hell out of the public ...

GARDASIL being the perfect, but not only, example.

Anonymous said...

30 shots? Keep it real

Anonymous said...

I know this won't get through but....

@ginnystork #setthemfree
That's a movement I can #getbehind

Anonymous said...

Glad these folks were not around when smallpox vaccinations were required of everyone. Can you imagine how many millions more would be dead or seriously impaired?

I'm sorry we didn't have measles vaccinations when I was a child. I still remember that having measles was two of the worst weeks of my life. I'm lucky I didn't have any permanent damage.

Anonymous said...

"3:57 and your evidence is? Wiki? Oh my, go back to school. Do some more research. Then get back to me. "

Actually I read almost every one of those articles (see the list of references in that article) when they came out in the original journals when I was serving on the faculty of the best Pediatrics Department in the world (hint: it's not in Mississippi). I got interested when I diagnosed a case of polio in an infant that the residents had missed because they thought it didn't occur in this country anymore (being born before Salk and Sabin discovered their vaccines occasionally has its advantages). The spouse and I (both board-certified in pediatric sub-specialties) made sure our kids got all recommended vaccines on the recommended schedule.

Also, I learned to identify fools and idiots long before I entered medical school so I haven't wasted much time listening to uninformed loons. I didn't learn how to deal diplomatically with morons like yourself, however. When you've got 25 years experience teaching medical students and publishing original research in the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of the AMA, etc, then come back and talk to me. Right now you've got work to do - the Fry-o-lator is broken again.

Anonymous said...

"Big Pharma is loud, proud and will manipulate the hell out of the public ...

GARDASIL being the perfect, but not only, example. "

How many patients did you know who died of cervical cancer?

I'll wait while you count them up, then tell you how many death certificates I have signed with that cause of (preventable) death.

PS Bonus question: guess how relatives react when you tell them their mother or daughter has doed of cervical cancer?

Anonymous said...

Kids should not suffer because of their parents' stupidity. Adults, on the other hand, can do any damn fool thing they want to themselves.

"Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard."

H.L. Mencken

Anonymous said...

Grew up in the 50's and 60's.

Remember going with my parents on a Sunday (two in a row if I remember correctly) afternoon to the local school for the sugar-cube polio vaccine. Families were lined up, very thankful that this vaccine was now available.

Missed two weeks of second grade and ended up in the hospital with the measles. Local elementary school closed for a week because so many students were out sick with the measles.

Sick with mumps and for the most part relegated to my bedroom because it was unsure if my father had had the mumps. Mumps can cause sterility in males.

Can still see small white scar on my left shoulder from smallpox vax. That one small spot is nothing compared to what having smallpox can do to a person.

Chickenpox was hell. HELL. H-E-L-L. Had it as an adult and sooo ill. Missed two weeks of work and looked like death warmed over for another two weeks.

Did I ensure my child had all vaccinations recommended? You bet I did.

I truly cannot imagine any responsible parent not trying to protect their child from any of these diseases. Key word: responsibility.

Anonymous said...

You can always judge a policy by its results. Here's tonight's headlines showing how it is spreading due to allowing unvaccinated people (mainly children)to infect others in Chicago, Arizona and elsewhere:

These sad cases could have been prevented - Pasteur discovered the first vaccine in the 19th century. Some people understand less science than most people understood over a century ago.

Anonymous said...

Will Chris McDaniel and Melanie's love child get vaccinated? TEA PARTY FULL OF CHEATIN' HUSBANDS. dear mrs Mcdaniel, you might want to vaccinate your husband--- Melanie has been looking sickly lately.....

Anonymous said...

These parents have gone kookoo for coa coa puffs. I don't think big pharma is with out its faults by any means ( or big government for that matter) however, the ten plagues of Egypt will not be coming if the vaccinations have anything to say about it.

Not today. Not tommorrow.

Autism is horrible, but you can file a lawsuit for that if you feel you have a claim. Big pharma isn't hurting for cash -
Hire a lawyer and go for it - leave the rest of us alone.

Anonymous said...

Can you ever really explain to someone who grew up with cell phones what life was like before cell phones? The answer is no. This is the same problem with vaccinations. No parent with young today remembers what the epidemics and the fears were really like.

I remember going to the family plots on decoration day. My grandmother and grandfather buried only one of their four children in childhood. They were lucky it was only one of four and they knew it.

I remember the day I saw the tombstones of four children under 10 years old from the same family. All dead within the same month. Their mother died two years later. I recognized the last name. When I asked I was told that that mother had buried all her children and that probably had something to do with her death. This was in the 1920s.

The antivaxxers can bring this back unless they are stopped.

Anonymous said...

This is so funny!

Have y'all caught that there is one person who visits this site who assumes that anyone who posts facts as 12:26 did is one person?

Sometimes he or she calls that person " granny" for reasons unknown.

But, anytime they are called out with facts, they assume it's one person ( out to get you 3:38?)

Here's a hint 3:38, the writing styles are different, the subject matters are too diverse. Unlike you, people who write like 12:26 stick to subjects they actually know something about and know where to find the facts to support their position.

You haven't once supported your position with anything but your style of writing is very obvious!

Do please tell us your name!

BIG PHARMA LOVE$$$$$ YOU said...

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:
Cervical cancer used to bethe leading cause of cancer death for women in the United States. However, in the past 40 years, the number of cases of cervical cancer and the number of deaths from cervical cancer have decreased significantly. This decline largely is the result of many women getting regular Pap tests, which can find cervical precancer before it turns into cancer.
In 2011 (the most recent year numbers are available)—
>> 12,109 women in the United States were diagnosed with cervical cancer.
>> 4,092 women in the United States died from cervical cancer.

2011 Population of the United States: 311.6 million people

2011 % of US Population that died from cervical cancer: 0.00001313222%

YUP, government mandating GARDASIL makes all the sense in the world!

Anonymous said...

Good to see that Granny Whack Job is up bright and early today.

Anonymous said...

So call a hazmat team if peanut dust is discovered in a school, but polio is optional. Brilliant.

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