Monday, January 26, 2015

Kaze playing the race card on crime.

Rapper Brad "Kamikaze" Franklin accused everyone of playing to racist "stereotypes" in a Clarion-Ledger column about the outrage over the murder of Carolyn Temple that was published last week.  Read it for yourself along with some commentary straight dropped in bold  from yours truly. 

Let's be clear. Crime is everywhere. It's the sad sign of the times.

 Doesn't matter what cul de sac you try and retreat to or what enclave you try to hide behind its there. Criminals travel. And they go wherever they feel they can score. No matter where you are, no one is immune.

That is not necessarily true.  The combined number of homicides for Ridgeland, Madison, Clinton, Pearl, Flowood, Brandon, and Richland  is probably not even half the number for Jackson even though the population is roughly equal between Jackson and those cities. 

Jackson is no different. We are a blossoming metropolis that as of late has experienced the problems that growing cities do. And despite what folks try to tell you, Crime is happening in the suburbs, too. The media for some reason doesn't report it. The time will come though when Jackson is bursting at the seams and our surrounding bedroom communities will grow as well — bringing with it the growing problem of, yes, crime.

The media doesn't report it? The Cypress Lake robberies were reported.  The Dogwood carjacking. The Burger King robbers in Madison. The homicide in Clinton (That is singular.). A dogfighting ring in Pisgah was reported by all of the media. Remember little Edward Boyd's breaking into a car at the Ridgeland police station and stealing a purse containing a gun.  It blanketed the headlines.  Then there was Clayton Kelly but we won't go there today.  The media does report on crime when it happens in Rankin and Madison Counties.  The problem is there is not as much crime to report and the usual crimes that do take place in those areas are not as brutal or violent.  Thus they are newsworthy when they do occur in those counties.

But this week I got a chance to see how the urgency of crime prevention can split a city in half. Carolyn Temple, 69, died last Monday a few days after she was attacked and shot at her home. Her assailants were three young black males, none over the age of 17.

Almost immediately residents of the Fondren and Belhaven neighborhoods went into an uproar. Emergency "crime meetings" were called and neighborhood message boards lit up. Although I wasn't surprised, I was disappointed at what I saw. It was then I realized an uncomfortable truth. Crime, at least in the Capital City, doesn't become an "emergency" until it affects a white community.

Was Mr. Kamikaze disappointed that they did get upset about crime and decided to take action? What exactly should they have done? Nothing?  Should they just accept crime as a fact as  you write in the second paragraph and be content to be targets? 

By the way, there is nothing stopping other neighborhoods from getting "into an uproar" over crime. Several people who live in predominantly black neighborhoods asked about the Nextdoor app and the security services.  They said their neighborhood associations never mentioned these tools.  I gave them more information and said if they called the Lefleur  East Neighborhood Association, they would be more than happy to help them.  It does take initiative.

One question? How was the city split in half?  People can't stand up for themselves unless everyone else stands up as well? Please. 

When crime hits South or West Jackson there's nary a peep. There's no in-depth media coverage. There's no "outrage." There's no call for solutions. And, to be honest, the only solutions I've heard this past week are ones that call for more aggressive policing, profiling and harassment of black males who may look like they're somewhere they don't belong.

Jackson is 80% black.  Guess what? Most of the criminals are going to be black.  That's not profiling or harassment.  Its reality.  

I got news for you: that's not a solution. In fact, it's more of the same knee jerk reaction that has us spinning our wheels on crime. Those are only designed to make one area of the city feel better while neglecting others. It's only designed to make one victim's death seem more tragic than another. To some, having a 17-year-old stopped and questioned just because he's walking down the street might be "effective." However, as a father of a 17-year-old black male, it scares the hell out of me!

I hate to break some truth to Mr. Franklin, but if I see someone on my street who is going nowhere in particular, just hanging around, you know, loitering, I'm going to ask him very nicely if he needs help finding something.  Everyone on the street knows who everyone is.   The few times I have asked someone that question, they always had a good answer. I always replied that we keep up with everything on our street. They always say they understand and don't blame us for doing so.   If I see someone carrying  a stack of flyers advertising yardwork service but only puts three flyers on doors despite walking through the entire neighborhood, I'm taking notes, taking pictures, and asking the police to check them out.  Don't like it? Get over it.  Notice I didn't mention color because I'm looking at the behavior.  Behavioral profiling. Try it, sometime. It works for the Israelis.

Look, crime is the entire city's problem. It's not unique to one neighborhood or area of town. When it happens in Battlefield Park it effects Belhaven. When it happens in South Jackson it effects Fondren, and vice versa.

No one has argued crime is not the entire city's problem.  What citizens have demanded is support from the city when they try to do something about crime. People in Belhaven and Northeast Jackson know what happens in the Bottoms affects them. 

And I'm not saying the residents of Fondren or Belhaven shouldn't be angry. They should. Mrs Temple's death was a tragedy. But did you have the same urgency when 34-year-old Christopher Summers was gunned down at a gas station just a few days later? It's time we all sit in a room together and figure out what it takes to make the entire city safe — with answers that don't invoke tired and, yes, racist stereotypes but actually speak to the conditions that breed crime. Column

Now we get to Mr. Franklin's real grievance:  How come there is outrage over the killing of the white lady but none over the killing of yet another black man?  Its sad  that one has to explain this to a former reporter but the two deaths are two different events.

The murder of Ms. Temple was not simply a murder or a robbery gone bad.  There were videos of them in action. Victims gave interviews.  Nextdoor blew up with updates.   The real story is there was a group of teen thugs (and yes, they were thugs) who were on the loose.  They were not racist. They did not discriminate.  They were truly equal opportunity savages.  They beat the hell out of a black woman who was delivering newspapers.  The media interviewed the black victim. They shot several times at a black man as they tried to carjack him.  The media interviewed the black victim. They carjacked more men and women.  They robbed and killed an elderly white woman.   They hit South Jackson, Ridgeland, Yazoo City, and Belhaven.

They graduated from house burglaries to carjacking to murder.  THAT is why the story dominated the media for several days.  These animals were violent and on the prowl.  It was clear their rampage would continue until they were caught.  This website then broke the story about their participation in the Hinds County catch and release program as they were free on very low bonds.  Mr. Franklin shows no outrage or concern over the bonds.   He shows no outrage over the catch and release program. He does show outrage over the outrage. 

However, what did upset Mr. Franklin was not this savage rampage but the fact that no one got upset about the death of Mr. Summers.  Its tough not to confuse someone with the facts sometimes but here they are.

Summers death was an isolated murder nor was it part of a crime spree.  The death was not even a murder but ironically an act of self-defense.  Summers was a drug-dealing rapper who was out to shoot someone that night.  The security camera video from the gas station show that his driver stopped in front of a car to keep it from leaving.  Summers got out of the passenger's side  of his vehicle with a gun in his hand and walked towards the driver of the other car. The driver was standing next to the open door. He saw the gun, reached into the car, pulled out a gun, and shot Summers several times at point blank range.  Summers is probably still alive if he does not approach that driver in an aggressive manner with a gun. Thugs such as Summers are just as responsible for the problems in the Black community as is racism but saying so would spoil the narrative for Mr. Franklin and others.  Can't have that stereotype about the racist media questioned, now can we?

Such facts do not matter when one is more interested in playing the race card than in dealing with reality.   It is a race card that says the murder of an elderly white lady is the same as a  gun-totin'  drug-dealer who was out to shoot someone.  The problem is not selective outrage.  The problem is there is not enough outrage.  Nothing will get better until there is enough outrage to change the system, change the culture, and hold accountable those who need to be held accountable.  It is also time to burn the race card used in this column.


Anonymous said...

As I posted last week in response to another of his articles: "Did you expect him to say anything else?"

Now- "We are a blossoming metropolis that as of late has experienced the problems that growing cities do"

Not only can he not write, he apparently can't count. He doesn't seem familiar with how most people use the words "blossoming" and "growing". It's just numbers check the census data for Jackson, then check the numbers for the surrounding Metropolitan Statistical Area.

"When crime hits South or West Jackson there's nary a peep."

Well, if the people that live there are complacent and accept high crime (and crappy schools, etc) then that is their choice. I think the only racial aspect to his comparisons of the two shootings is that white people won't put up with uncontrolled violence, terrible schools, etc. We move away (sometimes reluctantly, but we still move) and watch the rot from a distance. We make noise if police, prosecutors and judges don't react swiftly and strongly to public outrages life the murder of Mrs Temple.

As is pointed out in another recent thread - we don't care when a drug dealer gets killed when he pulls a gun on another drug dealer. Buh-bye Mr. Summers.

And I hate to point it out but neither the writer nor his editor(s) seem to understand the difference between "effects" and "affects" - a popular SAT/ACT type question that I bet they don't teach very well at JPS.

Anonymous said...

What a wasted opportunity for him to discuss things that actually matter and would advance the reduction of crime in Jackson (catch and release program, indifference to crime in some communities, etc.).

RandomHero said...

Oh, and ol' Tommy Head, in a comment to DonnerKay, mentioned that some urban youths "accidentally shot a woman"......they CANNOT assign blame where blame is due. Mental defectives.

Anonymous said...

Kaze, just like the Fondren Bugle, is easily ignored.

Kingfish said...


Anonymous said...

Kaze: you are a fucking joke. No one takes you seriously as long as you have a name like a rapper.

mbrookes said...

12:30, I wish you would write that as a "letter to the editor" and see if they will publish it. You pointed out the problem so well that people other than those who read this blog should see it. Here you are preaching to the choir.

Anonymous said...

Just think, all this will be forgotten when the Jeff Good-SPQ-vaginafest comes back to Fondren. Who needs to dwell on the murder of a wealthy white socialite when we can have an apologist parade in the heart of fucking La-La land.

Anonymous said...


'THE' word that describes the difference in the communities.

Watch how quickly someone screams RACISTS... but it's not.

That, 12:30, is indeed why people separate themselves as you stated correctly.

Anonymous said...

I have said forever that until Jacksonians (and those who are crime victims in Jackson) get angry about it, nothing is going to change. So - kudos to the Bellhavenites for having an emergency crime meeting. It may be a day late and a dollar short, but at least they had it.

Anonymous said...

much agreed about that Summer's death. That could have all been avoided.

Anonymous said...

Here you are preaching to the choir.

DonnerKay reads EVERY word @ JJ. EVERY word.

Anonymous said...

I listen to the news every night and murders and other crimes are frequently reported on, no matter the location. Ms. Temple's death was part of a series of crimes that terrorized the entire Jackson area for days, therefore, it was a multi-day story. I am sorry, but, race aside, it was a different story than a drug deal gone bad (which, nonetheless, IS COVERED on the local news).

If communities outside Belhaven want to organize, host the police chief and start a neighborhood watch then they should do so. I have no doubt that such a meeting would (and should) be covered by the local news.

Turning this into a racial issue, in a city that, as the writer pointed out, is 80% African American is ridiculous. Blaming the white minority for a perceived or actual lack of coverage of and interest in crime is race baiting at its finest.

Anonymous said...

I guess Belhaven ought to go to South Jackson and protest for them. Otherwise they are just a bunch of racists, right?

Anonymous said...

"Watch how quickly someone screams RACISTS... but it's not.

That, 12:30, is indeed why people separate themselves as you stated correctly."

12:30 here. I agree, and should point out I have a number of black neighbors who are honest, hard-working, law-abiding, traditional families (i.e., they got married before they had their kids, sacrifice for their kids, want the kids to get a good education so the next generation will have a better life then the previous generation, keep up their houses/property, participate in community watch activities, volunteer as scoutmasters/soccer coaches, etc. The ones who shout "racist" over everything have no idea that many people are sincere in stating that skin color is meaningless - it is shared values that bind a community together. They will never believe us, although evidence is right there every day, but that's not my problem.

Anonymous said...

I think its all about point of reference.

Kaz grew up in a society where death and mayhem were common. Life is dangerous and accountability is lacking. He probably knows and fraternizes with felons and other known gangster types.

So when a white woman gets shot and killed and there is an intense manhunt for the murderers, it probably does seem "unique" to Kaz that such efforts are made to bring someone to justice.

White people in Belhaven and Fondren do not hang out with felons and crime is not an accepted way of getting by. So when burglaries happen, its taken seriously. When a murder happens, its unheard of....and justice is demanded.

Maybe Kaz needs to preach and rap to his own community about the value of human life. He can start at a church, any church, (as there are more black churches than there are black hair care centers) and open and actually read some scripture about that shall not murder, etc.

Statistically, Kaz really should move he and and his family to another county because the number one killer of folks like his 17 year old son? Another black it by sexual transmission of HIV or by a bullet.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Kaze. Look at any honest stats you wish. Crime IS a racial issue and that color isn't white!

Anonymous said...

Well, I live in NE Jackson and I carry a gun all the time, even while reading the CL in the early morning sitting out with our dog, taking out the trash, going out to eat, or going to Kroger.

If someone doesn't like that, I don't care.

Anonymous said...

Kaze says." And I'm not saying the residents of Fondren or Belhaven shouldn't be angry. They should. Mrs Temple's death was a tragedy. But did you have the same urgency when 34-year-old Christopher Summers was gunned down at a gas station just a few days later? It's time we all sit in a room together and figure out what it takes to make the entire city safe — with answers that don't invoke tired and, yes, racist stereotypes but actually speak to the conditions that breed crime"

The idea that this moron would make these comparisons sickens me. A) A thug with a gun in his hand on the attack getting what he paid for.

B) An elderly lady on her own property minding her business when attacked and robbed by human filth.

The level blacks will stoop to to deny and excuse their collective behavior is staggering.

Anonymous said...

"The level blacks will stoop to to deny and excuse their collective behavior is staggering." I know you guys devote a lot of time to saying that you are not racist, but with comments like that, your say-so does not negate the obvious truth that you are.

Kaze's article is inaccurate at points, but the main idea (that all murders are outrageous) has merit. Lighten up on the article. For residents of the Hospitality State, some of you show a lot of anger and hate.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Summers was killed in self defense. Which means it's not murder. And even the law does not treat all killings as equal. If a black man gets in a beef with another black man in Jackson and kills him, he may serve three years. Happens all the time.

Anonymous said...

4:15, I would love for you to cite some instances (this side of the Civil Rights Movement) of three years for murdering any person (black or white).

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
"... I know you guys devote a lot of time to saying that you are not racist, but with comments like that, your say-so does not negate the obvious truth that you are. "

A racist? well, I guess I am a racist now. I grew up in the 60's and guess what? I had about as many black friends as I had white. If I screwed up at their house their fathers have whipped my ass more than a few times and then called my father to make sure I got it again when I got home! Same with my black friends and my dad. No way to count the times I have eaten or slept over at their homes. I still am in contact with those same people, love them and consider them family. I still cook the way their mom's patiently taught me on many, many dishes. (Sorry, but I guess it's racist to say there are some foods, like cornbread, that black folks can just cook better than we white folks.)
Somewhere,somehow, something changed the the later generations of blacks. It's not the same segment of society. Now, if I am approached by a black in public I do not know, I am being mindful of my pistol, my draw, line of fire and bystanders.I politely tell them to keep their distance.
Does that make me a racist? If spotted dogs bite the overwhelming majority of the people bitten by dogs does it make me a bad, narrow-minded or ignorant to be cautious of all spotted dogs until I know the dog better? I think not. At least they are using the word racist so often it's losing it's value. From my point of view seems black society does not give a damn about black life until a white cop kills one in the line of duty.

Anonymous said...

January 26, 2015 at 3:41 PM = Loyal JJ Reader!

Anonymous said...

Think that 3:41 has a mancrush on Kaze.

Anonymous said...

At 3:41, PUHLEEEZ!! First of all, the "main idea" of Kaze's article was NOT that all murders are outrageous!!! His main idea...his ONLY idea was to complain that BIG DEAL was made out of the death of the white woman just because she was rich and white while the black guy was ignored just because he was black.

Secondly, pointing out truth is not being racist. When blacks continue to excuse & justify their "collective behaviors" (abrasive language, droopy drawers, unwed mothers, absentee daddies...whatever...) that keep the black race on the bottom of the economic scale by blaming the white race and labeling everything as "racism", then it is perfectly accurate to call them out for it. A fact is not a racist just because you don't happen to like or approve of that fact.

Anonymous said...


How many high profile black murders (other that James Anderson) have you reported on? While Kaze is out to lunch on comparing Summers to Temple, it isn't a stretch to say that murders of white people get way more media coverage than those of blacks.

Anonymous said...

Anthony McQuitter in 2006. Killed one guy and shot two more.

Anonymous said...


I get the feeling you're more 'tolerant' than this thread is willing to give up. That's what separates us. Intolerant is only a RACIST definition to you.

Anonymous said...

How many high profile black murders (other that James Anderson) have you reported on?

You are the sort of idiot (and DonnerKay target audience) that is part of the problem, not the soluton. Are journalists like Kingfish only to report on "high profile black murders"? LOSER.

Anonymous said...

I call BS on the assumption that murders in the black community get less media coverage. Remember Helen Harrion ??? Google pulled up 70+ news articles on that case just on the first page. Comparing a senseless murder, black or white, to a 3rd time drug dealer who died in a gunfight that looks like he started is beyond ludicrous.

Anonymous said...
Man sentenced in 2006 shooting
JACKSON, Miss. — A 25-year-old man who had faced one count of murder and two counts of aggravated assault from a Dec. 28, 2006, shooting outside a nightclub in Jackson will spend no more than three years in prison.

Anthony McQuitter pleaded guilty to manslaughter Thursday in Hinds County Circuit Court in the shooting death of 20-year-old Jharoski Davenport.

The aggravated assault charge was dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

On the recommendation of prosecutors, McQuitter was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 17 suspended. He was given credited for time served. As a result, McQuitter could soon be freed.

McQuitter was placed on five years of probation. He is to have no contact with any victim or victim’s family and he must complete anger management classes.

Anonymous said...

So much sensitivity to 3:41's post. I wonder why this group is so defensive?

"Now, if I am approached by a black in public I do not know, I am being mindful of my pistol, my draw, line of fire and bystanders.I politely tell them to keep their distance."

Are you sure your last name isn't Dedmon?

Cannon said...

5:12 PM:

Don't blame Kingfish for

the lack of leadership in your newsroom.

MANY others before you

have reached

the SAME conclusion.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why this group is so defensive?

I wonder why YOU are working SO HARD to discredit this JOURNALIST.

Finding Our Collective Voice said...

Kingfish axed for a 'link' way back up there. A link to what?

Anonymous said...


You are obviously an idiot and probably a member of the tea party. Go McDaniel! How many criminal cases have you handled in Hinds County? Oh and whats your experience with the Hinds County Judicial System.

You have no idea how many murders of innocent black people have occurred in this city without the massive media coverage over Ms. Temple's death.

I am sure there is a "God, fags & Guns" rally you can attend in Guntown sometime in the future.

Anonymous said...

White person killed in white neighborhood, residents rally and say this is not acceptable. Black person killed in black neighborhood, nothing. There is your problem.

Anonymous said...

NO NO NO White person killed in white neighborhood, residents rally and say this is not acceptable ... Black person killed in black neighborhood, residents rally and say this is not acceptable ... IDIOT. ALL PEOPLE ARE SAYING IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE GO TO HELL IDIOT

Anonymous said...

KF I was the first comment after 4:37. You didn't post it. Why not? Just told the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Donna Ladd:

Why are you always present on every form of online media in Jackson browbeating everyone with your view of Jackson except here at Jackson Jambalaya?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ obviously lives in Madison/Rankin County

Anonymous said...

9:06 PM ^^^^ obviously Donna Ladd apologist.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 7:29, the mentality in the black community is 'snitches get stitches'. Not outrage.

Finding Our Collective Fondren said...

While scrolling this morning I came across some program featuring Jeff Goode. Not sure but must be some offbeat Jxn channel. Anyway, he was schooling us on the fact that Fondren is now a verb. No shit. He gave examples of things being Fondrened, taken care of responsibly, acted upon, improved, dealt with.

Kingfish said...

Apparently some people are still comparing "murders". A gang of 14 yewts robbing, beating, shooting and killing at least 8 times in only a few days over a widespread area is going to attract attention and dominate the media no matter how you slice it. Add in videos, interviews with victims, and some well-written and informative press releases by JPD and you have an unusual high level of information about a crime that is usually not given to media before trial.

Some people also owe JPD apologies as well for their comments in the media.

Kaze's column was all about why only one group gets outrage and criticized everyone for not making a big deal out of the death of Summers. He owes an apology as well.

Anonymous said...

I think Kaze used the wrong example.

Ask yourself honestly if there was comparable outrage in the white community when Dedmon's crew was into the beatings and killing?

Indeed, I read more than a few excuses ,especially for Dedmon's cronies , on this website.

The truth is that when someone we know or know of dies, we are more affected. That's human nature.

The bad news is that not enough of us have adequate empathy and compassion to respond when it's not one of our own.

We don't want to believe that " one of us" lacks the ability for redemption.

And, there's another element.

We all know that missing black children haven't gotten the media attention missing white children have. Indeed, attractive people who are killed get more attention from the media than homely people do.

So, I don't disagree with either of you.

The good and decent people of all races and religions should be as outraged when a member of their " group" commits a heinous act as they are when one is committed against them.

We should all at least try to work on imagining what it's like to " walk in someone else's shoes".

What we should be able to agree on is that all those who murder are bad people and a danger to all of us . They should be punished within the law . We should be able to agree that imperfections and flaws in their victims shouldn't be part of the discussion. A civilized people cannot condone murder .

Kingfish said...

Not from me. I wanted to execute the guy. In fact, JJ was the first to get the police reports.

Generally speaking, I cover such stories when I think JJ can contribute something that rest of the media has not or can't. That includes news tips and "scoops". Usually the media is all over such stories so I fail to see the need to cover such events when there are multiple reporters covering every angle.

Example. The manhunt in South Jackson two weeks ago. Rest of the media was there with their cameras. I almost went but thought it would just be more of the same unless I posted the raw video. However, I decided to go to the circuit clerk's office as I knew I would probably know the names of at least one suspect pretty soon. Decided to do some digging and presto, we found out about the low bonds that were set last year for two of these guys. Thus JJ was able to contribute new information.

Anonymous said...

Kaze, you propably will not read this, what would your dad say about your action? I knew your father and ,personally, do not believe he would agree with you... He would clean his glasses and shake his head saying,"I don't know what to say, but he is my son, I love him and that is all I can do."

Anonymous said...

I read more than a few excuses especially for Dedmon's cronies, on this website.

Link to one comment made here on JJ that made excuses for Dedmon and his crew. Prove it.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:16 "We should be able to agree that imperfections and flaws in their victims shouldn't be part of the discussion."

You're trying to paint Summers as having flaws & "imperfections"?

This is not meant to be a thread for funnies.

Anonymous said...


Look here, mayne. We realize you bout it bout it and errrthing, but for anyone to take you seriously, you need to drop the nickname, bone up on your 5th grade English, and think about what comes spewing out of your brain before you type it out.

Aight, bruh?

Anonymous said...

8:34 am I'm sorry but after going the first thing that came up in my search on this site was Kingfish himself suggesting that " some kids are easily led" when others were outraged that they seemed not to be being held as accountable.

I don't think KF is racist but rather human.

And, until we look at ourselves and our comments and how they come across, we feed the beast.

Anonymous said...

Post the link 9:50 AM. PUT UP.

Anonymous said...

@ 7:16
You say "We should be able to agree that imperfections and flaws in their victims shouldn't be part of the discussion."

Summers' imperfections included multiple, serious drug convictions and cheating on his wife. His flaw, fatal in this case, was attempting to steal or do bodily harm while holding a handgun.

"A civilized people cannot condone murder ."
The civilized people didn't condone murder, as was evident in after Ms. Temple's shooting. Civilized people do condone self defense, tho, as in Mr. Summers' shooting.

These two deaths are as different as the two deceased person's lives. That should require no explanation.

Burke said...

I agree with your comments, KF. The main thing that struck me is your reference to being questioned about how black neighborhoods can get on NextDoor. If that develops to any significant degree, I have a lot more optimism about a lasting reduction in crime. I would say to Mr. Franklin, focus on that. Play it up. Help make it happen.

Anonymous said...

Where are you 9:50 AM? Post the link.

Anonymous said...

10:21 Spot on-

Anonymous said...

There's nothing stopping people who live outside of Belhaven and Fondren from becoming outraged about crime. But when the DA and judges are punishing the murder of a black man with a three year sentence, I don't see how you can blame white Jacksonians.

Kingfish said...

Someone made an allegation against Tom Head. Provide a link or a screenshot. It not, the comment gets zapped.

Anonymous said...

Someone made an allegation against Tom Head. Provide a link or a screenshot. It not, the comment gets zapped.

Head can defend himself, right?

Post here like Dorsey, Longwitz, etc -- since Tom reads every damn word as does Ms. Control Freaky, Alan Lange, Prophet Ben Allen, etc -- and say, flat out, 'I did not post online anywhere the words or meaning that you are attributing to me.' Longwitz just called someone out the other day.

But no. Suddenly Tom Head has some sort of special status here at JJ where someone must provide a link or else you Kingfish is going to zap a comment into the bit bucket?

MAYBE you should fall on your sword Kingfish for letting the comment see the light of day here in the first place. Lord knows the other seemingly innocuous stuff you shitcan.

It is okay Tom. You are protected here. Your little secret is safe with us.

Kingfish wants it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Agreed 100% with EVERYTHING IN KF's post! That said, KF, can u find out if the man that killed Summers in SELF-DEFENCE was actually out on bond like the little thugs that murdered Ms. Temple were by chance? Regardless, he still acted in self-defense, but he was in fact recently released from the Hinds County "catch-release" program I beleive. If he was yet another one released on bond, maybe that will shut this Kaze f-er up a tad & hopefully help him understand the difference in outrage between the 2 incidents. If Jonathan Kelly was supposed to be serving more time but was released on bond, maybe Kaze's bro Summers would still be alive today - except for once, if that's the case, the catch-release program actually paid off for once it sounds like.

Anonymous said...

11:14 pm Go to the search box on this site and put in " Dedmon". The comment was in the first story that popped up.

You don't need a link.

KF was , as he said, outraged by Dedmon, but like many, saw those riding with Dedmon, not as accomplices and " thugs" but as " misled" young people.

We tend to see our criminal youth as " getting in with the wrong crowd" and black criminal youth coming from bad family who support their criminal behavior.

The facts are that our criminal youth can come from awful families and black criminal juvenile can come from good families and vice versa.

I am suggesting that we spend less time criticizing others and more in being honest with ourselves.

IF both races could do that, we'd find common ground to attack crime more successfully.

The black community is still far more adversely affected by crime than the white community.

Why we can't get together to more effectively deal with crime is in large part because of all this continued racist rhetoric and paranoia on both sides that doesn't fool white folks with any sense and certainly doesn't fool the black community.

Kingfish said...

Ever heard of sarcasm? Dedmon and friends were thugs. Little redneck thugs who picked on everyone.

Anonymous said...

6:35 AM can't deliver. Again.

Anonymous said...

6:35am - Statistics are not your friend. By numbers alone, we know it to be fact that higher % of black boys grow up without their father around. I didn't say married to momma and living in the same house, just around. That means it's easier, by tangible numbers, to place blame. Even many black community leaders acknowledge the breakdown of the family unit as the #1 reason for youth crime and violence.

Kingfish said...

6:35: time to put your bullshit to rest.

Here is the comment I responded to on March 28, 2012:

Anyone who participated in this was not "very close friends" with his black teammates. And if the Dedmon kid was trouble for a long time, why were these other young adults associating with him? Sounds like they must have known what kind of person he was.

The post was about Dedmon and his crew bullying classmates. Here is what I wrote in response:

Some kids are easily led. Remember Luke Woodham? His parents didn't raise him to be that way but he and his friends had their little group and we all know what they did.

I think what these punks were were bullies. Make no mistake, they were racists too, but at heart they were bullies. yes, they would go to West Jackson to hurt black people but they were just as fine hurting a white person that got in their way as well. Hope they go to a state pen instead of federal prison. I don't think Dedmon was sorry one bit.

To me, punks, bullies, thugs are the same thing. The point was Dedmon was the leader and some kids are easily led around. Sledge was the leader of his Croft. There is usually an alpha that leads the pack. Sorry you didn't see that point.

Earlier post

But nice of you to dig through all of my comments and posts to find that one. Nice try.

Kingfish said...

I know plenty of blacks who are outraged about crime. Its the leaders who are not outraged. There are enough votes to also return certain judges to the bench over and over and over. There is outrage, just not enough of it.

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