Monday, February 12, 2018

Washington: McBride took picture of murdered Kingston Frazier

Byron McBride took a picture of a murdered 6 year-old Kingston Frazier and then showed it to Dwan Wakefield and D'Allen Washington according to Washington's testimony in Madison County Circuit Court on February 5.   Washington pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact to kidnapping.  Judge William Chapman accepted the guilty plea.  The transcript of the hearing is posted below.

 The District Attorney recommended that Washington serve a 20-year prison sentence but that the court suspend five years.  Washington also pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of simple robbery.  A grand jury indicted him in 2016 for armed robbery.  It was recommended that the Judge sentence him to serve 15 years in prison but suspend ten years.  The two sentences will run concurrently.

Byron McBride, Jr. is charged with Capital Murder in the death of little Kingston on May 17, 2017.  Dwan Wakefield has not yet been indicted in the case but was recently certified to be tried as an adult.  His case will be presented to the grand jury.  He was 17 years-old when the murder took place.

Kingston Frazier's mother, Ebony Archie, went out the night of May 17, 2017 to celebrate her birthday.  She stopped at the Kroger on I-55N at shortly after 1:00 AM on May 18.  She went into Kroger and left her son in the car with the engine running.  Wakefield drove to the parking lot in his aunt's car accompanied by Washington and McBride.  McBride stole the car and immediately  drove north on the interstate.  He allegedly shot Kingston Frazier in the head in Madison County and was picked up by his two friends.

The defendant told Assistant District Attorney Bryan Buckley his version of what took place that horrific night.

Dwan Wakefield drove the vehicle.  Washington sat in the front passenger's seat while McBride sat in the back seat.  Washington said he didn't have a phone that night but the other two men did.  They drove to the Kroger so Wakefield could "sell some weed."  They saw Ebony Frazier drive up in the Camry.  Wakefield pointed out that she left her car running.  McBride said "let him out."    McBride walked up to the Camry and returned.  McBride told them to give them his phone and that he was going to go to Holmes County.  Washington gave him his phone and he stole the car.  Wakefield and Washington went to Wendy's and sold the weed.

The pair went to the Shell gas station on Hanging Moss and got gas.  Washington said McBride called Wakefield about "ten minutes after" they left Kroger.  McBride told him Kingston was in the car.  "Dwan, he was telling Byron let the baby out of the car -- or park the car somewhere and leave, and well come get him," said Washington.

They drove "north" to get McBride.   Washington testified  "He (Wakefield) said Byron had -- had dropped the baby off and we were going to get him."  They got off the interstate at the Gluckstadt exit.  He said he thought Kiingston Frazier was still alive.  "Byron came out of the woods and got into the car," said Washington.  Prosecutors asked how he learned Kingston was killed.  The prosecution asked him what happened next: 

Once we got on the interstate, I was asking Byron what did he do with the car and where was the baby.  And then that's when he pulled  his phone out and showed me a picture of the baby dead.

Q. Did he say anything when he pulled the phone out?
A.   No.  He just said he was going to delete it right after.

Q.   What was your reaction when you saw the photograph of the deceased child?
A.   We started arguing.

Q.   What was Dwan Wakefield's reaction that you observed?
A.   He was crying.

Q.   Did you take -- where did you all take McBride that night?
A.   We took him home.

Q.   Where was that?

A.   On County Line Road, the Somerset Apartments.

Washington also said he told McBride to throw his clothes away so he wouldn't get caught. 

Sentencing is set for March 26 but is contingent upon his cooperation in McBride's trial. Attorney Warren Martin represented the defendant. 

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Anonymous said...

This unspeakable depravity is all too common among the criminal underclass in Jackson today. A photograph? My God.

Anonymous said...

Props to law enforcement who has to see this kind of thing everyday and still go home and act like a normal person.

Anonymous said...

Given that he will serve ten years on the pre-existing armed robbery charge that will run concurrently, he is actually only serving five years for his involvement in the Kingston Frazier murder. Shame on you Micheal Guest for agreeing to this plea deal!!!!

Anonymous said...

12;27 is exactly right. Oh.My.God

Anonymous said...

How on earth did this demon get a deal?! You think Guest would know better.

A. Rankin Countian said...

Sally Doty just got my vote.

Somebody explain to me said...

How is this case any different than the one a few years ago where the fellow from Eastover was loading his truck up to go to a shooting competition when he got carjacked at his home by 2 of Jackson's finest thugs, managed to shoot and kill one of them, but they (supposedly) threw the book at the surviving thug for the same felony crime for merely being a "participant"? Tell me again, what is that statute and how does it not apply here?

Kingfish said...

Andre Kennedy has not yet gone to trial. He was supposed to but that snow week when the courthouses were closed delayed it until April 30.

He is indicted for several offenses but murder is not one of them even though he was committing a crime with the Dee. RSS generally doesn't try to use the felony murder rule to indict the accomplice for capital murder as they do in other jurisdictions.

In this case, what exactly did Washington do? He was a passenger in the car. He had no phone and thus did not talk to McBride on the phone during or after the murder. Wakefield drove the car to pick him up. The maximum sentence for accessory to kidnapping is 20 years. From the testimony, it appears that he physically did not do much of anything related to Kingston's murder although he failed to report any of it when he had the chance.

He is also cooperating against the other two defendants.

Anonymous said...

McBride is the murdering animal that deserves to be executed. The others appear to be accomplices that only went along for a quick score, not to kill a kid - thus the kidnapping charge and relatively lighter max. potential sentencse. Which begs the question, why kill the kid? He was unlikely to be a reliable witness at his age, unless there was some ulterior motive that hasn't been teased out yet.

Anonymous said...

to prosecute the devil, you make deals with defendants from hell...

Anonymous said...

And yet it's unlikely this animal, McBride, will even face the death penalty. You think the D.A. has the guts to present a death penalty case to a Hinds County jury, even in a case this egregious? I seriously doubt it.

Anonymous said...

You think the D.A. has the guts to present a death penalty case to a Hinds County jury, even in a case this egregious?

Please catch up or cease commenting on this matter.

Obviously not a Lawyer said...

My first thought after reading the court transcript (hats off to the Kingfish for publishing that document) would be that these 3 yutes originally planned on just selling some weed that night, but once they came across a car that was still crunk (sic) things rapidly escalated to auto theft followed by kidnapping and ending in murder. Soon after Wakefield and Washington pick up McBride, they both learn that McBride murdered the child. They take McBride home (or where he stay at) and Washington tells McBride to get rid of his clothes.

Question: Why didn't the DA go after Washington for accessory to the fact after MURDER instead of accessory to the fact after kidnapping?

Then my second thought is that even though the Judge accepted his guilty pleas, he said he was going to hold off on the sentencing until the other 2 yutes went to trial. Ahhh, since they've yet to convict McBride of murder, what is going to stop the DA from upping Washingtons charges to accessory after the fact of murder should McBride be convicted?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the statement that he (McBride) offed the kid? Was that information disclosed after they picked up McBride? So Washington is minimizing his involvement based on not having a cellphone, yet he admitted to overhearing the conversation? The credibility is severely lacking with all three of the defendants, and if I were the DA I’d want a murder weapon produced before deals were even offered.

Strange how that detail keeps being omitted.

I wonder if he was stupid enough to shake the hand with GSR.

Looks like Wakefield might get 20 if the charges stick.

Anonymous said...

Some of y’all need to quit playing lawyer and go attend an actual criminal trial in Hinds, Madison, or Rankin counties.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Mike guest let people know Wakefield lied in several statement why does Mike guest give million dollar bonds for robbery and 250000 dollar bond for child capital murder cases

Anonymous said...

What happened to statement when Wakefield said McBride called and said I offed child and ran out of gas and Wakefield said pindrop me your location so they knew Kingston was dead before they picked McBride up that was in preliminary hearing

Anonymous said...

I wonder why they never let people know they did all of this in front of police officer cars with lights on in empty parking lot and how can you be sailing weed and stealing cars and not be watching out for police who investigator in this case

Anonymous said...

So how can they believe any thing these guys said the only thing we know is they knew Kingston Frazier was going to die before he died and they all thought they could get away with it till they got caught so why the statement now Mike guest what took him so long to talk

Anonymous said...

Did they forget number to 911

Kingfish said...

Why don't y'all go read the post about the preliminary hearing. Word for word.

Anonymous said...

I know all words to preliminary hearing facts for facts and statements that kingfish ain't got like they stole car at117am and McBride called Wakefield at 117am saying child in car and I'm going to off child not 10 minutes later like Washington said so how could he give Washington plea and Wakefield a bond when did they answer Kingston plea for help

Anonymous said...

Why did Wakefield lawyer say he called godmother for help did he forget the number for 911 and wasn't there police in parking lot why not get them for help

Anonymous said...

Guest does not give bonds. It's on the judge.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish has been pandering to emotion throughout this entire situation. Here's the latest example:

"Byron McBride, Jr. is charged with Capital Murder in the death of little Kingston on May 17..."

Meanwhile, this blog (other than the astute few of us) has never called the 'little mom' to account and she skates.

This story runs deeper than the Nile River yet the prosecution is top-water. Drugs were involved, family members were complicit, questions regarding the kid's whereabouts prior to Kroger have remained unanswered (and unaxed), the mother's involvement with these murderers has escaped scrutiny, how these boys just 'happened' upon a running vehicle in a large parking lot after midnight remains a mystery, why the mother piddles around in a store for an hour and emerges with nothing and no receipt while the thugs do their deed is unquestioned, and, finally, the photo of the kid after he was deceased was captured as evidence so it could be produced later to satisfy the drug kingpins.

Anonymous said...

Trolls don't read Kingfish. They only troll.

Anonymous said...

The photograph is the kind of sickening act one sees in sociopaths. As far as I'm concerned, the death penalty is the only way to protect society and the prison population from McBride.

That said, it would be a rarity for any teenager to ever call an adult, any adult and confess to anything they had just done.

It is rarer still for young African American men who are warned by their parents that they could be unfairly treated and at risk when in contact with law enforcement to seek help that will involve law enforcement arresting them as well.

And, remember, brains don't stop growing until age 25. Besides, we are not all equal when it comes to brain development and justice. Our justice system and juvenile system and our legislative system really needs to catch up with science.

Wakefield and Washington have a different history than that of McBride. They will face dire consequences for their actions and the death of a child doesn't sit well with other prisoners. I , however, hope, that they, like some other young adults who went to prison can find a way to turn their lives around and contribute to society.

It's interesting that some of those commenting expected Washington and Wakefield to have more knowledge of morality and the law as teens than they themselves seem to have as adults.

Anonymous said...

Like clockwork every one of 7:48's comments, every time, has to conclude with some holier-than-thou admonition and indirect claim to intellectual superiority.

Anonymous said...

Since you wanna no his mom wasn't in store for hour only 3minutes and a he bought items and had a receipt and it was a empty parking lot with 5 cars on scene and 2 where police cars with lights on so these guys knew everything and if Kroger's security would have been doing there job they would have noticed These guys trying to steal car

Anonymous said...

If the DA says no bond then judge says no bond

Anonymous said...

7:47 - If you have a problem with the post, please counter the argument and suggestions made therein. Otherwise....don't.

10:31 - You have a reliable link to that claim. PS: A link means a story or article with a web address where one can find it on the internet. Three minutes and receipt? Bullshit. Thanks.

Kingfish said...

She was in there for only a few minutes, not an hour. I reported

HCSO dispatch notified JPD of the auto theft and kidnapping at 1:28 AM. JPD dispatch notified all JPD units to be on the lookout for the stolen car with a seven year-old baby at 1:37 AM (10:10 in the audio posted below).

Anonymous said...

I don't need link you got what you know from link like I said she was at store for only minutes ask jpd and sheriff officers who were on duty that night at Krogers so they were bold to steal in front of police when it's 5 cars in parking lot and two were jpd and hcso cruisers with lights on these are dangerous criminals

Anonymous said...

So why does Madison county give million dollar bond for armed robbery and thousands dollar bonds child capital murder

Anonymous said...

If Wakefield didn't care about a 6year old dying who would want him on street

Anonymous said...

Madison county da must for got about Wakefield saying McBride said I offed child pindrop me your location so that sounds like they knew Mr Kingston Frazier was dead before they picked McBride up

Anonymous said...

They, the inmates, are going to have fun with McBride and more power to them

Anonymous said...

So a drug deal gone bad leads to a child being murdered really did Wakefield and Washington ever get police help or did they only worry about helping there selves so why is Mike guest helping Washington and Wakefield

Anonymous said...

This is me thinking. If my friend stole a car and a baby was in the back seat.Then, my friend called me and said come get me I let the baby out..if you let the baby out. Then my response would be drive the car. So I said that to say this: Them bastards knew McBride killed Kingston. Boy there is a special place in hell for them.

Anonymous said...

The High Sherufff of Hinds reported early on that the mother was apparently in the store from 45 minutes to an hour. And so did her Sistuh-Gurl who appeared on camera later.

However, if she had been in there three minutes, that makes it even MORE unlikely that hoods would skid up into the parking lot at that second and find her car running (had she not been in contact with them) and decide to steal it.

Anonymous said...

Three people will go to jail. Nobody will fry. Several family members and drug reps will skate. Kroger will continue to be a dangerous place. The D.A. will place another bullet point on his resume. And several sheriffs will claim they solved the crime.

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