Monday, February 5, 2018

Victim's mother slams Hinds criminal justice system in Fortification Street murder

Stacey Kirschten, the mother of murdered Chelsie Kirschten, issued the following statement.

Chelsie's Mom: Statement by Stacey Kirschten
Mother of Chelsie Kirschten

As the mother of Chelsie, on behalf of our family, I call on Hinds County officials to answer these questions involving the brazen, senseless murder of my 24-year-old daughter on the streets of Jackson.

1. How can someone (Nicholas Coats) be released from jail on a murder charge who the judge ordered held without bond and who, by his own admission, was present at the time my daughter was shot to death sitting in her car on Fortification Street?

Chelsie Kirschten
Regardless of whether he was the shooter or an active participant (driver), Hinds County Judge William Skinner ruled there was sufficient evidence to charge Coats with the crime and bind him over to the grand jury.  After finding him a threat and danger to the community how can someone just walk out with no bail, no tracking device?  We want to know how this happened, who specifically is responsible for letting him walk out of jail scot-free to live a free man while our family is forever without my daughter? The only peace of mind we had was that they were in custody waiting on a grand jury indictment for murder.  

2. A Motion for Wrongful Release was filed before Judge Skinner and now Hinds County Circuit Judge Tomie Green. Both claim that this does not fall within their jurisdiction to hear the matter.  Clearly there is a huge problem within the Hinds County legal system that needs to be addressed now.  I understand that this is an election year and I would hate to think that has any bearing on the matter.  

I further understand that there is a controversy over the ninety-day rule being constitutional for accused criminals, under which Coats was released.  I would have thought, given the circumstances, that whoever was responsible would have had a modicum of good judgment and erred on the side of reservation.  Judge Skinner was out of town at the time of the release.  I would think that a phone call to check with the D.A.s office would have at least been in order.  And, our family was not notified, which IS part of the victims rights outlined in the Mississippi Constitution. 

Given the urgency of this matter one would think a hearing would have been set post haste.  Yet we are more than three weeks since Coats was released and no judge has stepped up to resolve the issue.  Another motion was filed Thursday in Judge Green’s Court.  I’d like to know what we are waiting on?

3. The third defendant, Jushun Paige, is now asking to be released.  The police report states that the other two defendants placed Paige with them at the scene of the murder.  Paige served less than three years on a car-jacking conviction and one month (to the date) after his early release, my daughter is murdered and he was involved in some capacity. 

Up until now the family has chosen not to comment on the case and let the Jackson Police Department do its’ job.  And, we feel they have.  

But, I have learned through first hand experience that the Mississippi Victims Bill of Rights is routinely ignored as when we went to a hearing and sat next to the family of one of the men charged in Chelsie’s murder.  The Constitution of the State of Mississippi does Include important protections that victims of crimes and their families are entitled to have enforced.

On behalf of not just myself but on behalf of all victims of crime I am specifically DEMANDING that elected officials read the Constitution of the State of Mississippi and begin respecting the rights of victims like myself and others and enforce the Mississippi Victims Bill of Rights!  And, I call on the judicial system in Hinds County to do what it is charged to do, protect the citizens by prosecuting murderers and ensuring us that when a judge says NO Bond for specific intent of NO RELEASE  the defendant will not be released!


Anonymous said...

All of these questions, except for the one about jurisdiction between County and Circuit Court, should be directed to the DA's office. They are the ones who blew a 3 month deadline to secure an indictment. They are the ones who could have asked the Judge to extend the deadline if necessary. If they have question about the constitutionality of the 90 day rule (and I think they are the only ones who do), then they could have filed an appeal to get that question answered. Instead, the DA's Office did NOTHING. The Judge did his job to guard against the indefinite detention of someone who is presumed innocent. The jailers did their jobs by following that Judge's order.

Anonymous said...

Once again JPD catches the criminals only to watch as the court sets them free. JPD has issues and problems, but it is quickly becoming clear that they are not the problem in Hinds County.

Anonymous said...

Circuit judges are "Gods" in their own minds and can do no wrong. Didnt you know this?? Tommie Green has been abusing victims and their rights in Hinds County for as long as she has been on the bench.

There is no excuse for what she, Skinner and Schuler/Smith have let happen in this case.

No wonder Jackson and Hinds county are swirling around the bowl.

Anonymous said...

Hinds County ... A World of Difference ... and A Very Special Place!

Anonymous said...

@2:02 but you'll be damned to find a courageous elected black politico anywhere in Hinds or Jackson who will step up to the TV news cameras and microphones to scream 'ENOUGH'.

JACKSON and HINDS are f'ing LOST.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Clinton's mexican restaurant burglar is behind held on a $1,000,000 bond.

Anonymous said...

It's not the DA, it's the judges who put those three month deadlines on cases that serious. The law gives a prosecutor at least 6 months to indict a defendant but these judges feel it's more important to please the offender then the victims and their families.

Anonymous said...

Judge Skinner's order granting release is clear. The County jail does not have the right to disobey orders from the Court. There is no puzzle or confusion about where the blame belongs, Its with Judge Skinner.

Anonymous said...

VERY disappointed in Judge Skinner.

Anonymous said...

If you have arrested somebody and are insisting that they be held without bond and you can’t present sufficient evidence to get an indictment from a grand jury (which is pretty easy to do if you are trying at all), then there is a breakdown. PIt has nothing to do with any judge. It is either the police or the DA office or both.

Anonymous said...

No vigils and press conferences by Kenneth Stokes? Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Innocent until proven guilty!! How long should people sit in jail if they have not been indicted?? Get mad at JPD, DA, Judges or whomever but let’s stop locking up people that are accused. Unless you think JPD has a 100% accuracy rate in making arrests these guys may not be guilty of anything. Check out the Innocence Project or any other of the multiple groups that are getting innocent people released from jail after serving decades for a crime they didn’t commit.

Anonymous said...

At 5:01 BY HIS OWN ADMIISSION he was involved!

Anonymous said...

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Anonymous said...

White folks are welcome to not be a part of Jackson, Mississippi if they do not like the way things are done here. If someone goes wild and tries to hurt you and you do anything to prevent it, you will probably get the luxury of defending yourself in a court of law. If harm comes to you, the perpetrator will probably not be held accountable. When it comes down to it, White Folks are to welcome in Jackson Mississippi. Got property in Jackson, that is not secure either. Tough way to live.

Anonymous said...

At 5:27... Did you hear his admission? Was it videotaped? Or did JPD just allege in some self serving news release that he admitted something but there is no evidence of an actual confession of some criminal act? Don’t believe the main stream media and certainly don’t believe JPD. Kingfish is the only reporter that seems to get the “real” story.

Anonymous said...

@2:35 - My point exactly !!

Anonymous said...

All of the RSS haters should know by now that your lies and schemes have never and will never prosper. RSS called a press conference a couple of years back, if you recall. If you don't recall, just google it. At that time, he condemned Judge Green for letting defendants out of jail on her own order, without notifying the DA's Office. Moreover, it was discovered that she was sealing the case files, so no one could find out about it. This has nothing to do with the DA's Office. Defendants who are not bond eligible, should be held without bond, period! And if by some chance they are released prior to being brought before the GJ, the statute is clear- the senior judge is to review the case first, before making that call.
The DA's Office had no obligation to request this file before the investigation was completed. And law enforcement should not have to rush an investigation to appease Judge Green. Enough is enough. I have worked closely with his office, and know for a fact that the ADAs in that office give it their all every single day. It's ashamed that every screw up; no matter who screwed up, is blamed on RSS.
He's the only politician I know who will stand up.
You should all be ashamed.

Anonymous said... are wrong on both accounts

Anonymous said...

Where did Judge Skinner's new found concern for un-indicted Defendants come from. There are numerous juveniles charged as adults sitting in the Raymond jail and Judge Skinner's Youth Detention Center who have not been indicted after 90 days. What's up with that?

Anonymous said...

RSS to the top!!!

Anonymous said...

Judge Skinner is not at fault! He denied bond and gave the Police Department and District Attorney three months to bind this killer over to the Grand Jury! How long is a reasonable time to expect the Grand Jury process to take? Three months --- THREE MONTHS is plenty of time! If there is no deadline date set then the criminal justice system will come to a complete grind - even worse than it is now. Skinner routinely sets high bonds and is one of the best Judges in Hinds County. Bill Skinner was a police officer for JPD before he went back to law school in his 40's - Skinner is tough on criminals and anybody who doubts it should go sit in his courtroom.

Anonymous said...

The District Attorney does not determine when a case will go to the Grand Jury. They don't and they can't force law enforcement agencies to send cases over for GJ review. JPD is present at each and every preliminary hearing to testify. They are aware of the 90 day rule. Why should THEY not be held responsible for getting the case to the DA's Office in 90 days????? They too, hear Judge Skinner's 90 day order from the bench.
And, it is absolutely crazy to believe that every investigation in Hinds County should be complete in 90 days. The Mississippi Supreme Court even recognizes that, and takes it in to consideration in the Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Anonymous said...

10:42, wrong. The DA’s Office runs the show at grand juries. They know when they will be and they decide which cases get presented. Now that does require some initiative on their part if there is a case with a deadline and they don’t have what they think they need (pick up a phone, send a letter, ask the judge for more time, etc.). Initiative is seriously lacking in every facet of the Hinds DA Office. They prefer to do nothing and then blame everyone (Judge, police, jailers, etc.) but themselves when something goes sideways. And it starts at the top.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that there is some home cooking and one of the defendants people got with someone to drop the ball on this? Just curious.

Alpha Storm said...

5:01 PM sounds like what Brad Framklin that has been rapper would say. Thug Life in Jacktown.

Anonymous said...

We white people are stupid. Why are we not marching on City Hall demanding Skinner,Green,and Smith resign. Where are our community organizers? Why do we support the do nothing know nothing media with advertising money? The only in-depth reporting on this incident has only been here in JJ. I don't know if there are enough black people to get past Black Racism and demand good government but they won't so long as we sit back and blog. " Too many black men in jail", clearly, clearly not enough! Let's have a little activism of our own.

Anonymous said...

This is 100% law enforcement's fault. 99% DA and 1% JPD.

Remember, it isn't the judges' role to prosecute cases or bring an indictment. The Hinds County DA office and most of the Hinds ADAs are completely incompetent. It is a revolving door there because no one wants to work for an incompetent crook.

My opinion? The accused should be released until the DA's start to timely indict and prosecute cases. It's the only solution that will send the DAs a message.

Stog said...

Just simply cannot hide behind the term 'Anonymous'. I feel if its a comment worth sharing, one should want to be credited for it. With that in mind all I have to comment here is this is a sad state of affairs. After living in jackson for 43 years I moved an hour from town and during these past three years have observed the city to swiftly decline. As downtown, Fondren and some other areas seem to develop, they're faced with the failing criminal,public works, and other very necessary government roles; failing at what appears to be an everlasting rate.
While this is no way racial it does need to be admitted that with primary black leadership in the city,in all areas of governement, it's time those who choose to lead, who asked the public to let them lead, do so as upright, public spirited individuals with the goal of proving their worth; proving the voters choose wisely. Charlie Stogner, not Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The DA does not indict and prosecute crimes in a timely manner and the judges release criminals as fast as possible. People blame one of the other or blame law enforcement.
It really looks like they are all working together. When the heat is applied to one part for letting thugs out of jail one of the other partners in crime takes over and releases the thugs. It is a combined effort to keep the thugs out of jail and it is working.
People are arguing over who is at fault when the whole system is playing the people.

Anonymous said...

Customers of the new Fondren hotels smack dab riding the Jacktown DMZ are going to be sitting ducks.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that every time Stogner posts he goes into the same BS about not posting anonymously. Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Stog brings it up anyway?

Anonymous said...

Interesting how someone who chose to take his or her vote and move out of Jackson can turn around and blame those left for the sad state of affairs. They certainly deserve some, but you chose to put yourself in a situation where there is literally nothing you can do except comment on a blog.

Anonymous said...

White people are not welcome in Hinds county. The sooner you people realize this, the better.

Anonymous said...

Valid point 2:31pm I always find it amusing when Hinds Co residents admonish the people who left for not repairing Hinds Co
I always think how silly...we didn’t vote for those clowns. How can we fix it?

Anonymous said...

I betcha Walter Bleck would have made sure there was a timely indictment. Oh sorry , Mr. DA Smith let him go

Kingfish said...

It was Bleck who screwed up the indicting of Wayne Parish.

Don't Spend A Dime In Jackson said...

I'll try once more to avoid the Kingfish selective-indignation radar....

Fact is, this young girl was white. Fact is, Jackson is black. The deceased is white and the 'alleged' (har) perps are black. If those demographics had been reversed, imagine the uproar. We'd be having protests on the steps of the capitol building and Jxn City Hall for a month or two.

Same as when there was zero outcry from Jackson officials, Jackson preachers, Jackson black community three years ago when a white fisherman, here to participate in a Bassmaster's Classic event on the Reservoir, was murdered at motel 6 on 55 North. Crickets from everybody in Jacktown.

If you ain't black, it don't make a rat's ass.

Anonymous said...

Grand Jury or Waste of Time? Having worked in law enforcement in MS years ago, I never understood that concept, either you have what it takes to secure a conviction or you do not. I left this backwards-ass system to work in Dade County, FL. There, the speedy trial rule means just that, 90 to bring a case to trial after an arrest or it's tossed faster than you can raise your right hand and swear before GOD. Having said that, any defense continuance would nullify the speedy trial rule and any good defense attorney would avoid doing that at all costs. The main difference I see is all cases there are presented to an Assistant State Attorney within seven days, a "Felony Pre-Filing Conference". That ASA has total authority to dump or file a case. Much more efficient than some outdated Grand Jury.

Seeing how some defendants in Hinds County sit in jail, some for years, awaiting a trial is laughable. Unless of course, it were I and then it might not be so funny. If I were a defense attorney in Hinds County, I'd have "Fill-A-Form" motions for a Speedy Trial in my briefcase and file one every time I stood to represent an new client.

I've known Judge Skinner for almost 50 years. I know him to be a hard working, law abiding, family man. Say what you want, if he is following the law, HE IS FOLLOWING THE LAW. If YOU are such a Hot-Shot attorney, person, citizen or dare I say politician, work to change the law or STFU!

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