Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Out of line? We report, you decide.

Update: Guard is rehired. 

Some supporters of the Mississippi state flag showed up at the Civil Rights Museum last weekend to protest in favor of the flag.  A security guard had a mild confrontation with them that consisted of a bunch of jawing back and forth although he did grab a stick bearing a flag for a brief moment.  The videos of the latest drama are posted below.   He lost his job. Should he have been fired?

A person who posted the second video included this message on his Facebook page:

This is not the first altercation with this officer. This is how it started.

One of our members walked over there to ask him about taking a group picture with the Civil Rights sign the cop told him hell no and to take his Howdy Doody counterfeit ass back across the street. He told the cop that we had no bad intentions and that we just wanted to take a group picture with the new Museum and he said hell no again you're not going to do it, get back across the road.

That’s when this guy with a state flag went over there to take a picture, and I started recording.

He was the only one with an attitude like that. The rest of the people (even his boss seen in another video) we had no problems with.

In the video where he says something about the grass. That is the first time he said anything about the grass.. and he even steps in it in the video!

1:09 The cop throws up black power.. (someone just pointed it out to me I didn’t see it while taking the video)

The guy that walked over there to start with to ask the cop could he take a picture with the sign has over 13k pictures in his phone, thats what he does, he has pictures from around the south with every thing from big watermelons to the Oscar Meyer wiener truck. it would of been just another picture in his collection.

This is another video.
This event occurred on February 10, 2018 as the Delta Flaggers were preparing their entry for the Dixie National Parade. All related videos can be found @

State Representative Kathy Sykes told the Clarion-Ledger the security guard was fired.

Kingfish note: Security guard screwed up by talking to them. If they are breaking the law or blocking the entrances and roads, order them to comply with the law. If not, call for back-up and deal with them accordingly.  Disorderly conduct is a nice, vague charge that can be used if need be.  This back and forth crap just feeds into what protestors want and sets up the security guard for failure. Same thing goes for the BLM protestors who block roads, malls, and shut down restaurants as well. At some point it becomes less about making a point than trying to make certain people mad.  The Delta Flaggers are not dumb.  They know waving variations of the Stars & Bars will do nothing but anger visitors to the Civil Rights Museum.  However, this is America where the right to protest is gospel and should be. 

Just curious, have any of these protestors actually visited the museum?


Anonymous said...

My bet if the Flaggers paid $8 to visit the Civil Rights Museum That would be considered aiding and abetting the enemy. Regardless of your stance on the state flag, these folks are a bunch of yahoos that do nothing but sully the reputation of Mississippi.

Stars and Bars It's Not.. said...

Lot's of comments to be made about this comedy; however, again I'll just point out that Kingfish (like so many others) seems to have no clue what the 'Stars and Bars' is. The Stars and Bars is not represented by or found on the Mississippi Flag. That's a Confederate Battle Flag, a variation of The Confederate Naval Jack.

Anonymous said...

Just another reminder that the State of Mississippi could have saved millions of dollars if it had just removed the damn symbol of racial animosity and southern independence from it's state flag rather than building a civil rights museum. Now we've got to keep fighting the civil war after the rest of the world has moved on... Go Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

"At some point it becomes less about making a point than trying to make certain people mad."

Very true. People love provoking each other these days. The flag wavers knew they were provoking the capitol police officer (at least, the C/L identified him as such). He knew he was provoking them with his reaction. And the flag-wavers say this isn't the first incident. Both sides trying to get a reaction out of the other like a bunch of kindergarteners. All this "I got my rights" stuff has gone way too far.

Be kind. Just find a way to be kind. Both sides. Everybody.

Kingfish said...

I contend that we owe the Civil Rights Museum to them after what was pulled with the Sovereignty Commission.

Can you just imagine what would have happened if Obama had set up something like that? Militias would've been sprouting up all over the place and protests over losing our freedom.

Anonymous said...

The officer screwed up. Fired? Could go either way. This is, however stupid and inflammatory as an action, not only 1st Amendment protected activity, but they are also carrying the lawful state flag in front of a state museum. Claims of "assault" and that he "hit the man" with the flag are ludicrous on the group's part.

The officer's supervisor should have also intervened in the matter.

Finally, the profanity and disrespect is a firing offense in the first case, as well as engaging in needless confrontation and attempting to violate the 1st Amendment, whether witting or unwitting. He should have been briefed on what to do, and most likely has been. Let fools be fools.

Knowing that the state reinstated an impaired MHP trooper who was driving impaired and on the range impaired tells me he will not only be reinstated but promoted.

That all being said, the old adage "having the right to do something does not mean it's the right thing to do." This is like waving a Nazi flag at a Holocaust memorial. Jerks being jerks, and this guy reacted. I can't blame his feelings, but he does need to be disciplined and trained better.

I'm embarrassed to see this stuff, and I'm the great grandson of a CSA officer, wounded in action, and POW, whose brother was KIA. Go away Flaggers.

You had your time to shine your behind, just like BLM fools. Don't just "look away, look away, DixieLand." Go away. You embarrass us all.

Anonymous said...

8:55 - Actually, if you think about it, building a Civil Rights Museum in the first place is doing nothing more than continuing the perpetual racial conflict and animosity rampant across this state and the entire South. You're off in the head if you believe changing a flag would have appeased the folk who will forever demand attention and reparations. It will never end. Never.

And you have fifteen more days left in February to celebrate the month.

Anonymous said...

IMO if this was the guard's first blemish on his work record then he should have been reassigned to duty elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see anything in the video to warrant the firing of the guard. On the other hand, I saw plenty in the video to warrant the forced sterilization of the Delta Flaggers and their progeny. What a bunch of idiots.

Anonymous said...

I don’t see why he should have been fired. Seems like the confederate flag folks were instigating trouble.

Anonymous said...

For everyone who thinks the officer should have been fired, if this had been Black Lives Matter protesters waving an African type flag and the officer had been white, do you still the officer should be fired?

Bill Dees said...

What 9:17 said. +++

Anonymous said...

I am as white, southern, MAGA as it gets and I would have stood side by side with that black officer in whipping their redneck asses. The officer was being NICE and using humor to trying to be good natured while dealing with a situation he was obviously not trained to handle. These mouthbreathers roll up at the Civil Rights Museum to protest?! What?! Bunch of trouble makers, no better than Antifa.

Anonymous said...

Someone act like an adult and give the guard his job back........he was in a no-win situation.

Anonymous said...

"One of our members walked over there to ask him about taking a group picture with the Civil Rights sign..." They were not there to rightfully protest.

Anonymous said...

February 14, 2018 at 8:37 AM
February 14, 2018 at 9:17 AM

It is the complete and total ignorance displayed in the posts that continue to fuel the fire against the Confederate flag.
Do some research on the same computer that you are using to bang out your anti American hate.
It's well known that racial hate is taught, your teacher must be proud.

Anonymous said...

I had to stop watching the video when those redneck jackasses started saying, “This is YOUR flag.”
I am sorry the officer was put in that position and I am even more sorry that he was fired.
What a depressing state of affairs. The new Civil Rights Museum is a treasure to our city and our state, and I wish those rabble rousers would take their hatred and small-mindedness elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Any building or organization that receives money from the state of Mississippi should fly the state flag.
Taking money from the state and refusing to fly the state flag is one type of theft. All money going to any such place should stop immediately.

On a second thought. Any marcher or protestor that blocks another person in any way should be arrested.

Anonymous said...

As far as being fired I don't think so. The protesters was blocking the entrance which is a violation. I think he was bold and courageous to stand up to a crowd of protesters. Was it worth getting fired over no. I would have simply walked away and called on other forces to handle the situation. Also, what people need to realize is that it's not just a civil rights museum but a state's history museum as well which that flag represent the state regardless. I am a african american male and that flag never has bothered me due to the fact that I did not come from that flag or represent that flag I represent me. Just like we fight for things they are fighting for things as well. You are never equal/free until you a equal/free in your mind. Unity and love conqueror all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Given the conservative lean of this blog, the number of anti-flag comments is refreshing. The next referendum will yield a new flag me thinks.

Johnny said...

Yeah again, what 9:17 said

Anonymous said...

As a supporter of the current state flag these people embarrass me. They sound no better than some obnoxious black lives matter protesters. Just out there to give they guy shit. Great use of your vacation days you d-bags. I can’t understand why the officer lost his job??? If anything the guys needs a pat on the back for not punching one of the guys (or gal) in the face.

Anonymous said...

Those idiots were acting like asses. With that said, for a lot of places, using profanity toward customers (yeah, customers -- I know) is a firing offense. And I suspect it was with him. They provoked him, and he took the bait. Sad that he lost his job over this.

Anonymous said...

Dumb, dumb, dumb on both sides. However, I saw nothing that should have forced the officer to lose his job.

The problem with protesting is that once mouthing off starts, NO ONE wins and things tend to escalate out of control.

My view: Put the flag in a museum, adopt a flag that is not so "offensive" to a large segment of the population, and let's move on. NOTE: I state that the flag does not need to be forgotten. It simply needs its place in a museum. "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

Anonymous said...

10:32 Absolutely right! If the state bird of Mississippi, the mockingbird, or a flock thereof, decides to congregate and poop on any state building, vehicle, or property of whatever kind or character it shall be a misdemeanor for anyone to prevent such bird or birds from depositing it's sacred poop on such state owned property. It is the state bird! Obviously the state flag however noxious must be given similar status. Amen.

Anonymous said...

As a fan of Mississippi and Southern History, I would side with the security guard, too! As much as I see no problem with our current state flag, I do see a problem with the idiots yelling about how the emblem has nothing to do with racism in one breath and then protesting at the Civils Roghta Museum with the next. That is hypocrisy at its finest. You can't have it both ways.

Something is missing in the logic of the "protesters" and they may want to go read some history books instead of protesting.

You can't scream "Heritage not Hate" and protest at a Civil Rights museum at the same time... :face palm:

Anonymous said...

If these are the folks who say those flags (with an emblem of whatever name they want to call it)are NOT symbols/banners of oppression, why did they feel the need to come to that particular building on that particular day to protest and take pictures of the building with the flags?

They just negated the "not oppression/slavery, but our history" argument.

Unknown said...

Oh, Mississippi...forever 30 years in the past.

I've said it time and time again: as a Mississippian who lives out of state, I would never display the state flag outside my home. Every outside of Mississippi, it has lost ALL meaning except to be associated with racism the stupidity seen in this video (Confederate Proclamation, anyone?)

And, yes I've read about its stupid history as a battle flag or whatever the hell it was 160 years ago!


Anonymous said...

The State of Mississippi should eliminate having a "state flag". Having one serves no purpose whatsoever.

The guard should be reinstated. He was goaded into that confrontation...and he is a human being with normal human emotions....which I thought he controlled VERY well considering the circumstances forced upon him.

And, most importantly....those 12 people do NOT represent the people of Mississippi - not even those who want to preserve the current state flag as the official emblem for our state. Period.

Anonymous said...

The supreme irony of anti-civil rights protesters protesting at the Civil Rights Museum. Hmm, I mean "states rights" protesters. I mean "interposition" protesters. Whatever they call themselves. And I agree with KF that the guard shouldn't have taken their bait. Let them look stupid and cruel, something that is their absolute right in this country.

Anonymous said...

Fire him.

Want to be treated as a pro? Then act like a pro.

Keep it legal said...

He needed to be fired. He needs to stick to enforcing the LAW. Not his personal beliefs

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with changing the flag. However, I do think it is interesting that Issaquena county (which is about 85% black) voted to keep the current flag.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Cuomo opines that "hate speech" should not have 1st ammendment protection. Who will be the arbiter of what is "hate speech."

Anonymous said...

9:33, you say these guys are no better than antifa?! You are either ignorant of antifa or a liar.

These people may have been boorish, they were not violent like antifa.

Anonymous said...

Do I think the Security Guard should have been fired? Absolutely NOT. The guy showed great restraint and humor in dealing with those protesters. Now what he could have done was to call in the JPD, and unless things have changed in the last 20 years, simply using a single word of profanity in the presence of the JPD is grounds for being arrested as a public drunk and you WILL go to Raymond for the night.

Anonymous said...

As long as Mississippi has a state flag it should be treated as a state flag.
The people had a chance to change the flag and they voted overwhelming to keep the one they have. If people want to change the flag they should put it on the ballot in every election. Maybe that way we can come up with a flag that will not make some person sick. Better yet, vote down all flags as there will never be a flag that does not bother someone.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, what do you mean "we owe the Civil Rights Museum to them after what was pulled with the Sovereignty Commission"

I wasn't even born yet when the sovereignty commission existed.

Anonymous said...

So many things to be said on this topic!

-Flag wavers think that their flag is a toy and take it for outings
-Police officer has a very thin skin (metaphorically, of course - he's really fat)
-Flag wavers obviously see some kind of contrast between the flag and civil rights in general, or otherwise why would they be doing this?
-Police officer will get his job back somewhere else.
-Flag wavers are very insecure about their flag, in spite of no credible threats to its replacement.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish Opines: ".....after what was pulled with the Sovereignty Commission. Can you just imagine what would have happened if Obama had set up something like that? Militias would've been sprouting up all over the place and protests over losing our freedom."

Perhaps The Fish is not familiar with the name Lois Lehrner or the last two heads of the Justice Department or Susan Rice....all of whom (at his direction and insistence) participated in the creation of just those types of situations, roadblocks, lists, dossiers and secret files.

And, yes, there WERE (and still are) a few 'protests over losing our freedom' from 2009-2016.

As to the current conversation about this guard, if these people have the right to assemble on the sidewalk, the opinions of you people really are irrelevant. If an employee in uniform restricted those freedoms it matters not what some of you think about the group. Where were you when the Black Nationalists showed up at a polling place in camo gear with rifles? I suspect you were at the same place as Obama and the Justice Department head who overlooked it.

Anonymous said...

I hate the Guard lost his job. At least he was trying to work and provide. As far as the Delta Flaggers go, it's ok to have some sort of pride about your heritage but you can take anything too far. Discussions about the right or wrong can take place until we beat that horse to death. If everyone would take a minute to research how much influence the Rothschild family had on the Civil War you will see that the North, South and the Slaves were used as pawns to line the pockets of that family.

The security guard should not have been fired nor should have he even had any dialogue with the Flaggers. They did exercise their right to free speech but it should never ever be done at the cost of a life, property or in this case a persons job.

Anonymous said...

Well said 11:43. You can argue all you want about "heritage" or how you are honoring your great-grandpappy but that is completely irrelevant. To EVERYONE outside of Mississippi it says that we are a bunch of racist rednecks. Change the damn flag!

Anonymous said...

What good is a Civil Rights Museum without a fully functional water cannon? Could have put it to good use with these clowns.

Anonymous said...

The folks with the flag were instigating a scene. The guard did not behave as professionally as you would hope that a law enforcement officer would. However, I don't think this warrants his firing. Maybe a reprimand or reassignment, but not termination. Many officers have done much worse and received no punishment whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

NO, this man should not have lost his job. He was pushed, then he was pushed again, over and over. I could not have refrained as long as he did. What awful, hateful people! Did they even have a permit?

Anonymous said...

When I die I want it to be in Mississippi because everything happens here thirty years later than the rest of the country.

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that the person some are referring to as a security guard is actually a Capitol Police Officer. It is a shame for him to loose his job/career over something this ridiculous. The only way I would agree that he should loose his job is if he has a history of violations.
The videos do not show me any evidence for him to be fired. He obviously could have handled it better, but what type training does he have, if any, in dealing with a bunch of idiots that are there to cause problems.
To me, the people there carrying a flag and trying to provoke the officer needs to get a life. Marching around yelling, showing their butts does not help their cause one bit. No,I am not a Capitol Police Officer and yes I am a white male. Give the man his job back and train the whole department on how to handle situations like this.

Anonymous said...

12:31, Are you telling us that one word of profanity in the presence of JPD will get a person hauled to jail for public drunk even if they have had nothing to drink?
Hell, in Jackson they let murderers out of jail free. Do they treat a person who says a cuss word worse than they treat a murderer?

Anonymous said...

Officer Jackson has been rehired by the Capitol Police.

A Bit of Reality For You Chumps said...

I'm left to assume the same three liberal clowns are posting over and over and over. It makes no difference what you three 'think' or how you'd like 'things to be'. We have a constitution in this country and, until changed, it allows people of all stripes (even if they dress as vaginas, black separatists, skin-heads or dildos) to assemble on the public square and demonstrate....and that includes city sidewalks in front of a museum. Your 'thoughts' on the matter are irrelevant.

Neither a flag nor a museum nor sixteen black mayors in a row nor renaming the capital city New Afrika will make a damned bit of difference, one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

KF. WE don't OWE anyone the CR Museum. It is not THEIRS. Its everyones museum, not THEIRS. And if you want to go back to the SC as a basis for what is "owed", how in the hell does building a museum pay that "debt".

I've heard a lot of idiotic concepts about this museum, and there have been a lot of idiotic things done by citizens of this state and the state itself - but the concept you put forth here might take the cake.

Anonymous said...

More idol worship from the unreconstructed. Bet these traitors really “support the [American] troops” and got real angry about NFL players kneeling. Mississippi is the land of “America-living patriots” who support a symbol of treason.

Anonymous said...

Do any of the Delta Flaggers have jobs? How many are on entitlement programs, disability, SNAP, etc?

Alpha Storm said...

So where is Derrick Johnson to help this this security guard? Where is the Mayor of Jackson to help this security guard? Where is Bennie Thompson to help this security? Oh, I know they are chasing big fat women and blaming the white people for there problems.

Anonymous said...

S&it, roll another joint.

Anonymous said...

In Georgia the Legislature grew a pair and just voted to change the flag. New flag, new day, and the state hasn't stopped growing since. We have elected officials who are content to live in the past, refuse to raise gas taxes even ONCE SINGLE CENT and think the Lord will provide. Yeah, tell that to the businesses that tell the MDA no thanks (except the ones that con said legislators into sweetheart deals), the farmers and loggers who can't get from A to B in a straight line because all the roads and bridges suck and the Jesus lovers who won't get off their asses and get a job because they are just waiting on the Lord. We don't live in a Democracy. We live in a Republic. So take your "we voted on the flag" and stick it where the sun don't shine. Strike me down for saying this, but sometimes I wish Jim Hood would win the guv race. Maybe we would get something done instead of getting fixated on garbage like "personhood amendments" and gay marriage. At least Alabama has the sense to suggest just getting rid of marriage licenses. Alabama! God help us if Alabama beats us. Why the hell is the government involved anyway if I decide to marry my wife?

Anonymous said...

If the so called 'guard' said half of what he is reported to have said in Kingfish's opening post, he certainly should be fired. Somebody asked 'what kind of training does he have'....Well, even the most dense among you liberals should expect that a man in uniform, assigned the duty of patrolling an area has had some sort of training in situational-diffusing or maybe crowd-control. Whose fault is it he's just another entitled slob who hates white folks?

It was the protesters in this situation whose constitutional rights were trampled, not the fat guard.

Even people who carry Confederate symbols have rights, regardless of what you socialist liberals wish were the case.

Anonymous said...

It all makes sense if you remember that, at this point, Mississippi is basically one big safe space for right wing temper tantrums, complete with emotional support puppies and coloring books.

Is your "heritage" summed up by a flag flown for about one month in 1865 by treasonous slavers? Come to Mississippi.

Want to stick it to the queers by protecting a county clerk's right not to stamp a piece of paper? Mississippi for the win.

Want to fondle your gun inside a basketball arena protected by campus police and security guards, with metal detectors at every door? That's right: Mississippi.

Anonymous said...

Please share some more details on the guard getting fired and rehired.

Who got involved in these decisions?

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch but this thing about doing some little thing and loosing your job has got to quit. If Blacks knew how little white disliked them when they are not acting a fool, we could get somewhere. We are always thinking whites have it out for us when they don't. Sounds like this guy wanted to provoke the guard and did. I am pleased he has his job back.

Charlene Darling said...

Update: The Associated Press the confrontation happened Saturday, and that he was fired Monday from the Mississippi Capitol Police and re-hired Wednesday. He says he is suspended until the following Monday and is being moved from day shift at the museum to night shift inside the state Capitol.

Anonymous said...

I'll just sit here and virtue signal by not virtue signaling like the rest of y'all.

Anonymous said...

I’m glad this Capitol Police officer was rehired. One again the red neck element in our state has embarrassed us. The confederate flag waving idiots are not helping the “keep our flag” cause. This incident shows more reason to change it.

Micah Gober said...

You know what they say about opinions.

Anonymous said...

8:16 needs a Thorzine shot. Lighten up Francis,

Anonymous said...

$90,000,000.00......let that roll across your lips a few times.....$90,000,000.00! . That’s the cost of a museum that was clearly not needed for State History or Civil Rights. As for myself, I will never visit the museum. What Good could have been done for $90,000,000.00. Maybe invest in a very good vocational / technical training program at the High School level to train young people for the workforce? No, we can’t see that far ahead. We are on the bottom because we don’t want to get off the bottom. Too many entitlements for both races will be lost. We have to keep the free stuff flowing, keep the population dumbed down so politicians can control our state rather than represent us as they should. But we don’t want to go there, do we?

Plain ol' Catfish said...

Time for a dose of brutal honesty

1. If the officer was just hired in December, Capitol Police had the right to fire him without cause, since he was technically probationary. Granted, he could have been more mindful about his tone; but lets be real people you have 20-30 white people walking around one black fella with Confederate flags/Mississippi flags consecrating the civil rights museum property by being antagonistic, it made for a bad scene. But good optics by the state to rehire him, because this story was spreading rapidly

2. The confederate emblem on the state flag is a racist symbol. You can go from the end of the civil war through Jim Crow and Color Codes, the Civil Rights movement, to today's Aryan Nation and KKK. You talk to black people in their 50's, 60's, 70's and 99.5% will tell you that it is a racist symbol in their eyes.

3. Mississippi would be for the better, by simply removing the confederate emblem, and creating a new flag for a new Mississippi.

The longer the state legislature waits to take action on this issue, the longer it will take to move on from that brutal past.

Anonymous said...

if the officer was white and the protesters were black they all have 6 warning shots in their back and stretched across the pavement because the officer " feared for his safety" . Give me a break..

Anonymous said...

6:14 am That's the cost of two museums, The Civil Rights Museum and The Mississippi History Museum.

I would remind you that it wasn't just people of color who had their Constitutional rights trampled in Mississippi by The Sovereignty Commission . Their legacy is the corruption you still see and the laws they passed and the network they created and cultural patterns they created given you the boondoggles that have cost you far more than $90000000.

And, if our future generations learn that and see that when violent extremists control government, there are horrible short and long range consequences for everyone except the violent extremists, that's more valuable that learning to use tools.

As for these protesters, they aren't protesting, they are anarchists and troublemakers or being used by those who are or simply con men who want to feather their nests financially.

It's high time we sorted that out better legally and legislatively. If it's an organized political group, the first thing we need is that the leaders cannot give false information to their members, cannot personally profit from selling promotional items to their members, and cannot lobby for or against any legislation or propagandize any position without the vote of the majority of the members supporting that position.

I doubt seriously the majority of the NRA are in favor of those placed on a terrorist watch list or those who have a history of violent mental illness to be able to purchase a gun. But, those bills are opposed by the NRA and/or NRA members misled on the content of those bills. The truth is that if we , as a Nation, find consensus on gun violence, those who profit for running the NRA are out of a job and their real supporters, the gun manufacturers might not be able to sell " bumps".

Anonymous said...

McMillin fired him from the S.O.
The solution is Nathaniel Ross Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Catfish is a fool. What a fool! He and three of four repetitive liberals want to blame this situation on everything but where the blame lies - putting an untrained, ignorant employee in a situation where he obviously didn't belong. And no, Catfish, there were not 20 or 30 white rednecks circling around a poor black man just minding his own business. They were exercising their constitutional rights and this guy, towering above any of them, approached and began cursing them and demanding they get the hell out of dodge.

The next time a bunch of black people show up hollering, demanding and inciting, will you come to the defense of a white guard or employee who sees them as idiots and tells them to move along? Of course'll start whining about their right to assemble and support their cause and you'll blame the situation on his red-neck.

Once again JJ gins up a bunch of racial unrest bullshit and achieves his objective. The only difference in this type of thread and the front page of the Clarion Ledger is the Ledger doesn't allow comments or engage in 'click bait'.

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ February 15, 2018 at 9:48 AM

Well I'll be your huckleberry!?

1. "Catfish is a fool. What a fool!" - glad I got your little underoos in a bunch and did your momma cut off the edges of your peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your lunch today too little Johnny since you are not liking what I am saying?

2. "He and three of four repetitive liberals want to blame this situation on everything but where the blame lies - putting an untrained, ignorant employee in a situation where he obviously didn't belong."

look Lil Johnny, I can't speak for the other anonymous posters, but my moniker is consistent and Kingfish knows it. Take your case up with him since he is the administrator, but you might want to tread carefully since he is the moderator. Capitol Police hired and fired the man - I explained why they could fire the man, genius!

3. "And no, Catfish, there were not 20 or 30 white rednecks circling around a poor black man just minding his own business. "

Little Johnny where did I call the officer 'a poor black man minding his business' and used the derogatory term 'redneck'? If you gonna call bs on somebody be concise and specific and do not project - especially when we are using text already!? Your momma must have not tucked you in properly last night?

4. "The next time a bunch of black people show up hollering, demanding and inciting, will you come to the defense of a white guard or employee who sees them as idiots and tells them to move along? Of course'll start whining about their right to assemble and support their cause and you'll blame the situation on his red-neck. "

I don't give a damn about color when it comes to poor and antagonistic behavior Little Johnny. I hold people accountable for poor behavior, regardless of race. But of course as always, you SELECTIVELY read the bits and pieces in my post.

Enjoy your PBJ little child.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand why Catfish uses a silly moniker at all (apparently wanting to appear akin to KF?) He is really as 'anonymous' as all others because he doesn't use his name.

HiS intentions here most likely mirror his "real life" FB page by saying ME, ME... LOOK AT ME!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Note: I'm 11;43 way up above.

A true leader for Mississippi would push the legislature to change the flag.

It's time.

In your bubble, you may not see it, but outside the bubble - where the rest of the world largely ignores you because of things like the flag - it looks completely backwards.

See, pro-flaggers just don't want someone telling them they need to change or abandon their "history" or "heritage" or whatever. I get it: forced change is hard to swallow.

Anti-flaggers (especially those who aren't white) just don't want reminders of a really negative history. The flag is a constant reminder of that.

So what's more important: the past or the future?

Little Johnny said...

Looks like Huckleberry-Catfish got his draws in a tight wad over being challenged. Boy did he squirt wet-trou.

Yes, drumfish, you supported the black guy and criticized the ones who were within their rights. The Constitution be damned. The document is irrelevant, when, in the eyes of liberals like drumfish, it's displeasing to them.

Nobody needs to hear your ranting diatribe regarding your view of a flag used by The Confederacy during battle 145 years ago. Nobody needs to hear your tainted logic or your claims that the symbol is racist or your puny wisdom regarding the legislature or the current flag or your liberal ideology. Those are your opinions and nothing more and have nothing whatsoever to do with the event that unfolded. Nothing.

The point here was a 'guard' telling people to move on and get off the sidewalk, and cursing them, while they were within their rights to assemble whether you like it or not. See how that works in this country?

I'm sure you totally missed the point of the thread. But, as usual, you wanted a platform to spew your hatred of all who don't mirror your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Change the flag back to the original Bonnie Blue Magnolia flag. It doesn't have a rebel flag and its historically correct. So easy people...

Anonymous said...

The Delta Flaggers were apparently an entrant in the parade and, like all the parade entrants, had an assigned place on N. Jefferson Street to line-up. This assigned place was NOT on the sidewalk.

I am so pleased to hear that the guard was reinstated to his job.

Plain ol' Catfish said...

well hello Little Johnny and February 15, 2018 at 12:12 PM

You two must share some kind of familiar kinship? Do you two work together? Perhaps hang out on weekends going corn holing together? Camping? Canoeing? But since you two want to target me, oh goodie!

@ 12:12pm - sense you know me so well, what specifically bothers you on my page? ;-)

@ Little johnny - once again you are projecting! You want to know something, at least Byron De La Beckwith, Samuel Bowers, and Edgar Ray Killen those racist pigs would say what they mean and mean what they say.

You and your little sidekick 12:12pm are the modern bigots in Mississippi - passive aggressive, spineless, have a false sense of superiority, antagonistic, hidden in the depths of Rankin and Madison county taking swings at me because what I say makes you feel uncomfortable.

So, no I didn't miss anything little fellas. Just stop projecting with your passive aggressive bigotry and posts.

Anonymous said...

No way these guys are from the "Real" Delta, Wannabes from fringe area!

Little Johnny said...

Lil Catfish - Actually you challenged my post at 9:48 by calling me Little Johnny so I used that moniker in my subsequent post as well as this one. I don't know who 12:12 is but you need to realize I'm not the only one out here who thinks you're an idiot.

And while your pissant attempt to use psychology terminology is noted, you fall short and really should stick to that cubicle job.

PS: Don't get so angry and discombobulated when your posts are challenged, especially the really insane ones.

Plain ol' Catfish said...

@ Little Johnny

You strike again!

You call someone fool, which is an insult, then tell them to not get so angry when your posts are challenged, especially the really insane ones?

Really!? You must be a Trump supporter - because you think and act just like him.

You project nonsense, then insult and then when your intended target returns the favor, you say - "Actually you challenged my post at 9:48 by calling me Little Johnny"

You were called Little Johnny - because you called me a fool - see how that works, "cause and effect"

There's a difference between "challenging" and "insulting" - you and your little boy toy sidekick 12:12pm - were and still are insulting.

Challenging is intellectual and there's nothing intellectual about your little snarky passive agressive insulting posts

1. I'm not the only one out here who thinks you're an idiot.
2. pissant attempt
3. stick to that cubicle job.
4. your posts...............especially the really insane ones.

You are pathetically comical - typical keyboard warrior that hurls insults to inflate their own false sense of superiority.

Try again Little Johnny!

PS - there's nothing you can type or say that would anger me because you do not know who I am and I assume I don't know you either. Hope mommy tucked you in properly last night? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Does that idiot who keeps using the term even know what passive-aggressive means?

Anonymous said...

the folks with flags weren't protesting. they were participating in the dixie national rodeo parade in which they've participated for at least 2 years now.
the parade route either forms by or goes past the museum at some point.
they, being members of a group called delta flaggers along with their friends and cohorts, thought it would be cute to take a photo with the state flag in front of the civil rights museum. At one pt they asked the cop to pose in the pic and/or hold the flag. he didn't take it in such a lighthearted way as they impishly did. Go figure.
The folks had a combination of state flags and "confederate" flags including both a massive confederate flag and mississippi flag standing on a trailer that was pulled through the parade as others walked/rode waving flags.
It was stupid on their part; improperly handled on the cop's.
Photos on their facebook page give you the impression of their size and what they were displaying:

Anonymous said...

That puts a whole different light on it.
What the hell would it have hurt for them to take a picture of the flags and the museum? Might be some good press.
I say fire the guard again. He should have acted better than what he did.
From the posting on here I thought it was some march or demonstration.
No one let it be known it was part of the rodeo.

Anonymous said...

Most of you anti-flaggers and history revisionists just never will realize and admit that nobody, NOBODY was offended by any symbol until those who profit from racial discord told them they ought to be.

You've been successfully sucked into the cesspool of ignorance and undeserved guilt. And the most unbelievable part of your hysteria is that you believe abolishing symbols and other ways of caving to the reparation demands will have an effect on radical ignorance and ginned up racism.

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