Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How much Jackson crime stays in Jackson?

The issue of police chases has dominated the news lately as Stokes urged Jacksonians to throw rocks at the police from outside law enforcement agencies if they chased suspects into Jackson.  More than a few people in the "burbs"  defended their police officers and said their police are chasing Jackson criminals.  JJ  decided it might be worthy to review 2015 crime data from surrounding cities to see if Jackson crime is indeed spilling over across the city limits.  JJ obtained 2015 arrest information from Ridgeland, Flowood, and Madison*.

Jackson residents comprised 450 of the 1,418 arrests in Flowood. Flowood enjoyed the best results of the three cities.

Madison arrested 1,342 non-Madison residents out of a total of 1,950 arrests.  What was interesting was the arrests by race were nearly 1:1 if one compared black and white arrests for Madison residents.  However, 75% of the non-resident arrests were black.

Then there is Ridgeland.  Ridgeland probably has the most access points from Jackson out of all of the burbs - Highland Colony Parkway, I-55, Ridgewood, Pear Orchard, Old Canton Road, and I-220.  Ridgeland had a grand total of 3,674 arrests in 2015.  Jackson residents comprised 1,241 of those arrests for a share of 38%.  88% of the Jackson residents were black.  65% of the arrests were black suspects.  51% of the Ridgeland residents arrested were black.  The population of Ridgeland is slightly over 40% black. 

However, JJ must provide a word of caution about these statistics.  Ridgeland Police Chief John Neal ably pointed out "These are TOTAL booking arrest.  They may not be custody arrest because they include field release citations (loud noise, littering, etc…) as well as contempt of court arrest." Keep that in mind when reviewing these statistics.

2015 Total Arrest: 1,418

2015 Total Jackson residents: 450
2015 Total Rankin & Other residents:968

White: 700
Black: 698
Asian: 2
Indian: 2
Other: 16

Total Arrests:
1,342 Non-Resident Arrests
572 Resident Arrests
36 Unknown (coding errors)
1,950 total

Non-Resident Arrest Demographics:
996 African-American
312 Caucasian
24 Hispanic
6 Asian
4 Indian
1,342 total

Resident Arrest Demographics:
294 Caucasian
267 African American
6 Hispanic
5 Asian
572 total

Unknown Residence Status Demographics (coding errors):
19 Caucasian
17 African American
36 total


*Pulling such data was rather tricky because not every software system is able to cull such cumulative data.  Clinton just got a new program and hasn't even been able to compile the UCR reports it must submit to the FBI.  Madison's system did not have the ability to classify suspects by city.  Pearl's system doesn't classify by residence. 


Anonymous said...

If you look at the metro area as a whole, the majority of crime will be by Jackson residents because Jackson has the highest population by far. It would be shocking to see otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Further proof that everyone in Ridgeland and Madison and Flowood and beyond has a concrete vested interest in the success and well-being of Jackson. You cannot simply move to Madison and turn a blind eye to Jackson. It will take all of us to make Jackson better, which will in turn reduce crime for Jackson and its suburbs.

Maybe if the smart and capable residents of the suburbs made a minimal effort to improve Jackson things would get better for all of us.

Anonymous said...

I would suspect many of the Madison arrests were from Canton, Flora and surrounding areas. If I live in Jackson why travel to Madison when I can go to Flowood, Ridgeland, Clinton and Byram so much quicker.

Anonymous said...


Madison is so incredibly dangerous now. And Canton is so close to Gluckstadt. I'm terrified for my family and do not know where to move. Maybe Grenada is far enough north?

Chasing Goats said...

My math may not be the best, but, looks like to me that there is an equal race distribution of Madison arrests who are from Madison. But, for non-Madison arrests that occur in Madison, the ratio changes to more than 3:1 with 1000 black and 300 white.

Your report does not state, but I'm willing to bet Hootie's Bling Goat that 90% of the non Madison residents arrested in Madison are from south of County Line Road with another 8% being from Canton.

Anonymous said...

Ridgeland has plenty of criminals living within it's City limits, many of whom moved from Jackson within the last fifteen years, and of course brought there Jackson ways with them.

Simply put, you Jackson thugs should just stay in Jackson. Crime goes wherever you do, and we don't want anything to do with you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the smart and capable residents of the suburbs made a minimal effort to improve Jackson things would get better for all of us.

Tell us specifically what you want the smart and capable resident of the suburbs to do in order to improve Jackson.

I'd Like To Buy The World A Coke said...

8:27; In your spare time, please list several things you want 'us' to do to 'improve Jackson' and how many additional decades you want us to be down for that struggle.

What a Pollyanna mindset you seem to have. If we just all get along and pretend there is no them and us and we all are in one boat and we are all of one family and crime is everywhere and....hold on....cue up some Michael Jackson We Are The World while I continue.

Anonymous said...

I think this is an interesting study. Forget about vitriolic Stokes. He is a terrible example for a City and for its youth.

I've heard leadership in Madison joke about Jackson "exporting crime". I hope we are. The further we can drive them out, the better job Jackson police are doing and the better chance they will pay for their crimes.

The city and the suburbs will both benifit with proper prosecution and trials or pleas. This, obviously, functions better in the suburbs.

The entire Central Mississippi population will benefit when the ones who have gone rotten are removed from the barrel and the young ones can grow without their influence. Maybe this is the formula for "removing the cancer" that Chief Moore spoke of over 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...


Ever heard of volunteering? Maybe mentor an at risk youth? Buy things in Jackson to help tax revenue. It doesn't take much imagination to think of a few things.

You don't know me or my mindset. Crime is a problem in Jackson. My point is that simply fleeing to the white burbs is not going to fix everything for Jackson or you.

Anonymous said...

There are two entry points from Jackson to Flowood.....Lakeland and then there is the Silas Brown bridge access point in downtown Jackson which runs directly into Flowood.

This is what happens when you have a blog author who is not actually from Jackson.

Anonymous said...

That is Capt Bandaid @ 8:58 AM.

Anonymous said...

Why would we volunteer to help people that steal from us? That doesn't make any sense. I like the approach of keeping you Jackson thugs in Jackson better.

Anonymous said...

Well, Well, Well. Thugs from Jackson have cars and drive them outside of the city of Jackson. For years people on this blog have denied this happens--thanks for actual data.

Anyone in the state and especially those of us in the metro area have an interest in Jackson. Yes--volunteer in Jackson. You may inspire a child to go to college and not street gangs. Yes you may help a homeless person into an apartment and a job. Do it for the 'least of these' and those who can 'never repay you'. I've read that somewhere..

Anonymous said...

9:08 you are so smart. but you can also enter flowood from Jackson on highway 80. what a blowhard

Anonymous said...

9:08 AM Silas Brown leads into Pearl.
Splitting hairs are we.
Counting the crime in Jackson plus the overflow into Flowood, Ridgeland, and Madison and you see that Jackson is a cesspool caused by these baby momas having children they can't support. Than the entertainment industry tell these youth to have pride in killing whitey plus the local govt. telling these children to take pride in throwing rocks, bricks, stone at authority you have the formula that these kids are lost from day 1 become the feral criminal we have now.
1)Stop all the baby momas from having kids they can't support.
2)Turn off offensive media.
3)Get rid of elected official who are anti-authority.

Anonymous said...

Bet most are repeat offenders that should be in jail. If the Hinds County DA and the Hinds County/Jackson judges actually did their jobs the crime would most likely go down.

Catch em - promptly convict them - put them in jail and keep them there!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who suggest people who have moved out of Jackson because of the crime return to Jackson to shop or help out with the kids needs some serious help.
There is not many businesses left in Jackson to shop in. Even if there were places to shop the tax money would end up in the pocket of some of the city leaders.
People left Jackson because the kids were growing up feral. Why would they go back to take care of something they moved to get away from.
The other cities are doing as much to help Jackson as possible. They are trying to arrest and jail every criminal from Jackson that commits a crime in their city. Jackson will not do it. Jackson even provides a safe haven for criminals. It is a little too late to do anything else except to try to contain the criminals in the Jackson city limits. Jackson needs to do a little something themselves.

A. Mapper said...

Actually, the bridge over the Pearl River on Silas Brown St. at the WLBT Studio is officially known as The Woodrow Wilson Bridge and it leads to the old Gold Coast of Rankin County which is a part of Flowood.

Anonymous said...

9:59 Silas Brown stops at the river bridge and becomes Old Brandon Road aka "the pike", if you have been around long enough to remember the bootlegging days. It actually goes through Flowood for some distance before reaching the Pearl city limits. Another geographical item that might interest you is that a portion of the property off the east end of High street on the west side of Pearl river is also in the city of Flowood.

Kingfish said...

I travel on that bridge by WLBT several times a week. I thought the sliver of richland crossed over right in front of it.

Anonymous said...

Jackson Jambalaya...authored by a non keep that in mind when you read definitive statements from the author......they may not actually be true.

Anonymous said...


Silas Brown leads first into Flowood.

There is then more than one way to directly enter Flowood from Jackson.

I know your high school degree is good and all...but try to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Shop local. Remember? That means the people living in the suburbs shop in their own locales in order to help their own economies.

Anonymous said...

Jackson can not be helped; even lot of money will only buy a few more days. No leadership and the voters will keep it that way and these voters grow each day.

Anonymous said...

Local = Metro. When I'm shopping in Jackson, I see lots of Madison County tags. When shopping in Madison or Ridgeland, I see Hinds and Rankin tags . . . The cities and counties in the metro area support and depend on one another.

Anonymous said...

Considering how many businesses have moved out of Jackson I'm not surprised you see Hinds tags in Ridgeland and Madison. Thanks for the supporting Madison Country. At least it is safe to shop up here. We've got a justice system that actually works!

Anonymous said...

Pretty easy to move a business out of Jackson when the suburban taxpayers will give you a TIF deal and pay for a whole new building. What would the burbs be without MDA and other sweet deals that continue to milk the taxpayer to pay for private companies?

Anonymous said...

Now that the city is a toxic waste dump with bullets and violent crime, Jacksonian's now want help? Nobody cares anymore as we're tired of your racist attitudes and the not so subtle comments about our "so called" racist attitudes. The days of kumbya are long gone....give it up.

Anonymous said...

So 6:51 you are opposed to the plethora of TIFs being doled out by Jackson?

Anonymous said...

The fact that no one has mentioned: RESIDENT arrests in Madison. about two a day. Lets say that again--Madison residents getting arrested.

Anonymous said...

I think you're confused 6:51.

Doin' It Right... said...

8:10; What are you talking about? Never mind. You don't know. There are plenty of days in every month, in Madison, when NOBODY is arrested.

When you ride around in the City of Madison, you'd think there are three thousand on the police force....they're everywhere. The saturation plan is amazing, dynamic and works. And you always see two patrol cars any time you see blue lights.

Not only are we safe here....we also send a message.

Anonymous said...

the State of Mississippi should take over Jackson's justice system rather than the airport. Have state appointed Judges and prosecutors.

Anonymous said...

Jackson does not have that much left to steal. Everything worth a few dollars has already been stolen or hocked. They still need their money. Out laying cities will just have to fork it over.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit where Silas Brown leads? Really! ...............

Anonymous said...

5:43 sez, "When I shop in Jackson....".

Please list the names of businesses where you 'shop in Jackson'. Just so I'll understand your posts.

Anonymous said...

I thought the only businesses left in Jackson were fast food joints, check cashing places, nail polishing places, and hock shops.

Anonymous said...

Oh good Lord. Do you have Broadway shows coming to the burbs? Tell me about your museums and music venues. Tell me about your 4 year colleges. Tell me how your hospitals rate by comparison. Tell me about your 5K and marathons. Tell me about your 24 hour vet hospital. Tell me about how many services are delivered to your home. Can you get medicine delivered to you when your are sick? Tell me if you get a 5% break on your home insurance because you have a fire station near your house? How close are the sirens near your house? Tell me if you can get to the grocery store and back in 15 minutes if you find you're out of something while cooking. Tell me where you hold event that require 5000 sq ft of venue space.
And, tell me how many times you've had to go to an interior , windowless space lately. I've not had to do that but once in 35 years in northeast Jackson. But, I did it often in Madison and twice when visiting in Rankin county.
And, I've never had to call the police in Jackson, but I had to call them ( not that they did anything) 3 times when I lived in Madison. My yard equipment was stolen twice in Madison and our neighborhood was plagued by a peeping Tom that was never caught. And, I won't even go into how bad the building codes were and how worse my troubles would have been had I not hired my own inspector when we built our Madison house. Some of your homes might not be grounded or your studs up to code or your sewer lines run right. How many lawsuits are there against builders in Madison and Rankin? If building inspectors were checking things out like they are supposed to, maybe there wouldn't be so many!
So, yeah. I'm staying in Jackson.

Anonymous said...

7:08, I will answer a couple of your questions.
The VA hospital is not a fit place for a dog. Look at the lawsuits filed against it. Drunk and drug addicts are very common in the admin. There is even rusty instruments in surgery. People bleed to death after surgery because no one checks on them.

Most of the grocery store in Jackson have closed. In many areas there isn't one available for the residents in the community.

Jacksonians can get all kinds of drugs delivered to them. That is a very common happening in Jackson. Drive through any neighborhood and there will be people coming to your car selling "medicine".

It doesn't matter how large a place Jackson has to hold events. The visitors get killed going to and from the spaces. Some get killed trying to visit a store. Some even get killed in the hotel parking lot.

You may get a 5% discount for living near a fire station but how many vacant and abandoned houses do you have on your street? How many churches do you see in other cities who have to hire armed guards just to look over the cars from the people inside of the churches? Where else do you see 8' tall chain link fences with barbed wire around the top trying to keep people from stealing cars?

The indoor windowless space has me confused. Do you actually think mother nature has decided to protect Jackson? It already looks like a tornado has passed through it. How can you tell the difference before and after a storm?

I can believe you never called the police in Jackson. It would be sort of dumb to call the same people who are committing many of the crimes in Jackson.

Who do you know who is building a new home in Jackson? Most people who can afford to are moving out. Take a look at the vacant homes. No need for inspectors in Jackson.

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