Friday, February 26, 2016

Good responds to water advisory

Restaurateur Imperious Maximus Jeff Good announced on Facebook that new and upgraded water filters have been installed at his restaurants and the water is very safe:

Today has been a difficult day, to say the least, for a Jackson restaurateur. Ours is a business based on trust and security. Our guests trust us to provide healthy, wholesome food and drink. That is the charge and to answer it each day means being constantly vigilant and continually adaptive.

As our understanding of the latest water advisory is becoming more clear, we have taken a very active stance to ensure top safety in all our our places. 16 WAPT News was on hand this morning as the great guys from Brown Bottling Group came and installed new filters in all our drink machines, soda fountains and bar guns. We also are installing filters on each and every tap and sink used for cooking, baking or drinking. Finally, our coffee filtration systems were upgraded today.

Safety, security and peace of mind is the best side dish. And we want to always offer that for free.


Anonymous said...

The majority of water filters don't filter out lead. It's likely that Good is simply throwing additional money at the sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

The big problem with the water is the service lines from the city line to the houses. This falls on the individual homeowners to replace the old pipes with new pipes.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't he spent the past few days telling his adherents that this was a media created problem?

Anonymous said...

This falls on the individual homeowners to replace the old pipes with new pipes.

Sure it does. Another ROI decision in a cratering market. But, hey, all the money thrown in Jackghanistan is good chasing bad.

Anonymous said...

You losers don't have to go to his or any other restaurants in Jackson. Have fun at Logan's in Pearl tonight. I heard the frozen cheese fries are good. Especially when dipped in Sysco ranch.

Anonymous said...


What's wrong with Logan's or Sysco? You are sadly mistaken if you thing Jeff's restaurants don't buy items from Sysco. Apparently you spend too much time looking down your nose.

Anonymous said...

Jeff means well but he better have deep pockets and money to burn for any thing invested in Jackson is gone for ever.

Anonymous said...


Haven't been in years. Far too many auto burglaries at both of his locations. Maybe if he would invest in security cameras that cover ALL of the parking lot I'd go. Or better yet, an armed guard.

Anonymous said...

What restaurants does he own?

Cathy Cotton said...

Geez, at least the guy is TRYING!

Anonymous said...

2:50/3:14. He has 3 of the most popular restaurants in town. They are consistently crowded and have been for years so I doubt he needs your advice. I'm sure you were saying the same crap 10 years ago too. I bet you guys walk around wearing bike helmets if you ever leave your cookie cutter no tree safe zones. It must be pretty miserable being scared to walk outside. Y'all definitely weren't allowed to keep score playing sports either.

Anonymous said...

"Three of the most popular restaurants in town"? Really? Do you consider a pizza joint, a breakfast bar with bagels and a fast food luncheonette 'popular restaurants'? Really?

These three joints are nothing more than trendy little shacks for the 25-30 somethings to hang out in, ordering beer and cheese sticks while checking their emails and scanning for the latest Fondren specials . They do not qualify as 'restaurants' in the minds of most folks.

Anonymous said...

poor jeff. he means well and he is a great cheerleader for jacktown. but, honestly, he should stick to running his restaurants and not giving public health advisories. after he told everyone that it is safe to "drink the water", i do have to ask why he is getting all these filters. i've gotten to where i carry my own drink almost everywhere i go. i hate all the plastic that broadstreet and newks and so many places use, and i know what's in it if i bring it from home.

Anonymous said...

4:17 must not know the definition of the word "popular". Hint: it's not a type of food.

You could not be more misinformed.

Anonymous said...

You are completely out of it, 4:17.

Anonymous said...

417 - is Bravo the breakfast bar or the fast food luncheonette? Can't figure out where you putting that one. And - I would call Broad Street much more than a breakfast bar. But - to each his own.

(And although I do frequent his restaurants fairly regularly, I'm way over your age bracket estimate. And everybody I see at Bravo and Broad Street are as well. You may be close to the median age for S&M.)

Anonymous said...

Not downing Jackson restaurants, but the majority of restaurants in which I dine in Ridgeland/Madison are not "cookie cutter." I.E. Shapely,s, Sal &Phil's, Amerigo, Rossini, Ely's, Krilakis, Cazadores, Georgia Blue, Kristos, Primos, Ticos, County Seat for just a few.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jeffie told some of his wait staff to post. lol.

Anonymous said...

Jeff is a hero. He is like Batman for Jackson.

No pineapples for me said...

Bravo and Broadstreet are packed every day. Jeff runs quality restaurants where all ingredients are fresh. Nothing is pre-packaged. All the Madison idiots living in a fake stucco house in the middle of a pasture wouldn't recognize quality if it bit them.

Waitin on Costco said...

I can certainly understand why Madison residents are not appreciative of the quality of food and service provided at Broadstreet. Most of the Madison residents get their food from the free samples at the Sams Club

Anonymous said...

7:14 here. Why must you be so hateful. I listed a number of fine, non-cookie cutter restaurants in Madison county. I said not one ugly word about Jackson. It appears you are the hater. BTW, while I do live in Madison County, I do not live in a fake stucco house (of which no such thing exists) nor is my house located in the middle of a pasture, but it is and has been of high quality for over twenty years. Put that in your bong and smoke it!
PS I'm not an idiot either.

Anonymous said...

" All the Madison idiots living in a fake stucco house in the middle of a pasture wouldn't recognize quality if it bit them."

And yet somehow I think the majority of Sal & Mookie's customers believe the pizza there tastes just like what you can get in Brooklyn.

"Most of the Madison residents get their food from the free samples at the Sams Club"

Here's a fun assignment (Socratic method in action): "Compare the median income in Jackson, MS, to that of Madison, MS."

Anonymous said...

And then along comes 9:20 with more Madison hate speech. Please stop spending so much time lurking around Sam's Club. How else could you know what I'm eating?

Anonymous said...

Jeff's original post was rational, fact-based and non-inflammatory. The local media could learn a thing or two but then they would not have the opportunity to do "Team Coverage" on the "crisis" de jure. This is primarily a problem with old pipes at residential properties. Local Jackson government is hapless, but seriously folks, Jeff Good is not the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hey I live in NE Jackson and I apologize for the remarks someone said about madison co. The median income that would need to be compared would be zip code 39211 and 39110. That's NE Jackson and city of madison. Madison city is largely middle class 2 parent working households while NE Jackson would be high income earner and usually the dad working. Usually a ole.miss yuppie that thinks his shit doesn't stink while he has 3 kids in St Andrews or 1st press school and jackson prep. This mudslinging is childish. The NE jackson eastover area and Ridgewood road area 39211 has the highest earning zip code in mississippi.

Anonymous said...

EWWWW you mean that I have been drinking unfiltered Jaxn water at Bravo for decades?

/carbon filters will remove lead, 11:11

its what I have installed at groundwater remediation sites where we have to treat extracted groundwater to NPDES standards. Works like a charm...though the carbon becomes a near hazardous waste when it is spent.

Jeff For Mayor Jeff For Mayor said...

Broad Street Bakery is a cool place to be seen. Sal and Mookie's name shouts volumes about its customer base. And Bravo has 'fresh-never-frozen-stuff' (so does Krispy Kreme). All three are one step removed from the attraction of Starbucks and are based on gimmicks and a naive customer base that really wants to pull into Krystal but doesn't want to be seen there.

Anonymous said...

7:59 am and the other bashers obviously know nothing about food preparation or nutrition.
Since I can cook, I know what goes into preparing the food I am served as well as the ingredients and complexity of the recipes at any of Jeff's restaurants compared to Krystal's or Logan's!
I am old. I don't need to " see or be seen" and I can cook anything I want and have it prepared to my tastes. I don't want to pay for dishes that I can prepared better and cheaper at home. But, when I don't feel up to cooking or just want a night out, Jeff's restaurants are certainly among my choices along with several other fine restaurants in Jackson ( none of which the bashers have mentioned).
Envy is a terrible thing and those who " hate" Jeff are obviously jealous of his success.

Anonymous said...

Jeff and Dan have done a fantastic job in their chosen careers. Jackson is lucky to have them, and to have them remain.
If you don't want to eat at their establishments, fine. More room for me.
I've had fun picking at Jeff in the past, on this site, but anytime I've had a problem at any of their restaurants, he has bent over backwards to correct it.
We can only hope that that duo chooses to keep doing what they are doing.

Fresh Never Frozen said...

Since I have never been to any of his three restaurants, please list two impressive items from the menu at each place. Thanks.

Pizza Consultant said...

Jeffie is the Pee Wee Herman of 'Umbrella-Table-Diners'. If he would simply tweak his business model and sell used Volvos and propeller-beanies at the three places, he'd be rolling in (pizza) dough.

Anonymous said...

Look at the posts. This was about the water problems in Jackson. We have more posts about eating at some hole in the wall places than about water. Who cares.
This seems to be common in Jackson. A person is killed and some one points and says "there is a squirrel." The streets look like they have been bombed and some one says "I think that is a squirrel." The water supply, when it is working, is dangerous to people, and some one says "Is that a squirrel over there."
There are too many squirrels in Jackson and not enough people who care about the city.

Anonymous said...

I think the commet @ 10:40 was left by a squirrel brain.

Anonymous said...

or the contents that came out of the other end. squirrels have a bigger brain than was available to 10:40.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 10:40 AM, this post was about Jeff Good responding to the water problems in Jackson. I get that you will take any opportunity to jab someone that you, clearly, do not like. "some hole in the wall places", really?
You must think that you are really, really clever, but, the only thing that is readily apparent is that you have the intellect of a squirrel. Probably have a little squirrel lover, and, if you're lucky, a pack of little squirrels running around.
This post was not about the piss-poor streets, or the constant black-on-black murder spree (with, of course, the occasional black-on-white murder.) It was about Jeff Good's response to the piss-poor water system in this city.

Get The Lead Out! said...

So, 8:27, are you suggesting that Jeff Good is the Al Gore of Fondren? Carbon footprints vs lead samples? Next Christmas can we expect to see not only coupons good at all three restaurants but double value if you bring along a lead-can to turn in?

Anonymous said...

This thread is proof positive that there are people out there who actually believe Donald Trump is president material.

Jesus H. Christ. Calm down already.

Anonymous said...

Jackson's problems boil down to Oh look, there goes a squirrel.

Anonymous said...

9:22, can you name any person running for president that is president material? Can you even name a president who was president material?

Anonymous said...

@12:11 you can jingle the keys in the other direction all you want, but I can maintain my focus on the single issue that I presented. Comparing what I asked to the annals of history is not only ridiculous, it doesn't address the problem that people actually believe Trump could lead any group of people that may actually not agree with him on every single issue.

Anonymous said...

2:05, maybe it is time for the regular citizen to have things go in their direction for once.
Why should we have an open border and the tax payers support anyone who decides to come to this country and retire?
Why should we encourage companies to move to another country?
Why should we give preference to buying goods from other countries that do not buy from our country?
Why should we fight wars in other countries?
Why should we listen to people who think if you are not PC you don't matter?
Why should we treat some citizens better than others?

All of the above and many more have been going on for many years. Maybe people are beginning to think there might be another way and electing life long politicians will not do it.

Anonymous said...

Always believed Jeff is a good guy and one helluva businessman. And I still believe that. However, the Titanic band had players and a conductor as the ship went down (using that as an analogy and not a statement of fact because I wasn't on the Titanic and no I don't believe everything I see in the movies).

Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, I am the biggest Jeff Good hater in town, he is very shallow on a personal level, however... he seems to do a hell of a business. And Bravo and Broadstreet never ever disappoint with quality or service.
I do respect the fact that he does speak up for the City of Jackson and stays involved in politics and I do respect the fact that he is making effort to make the citizens feel safe... wool over our eyes or not, Jeff makes me feel better than the Mayor, that is for sure... and Again, I'm a hater.. but I respect his efforts.
For the guy that says that Good's places are not even considered restaurants, "hahahaa, I like you, we might get along just fine," but yes... yes they are and he makes a killing at all of them!

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