Wednesday, July 1, 2015

This says it all.

Bye-bye In Living Color and Dukes of Hazzard. Pulled from tv today.


Anonymous said...

This has gotten rediculous.

Anonymous said...

@5:53 "This has gotten rediculous."

Bluediculous too

Anonymous said...

I saw a man today, with a "Confederate flag tattoo" Uh...does that mean amputation ?

thusbloggedanderson said...

Dumbest JJ post ever. Free market = Goebbels.

Anonymous said...

Those who understand world history know where we are going.

Buy guns, ammo, gold and silver coins.

thusbloggedanderson said...

If the channel doesn't get to decide what to air, would JJ prefer the gov't order the programming?

I'm against racist symbols being adopted by the states. Private actors are free to rejoice in their racism, and private actors are free not to traffic in racist symbols. First Amendment all the way.

Anonymous said...

In living color?

Anonymous said...

Can't believe I'm saying this, but Anderson is right. Free market parties can do as they wish. If their customers disagree, they will be punished in the marketplace by reduced sales, lower ratings, etc.

Anonymous said...

This is rediculous...its gone too far.... Really
Excerpt from Washing Post today titled:

Why do people believe myths about the Confederacy? Because our textbooks and monuments are wrong.

"Now the dean of the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C., has noted that the cathedral needs to de-Confederatize its stained glass windows. That would be a start for D.C., which also needs to remove its statue of Albert Pike, Confederate general and leader of the Arkansas Ku Klux Klan, from Judiciary Square. The Pentagon also needs to de-Confederatize the Army. No more Fort A.P. Hill. No more Fort Bragg, named for a general who was not only Confederate but also incompetent. No more Fort Benning, named for a general who, after he had helped get his home state of Georgia to secede..."

Thus Blogged Ignorance said...

Anderson - Your premise is flawed. A man who springboards off a flawed premise is destined to sail through the air and land at a location unintended. Confederate emblems are not 'racist symbols'. It the ignorant and uneducated who suppose they might be or ought to be because they've been told that.

If your premise were true; however, you'd be required to also rail against the US Flag, and you won't.

Anonymous said...

the more forbidden something is the more desirable it becomes - especially in a culture where anything goes.

Anonymous said...

Wrong 7:50 pm, it is you who has completely missed the point. The stores and cable channels removing the flag are private companies, not government entities. They can do what they want, just as you are free to fly the flag to your little heart's content. Whether the flag is a racial symbol is irrelevant to the point Anderson was making.

Anonymous said...

NO, most of us cant say hey, I want that channel blocked or I dont want to order it. Thats why they do it cause you have to pay regardless, on most packages anyway.

Anonymous said...

@645 This post is better than anything the JFP has posted.

thusbloggedanderson said...

7:50- You are free to believe that Confederate flags and burning crosses and swastikas are innocent symbols. Guess what? People who believe otherwise aren't obliged to sell them, display them, or air them on TV, precisely because this is a free country.

The nonsense about the U.S. flag is just that. Bad things are done under every flag. But the CSA was dedicated to slavery. It was their cause.

... CMT will pick up Hazzard by the end of the month. Not exactly a shortage of TV channels in this country.

RandomHero said...

To anyone saying private companies can drop the flag if they wish....can you stop for a minute and ask if this WAS actually a private companies decision.....or...were they asked by a certain administration to drop it?

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of folks who support the confederate flag and none of them are racist. Why don't all you people who like to call others racists every time you disagree with them regardless of the issue try to do something constructive. How about opposing slavery that is still ongoing in almost every country in Africa almost 150 years after slavery ended in North America. For God's sake these are many of your ancestors that or either participating or victims of these acts.

Kingfish said...

Mob rule is mob rule and that is what this is. These book burnings were not conducted by the government but by students. People forget the Nazis were a movement of the young. Keep that in mind.

I might take Anderson seriously if he had bothered to opine on the MHP employment discrimination case as a NMC in diapers. He likes to opine on all things racial and especially against me if he deems anything I've written or posted to be even slightly offensive to someone somewhere in some universe but let the MHP actually discriminate against someone based upon race and suddenly he is silent. Reminds me of the Meathead being shocked that Jefferson was racist.

thusbloggedanderson said...

KF: waaaahhh. If I don't comment on something, I don't care about it? That makes you depravedly indifferent to all kinds of things.

You do a great job covering local stories. This was a dumb post. Quite a few dumb posts in the TBA archives, no doubt.

As for "mob rule," welcome to free-market democracy. Compared to the prominent examples of real mob rule in America, like lynchings, this seems a bit mild. But maybe Goebbels (big fan of Gone with the Wind, btw) would disagree.

Kingfish said...

Still ducking the MHP story, I see.

Kingfish said...

Hattie McDaniel, who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, could not attend the world premiere in Atlanta because of segregation. She could not sit at the awards ceremony with white actors.

Mitchell learned of that and wrote to McDaniel about it. They kept up a correspondence for many years.

But, most striking, was Mitchell’s help for blacks to get medical education. The president of Morehouse College wrote to her to ask for support for such students and she began a private campaign of donations, which enabled perhaps 70 to 80 black men to become physicians. It did not become public knowledge until many decades after her death.

It is also possible that she may have tried to help desegregate the Atlanta police force. It was a failed early attempt. That was many years ago. Mitchell died as the result of being hit by an automobile on Peachtree Street in Atlanta in 1949. She was 48.


Anonymous said...

The Golden Rule:

Who ever has the gold makes the rules.

Anonymous said...

6:24 So a television network changing its programming = economic collapse?!

Perhaps you need to check out some history books and comprehend what you read.

Anonymous said...

OK -- let's take this to its natural conclusion -- (please feel free to add to this -- it was just my first round at the absurdity of this situation).

1. Change Washington DC's name -- it is representative of a man who owned slaves.
2. Change Washington State's name -- (see #1)
3. Remove the Jefferson Memorial (see #1)
4. Change Jackson, MS's name (see #1)
5. Remove the Washington Monument (see #1)
6. Change the name of the "White House" since it potentially could connote "white privilege".
7. Change all military installations which could be related to a Confederate General (it appears there are 10 bases total)
8. Washington and Lee University has to be renamed (see #1 and self explanatory - double wham there)
9. Remove all historical reference in ALL national battlefield parks to the Confederates -- it should only be a one sided description from the Northern point of view (which if you have visited any of them recently, it really is now). This would mean that Chickamauga, Antietam, The Wilderness, Shiloh, Gettysburg, etc. should all be "out of business", no more federal funds, nada! Close them and close the related industries around those parks, that make money, employ people, and improve the community.
10. Halt immediately all Confederate participation in reenactments. Since they'll not be able to present their side effectively, then participation is not required, and of course, no flags!!! Only Northern - Yankee participators are allowed. Hard to have a battle if only one side shows up.
11. Rip out at least HALF of the Capitol -- the Rotunda, with its mural of Washington (ala Romanesque god) needs to be painted over. Also, all those statues in statuary hall, should be taken out if there is a taint of "Southern" associated with them.
12. Name changes of ALL streets associated with ANYTHING Southern -- e.g. Smith Streets might need to be changed nationally, since I am certain someone served in a Confederate leadership position, who might have been a Smith -- same with Jones.
13. WOW -- any child with the name Robert, Lee, Jackson, Jefferson, Davis, Stuart, Nathan…..hmmm….(we really need to flesh out all associated potential CONFEDERATE names in children)…. these need to be changed immediately.

I'm sure everyone reading this understands my dripping disdain for this discussion. We have REAL issues (the economy is in shambles, taxes are through the roof, children cannot read, food stamp participation is at the highest level ever, our military is being destroyed from within based on LGBTQ influence, ISIS is killing Christian with impunity, the nuclear family is non-existent, etc.) and people are wrapping themselves up in politically correct "feel good" discussion about these trivial issues.

For all those who continue to attempt to reason with those zealots who believe that a PURGE is required (ala Mr. Anderson above), I quote a great line from Last of the Mohicans, "Do not try to understand them, do not try to make them understand you, for they are a breed apart and make no sense." Please understand people, we are dealing with individuals who will destroy the village to save it (in their tiny minds), and they make no sense, to those with logical minds. BTW Mr. Anderson -- name change time -- Andersonville………………………no excuses sir!! Start cleaning up at your own doorstep first. We must PURGE anything related in any way to the………………..(well we cannot mention it now can we???)

Anonymous said...

Changing the MS flag will not remove the hatred in the heart of the ignorant that use the Confederate flag as a hate message. What will you do if the flag is changed and the KKK shows up to their next rally flying the new MS flag?

Full Moon Tonight said...

The solution to this b.s. Is on your new car tag.
A guitar- a nod to Lucille with a couple of music notes ( get a graphic designer). We can herald the dawn with a suggested insignia of BB King and the other part of our culture that's world renound, Music.

It's really that simple- y'all are too complicated.

No faces- only symbolic gestures.

Anonymous said...

11:40 - absolutely correct

Anonymous said...

Please cite the names of those who plan to "erase all the Confederate symbols and names from everything" who have any credibility in effecting that! The only thing I've heard any credible people say is limited to removing the battle flag which became the symbol for the KKK from public property!

This kind of hysteria is exactly what Goebbels did! Tell the Big Lie and find examples of " the bad Jew" and paint everything the Nazis considered an obstacle as a threat to superior Germany!

Give me the names of anyone in a position to change Ft. Bragg's name who is calling to do so? Few Americans even Southern Americans, know who Bragg was... even Southern Americans! And, the rational will wonder why one of the competent generals instead of a failure was honored in this way! He was a North Carolinian is why and the other NC General of any note was Ramseur and he was worse!

I hated Dukes of Hazard because it plays into stereotypical depictions of all Southerners as redneck so it's no great loss to me. But, a corporation gets to decide its market interests and you get to decide if you don't want to avail yourself of their product/serves anymore.

And, KF, go back a bit farther in the rise of Nazism. Who financed Hitler? Who got the youth all stirred up and painted all intellectuals and all who opposed them as " Commies"? How did the Zionist movement into Palestine help to make Germans paranoid about a growing ,successful Jewish population in Germany? Who burned the books? And, who was militaristic? Who played on German fears and glorified Germany's past? How " liberal" does that sound to you really?

The crazies on the right and the left are controlling our national debates, politics and sensationalism by the media is 24/7 and our middle class is continuing to be squeezed out of existence. Yeah, that's bad.

This is contributing to the insanity!

thusbloggedanderson said...

Assuming 11:40 is susceptible to explanations, here is one.

Anonymous said...

7:22 -- The Baltimore Sun (not exactly a right wing rag) recently posted this story with the headline:


Note this is a FEDERAL park (NATIONAL) so yes, Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore. Things are changing.

These Federal employees at the park, are the people who have the authority to cease the debate, and make the change you question. Many of them APPOINTEES who have not been elected to office, or employees who have the protection of the administration and the unions (think IRS here and their overstepping of boundaries, ignorance of laws, and overall arrogance based on their perception of their power).

On the military side -- really easy…….it would be those DoD Pentagon APPOINTEES who have made such a success of changing the military structure as we know it. Yep -- whether you want to acknowledge it or not -- there are plenty or people in positions to change all that 11:40 mentioned, and it would take YEARS and LOTS OF MONEY in court to resist. Don't even try to say this cannot happen -- obviously it already is…….more can be cited, but the Baltimore Sun article is a direct reflection of how it is ALREADY happening.

Anonymous said...

7:22 - 40 years ago only a friinge element that had little initial "credibility in affecting that" as you put it, wanted gay marriage, gay military, gay Boy Scouts, and gay churches - full and total acceptance. Here we are 40 years later and that little fringe element that only makes up 3-4% of the population is calling the shots for everyone. How is that for minority rights!

Anonymous said...

Do you think we could go ahead and dig up all those graves at UMC now? I'm sure given the time period they were racists. Maybe crazy; but racists too. Make way for progress. Geez!

Kingfish said...

Anderson still silent on MHP lawsuit. Come on, Anderson, you can do it. Go Andy go.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Anderson -- (8:11) --- It is bit more complicated than you have led us to believe in your link. "Lawyers, guns and money"? - that sounds like a solid place to go for information.

My rebuttal would be NPS (National Park Service - Boston) Read before it is deleted by your contemporaries as the book burnings start.

Simple minds have never grasped the full implication of the constitutional crisis that was at the core of the secession movement. Slavery was a symptom, not the problem. A direct link today is gay marriage which is a symptom of how much the federal government has overreached it's bounds. It is not the problem. All rights not ceded to the Federal Government in the Constitution, are delegated to the States. You see very little testicular fortitude by governors against the USG today on any issue because they have tied themselves to national parties and the "money" that flows from DC.

Hopefully we'll see some response from Phil (however it is a full week and we've heard nothing), and Bobby next door did stand up a bit, but we don't have the same intellectual discussion today that we had in 1858-1860. Slavery was an institution that was started under the US flag, and should never have been instituted. We've paid for years for that bad decision, however, once we lost the Civil War -- we gave up our rights as States, which were clearly defined in the Constitution. 13 STATES (or colonies) came together as INDIVIDUAL, sovereign units to start this United States -- not one nation miraculously springing forth. If you study history a bit, you might find out there was a vigorous debate around this issue before the Revolutionary War. Virginians were Virginians and aligned themselves with their state, those from New York were New Yorkers first, etc. etc.……the states were loathe to allow any group outside their boundaries to tell them how to legislate and run their affairs. They felt strongly that Virginians understood what was best for Virginia, etc. So to patently disregard this core issue that started this country, and influenced those men 90 years later during the Civil War, is to cherry pick how you're going to construct your arguments. Today, minority rules and that was NEVER the intent of the founding fathers. There are many on this blog much more educated on this issue than me, and I'll defer to their input, however, slavery was part of the Civil War, but not ALL of the reasoning behind it. If it had been the primary cause -- why did it take Lincoln 3 years to produce the Emancipation Proclamation, and he only freed those slaves in the Southern States? Trust me -- things were much more complicated than you like to project, however, I'm sure you'll want the last word about all the racist, bigoted, narrow minded, short sighted, etc. etc. people out there…you'll feel much better about yourself, and bottom line, we just don't CARE anymore what you think about us….so jump in and throw yourself around.

Anonymous said...

10:15 - get a life

Anonymous said...

Well stated 10:15

Anonymous said...

Reply to 6:57 -
Fort Bragg name is being changed by Obama to Fort Al Sharpton.
Fort AP Hill is being changed to Fort Jessie Jackson.
Fort Hood is being changed to Fort Sirlackalayem.
Fort Jackson is being changed to Fort Motown.

Anonymous said...

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Yes, it really is.

Anonymous said...

2:00 p.m. -- don't forget!!! Fort Lee will become Fort JZ and Beyonce, Fort Benning will become Fort Saul Alinsky, Fort Polk would be Fort Malcom X, Fort Gordon will become Fort Trayvon Martin, Fort Rucker will become Fort Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, and Camp Beauregard will become Camp Freddie Gray. It is important that we understand just how the "RE-EDUCATION: process will work, and of course it starts with words, which have meaning. Forget those pesky problems we might be experiencing with society (unemployment, education, health issues, true bigotry and racism, etc.) Words are so much more important than actual problems.

Just think of the progress we'll make on unemployment, education, the economy, true racism, mysogony and bigotry like that which exists in the Middle East with ISIS, world hunger, vaccination programs, etc., if we just understand through our re-education programs the importance of changing those things which "really" matters as viewed through the Progressive lens. It worked so well in China and North Vietnam, those bastions of democracy, that it will truly work here.

#IDIOTSLIVESMATTER - please pass it on along and work toward changing America as we fundamentally know it. Support our "leader" in Washington, DC.

Anonymous said...

Old Conservative: I believe in GOD
New age liberal: I beleive in karma!
Old Conservative: The rapture is a coming and imma gone be ready.
new age liberal: oh, the power of belief- keep on believing honey!
Old Conservative: I thought y'all hated God?
New age liberal: Your belief in the whatever God in the sky is the perfect distraction
Old Conservative: for what?
New age liberal: while you're busy waiting on the rapture, we have decided that karma needs to speed up!
Old Conservative: so you beleive that you can control some cosmic force?
New Age liberal: why yes, we can accelerate karma with laws!
Old Conservative: you're the devil, ya know?
New age liberal: I am a cosmic channeler of Karma and it's transgender biracial will.

The Objectivist: I'm an a cunning opportunist and a fukitol capitalist and while you're bickering about your beliefs I am diversifying the assets. I have a bundle of trade packages that 600 lawyers worked on for 10 or so years. Thank heavens for altruism!

Anonymous said...

Buy guns, ammmo, gold and silver coins.

Will you be ready when the fighting breaks out?

Anonymous said...

8:12 am The " example" you gave is still about removing/banning one battle flag, the one that the KKK hijacked.

When there are serious examples of those with the authority to do so removing monuments and other Confederate artifacts, let me know.

You can still buy that flag elsewhere. You can still make your own. You can fly it at will.

I would suggest to you that other Confederate flags, like the Bonnie Blue will honor the past without having been tainted by the Klan.

It's time to be an American first unless you want to secede again ( which would be stupid for the same reasons it was last time) and to remember that we now have a shared enemy. We should focus on fighting jihadists and not each other!

And, I would remind you that most military people these days know that on a battlefield there is race or care about anything other than having each other's back!

Anonymous said...

I suspect that the same ones who are fired up about removing the Confederate Battle Flag from government places are the same ones , who, when Mississippi's past is revisited, argue that " that was a long time ago" and that Blacks should put the past behind them.

Perhaps, it would help if we demonstrated we could put that past behind us through the willingness to give up a symbol that Blacks, with more than a little justification, equate with Klan violence.

Anonymous said...

8:09 -- I would suggest you not bring the military into this -- the military is fully and completely understood in our home -- with every generation having served since the French and Indian War. We "get it" in spades, and I'm sure there are no lessons you could teach us. With regard to secession. I believe each individual has the ability to make their own choices. This is not 1860 - the South is the fastest growing region of the US. Most major military installations are located in the South, the South is economically outpacing the North. I could care less what flag is flown -- what I do have a problem with consistently is someone else, with different values dictating how I live my daily life. I dare say, you have no problem with someone from New York, or Idaho explaining to you just how Mississippi is the tail of the dog, however, I"m kind of sick of hearing it. I do business internationally and leave the state consistently. I can promise you -- Southern values are not reflected in most other places of the US. You are confusing my support of an object, with my support of an idea.

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