Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marines told not to wear uniforms in public.

 The Marine Corps, yes, the Marine Corps,  is reduced by the Obama administration to hiding in its own country.  The Marine Corps Times reported yesterday:

The military services have taken swift action to increase security after Thursday's shootings in Tennessee, even closing some facilities and telling Marine recruiters not to wear uniforms in public.

Defense Secretary Ash Cater approved immediate steps taken by the military branches to increase security and has told the services to get back to him by the end of next week with additional force protection measures, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement on Friday.

The steps were taken just a day after a gunman attacked two military facilities in Chattanooga, leaving four Marines and one sailor dead. Suspected gunman Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez was killed in the attacks on a joint-service recruiting station and a nearby Navy Operational Support Center.

 This is what America has come down to: Marines have to hide in public. The ultimate pussification of America.  Every Marine is a rifleman first and foremost among his duties.  Perhaps the Pentagon should trust its own soldiers and actually arm the Marines so they can properly defend themselves.  An even better idea might be to move the recruiting centers from the poorly-secured shopping malls most of them call home.   There are going to be more attacks and hiding from threats will not make conditions any safer. 


Anonymous said...

The pussification of are correct. It wont be long until we have no secure borders and no defense against aggression from anyone anywhere. Hopefully the next president and administration, whom ever they may be, can bring it back from total collapse.

It is blatantly obvious to me how the United States of America has come to this point..... Obama and his administration.

Anonymous said...

Run up a white flag.

Victor Fleitas said...

This measure appears to have percolated up from the military commands to the civilian leadership as a measure to protect members of the armed services.

Not sure if you, or any of the others posting, served in the armed services, but I recall (even during my short gig many years ago) various locations where we were specifically advised to avoid wearing uniforms, etc. due to any number of real or imagined threats (as if our haircuts didn't give us away). We followed orders and didn't feel the least bit (let me use a better term) emasculated.

This practice is and has been SOP for our armed services and others around the world. This measure now, or at any time in the past is not indicative of anything other than good sense during a time of heightened concern and threat. Please understand that everything will be okay Henny Penny.

Also, how exactly are our (female) service members supposed to react to your blatantly offensive remarks and defaming of the mettle and resolve of our armed services if not our Nation? But of course, you're well positioned to know exactly what the problem is and set policy in situations such as this based on your thorough understanding of and insight into the matter.

So tired of the inane rantings of chicken hawks.

Kingfish said...

I wore the uniform. I can say what I want.

Offensive? If that is offensive to a soldier, than the soldier has a problem. Oh yes, we went to stress-free basic training, stress cards, and took out the toughness, never mind how tough the battlefield might be.

So tired of the inane rantings of civilian trash such as yourself.

Victor Fleitas said...

Are you finished? Well, then please allow me to retort:

First, last I checked, one does not have to wear or have worn a uniform to say what they want.

Second, the fact someone wears or has worn a uniform is no guarantee they have anything intelligent to say. Case in point? Your Sunday rant.

Third, your term "pussification" is not only wrong it is offensive. Case in point? Would you make this statement in polite mixed company or to your mother or to that man or woman you wanted to impress on a date?

Fourth, despite your continuing rant, there's been no decline in the performance of our armed services despite the demands put upon them over the last several decades.

Fifth, your "civilian trash" remark says all anyone needs to know about you. As I recall, "citizen" and all it implies is the highest calling anyone in this Country can aspire to. Are you one of the type I see so often now, who look down on those who didn't spend a little time in the armed services and draw some strange sense of superiority from it? Military service doesn't make a person one whit better than someone who did not serve. How do I know this? I served.

Sixth, you refer to my remarks as inane rantings but fail to address my remarks on the merits. You served? Okay. Please point out where I'm wrong.

Seventh, funny you picked this non-issue to get your panties in a twist about, when your man Trump (of the four deferments) covered himself in shame. Now that's something to blog about.

Eighth, oh yeah I forgot, according to you everything's the black guys fault.

Carry on . . .

Anonymous said...


The difference is this on OUR soil.

Anonymous said...

1:30 "This measure appears to have percolated up from the military commands to the civilian leadership…"

We are to believe that you're privy to the inner circles of Obama's advisers? Where did this 'appear' to you?

"…served in the armed services, but I recall (even during my short gig many years ago)…"

Obviously not in a leadership role… KP? You project an immediate commander-in-chief follower image. (Notice lower case "c" on cic.)

Anonymous said...

Victor, I served overseas and in the U.S. You are right on point. It amazes me the degree to which people will go to try to connect the President to every issue. So sad!!

Victor Fleitas said...

@ 2:37

Precisely. This restriction on wearing the uniform off base or staying away from certain areas has happened on our soil before.

I remember being told (stateside) back in the mid to late 80's to early 90's to avoid wearing the uniform in certain areas when military personnel were being targeted (usually criminally) for one thing or another.

Here's a link I regarding a situation where a criminal gang vowed to kill service members several years ago:

I cannot vouch for the legitimacy of the post, but I can for the fact that our military, even in the good ole US of A, has advised or ordered its service members in the past to not wear their uniforms off duty and off base.

Here's a post from 2008 (pre-Obama) where a soldier vents about the fact that wearing your uniform off duty and off base may violate base regs and constitutes poor OPSEC:

It's an elucidating discussion and for the most part refreshingly polite.

Victor Fleitas said...

@ 2:46

I can't claim any crystal ball just nominal reading comprehension skills. The article says:

"Defense Secretary Ash Cater approved immediate steps taken by the military branches to increase security and has told the services to get back to him by the end of next week with additional force protection measures . . . ."

This means that the military commands implemented the policy and the civilian authority approved that policy after implementation.

I certainly did not serve in a leadership role. I was a maggot and proud to do the menial work and tasks which were assigned to me. It wasn't KP, though there's no shame in such service. An army marches on its belly.

I cannot speak to your perception of me and it's immaterial to this discussion. Also, you seem to put too much emphasis on the nature of others' service. We can't all be Medal of Honor winners.

Try this, it works very well for me: Respect and appreciate everyone's prior service (of whatever nature) or even a lack of prior military service without thinking you're the least bit better than anyone else because of your service.

Now, do you have anything productive to offer on the merits of this discussion or would you rather just froth at the mouth and seethe?

Anonymous said...

Ok 3:47

You can rest assured I respect all who earn it. Just having O2 in your blood doesn't cut it, sorry. There is, in fact, a pedestal here that most folks will offer for those who serve. Your belittling them is telling.

Personally, I'm tolerant and kind to those who are tolerant and kind in return, but they don't get automatic respect like that we're extending to protectors, sorry again.

In your attempt to be a 'one-upper', you have a shared your condesending attitude toward those who give you the very right to do so.

Anonymous said...

One would think most would be more intelligent than to tangle with Victor in a war of words. Now say what again, MF.. I dare you!

Anonymous said...

Victor Fleitas did more research on this topic than the blog post and other posters have. And yes, he is correct. It would appear the "pussification of America" means "ARGLE BARGLE OBUNGLER BAD" and having a blog that's to too far away from posting insipid Facebook memes.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a reasonable temporary measure in case of copycat killers.

But, haters gonna hate.

Anonymous said...

Little person(s) 7:33 & 8:02 (VF)

One-upper, continue on… we expect nothing less.

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting that the very people charged with defending the nation aren't allowed to DEFEND THEMSELVES. Side arms at a min!

Johnny Weir said...

Victor, I understand where you're coming from. I agree with your post.
I was in the 'nam' in 1970-1971 US Army 5th Division. I carried a good friend on my back to a dust-off helicopter near a road by Quang-Tri. Both legs were blown off up to his pelvis by a anti personnel mine. He was in shock and the only thing he asked was if he still had his balls. I told him yeah but I didn't really know. Coming home after my tour I flew into Ft. Lewis, Washington. After having a steak dinner as show of appreciation I was told NOT to wear my uniform on the plane back to my home state Mississippi. The reason was that American anti war demostrations were at a fever pitch and by wearing our uniform home we would be a lighting rod for all that hate.

Anonymous said...

It is time to refresh the tree of Liberty... with the blood of the Libs and GOP traitors that have sold our country out! Start with there families and work up.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your service.

Dramatic. It didn't happen to YOU. Had a brother and and cousin shot up in Nam… they lived but with scars. Wife"s cousin was fragged and died as a 2nd Louie….

That was a stupid time here. It doesn't diminish the valor and RESPECT we hold for those. None of these people need to hide for any reason. Don't go there.

John Helmert said...

Why do we always have to fight? Victor points out that the policy of not wearing uniforms around town is nothing new. And he's right. I wasn't allowed to wear any uniform in Jacksonville when I left Camp LeJeune.

The post attempts to make the point that President Obama is not a fan of the U.S. military and would prefer Marines to be as powerless as possible. That's probably true too, although I claim no special knowledge

I just don't understand why we have to attack one another when we perceive a slight difference of opinion. Maybe Victor loves Obama; maybe he doesn't. Who cares? He was just pointing out that the policy is nothing new. To paraphrase a famous American: "why can't we all just get along?" The post said something important. Victor added to the discourse. Let's keep that discourse ball rolling rather than attacking somebody simply because we oppose what we think he said.

Skydog said...

Reading all of these comments has made me realize that everyone here has missed the point. I believe that force protection measures for our troops need to be reviewed and implemented. Station one or two armed military police at each recruiting center. If it's a joint center, add more MP's. It's called a security posture. It's what we in the military implement and enforce during times when heightened anti-terrorism measures are needed. Some of you have chided back and forth over a word some have deemed offensive while missing the point of the article in question. Although I do not agree with the assessment of Kingfish, he is entitled to his opinion. Personally, I tell my troops not to make stops at the grocery store and other places because you will put yourself out there as a target. However, not wearing uniforms out in public when going to and from home is and would be a little hard to enforce 100%. Does that cheapen our military for being vigilant in this time of terrorism that we live in? No.

As for all of the nonsense concerning the bloggers language and views. Let's think about that a moment. Who's blog is it? I wonder. Secondly, being offended by a word that he posted. Oh really? That is absurd! I fact it's childish. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you have seen this language and much worse language used before. By other commenters! ... And Kingfish. So, if your a regular reader, and since you should have seen it before, if you are offended, quit reading the blog and leaving ignorant comments that deviate from the real topics at hand.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that everyone seems to be tip toeing around the obvious - these are not local gang related killers as Victor cited, or anti-war protesting Americans. These are external and internal Islamic insurgents, supported directly or indirectly by their families, friends, and sympathisers with a goal to destabilize or over throw the U.S. Government. Text book definition of an insurgency - not a big one yet, but is growing in the heavily Muslim sections of the country. Both the counter to insurgency (FID) and the support of insurgency (UW) is taught at the JFK school for boys at Bragg. One obvious approach to counter an insurgency is to remove the insurgents and their support...deport them ALL. Instead of worrying about wearing or not wearing uniforms or arming or not arming the military - both band aid solutions to a sucking chest wound, we need to send these people back where they came from or we will all be more worried about the ISIS flag than a Confederate one. We seem to have a trouble with threat ID due to terminal PC malady. Everyone better get their PC head out of their PC ass or you will need more than PC pablum to plug the holes in your torso when the next ISIS soldier in our midst shoots up one of our bases, elementary school, shopping center, residential neighborhood, etc. Unless everyone is ready to daily gun up (long gun, side arm, multiple mags, etc) and go to work like that ( I did it for a few years - it does get tiring toting that crap around all day everyday) then we better get serious about getting these people out of our country. FDR understood the threat - he rounded up the Japs and isolated them so he could ensure they were not a threat. You can wring your hands about the unfairness, the racism, the wrongness . Tell that to the families of the boys the Japs were killing by the thousands at Tarawa, Guadalcanal, Okinawa, Saipan, Phillipines, on and on. How soon we forget. Ass clowns.
The Cynic

Anonymous said...

Victor does not like "pussification" but certainly likes "panties in a twist"
Why Victor, would you use "panties in a twist" with your mom? Sorry Victor but their is a hierarchy to service, always has been - goes back to whether you carry the spear and shield in the front rank or drive the ox cart with the camp followers. You don't find the grunts hanging out with typing pool. Like putting a bunch Pitt bulls with a toy poodle. Poodle may be cute...won't last long.
The Cynic

Anonymous said...

It strikes me that as a Marine, your outrage should be more focused elsewhere at this moment.

I'm far more pissed at Trump!

Trump said in Ames, Iowa that he " heroically avoided the Vietcong wanting to capture him by hiding out in the U.S. until he got his deferment. ( Why do I doubt the Cong even knew who he was in the 60's? Could it be we're the same age and he hadn't done jack then either?) He continued on to imply that he was smarter than those of us who served in 'Nam . Of course, those of us his exact age want to know about his deferment and what Daddy Warbucks had to do on The Donald's behalf!

So, I guess all those who avoid serving their country in wars that aren't won are stupid in Trump's mind. So, that means you too, buddy!

And, you know that Trump doesn't think McCain , who wasn't just a prisoner of war, but apparently a help to other prisoners of war, a hero.

The Corp is still part of the Navy, last I checked and a " Dixie Cup" as Jarheads are want to call them was killed in Chattanooga as well! So, attacking a Naval Pilot is offensive, at least, to those Marines who benefitted in 'Nam from Naval air support.

It's fine with me to arm recruiters . Why didn't anybody recognize they needed to be armed before Chattanooga and demand it? Doesn't have to come from The White House.

What did you have in mind? You want them all with rifles locked and loaded since a hand gun against a rifle isn't so useful? Then there's the officer vs non com problem with side arms, right? Remember that?

So when you were a Marine and your platoon was ambushed on patrol, no one got killed, right? Lucky. Geez, usually didn't need Medevac when ambushing but needed them getting ambushed!

How about looking at James Webb if you want someone in the White House who " gets it" . He was spot on about Afghanistan and Iran, wasn't he? And, he knows more than a little about ambushing and being ambushed.

Obama ain't running. Bashing him ain't helping. It's political shit when we've got real shit.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for showing KF and others on this blog the proper way to discuss an issue. You used your name and your responses forced everyone to debate the issue on merit and kept it form divulging into an ignorant discussion.

Anonymous said...

According to the logic of the original post, law enforcement officers should never wear plain clothes if they are working undercover. I mean, they're on American soil and whatnot. I mean why should they have to "hide in public"?

Once again, let's definitely focus on the non-issue while the real issue remains untouched: A nut-job had access to a gun and killed numerous people before he could be taken down.

Let's continue to defend the 2nd amendment while we strip away at the 4th, 6th, 8th, and 14th as much as possible. That seems to be working quite well.

JH said...

The Marine Corps has always had a strict policy about not wearing uniforms in public. Its image control. Folks might think it is cool to wear there Army BTUs while their smoking and joking at the mall; but the Marine Corps will have none of that nastiness. Official duty only please.

And yes, I wore the uniform, and yes, I had my share of NJP's for violating the policy.

Anonymous said...

Except when required for travel I can't ever remember a time when we were allowed to wear our uniform off post. An exception in W. Germany was when we were on a GDP recon and certain OPSEC measures were observed: painting out vehicle bumper markings and covering unit patches with tape.
The first thing I noticed coming back from DS/DS on emergency leave in March '91 was that airlines stateside offered reduced fares to military personnel in uniform and the wearing of those uniforms was within DA/DoD policy then.
In and around Hattiesburg for more years than I can remember, soldiers wore their ACUs or whatever the hell they were called off post.
And what some of you haven't even mentioned it the target we retired folks have on our backs with retired military license plates. And yeah, I carry concealed.

Anonymous said...

If Obama said what Trump said about McCain and POWs y'all would be calling for impeachment

Anonymous said...

There has been a dramatic pussification of the Armed Services, due in greatest part by the liberals and their ilk. Obama is the principle pussy, and has made the military in his image, in that regard. The word pussy, as in pussification, derives from the word PUSILLANIMOUS, which means cowardly. It has no other connotation, vulgar or otherwise. We have the right to call Obama just what he deserves. He bows to foreign nations, goes on apology tours, and has a feckless foreign policy and has reduced our capacity to defend our nation in very serious ways. And let us not forget his bankrupting of America. Yes folks, pussification is exactly what Obama has done.

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