Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Former Ward 1 councilman Dent Anglin imports Desmond & crew into Northeast Jackson.

Our friends, Desmond Brown and crew, are back up and running in Northeast Jackson after they were chased out of their convenience store on Northside Drive and attempted to open a store downtown.  WLBT reported on a recent protest in front of the gas station on 714 Adkins Boulevard:

These are the same guys that ran a convenience store on Northside Drive.  The store was busted over a year ago for (allegedly) opium, stolen firearms, and stolen goods.  A JPD officer was shot earlier this year.  The city of Jackson and District Attorney went to court to get the store declared as a nuisance.  They were run out of that store and popped up downtown on Capital Street trying to open either another store or a restaurant.  That effort stalled soooo.............. Desmond and his posse invaded Adkins Boulevard.

Their landlord is apparently none other than former Ward 1 Councilman Dent Anglin.  Hinds County tax records show Panther Properties, LLC owns the property.

The Secretary of State website states that Mr. Anglin is the owner of Purple Panther, LLC:

Kingfish note: That was the news, now for the opinion.  Thank you, Mr. Anglin for importing this trash into Northeast Jackson.   Thank you for backstabbing those of us who actually care about Northeast Jackson. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it time to boycott his tire store and his wife's antique market

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping this info circulating. Maybe Ashby Foote can shine a light on this and somebody from JPD can focus on what appears to be low hanging fruit for crime-fighters. Otherwise the east side of I-55 will go the way of the west side.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dent, for helping ruin our last bastion of hope, in this drug infested, neighborhoods dying, tax base leaving city. Greedy SOB period. You were a useless councilman, and now a useless human being.

I hope this goes viral and you get your clock cleaned by hell raising from the neighborhood associations throughout Northeast Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Yes. Boycotting Anglin tire. What's the name of the antique market so we can boycott it too? What a p.o.s.

Anonymous said...

Ashby Foote is useless.

Anonymous said...

If the property was on the market and available to any "ready, willing and able buyer", he had no choice.

Try denying property to blacks because of ANY reason whatsoever and your ass will be down at the federal building.

Anonymous said...

@ 8:52 - 100% accurate. I don't think any property owner wants a discrimination lawsuit.

Anonymous said...

Can the new owners be much worse than the bodega that was there before? How about the storage building that they run a BBQ shack out of? The nice thing is you can get your car washed while you score your dope. You can even get your hair did at barber shop at the Chevron station.

Anonymous said...

@8:52 were in the story does it say Anglin sold?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Robert Graham can put on his pretend police officer uniform and pay the store a visit.

Anonymous said...

9:15. *Bullshit* are clearly reaching here. Any background and credit check could have DISQUALIFIED these thugs from any lease commitment and wannabe lawsuit, had the owner had ANY scruples.

The POS wanted the money....period.

I have bought my last tire from that selfish POS. Or that shitty antique store next door his "wife" owns.


Anonymous said...

8:44-I agree. Ashby is useless, Will Longwitz is useless, disappear Denny is useless, the mayor & city council & sheriff are all useless. We. Need. New. Leadership. Now.

Atkins Neighbor said...

This is a nightmare. 20 years ago, the market would not have accommodated a person that sells the crap this guy does. Supply would exceed demand.

Keep repeating: "diversity is a strength, diversity is a strength".

Holy shit my neighborhood has gone to hell.

Anonymous said...

Thank you 10:31 for expressing my exact sentiment. Boycott the SOB. Pass this around.

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of useless elected officials. The good ol days when we had bad mutha f's like Mike Gunn, Ken Stribling, Walther Michel and Ben Allen. Those guys were young turks that didnt have a problem confronting people.

Stand Up For Your Damned Rights said...

To the liver-heads who think Anglin had no choice; sure he did. You two are the kind of people who would suggest 'Better hire that person 'cause if you don't, she'll file an EEOC charge!'

There are legitimate ways to deny access to criminals, those with poor records, those who have had multiple run ins with authorities and those who have a poor track record. You two just have no balls, no business sense and no imagination.

The only reason I would deal with this shady-character would be if I needed a dealer.

Anonymous said...

Big difference between offering real estate (or anything) for sale, and offering real estate (or anything) for lease. The idea that the record of past 'management excellence' would not be appropriate grounds to decline to enter into a lease seems laughable. Maybe there was an upcharge for reputational risk. If not, maybe there should have been.

Anonymous said...

You haven't lived, until you've heard some old Redneck woman say "Shabby Chic". And I bet you'd hear it twenty times in ten minutes, inside that hellhole of an "Antique Mall".

Atkins Resident said...

Call Dent Anglin at Anglin Tire Company. 601.969.5656. Let him hear from you. This is bullshit. He needs the wrath of LeFleur East all OVER his ass.

He used to live at the Jackson Country Club. Where does he live now? Bet it is nowhere near that shithole gas station.

Dent. One is known by the company they keep. Shame on you!

Anonymous said...

Watch what happens next. Outback Steakhouse has "expanded" to Flowood and is doing far better business than the I55 location. It's only a matter of time till it closes . Cracker Barrel will "expand" to Madison and the I55 location will close. Who wants to risk a drive by shooting or robbery. Most patrons stay away from business's that need armed guards at night. Guess Twin Peaks won't have much competition. Who wants to watch some top heavy waitress serve a burger. Certainly not a tourist with a family. A guy can get all worked up while eating lunch and rent a room at one of the "luxury" roach hotels near by. That, Jacksonian's, is real tax revenue that you can count on.

Hugh G. Rection said...

Don't know what you have against Twin Peaks.

Seems like it fits right in.

Anonymous said...

I hope this doesn't cause twin peaks to turn ghetto. The scenery there has been phenominal. It'll be full of overweight baby mommas in no time now.

Anonymous said...

2:40 & 2:41- I agree that Twin Peaks does fit in. That could be gainful employment for overweight baby mamas. A little wiggle and jiggle could mean extra tips. No self respecting suburb would allow that business in their town.

Anonymous said...

They'll need to change the name to Twin Big Butt Cheeks.

Anonymous said...

I don't really get the outrage. Do we have a lot of the Singh family who read JJ?

Do you really think this was a desirable location for a legitimate gas station? It's not like it wasn't already ghetto before. You worried he will burn someone else alive over there? Go across Adkins to the Shell on Beasley. It's fun because a prostitute can solicit you for you a good time while you get your gas.

What are the HOAs going to do... boycott the place. Newsflash - you aren't their typical clientele.

Anonymous said...

I know a lot of you are joking, and it is funny to you, but it ain't funny to me. I live near there. All kinda hood rats will be pouring in there.

Wonder if the turd and EX F'G COUNCILMAN Dent Anglin has the balls to do a Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting if it opens?

Anonymous said...

Twin peaks will be shut down for prostitution if JPD can ever keep it in their pants. I know a few guys that have gotten serviced after hours for hefty tips.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anglin, for following up on the "empty suit" you were as a councilman.

Anonymous said...

3:25. Boycott his tire store. Keep up.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for those who can't afford to move out of Jackson. With the event's in Belhaven, Eastover, etc. and the N E Jackson video posted here on J. J. with thugs (misguided youth's) shooting guns in their back yard, I would not be able to sleep at night living in Jackson; especially having kids. I think Lake Caroline had a billboard advertisement 10 or more years ago stating "get out while the getting is still good," or something like this. The getting ain't good anymore.

Heatherwood and love it here said...

As should be expected, the panting Jackson haters have again been fueled to hysteria by the shitty, money grubbing, irresponsible, selfish antics by, believe it or not, a former Jackson City Councilman.

You certainly have your ammo, based on this incredibly short sighted effort by an idiot, greedy at all costs, imbecilic "man", but I still like it here, and so do many others. We damn sure aren't "boring".

This does NOT change the fact of WWMD (as in Mary the queen), but she would do nothing, as most of Madison would run the SOB out of town and she wouldn't have to. THAT is where we are woefully lacking. It is spelled "community pride by all", and particularly former elected officials.

This issue to me, runs circles around the OH controversy in NEJ.
MUCH MUCH worse.

Bloomin' Unyums said...

I used to meet friends regularly at Outback for a 'guys night out'. We'd have a good visit, a couple of beers and a steak and head home. No more. Not the one on I-55 anyway. Steve Grantham needs to clean that place OUT instead of catering to this clientele. I'm not sure where Outback is in relation to Anglin's business, but sounds like it's close.

Anonymous said...

5:08. And "this clientele" closed Copeland's and Friday Tuna. They invade, take over, don't tip, restaurant consequently can't keep wait staff, so they close. Don't believe it? Fine. I worked there and know.

And I am black.

Anonymous said...

"As should be expected, the panting Jackson haters have again been fueled to hysteria by the shitty, money grubbing, irresponsible, selfish antics by, believe it or not, a former Jackson City Councilman"
This person and others were elected by a majority of Jackson voters. There is no way that voters can be persuaded to vote for someone who has an agenda that matches the wishes of those voting for him. The majority has spoken time and time again. The same officials are elected time and time again, so that just proves the majority of voting residents approve of the way things are being handled. "Once fooled" is understood. "Twice fooled" you are a fool. Top that with their attitude that only certain persons are eligible to work on a project, based only on race or income, shows a "closed mind" and a self righteous attitude. They certainly deserve everything that comes their way. They-are-Jackson! LOL

Anonymous said...

LOL 6:09? Why are you LOL? Shouldn't you want to do your part, chip in, volunteer, and help Mississippi's Capital City? Why LOL?

Anonymous said...

6:09, does it really have to be explained to you that "a majority of Jackson voters" do not vote on a single councilman/woman? Are you so dense that you cannot distinguish ward 1 from ward 7?

Speaking of voters, (assuming you're like most other commenters on here) you're brand of vitriol does not really appeal to voters nationwide. It seems the more educated the area, the less popular your brand. I wonder why.

However, here in Mississippi, people elect the same ole same ole to state-wide office again and again. The results: the state being last (or near last) on just about every good list. I love my state, but if you are looking to criticize someone for voting against their interests, you can point your finger at a group much larger than Jackson.

P.S. I know that you hate the fact that new high-end commercial and residential development is coming to Eastover, Fondren, and Downtown. The District will be a nice addition to the area, as will the Meridian, the Westin, and the several new apartments slated for Capitol St. Yes, Jackson has its problems. Everyone knows it. No one denies it. But the fact that you refuse to see the other side of the coin does not mean it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

6:09. Still patiently awaiting your intellectual response. Why LOL?

!!! THEY ARE JACKSON !!! said...

I know you hate the fact 7:10 PM that Jackson is only rearranging the deck chairs. There is no other side of the coin. Stamps admitted such. The District won't be additive, it will only suck share from other Jackson locations like Fondren. They are Jackson and Jackson (and you 7:10 PM) still operate in full denial of reality.

Anonymous said...

Very well put. I respect your opinion, but as you said, there are two sides to a coin. Heads you stay, tails you go. Pretty buildings and heartfelt promises don't bring in revenue, people do and the city just can't seem to attract any residents to live there that have money. To work there yes, but live there, they look else where. Please explain to us dense people why this is.

Anonymous said...

8:46. Screw LOL. Why in God's name would Dent Anglin make this deal with the Devil. SMH.

Kingfish said...

Here is what I think happened, based on what has happened elsewhere with these guys. I seriously doubt Brown is an "owner" as WLBT called him and that his name appeared anywhere on the lease. He admitted to the City Council that he was not an owner of the store on Northside. He was not the owner or operator of the store on Capital Street who signed the lease. What happens is someone else leases the premises and then he pops up calling himself whatever title he so desires.

I suspect what happened was Mr. Anglin signed a lease with these tenants and Mr. Brown was no where on the scene. He then pops up, word gets around, and here we go.

Anonymous said...

So you are letting Anglin off the hook? Mighty odd considering the headline.

Anonymous said...

I used to live right up the street off Adkins. One day a car was sitting on blocks in the driveway down from me.
Put my house on the market that month. Haven't looked back. That was 1997. It's not like you can't see it coming.

Anonymous said...

I thought Dez Brown was setting up shop on Capital Street.

What happened to that venture?

Pam Anglin said...

Wow anonymous post you are so brave. If you have something to write put your name on it.

Let me give you some facts.

Fact - Fuelmaxx lease was signed in February of 2015. HEADLINE IS FALSE.

Fact - Store on Northside shut down in May.

Fact - Mr Brown is not the tenant. Mr Brown is not connected to the business in any way.

Fact - My husband has five business in The city of Jackson. I have one. We are not moving any of our businesses out of the city of Jackson.

Fact - We live in Jackson and love it here.

Fact - The minute the tenant at Fuelmaxx becomes a hindrance to the surrounding area the tenant will be removed.

To the neighbors of the Fuelmaxx. You have our promise that the store will be monitored. We also need your help - if you see any suspicious activities please contact my husband.

Pam Anglin

And one more FACT - I have a LOVELY store in the center of Northeast Jackson. We have had some crime but we are here to stay.

Anonymous said...

So its just a complete reporting error by WLBT that Mr. Brown is affiliated with the gas station? and its just a complete coincidence that Mr. Brown happened to be at that gas station on the day the cameras and protestors showed up? Consider me suspicious of your "Facts" Mrs. Anglin. If I were you I would be in touch with WLBT asap and get them to correct their error, if in case it was mis-reported. Are you planning on doing this? For the record, I do want to believe your "Facts" as truthful.

Anonymous said...

I'm calling BS. Sorry. We will see soon enough, and if that thug shows up, there will be hell to pay.

Anonymous said...

everybody. deep breath. exhale. be patient. see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the Anglins and have no dog in this hunt, but I appreciate Pam Anglin stating their side, promising accountability and monitoring, and telling the neighbors to report anything they see. Sounds like they are taking responsibility, which is pretty shocking these days. If the Mr. Brown does pop up, I hope everyone in the area works together to kick him out of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

@6:20- totally agree. Hats off to the Anglin's. Until you comment, learn your facts.

Anonymous said...

You don't know the Anglins but you appreciate her "side, promising accountability and monitoring, and telling the neighbors to report anything they see."

Do you really think JJ readers are that stupid as to accept that crock?

Anonymous said...

If that thug,,low life mf'r shows up EVER as a manager, owner, employee, whatever I am going NUCLEAR. Anglin, my ATO brother, his last name is Brown. Desmond is his first. Your "wife" has stepped out there. HOPE SHE IS RIGHT. I really do.

Anonymous said...

Like @6:20 I also don't know the Anglins and therefore to error on the side of caution -- this is Jackson -- I don't trust either of them as far as I can spit.

The Anglins are "monitoring" the situation but feel free to call Dent if you see anything odd? ROFLMAO

That is about as effective as DJP Chief Cadet Quizno Allen's no-lawn parking ordinance. Oh, what a then young Turk!!!

Anonymous said...

Not following 7:22.

Anonymous said...

Angelina- I would like to report that Desmond brown was seen at your gas station on Tuesday, 7/21 as seen by video evidence on WLBT news. I would classify that as suspicious activity.

Anonymous said...

Pam - I have done business with you at your original gas station location, so I hope you are correct.

Move Along - It's Just Typical Kingfish said...

This whole thread is typical Kingfish. Take one side of a story and run with it. Fuel it with gasoline and watch the parade. No thought given to investigating or getting what might be 'the other side of the story'. Just throw it up against the wall, hope it sticks and watch the thing ooze down to the lowest level. I have no newspaper or 'corresponding' experience but would think a simple phone call (by your humble correspondent) to axe 'Does Brown or does he not work at this place or is he in any way associated with this business?' How farkin' difficult would that be?

Anonymous said...

Robert Graham has spent the last two days Double Dipping. That is he has been teaching JPD dispatchers @ $150.00 each between 10-20 each day of class.I hope the State Auditor sees this as a conflict.

Anonymous said...

1:36 Do we have a case of the grumpies today? Is your water pressure low, so you can't water your weeds or wash your car? It's a nice thread. Maybe we need to trash HVAC companies for taking too long to respond to blowing hot air calls. But're blowing enough hot air for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Pam, are the multiple cords of firewood there for sale?

Anonymous said...

I also saw Desmond Brown standing outside that station a week before the protest was filmed.

William Bell said...

If you post comments and are too lame and chicken to put your name
at the end, then your comments are worthless. Be man (or woman) enough to put your name on what you want to say.
Many of all of our fathers and grandfathers always said: "Never send or say anything to anybody unless you are willing to sign your name."
If you are not willing to sign your name, then what you have to say is worthless.
William Bell

Anonymous said...

And the truth will set you free...Mr. Bell??? Someone needs to look around we are not living the life that our parent or grandparent lived.

Anonymous said...

Dang, Hats off to Pam Anglin. She said to contact her if things go awry and she posted her phone number. I dont know her, but this sounds like a pretty legitimate response. I've got a business in the area and have been concerned about the new owners. Some young turk has been running the store with lots of new merchandise that looks a bit sketchy. Everytime i've gone in he has had some foreign rock sounding music blaring, and the grounds had not been kept up, but over the last week, it seems a little better. Hoping for the best and willing to give Mrs. Anglin a chance without running her and her husband in the ground first.

Anonymous said...

"If you post comments and are too lame and chicken to put your name
at the end, then your comments are worthless. Be man (or woman) enough to put your name on what you want to say.
Many of all of our fathers and grandfathers always said: "Never send or say anything to anybody unless you are willing to sign your name."
If you are not willing to sign your name, then what you have to say is worthless.
William Bell"
July 24, 2015 at 9:29 PM

Mr. Bell, some of us use this forum for reasons OTHER than self-righteous posturing. A good bit of useful information is disseminated here, along with the harassment and chest-beating indulged-in by certain people. A good many of us are here to express opinions which are "forbidden" by the Current Reigning Orthodoxy. Too, many of the powerful criminals under discussion here, are prone to acts of revenge, against those who speak out against them. Not everyone is so foolish as to invite trouble, by signing their names to their posts. Anonymity is an important part of this forum.

I can't help but wonder whether you might not feel more comfortable, posting only on sites where posters are required to register and use their names.

When I was in school, our teachers frequently repeated this little truism: "Fools' names, like fools' faces, often appear in public places."

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