Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sun-Herald takes shot at Jackson over BP money

The Sun-Herald's Paul Hampton buried his barbs into Jackson's backside as he had a few things to say about Jackson wanting a share of the BP settlement:

Even a casual observer could deduce Jackson is a disaster. But it takes a more nuanced vision to see that the BP oil catastrophe is to blame.

Jackson officials are putting together a proposal to divert $400,000 to pay for improvements to its sewage system.

It is not coincidence that's the amount the Environmental Protection Agency has ordered the city to spend on the system.

Ashby Foote makes the best case for using BP money -- water from the system flows into the Pearl River, which then flows into the Mississippi Sound.

I suspect it has for years and I don't recall Jackson offering to send the Coast any money for fouling one of our major tourist attractions.

But now that we have that startling admission perhaps the Coast should sue.

I'm sure we could win a pile of IOUs.

I thought it would take longer than a few days and the attacks would be a little more covert, but never in my wildest dreams did I suppose politicians would keep the word -- that the BP settlement was for the Coast.

You know, where the disaster hit.

And now I see Jackson wants to spend thousands on a study about a $10 million baseball stadium.

I believe I'm starting to see why they don't have the money to keep up the city's infrastructure.

I wonder where that $10 million could come from. Surely they wouldn't ... Rest of column.


Anonymous said...

Sid Salter said years ago that Mississippi suffers from: Racism, Factionalism, and SECTIONALISM. What a great example this article offers of the latter!

The writer's comments were offensive from the headline to the end. Jackson could certainly benefit from sending parolees who tend to congregate here to the Coast. Perhaps the Coast could build some low income housing that is accessible to their public transportation and we could move some of our truly limited income retires to a sunnier climate.

When disasters hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast the whole City and indeed, the whole State go into action to help. From Camille to Katrina, our family has done all it can. Baby clothes, meals, boiled water, you name it, we try. The BP Oil spill affected the state from Hinds County down. All business from restaurants to tourism were affected.

It truly hurts to read such a vicious article. As far as a ballpark study (heaven knows where that vitriol came from) there has been an arena study and talk of same for many years. Perhaps some have spoken of it. So far as I know, the main focus is on infrastructure and rightly so. The Legislature almost 200 years ago located Jackson for ease of travel for ALL citizens. Too bad they didn't know or understand Yazoo Clay which runs in streaks in a diagonal patter in this area of Central Mississippi. But this is the Capital City and what you have, even the Coast Representatives and Senators have to suffer through being here. We try to make them welcome and comfortable.

Get real Paul Hampton! If you cannot be edifying and part of the solution, then keep your venom to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Real simple:The coast has some money due them and we want some of it. Jackson has and will continue to waste their money and just take from others when allowed. The elected leaders of Hinds and Jackson are worst that an oil spill.

Anonymous said...

"When disasters hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast the whole City and indeed the whole State go into action to help." Sorry, not true, but thanks for your individual donations, I'm sure those who received them were grateful.

As a resident (originally from Jackson) whose family has lived on the Coast approximately 20 years and who lost everything, including our home, in Katrina, I can tell you we did not benefit. Except for a one-time Red Cross EBT card, and a low-interest loan from SBA to rebuild, we received nothing, not even a trailer to temporarily live in while we found our way. We had insurance and we did the best we could on our own. There was probably a lot of fraud committed then and I imagine there will be a lot of fraud committed with this BP Oil crisis. I totally agree with Paul Hampton - let those businesses and individuals who live and work on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and who relied on the Gulf to feed their families be compensated for their losses during that horrible time.

Anonymous said...

12:56. Thank you for your family's generosity in sending worn out baby clothes, Spam, potted meat, and bottled water to the coast. We sho-nuff 'preciate it. And we probably should build some low-income housing so you could send your 'po old folks down here and get them off your hands. I know they're a bother. But understand this on the parolees --- this is their home. This is where their mommas be. This is where their crib be. They don't want to go to the coast with tough district attorneys and mean-ole judges and cops that don't put up with our Jackson-way-of-life. No way, bro. And I'm sorry God gave you Yazoo Clay, he gave us sand. It was God's choice and not something a politician forced on you. And thank you for making our legislators comfortable.I know it is a sacrifice for your legislators to have to endure the parties, free meals and good whiskey of which they must partake. I was going to say that giving you some BP money is a dumb idea, because this should be used for coastal restoration and Jackson was not impacted. On second thought it is not a dumb idea. It is STUPID!

Anonymous said...

I live in the Jackson metro area and have never lived on the coast, but the article is correct. Jackson has spent decades allowing its water and sewer systems to decay and now they must pay. It is not at all like Katrina, an act of God. Jackson spent money for other things. Almost twenty years ago Barbara Dunn told me personally that people would be shocked if they new how much money was wasted in Hinds County to purchase from minority vendors who did not have the best price. Does anyone thinks that the same thing does not happen in Jackson? This is no one's problem on the coast.
The larger issue is what, if anything, can be done to stop this habit that government has of robbing money from one pot, the pot where the voters put it, and sending it to another pot. This happens so often that many of us no longer trust the government to do what they promised with our money. This hurts everyone.

Anonymous said...

As a Mississippian not from the Coast, neither Jackson nor any or municipality should get funds directly from this. The $ should go to the Coast - EXCEPT for an amount that is determined to be equal to revenues lost to the state budget (through taxes) through the Coast's misfortune. That amount should go to one-off expenses, not recurring expenses.

Anonymous said...

As a long time resident of Jackson - both with my house and my business - I couldn't agree more with Paul Hampton. The infrastructure problems in Jackson are terrible, and for more reasons than just the yazoo clay. The budget issues in Jackson are terrible, and for more reasons than just the infrastructure needs.

For years Jackson has spent money on personal preferences of the council and/or the mayor including their contributions of our tax dollars to many 'non-profits' that had no business being supported by the city.

What's really amazing is that Jackson thinks it should benefit from the BP dollars because of whatever 'we are all part of the state' concept it wants to conceive, while at the same time the Mayor has put out a request for proposals for construction management of the infrastructure spending that essentially requires the successful bidder to have its CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS in the city limits of Jackson.

Double talk? We want what's the coast's but we are going to make sure nobody else in the state benefits from how we spend the money.

And NOW How About a Brand New Ballpark Downtown? said...

For years Jackson has spent money on personal preferences of the council and/or the mayor ...

### Metro Ad Valorem Millage Rates (2013-2014) ###

Jackson = 58.03 mils
Canton = 56.32 mils

Edwards = 47.0 mils
Clinton = 41.49 mils

Bolton = 36.3 mils
Byram = 34.1 mils
Flora = 33.5 mils
---> AVERAGE = 32.97 mils <---

Brandon = 29.0 mils
Madison = 28.8 mils
Terry = 27.85 mils
Pearl = 27.5 mils
Raymond = 25.62 mils
Florence = 22.9 mils
Ridgeland = 20.03 mils
Flowood = 20.0 mils

Richland = 19.0 mils

*excludes County & School District

Anonymous said...

It is beyond belief how much money is given to out and out crooks in Hinds county and Jackson with 0 work being done. It is criminal!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaa ha ha hahaaaa

Jackson has always hated the Mississppi gulf coast. Anybody remember the Clarion Ledger writing a series on the "wild and wicked gulf coast" back in the 80's? I do. Screw Jackson and their "we ain't got no money" status. And if pouring poop into the Pearl River is their asbtact justification, mr Ashley Foote can give me $10,000 because I looked at the front door of his business 5 years ago. <<makes as much sense, doesn't it.

To the leaders of Jackson: do you want to know why you are broke? Your greedy selves and your abysmal tax rates. I moved from the gulf coat 30 years ago. When I found out the price difference in a car tag on either side of the Pearl River or County Line Road, my decision was made.

Hint: it wasn't in 2X as much Jackson. Perhaps you can sell that unused convention center and use it to pay for your power plants.

Anonymous said...

6:56 read what you just "wrote". I hope your excuse is you were drunk. You can't be a JPS grad.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Folks. The Convention Center is booked. The decisions Hinds County make to give contracts has nothing to do with the City of Jackson. Ditto on the Car Tags. Can't you guys figure out the difference between County and City governments? If you think we have no parolees who originated on the Coast, you are wrong. As far as the sand on the Coast, I believe the seawall and sand were built after WWII and everyone of us who enjoyed the Coast had to pay the tax. We all enjoy the Coast and try to support it. Too bad many of the Conventions have decided that Destin is more to their liking. The Coast got really bad before Katrina.

What in the world gave you the idea anyone would send worn out baby cloths. I personally bought diapers, clothes and boiled water for days after Camille and carried them to the Madison Airport where the Civil Air Patrol could fly them to you. Perhaps you were one of the babies who benefited. We had no priest here for weeks because they were standing in mud and water trying to help bury the dead from a Hurricane Party and other reasons for riding out Camille.

The food that was taken to the Coliseum to feed those fleeing from Katrina came from my freezer and included the very best. I don't know where all this hate comes from. As a state we try to help.

To whoever was posting that they had no where to stay after Katrina and all they got was an EBT card, I have no idea how you were skipped. I know of Churches in George County and other places that tried to bring food daily to the Coast, or at least the portion that could be accessed. It was a terrible time and I am so sorry you remain bitter.

Jackson has spent a great deal on water and sewer in the past 10 years. So much of the taxes cited are for schools that have been top-heavy in administration. We have tons of problems and we get tons of ridicule hurled at us daily. I still say you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Mississippi as a whole will prosper in direct proportion to how Jackson fares. We suffer from all three of the reasons stated early this morning. Racism in particular.

Anonymous said...

As a life long resident of rankin county, and one of the very first civilians on the coast after the water receded post Katrina and with many family members that live down there, these greedy bafoons up here deserve nothing. No one north of Hattiesburg for that matter with the majority or it going to the coastal six counties. This is absurd, the "I'M'A gets mines" mentality.

Anonymous said...

The Convention Center is bathing in red ink far beyond the worst case scenarios. The soundbite that it is "booked" is meaningless.

Anonymous said...

Jackson is the Detroit of the South. They can't manage their own city and want (suprise!) a hand out from the BP settlement.

The citizens of Jackson have continued to elect idiots as their officials, who, in turn, have placed unqualified employees in leadership positions.

Yarber can talk about changes, but it is just talk. The reality is that Jackson is a dump. The streets in third-world nations are better. Crime is out of control. Anyone that can afford to has moved out. The city leadership is hostile towards Caucasians. There is absolutely no ability to attract meaningful companies with decent job opportunities because the labor pool is so uneducated and unskilled.

Jackson, the City with Soul.

How's that working out for you?

Fix your own problems.

Anonymous said...

To 8:28 p.m. - For someone who brags on their generosity and Christianity, you sure seem to have a lot of anger. And why do you keep harping on racism? Katrina did not discriminate, nor did the BP oil spill. As far as Jackson goes, it breaks my heart to see how it has deteriorated, but it certainly is not because of Katrina or BP.

Anonymous said...

I'm disgusted reading the negative comments in this piece and in the comment section.

I worked at one of the distribution centers. While some did bring in clothes that had been worn and other used items, the thought was any clothing or used tools of survival was better than nothing. I'm sorry about bringing my extra flashlights , the grill and extra cooler that I scrubbed down. Since they were working well, I thought it'd be better than no light and nothing to heat or cool food. Shopping was a bit of a challenge here with trees down, but next time, if I can't get to a store to get something new, I understand you don't want anything that isn't brand new and packaged, is that right?

I didn't see ANYTHING at the distribution centers that wasn't in acceptable condition and I saw more than a few designer clothing items! There were tons, literally of " never used" . I've never seen as much bottled water in one place. Our electricity was out but my neighbors were cooking what they could on grills to help feed those in shelters.

You may not have heard that Jackson had more than a little damage as well, but we knew you were worse off and we tried out best to help. Sorry it wasn't up to your standards!

And, clearly, quite a few of you haven't been inside the city limits of Jackson recently. Things are getting better. We know we still have things to do. Those of you heaping on bad publicity makes our efforts more challenging but we are managing none the less.

We do have to deal with Hinds County and the person upset about millage rates should know that Hinds Junior College and their board's long term ability to raise millage each year is part of the explanation for it being higher here. I guess you don't know about that little quirk in our laws.

And, it's more than a little aggravating to me when I travel down seldom used county roads that are in better condition than well travelled roads in the city, but then I think priorities should be to keep up the roads the most people use first. I'm just odd that way.

But, the real problem is what it has always been. Some of you are so wrapped up into hating Jackson or the Delta or the Coast or Blacks or Whites, that you can't see that if you put Mississippi first we can stop dumping sewage into the Gulf AND repair Jackson's water system. These are not either/ or problems! These are " roll up our sleeves and work together to fix it" problems!

There is a time to stop " problem identification" and " casting blame" and move on to solutions! Mississippi is WAY past that time! Stop looking at the spilled milk and get out a wet rag, for God's sake! And, if ALL you can contribute now is to bitch and whine, just shut up and get out of the way!

And, if our politicians haven't served us well, that too is on us! We can't keep turning a blind eye to politicians who deliberately set us against each other so they can pick our pockets. Hold YOUR party's leaders accountable for a change! Stop focusing on the log in the other party's eye and start looking at the log in YOUR party's eye!

Anonymous said...

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

Hinds JC has nothing to do with Jackson's property tax rate.

I'm disgusted by your need to come here nearly every morning, put on your Harpy hat and play the expert of all things.

Anonymous said...

7:46 AM I'm trying to figure out why Katrina keeps being brought up? The editorial, which was excellent, was referring to the BP Oil spill money and Jackson wanting a piece of the pie.

To say that Jackson suffered in Katrina is laughable, compared to what happened to the people on the Gulf Coast and surrounding areas. Shame on you.

The issue is whether or not Jackson deserves any of the BP oil money, and the answer is "No."

Anonymous said...

Jackson never experienced the true Katrina. It was a mess and inconvenience, but nothing to compare with the coastal devistation. New Orleans was never harmed either, until the levees breached, which was due to their own negligence. Should Jackson get a BP settlement. NO WAY! They deserve nothing. Those asking for money are nothing but the lazy, "City of Soul" residents that all tourists laugh about. They only visit one time or haven't you morons figured that out. When is the last time a national convention came here that wasn't church or fraternity related. Trade shows and the Canton Flea Market don't count.

Anonymous said...

"ms will prosper in direct proportion to how jackson fares" i moved from hinds county to the coast to escape the bs 5 years ago. if i am forced to support the crap up there, luckily i am financially able to leave this state, and i will.

Anonymous said...

7:46 "I'm just odd..."


8:22 Spot on.

Jacksonian by choice said...

I live in Jackson. And despite many of the haters on here, I can afford to move out and choose not to. And I am a very conservative republican, so my choice has nothing to do with being a bleeding heart trying to save the world. I live in Jackson because I work in Jackson and I like the convenience. I don't find it a dangerous place to live, although I do find it an expensive place based on its taxes. I like the amenities and prefer them to those in the surrounding metro area.

But all of that has nothing to do with the above, except for the JJ readers that look for any reason to bash Jackson - some for ridiculous reasons and some for racial reasons. (Yes, I used the "r" word, but for now get over it.)

Jackson suffered after Katrina - some parts seriously. But nothing in comparison to the coast. Jackson had some financial difficulties from the BP oil spill, but not much. Fact is, the coast didn't suffer nearly as bad as the penalties, but lets skip over that since the settlement has been made.

All that being said - Jackson should not share in the BP oil settlement dollars. But neither should DeSoto County, or Lee County, or any of the other counties that are trying to get in on these dollars. Nor should the education establishment who thinks it should go to that bottomless hole. When the original Restore Act discussions were being held and the legislation was being passed, many of the other 45 states all wanted in on the dollars that were going to be coming from BP. Congress, in its 'wisdom' finally gave in to the leadership being given by the five coastal states (TX, LA, MS, AL, and FL) and agreed that almost all the dollars would go to these states - the ones that were affected by the oil. Same logic applies to the counties in these states.

Yes, I would love to see Jackson get some money that didn't cost me anything. But that doesn't mean that we in Jackson should be entitled to that money.

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