Monday, July 27, 2015

Our favorite fool is back as is his foolishness.

There is a determined effort to smear Republican legislators through mailers.  The interesting part is the mailers were sent not by the usual Democratic suspects but instead by a group represented by former Chris McDaniel campaign spokesman and our old friend Noel Fritsch.  Nothing like a bumbling braggadocios bully who thinks he is actually a super-genius.  Fritsch the Fool generated some buzz a few months ago during the legislative session as a representative for the National Association for Gun Rights as he repeatedly threatened legislators, backstabbed Senators who sponsored his bills, and made the pages of the newspaper a few times with his antics.   However, this bunch is back and at it again.

The National Association for Gun Rights sent out mailers targeting individual Republican legislators across Mississippi.  What is funny is this bunch NEVER attacks Democrats.  They also don't believe in following the law.  The Clarion-Ledger reported in May that the group was fined $500 by the Secretary of State  for seeking donations and avoiding registering with the state as required by law.  Geoff Pender reported:

Fritsch, in a written statement Friday said: "It is unfortunate that career politicians in Jackson, running from their weak records on important issues like the Second Amendment, would use arbitrary government fines as a tool to silence opposition – a clear sign they also take issue with the First Amendment."
 Da rules don't apply to me. Got it.  Back to the mailers.

The mailers are graphic, violent, and also untrue as is shown below.  Read the smears for yourself.

That is some serious stuff.  Senator Doty, a conservative Republican, wants to TAKE YOUR GUNS!!!  She thinks YOU are a criminal, RIGHT?

Well, the problem is the mailer lied.  I will say it again: THE MAILER LIED!!!  The mailer cites HB #705 in the 2014 session of the Mississippi legislature.  Here is the life of the bill:

   1   01/20 (H) Referred To Judiciary A
   2   01/28 (H) Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
   3   02/11 (H) Committee Substitute Adopted
   4   02/11 (H) Passed    {Vote}
   5   02/13 (H) Transmitted To Senate
   6   02/17 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A
   7   03/04 (S) Died In Committee

It DIED in committee.  That means NO ONE EVER VOTED ON IT BECAUSE IT DID NOT COME UP FOR A VOTE.  However,  Citizen Noel didn't stop with just one mailer.  He doubled down on his foolishness as his group sent out another mailer.  This is a good one:


WAIT A SECOND! What IS that fine print at the bottom of the mailer?  It says "Refused to oppose
Obamacare in Mississippi" and cites a survey Not a bill, a SURVEY!!! This group sent out a survey to a bunch of Senators.  Most, if not all, did not respond to the survey.  So, Senator Doty did not vote on anything regarding Obamacare.  She just did not respond to some stupid little group's survey.  Who exactly is this little group?

The Mississippi Liberty Action Committee.  Don't bother looking on the Secretary of State's website as it is not registered as required by law.  So Senators do not respond to some anonymous group's survey and thus support Obamacare. Wow.  Heavens to mergutroid, even.  Talk about smear tactics.  This is on the same level as a Greg Brand flyer put out at a church in West Jackson on Sunday morning the week of an election.

But hey, we are not done yet.  Here is another one sent out against Senator Sean Tyndall:

The mailers states that she KILLED two bills: SB #2618 on Feburary 3, 2015 and HB #1272 on March 3, 2015.  Well, What exactly does the bill history say?  Here is HB #1272

   6   02/05 (H) Transmitted To Senate
   7   02/17 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A
   8   03/03 (S) Died In Committee

Died in committee. That means Senator Doty nor anyone else in the committee voted on the bill because the chairman never brought it up for a vote.  THE BILL NEVER CAME UP FOR A VOTE. What about SB #2618?

    1   01/19 (S) Referred To Judiciary, Division A
   2   02/03 (S) Title Suff Do Pass Comm Sub
   3   02/11 (S) Committee Substitute Adopted

   4   02/11 (S) Amended
   5   02/11 (S) Passed As Amended    {Vote}
   6   02/13 (S) Transmitted To House
   7   02/27 (H) Referred To Judiciary B
   8   03/03 (H) Title Suff Do Pass As Amended
   9   03/10 (H) Read the Third Time
   10   03/11 (H) Died On Calendar

Senator Doty nor the committee voted to kill the bill but instead passed it while changing some language.  The bill was amended on the floor of the Senate and PASSED.  This is the normal legislative process at work.  The bill died on the calender in the House.  It is the House leadership which brings it up for a vote.  

This is the pattern of Fritsch's mailers as the Mississippi Liberty Action Committee is probably his group as well.  No  surprise as this is the guy who brought Chuck Johnson into the Senate race drama last year.  It is also no surprise that this carpetbagger is not even registered to vote in Mississippi.  

Meanwhile,  the mail pieces just keep repeating the same lies as posted below:


Anonymous said...

Can someone educate me on how this "non-profit" that states it "does not endorse, or advocate for or against any candidate or public office holder" can send stuff out directly targeting current office holders and it not be against their non-profit status?

Keeping garlic close in Madison said...

Why are they not attacking Will Longwitz? I thought that seat was a huge target for Chris, Noel, Chuck et al.Do they realize how much of lost cause Bill is?

Kingfish said...

That is what is funny. These tough guys never attack Democrats. Go look at their record in other states.

Anonymous said...

That's some shameful shit.

Anonymous said...

10:45, according to my mail box Longwitz doesn't consider Billingsley to be a lost cause. Every other day there's another slick piece that has to be costing him some cash. He obviously knows it's still a race, and now that he's been exposed as yet another elected official living out of his campaign funds I think the race will only get closer.

Anonymous said...

This is Nothing compared to Empower Mississippi. They are attacking even more republicans with even more money. Most of their money is from out of state groups but some of it is from inside the state. Joel Bomgaars, who is running for the 58th district House seat, have given Empower 30k and let's them use his office space. These so called conservative groups sure do want to beat a lot of republicans. It's all got that Tea Party smell.

Anonymous said...

Who is exposed as living out of his campaign funds? Longwitz?

Anonymous said...

By the title of your post-I thought you were talking about Will Longwitz! KF-why are you not on to Will Longwitz's campaign finance reports like you are with Pickering? Corruption is corruption-EVEN when it's will Longwitz.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish: sort of like how this site rarely attacks Democrats but always delights in the foibles of the TP.

Anonymous said...

Noel Fritsch and Chuck Johnson are the gifts that keep on giving. Fritsch was considered a clown by Rep. Stockman when he worked for him in DC. That should say a lot.

Kingfish said...

You're funny. Never attacks Democrats. Only attacks the Tea Party?

Haven't read this site much, have you?

Kingfish said...

Considering Jennings, Hamilton, and Nelson have opposed every decent education reform effort as they do the bidding of Uncle Miltie, GOOD!!! They earned it. I've disagreed with Empower on some of the other choices but those knuckleheads up in Desoto earned everything they are getting right now.

Anonymous said...

Longwitz's reports might look shady, but he will sail to re-election no problem.

Anonymous said...

Can someone point to an actual Republican who would be upset if one of the Desoto legislators lost (Nancy Loome and Milton do not count) or explain something conservative they have actually done?

Anonymous said...

i think they are going after Tate Reeve's favorites in attacking Doty and Collins. No idea why they are going after the others. Or are they going after races that are close?

Anonymous said...

Billingsley push poll NEJax tonight. 662-617-9658.

Longwitz a "lawyer". Billingsley against Common Core. Longwitz voted against special needs voucher in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Not to defend Fritsch - don't know the guy - but Republicans going after Democrats in Mississippi is fruitless. There are only a handful of districts that will have competitive general elections for the legislature this year, and it won't get any better until the lines are drawn to make both parties have to work a little to get reelected. Conservative groups who want to influence a change in the legislature have to go after weak Republicans and replace them with stronger ones.

Anonymous said...

10:45, Bill may not win this election - it's hard to beat an incumbent, especially when made-for-JJ issues drop right into his lap - but he's far from a lost cause. It's hilarious the way you losers knock a guy you've never even met. I know you haven't met him because I have, and everyone who's ever met him likes the guy. In fact, some of us have told him that he's way too honest to ever be a successful politician.

Anonymous said...

6:59-you are seriously mistaken that Will is a good guy. I've met him several times and he's far from a good guy. He's a sleezy politian who has sold his soul to try to get reelected. He lacks morals, ethics, & legal knowledge. He's violated the campaign finance reports more times than I can write on here & more times than you care to read about. All the time he's violating LAWS, he's trying to pick apart applications & such for a home that helps people stay sober. A Christian thing for him to do-absolutely not. Why does he do this? It's simple-he is trying to garner financial & political support from a few attorneys who don't these people in THEIR neighborhood. In my opinion-he's a terrible example of type of politian, a person & a Christian. I have no respect for the man-at all. Read the facts about his campaign finance reports. Educate yourself. Can the man talk a good game & shake your hand-yes. Is he a good person-no way. And no-my name is not Billingsley. I'm just a educated voter who will never vote for that man.

Anonymous said...

I've met Billingsley. Knew him way before this election and graciously welcomed him when he knocked on our door in this cycle. Was 100% ready to vote for him until he ducked every single one of our specific NEJax questions about the Oxford House. Bill Billingsley isn't nowhere near ready for prime time. Not even close.

Anonymous said...

He's violated the campaign finance reports more times than I can write on here & more times than you care to read about.


Anonymous said...

To the above comment that Bill isn't ready-what has Will accomplished? Not a damn thing! Nothing. Sure he's gone to their board meetings, written letters, and patronized all of us, but the man hasn't done a DAMN thing that's tangible. The house is still open. The house still has drug addicts living there. We are in no freaking way better than we were in March. He's not accomplished one thing. Me, my wife, and our friends would rather risk someone new who can possibly get something done. Will is 0 for about 25. He's had 4 solid moths to accomplish it and nothing. Now I've read that he may be a part of the Pickering federal investigation for using our donations to pay personal expenses. Great. More distraction for an already useless senator. Just what we need. I'm over his hot air & ready for at least some new hot air.

Anonymous said...

Why, Oh Why, do you people keep usurping every thread to slam Longwitz? You are BORING and redundant and fighting a loosing battle. Anyone who has to resort to "not a Christian" is one desperate SOB. Why don't you add "racist" and "anti-American"? Stick to the subject of the thread in your comments. We are not interested in your insinuating free advertisement.

Agree on Zach for Hinds County Circuit Clerk. Good man.

Anonymous said...

You are a 100% fraud 9:31 PM. You write just like John. Why don't you go whine your ass on Nextdoor John?

Anonymous said...

Kingfish: You are right. I used to come to this site 3x/day. Now I come 2x month. Why? Because it became silly with the constant dribble against the TP. I have never seen Democrats called skinheads, nazis, or nutjobs on this site. I'm not a Tea Party guy but I got tired of seeing TPs called the above names. I'm certainly not a Chris McDaniel fan, but give it a rest. He will never get an office higher than he has.
I came by today for my bimonthly visit and sure enough, there was another anti-McDaniel article.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to share that I found a link to this article shared by someone as far right as they come. Tea Party, Ron Paul, Goldwater, III%, kinda guy. Even this guy is distancing himself from Fritsch.

Anonymous said...

9:18, you must have been on vacation when Billingsley posted his position on Oxford House right here, and then sat and took questions - and abuse - from your friends. If you can't read all that and figure out where he stands then you either lack reading skills or aren't interested in doing anything but criticizing the guy. He may not be ready for prime time, like you say, but it's not because he dodges the issues.

Anonymous said...

Where does Fritsch get his money?

Putin and jihadist couldn't be happier than to see our country internally in conflict. Divide and conquer with lies to create unrest. Hope for insurgency and civil war.

No better way to bring down a country.

This guy is an anarchist. I just don't know whose financing him and that could be important.

Anonymous said...

Noel Fritsch, may have cost some very qualified candidates that have pounded the pavement with a positive message for months the election.
I have had calls from one of the candidates running a tight race asking if I had ever heard of NAGAR.
Empower Mississippi is another story. Empower is putting out factual information, informing voters on a few issues that are factual.
Some of the establishment clowns are trying to scare the daylights out of the informed public by spinning the Empower Group as one that plans to destroy public education.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand NAGR either, but to be fair, Sally Doty is the Vice Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and probably affected the bills which died in that committee.

Anonymous said...

Sally and Nancy were targeted for being close to Tate- has nothing to do with policy, just Noel's dislike for Tate. The ironic/ sad part about this is that the Parent's Campaign/ Barksdale are supporting those same Republicans running against Nancy and Sally which should make anyone concerned about actual conservative policy nervous.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well, politics should be about cliques and smearing those you don't like. It should never be about actual policies or ideas.

How about explaining the difference in actual policy positions on issues between an " actual" conservative and one who isn't?

Seems to me, this is a battle of cliques like in high school and the rest of us are supposed to choose a side so we'll know who is the more popular group at school.

Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a robot! said...

Tea Party update:

Despite MickeyD and what's her name Mississippi can no longer claim the distinction of having the two most insane state legislator/Tea Party newsmakers:

Discuss :-)

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