Friday, March 20, 2015

McDaniel connects the dots on Iran

Senator Chris McDaniel issued the following column on Iran.

Iran: Connecting the Dots

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Americans awoke to the realization of international terrorism.  Soon thereafter, the federal government began seeking answers as to how such a calamity could have possibly taken place and which terror networks were behind it.  

The consensus from Washington seemed to be that intelligence agencies had failed to connect the dots that led directly to the horror of 3,000 dead Americans on our home soil.  It was a mistake we vowed not to make again.  But now, with the rogue nation of Iran, we seem to be as negligent as we were in the 1990s, only this time willingly so.

After overthrowing the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, President George W. Bush, seeking to prevent another domestic attack from happening, turned his attention toward Iraq and decided to invade in 2003, citing the missed signs and vowing to connect the dots.  

Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, supported the invasion but, as soon as political winds shifted, they politicized it by blaming Bush, even going so far as to question his leadership before 9/11.  Why weapons of mass destruction were not found in mass quantities in Iraq has never been conclusively explained, though the possibility that they were moved during the delayed invasion is as plausible as any. 

Issues surrounding US involvement will be debated for decades.

Now, however, with the power shift in the Middle East,  a dangerous Iranian Islamic nation is now working toward a nuclear weapon, making the Iranians far more dangerous than Saddam’s Iraq.  But rather than recognize a real threat, President Obama and Democrats in Congress, seem oblivious to the danger, if not in outright denial.  Rather than seek tougher sanctions, take a more aggressive stance and portray national strength, the President is supporting a deal with the Iranian government that will allow their nuclear weapons program to continue.

This deal moves forward despite some serious dots that should be connected.

Iran is currently the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world.  It supports terrorists in Gaza, Lebanon, the Golan Heights and Yemen.  Iran supports Assad’s slaughter in Syria and Shiite militias in Iraq, the same militias who are responsible for killing and wounding hundreds, if not thousands, of US troops with IED attacks.

Iran helped al Qaeda blow up two US embassies in Africa, tried to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the US in Washington, DC, and, according to a US District Court in New York, “materially and directly supported al Qaeda” in the attacks of 9/11.  There is even evidence of Hezbollah training camps in Latin America.

More frightening is the Iranian nuclear program, which is currently enriching large quantities of uranium to build atomic weapon, hiding the evidence from the world.  With their sponsorship of terror, should we expect Iran not to use nuclear weapons in future attacks?

But the Nobel Peace Prize-winning President is desperate for any deal to give him a much-needed foreign policy triumph, even one that will put the US and the rest of the world in jeopardy.  Obama, though, insists  his deal will freeze Iran’s program for a decade, preventing it from moving forward.   

Yet Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is more realistic: “That’s why this deal is so bad,” he told Congress.  “It doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb; it paves Iran’s path to the bomb.”

Ignoring Netanyahu’s pleas, Obama then decided to strike references to Iran and Hezbollah from the “Terrorism” subsection of the intelligence community’s 2015 Worldwide Threat Assessment report.

With a weak President at the helm, 47 Republican Senators took the initiative and penned a short letter to the leaders of Iran, reminding them that the US Senate has a role to play in foreign affair, and that any deal between the US and Iran will be temporary at best.

Absent from that list was Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran, who believes that “everybody” in Washington, including President Obama “understands we’re not going to just sit back and let potential adversaries put us in a position where we can’t defend ourselves and protect our country’s interests.”  Cochran, in siding with President Obama and Senate Democrats, obviously prefers a more “moderate” approach to the situation.  

Sadly, this is the same oblivious and naïve attitude that led to 9/11.

Granted, we cannot continue to be the world’s police force, and we do not desire another war in the Middle East.  But with the serious threat of a nuclear-armed Iran in the very near future, the time for passive indifference is over.

Let us hope we can finally connect the dots this time before its too late.

Chris is an attorney, conservative commentator and was a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2014. He has represented the 42nd District, which encompasses part of South Mississippi, since 2008. He resides with his family in Ellisville, Mississippi.


Anderson's Mixed Bag Insider said...

It'sssss Red Meat Friday here @ JJ

Hit counts down KF?

Anonymous said...

Of course Cochran didn't sign it. Cochran is Bennie Thompsons bitch now.

Anonymous said...

@11:54, not unlike Donner's efforts to attract comment roaches by referring to the Weill imbroglio as 'The Next Ferguson'. Kingfish knows that anything McDaniel is pure gold.

Anonymous said...

Bennie has been to Kay's Thadnest in DC many times. Bennie knows the score and Thad knows Bennie knows how to use it.

Mid-Life Lawyer said...

I agree with Senator McDaniel.

Kingfish said...

He submitted the column. I see no reason to deny it when I post columns from everyone else in the legislature such as Cecil and Bobby are published here.

Anonymous said...

But if they should succeed, none dare call it treason.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that letter sent a message to Iran. They are scared shitless now. That-a-way to show'em boys.

Anonymous said...

McDaniel's south Mississippi braided necklace game is on point. His shell necklace game needs some improvement.

Anonymous said...

This guy can't get anything done in Mississippi so he starts ranting about Iran. Riiiiiight.

Anonymous said...

"Rather than seek tougher sanctions, take a more aggressive stance and portray national strength ..."

Telling slip there. McDaniel advises that the President "portray" national strength, because all McD himself ever does is "portray."

Regardless, no explanation of what these tougher sanctions supposedly are; why he thinks they would stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon; or what this "more aggressive stance" would be.

McDaniel has no solution, just b.s. to improve the usual consumes of b.s. at this blog & in this country. The US is working towards a deal that gives a better chance at averting an Iranian bomb than anything else short of invasion and permanent occupation. Is the latter what McD recommends?

Anonymous said...

You people are fear mongering idiots who oppose anything linked to Obama with no analysis whatsoever. BiBi while running for election told you that Obama is helping to "pave" a way for a nuclear Iran with no explanation as to how and you believed it because lets face it, no politician has ever lied to increase support during an election. You really hat Obama so much that you are willing to believe that he is helping Iran develop nuclear weapons? Sad.

Anonymous said...

Netanyahu made this same claim several years ago as he exclaimed to Congress that Iran was only seconds away from developing a nuclear weapon. Every year its the same song as has been for the past 15 years or more and every time you nitwits fall for it. Allowing your tax dollars to be used to prevent something that doesn't exist so contractors can get rich just so you can feel safer. I believe North Korea is more of a threat. At least they halfway launched a missile. What happened on 9/11 happened as a result of a lack of defense at home.

Anonymous said...

Damn, you're getting the Kenyan's kook-aid drinkers with this one King.

Who killed the mayor? said...

Right now I'd take Iran over ISIS, which is what we'd get if we took out Iran.

Juan said...

9/11 is also the result of incompetent, affirmative action-hired municipal airport employees doubling as "security" that allowed middle eastern males on to airliners with box cutters.
Remember those signs in airports back then that had a graphic of a knife with a red mark over as if to say, "you can't bring a knife on board the plane"? Talk about not connecting the dots.
I wonder if those employees felt any regret. Or maybe they just got cushy Federal jobs with the TSA.

Anonymous said...

It baffles me how people still believe that Obama is on Americas side.

Anonymous said...

Ain't it great we've got so many self-proclaimed international experts, right here in little old Mississippi that can solve the world's problems with a Jackson, Mississippi blog and a press statement by McDaniel. He is quick to demonize, propagandize and to spit out half-truths, to show people how "brave" and "smart" he is. He's not quite so quick on the solutions side, however. What an empty promise he is. Bless this poor state for the kind of demagoguery that we so often succumb to. Damn, do we need an improved education system or what!! We should also include heavy doses of LOGIC and ETHICS, starting in grade K. Oh, sorry, that's right we don't really have a grade K here. So, how about starting in grade 1.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I didn't have time to read the entire letter. How much did Chris suggest as a donation to his PAC in the letter?

Anonymous said...

There's some McDaniel haters here that seem to care more about bashing him than acknowledging that what he is saying in this article is true.

With regard to Cochran, he didn't have time to sign the letter because he's too busy appropriating.

Anonymous said...

I've read a lot of criticism of foreign policy by Chris McDaniel that I agree with. But I've yet to read any solutions from Chris McDaniel to consider. "We need a more prudent foreign policy" - his usual answer - is not a real answer.

Anonymous said...

I am 1:54 and 1:48;

2:19, Since you did not drink the Kool-Aid and are obviously more informed than I; without turning to google please explain how Obama's nuclear "deal" will help Iran obtain nuclear weapons and destroy all of Israel. Further what would you propose that doesn't involve going to war with Iran? We have to stop allowing foreign leaders to pull us into fighting their battles. Iraq did not have nuclear weapons. What we did over there was create an environment made for ISIS to thrive. Way more developed nations closer to Iraq and Syria than we are that could have and still can do something stop ISIS. They sit on their hands and we expend troops and money.


I'm curious, how do you know that they were "affirmative action" hires?

Anonymous said...

@3:15--very cute Mikey Watson

Anonymous said...

From the sound of it, McDaniel needs to enlist in the armed services ASAP and get his ass over seas and fight.

Anonymous said...

@3:45 agree to that.

Anonymous said...

3:45 - since he hates Iran so much, maybe ISIS is hiring? They'd find a lot in common no doubt. Just gotta answer a few short questions about his devotion to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.

Anonymous said...

3:38 - Mr. Chamberlain

Juan said...


Two ways:
1. The airport security video shown on television the days after the attacks. Just waving people through, having a confab with co-workers, and passing time until they can go on break. Those of us in the private sector would be out of a job with a quickness.
2. They did not do their jobs. When people are awarded positions to fulfill a quota, one can be assured that the best, most qualified applicant was passed over. Had they used their heads, the attacks may have been prevented.

Anonymous said...

4:20 - kindly demonstrate your historical knowledge and explain to me how this situation is ANYTHING like Chamberlain & Munich.

It is so pathetic seeing people who don't know jack s--- about history, but think they do, barking "Munich!" or "Yalta!"

Anonymous said...

Is Bomgaars going help MCDaniel doctor a video showing him tuff on terroristas??? Little water boarding, gun slinging contractor in Syria, meeting with the King of Jordan talking Foriegn policy. All smoke and mirrors with these guys

Anonymous said...

I am 1:54 and 1:48;

We already knew that.

Further what would you propose that doesn't involve going to war with Iran?

The Senate, including Senate Democrats, are seeking more sanctions. Who said anything about going to war?

Anonymous said...

4:20 - kindly demonstrate your historical knowledge and explain to me how this situation is ANYTHING like Chamberlain & Munich.

Where did 4:20 even bring up Munich?

Anonymous said...

The Kenyan is a Shiite.

Anonymous said...

Moron at 4:56. It is common knowledge Barry is a Sunni.

You just can't get good help anymore.

Anonymous said...

The Kenyan is a Shiite. You are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Some of you people act like we live in a vacuum in the world. Sanctions only work if the rest of our allies buy in. So far they have gone along but saber rattling is one sure way to watch sanctions fall apart. Bibi would like nothing better than to sit back and watch America do his dirty work again.

Anonymous said...

Seems like we should be more concerned about the muslims here than over the pond. Israel won't let iran get a bomb. We have our own problems.

Anonymous said...

We would do well to note that Mr. McDaniel will do or say most anything to get his name in the news.

Anonymous said...

KKKris says he is a "conservative." Yet he seems to support the decision to invade Iraq. Who knows what he supports. It is more fascinating to me that there are still people who pay attention to this clown. If he is ineffective as a Mississippi legislator, why would anyone think he could be a worthwhile member of Congress.

Anonymous said...

Does McDaniel still have a law practice? I have an image of a guy before a blank Word screen with a lot of time on his hands. Chris, no one gives a shit anymore what you think about anything.

Anonymous said...

He might coulda had a say in US foreign policy if only he coulda had any say over over nursing home break-ins by his best supporters.

Anonymous said...

Bibi testified that removing Saddam would have positive repercussions in SW Asia and now McDaniel endorses Bibi's view on Iran.

I'm no math major, so someone help me with the probability these guys are correct...

Anonymous said...

Bibi won 34 out of 120 seats in the Knesset and his main opponent won 20. He will have to form coalitions with the other parties to govern.Israel has a parliament, you yahoos.

Israel has grown and changed. Bibi is no Golda Meir!

Bibi has taken back most all his statements during his campaign when he was catering to Israel's extreme right in hopes of winning enough seats. He's got a big problem now. He really doesn't want everyone wearing black and curly sideburns!

He used our Congress to scare the Israelis into believing if they didn't elect him, the money for David's Sling wouldn't be approved and the new F-15s wouldn't be delivered because THIS Congress wouldn't support anyone but him! It worked.

The American Israel PAC in this country heard both Bibi and Susan Rice and Susan Rice got a better reception. Watch the films.

That our Congress invited a politician of a foreign country running for re-election is seen by the rest of the world as interfering in another government's politics. We'd resent it and so do they.

Worse, Congress did so without State Dept or White House notification or approval. When Congress wants a say in foreign policy, there have been means established since our inception. They used to take the advice of those in Congress whose committee assignments gave them access to classified information.

Now, the McDaniel know-it-all types and sociopaths for whom winning and lining their pockets means more than our national security have the House leader by the balls.

And, not McDaniel or one of the critics, has offered an alternative strategy or constructive suggestion of what they'd do differently or even a specific criticism. They just bash Obama and try to tie every Democrat to him personally.

It's our politics that this is about yahoos, not what's in the best interests of our Nation or Israel.

As a Nation we must speak with one voice or we become the country no other government can trust.

That's the unintended consequence. We sent the message loud and clear that you can't negotiate with an American President because our Congress might not go along. And, other countries know they can't talk to enough people in Congress and Senate. And, if they could, they couldn't expect them to keep their mouths shut about some of their concerns in their countries!

This is insanity. We have let the crazy extremists and sociopaths out for themselves take over this country by believing the BS we read on the Internet and thinking that opinion news is reliable instead of entertainment designed for ratings!

Anonymous said...

Drudge's current home page:


Looks like Boehner and Bibi are psychics :-)

Anonymous said...

I guess Thad is smart enough to realize that this "bold " letter was something posted on Tom Cotton's webpage. It never was mailed or delivered. In other words, not only does no one outside of Mississippi know of McDenial, no one in Iran has heard of Tom Cotton. Or cares. The two of them are Internet warriors. Except of course one of them went off shooting bad guys in the face and the other one stayed home for 14 years stabbing backs.

Anonymous said...

12:09 PM Uh...Khamenei is dead.

Drudge must be a psychic too or telepathic.

FYI He was born in 1939 and hasn't had much to say to anyone even before he died.

Anonymous said...

It's not common knowledge that " Barry" is a Sunni.
It's absolutely insanity or gullibility.
I don't think Obama has been a good President and I didn't vote for him, but all the birthers and those who say he's Muslim are absolutely and positively nuts or stupid.
Aside from ordering more deaths of Muslims than anyone else, he smokes, drinks and eats bacon.

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