Monday, August 8, 2011

Meet Tyrone Lewis monitor Too Sweet

Note: FOLO has apparently disappeared. Here is the link to the actual Hickman deposition.

Meet Tyrone Lewis team member Too Sweet, otherwise known by his Christian name as Robert Earl Henderson, Jr.

He is the black guy holding the orange juice in front of the camera throughout the video. He hung out at the courthouse all day Saturday as part of the Tyrone Lewis team. He had free rein to roam through the basement of the Hinds County Courthouse Saturday, including the room where the Election Commissioners met, by the table where the committee counted votes, and the circuit clerk's office. Apparently his job was to "monitor" the vote-counting process for the Lewis campaign. Several people informed this correspondent Mr. Henderson hung around the courthouse "monitoring" the vote-counting for several days.

Why do I call him "Too Sweet"? Well, Too Sweet was once one of Frank's special kids. This passage is from the deposition of Stephan Hickman in the Sherrod Moore case in 2008:

"BY MR. SMITH: (Continuing) Q. Do you know a Too Sweet?
A. Yes, sir, I do.
Q. Okay. His name is also Robert Henderson?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Okay. Did you ever talk to Robert Henderson since you’ve been locked up?
A. With him, I talked probably about a good five minutes to him. He had a few questions to ask me as far as who was telling — who was — how much evidence they have on me and my case, what did Shawn tell me, where is Shawn being housed at, has he moved to Parchman yet, is he still down there with you.

He had questions like that at first. Then he came on also to say like well, you know, they was like well, you know, Too Sweet was going to be the one that was going to end up getting close enough to Shawn to knock him off, you know, to kill him, because he got access to come inside the jail. And then even if he don’t do it himself — see, Too Sweet, he got this forte, you know what I’m saying, this persona like, you know, he’s this godly person. You know, he stand beside, you know, the street and, you know, vote for such and such and such. And, you know, it’s like he done turned his life over.

But at the same time, this is right now, Frank Melton, this is his, you know, his push-along guy. If he needs somebody to be pushed, he’s going to push the buttons hard enough to where to get it done. But he’s just going to do it legally instead of illegally. But he’s going to do it illegally to make it look legal, you know.

Q. Okay. And so when did you talk to Henderson?
A. I talked to him — well, I talked to him once while I was in Parchman, then I talked to him once while I was here.
Q. Here as in downtown Jackson?
A. While I was downtown.
Q. Okay. And what did he want?
A. When he talked — when I talked to him down here he just asked me was Shawn still around me and, you know, what was he talking about, what did he say. But now, he also said that, you know, Shawn was the next person to get killed. You know, he was like they had already — they done already made — that he talking. Even though we already knew on TV that they weren’t going to really just do anything to Sherrod, even after the statement that he said, you know, on the news that, you know, ask Frank Melton about what’s going on. You know, after that we knew he wasn’t — they just wasn’t going do nothing to him
." Rest of deposition Mr. Henderson was also quoted in the media defending Mr. Melton when a mistrial was declared.

It appears Mr. Henderson has not exactly been a good little boy over the years,which would probably qualify him to be one of Frank's special kids. Born in 1972, Mr. Henderson has been arrested more than once:

2/27/97: Violation of Probation, Contempt of Court, Disorderly Conduct
7/10/96: Possession of C/S (controlled substance)
11/10/95: Possession of cocaine, contempt of court
5/26/92: Receiving stolen property
3/2/92: Receiving stolen property
9/6/91: Possession of cocaine
3/18/91: Auto theft
1/15/91: Possession of cocaine
9/20/90: Possession of cocaine

JJ is working to learn the disposition of these cases. It must be pointed out it is not known if Mr. Henderson was convicted of any of these charges. However, it is disturbing Mr. Lewis would send someone with this background to "monitor" the vote-counting process.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just freaking WOW. Welcome to Jackson. Where the crooks themselves have been elected to police the people.

Anonymous said...

We are about to witness a man with integrity stomp the living hell out of these low life amebas. McMillin will not concede to anyone he knows did not win the election fairly. There is concrete evidence of electoral fraud. Thanks for the info KF.

Ironghost said...

Outstanding, KF. You're always the first to find this out. If the CL was half as sharp, they'd be dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish, you are the BOMB! How in the hell could anybody believe this BS of a FRAUD of an election! It's been "THROWED"!!! Where is Barbara Dunn, by the way. I called BULLSHIT when Tyrone was giving an acceptance speech Tuesday night when at the same time Howard Ballou was calling the numbers a dead heat. Howard said something to the effect of 'they most have some numbers we don't.'

Shadowfax said...

I learned something reading this. I had never heard the term 'push along guy'. Alarming. But, hell, 'they' say you gotta surround yourself with good people. Henderson's title, in Tyrone's cabinet, will be Push Along Czar.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, Mac will challenge the results on the basis of the irregularities of the election if nothing else. Someone has to win and someone has to lose, but we are all the losers if we can't trust the election process.

Does anyone know the applicable MS law on write-in votes? All I can find from a cursory search is when a candidate dies after the ballots are printed. I don't remember ever seeing a space for a write-in at the voting machines and I can't imagine how you'd write one in with a popsicle stick anyway. The commenters at the C-L are ranting about a write-in campaign and I'm curious if that's even possible or legal.


Anonymous said...

If any of those charges resulted in felony convictions, is he even able to vote legally?


Anonymous said...

The C-L reports that the Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee is going to meet this evening to certify at the MIRA offices on State Street but conveniently omits MIRA's connection to Chandler and that Chandler endorsed Lewis.

Shadowfax said...

MIRA, the immigrant's rights organization is simply a shill for the illegal presence of people here in violation of law. And for their continued sucking at the teat of OUR largess....schools, hospitals, clinics, welfare, social services, public name it.

Earlier reports stated one or more of the Dem Exec Committee members works for MIRA at that location. Of course Chandler supported Lewis. How can that be a surprise?

Pete Perry said...

8:14. The law does not allow for a write-in vote to be counted except in the case where a nominee dies or is otherwise removed from the ballot. All those idiots on the CL and other blogspots promoting the idea evidently think that because it can be done in some states (Alaska, for example) that it can be done here.

But, you can write-in on the machines. There is a provision that allows it if and when it is appropriate. You would touch the write-in space and it gives you a keypad where you type in the name.

Kingfish said...

What you saw up there was the Frank coalition: Too Sweet, Stephanie, Marcus Ward, and others.

Anonymous said... I see 21 years since the last charge. I don't see violent crimes listed.
I can't tell if the " push along" guy is the use of " a thief to catch a thief" with the street language to enhance his creds in getting cooperation/information or if there is/was something more sinister afoot.
Are you suggesting KF that Melton was developing his own criminal enterprise ? He, frankly, struck me as more of an " the ends justifies the means" guy who would bend every rule to get to his " bottom line".
I can see the value of a police force having someone available with " inside" connections.But, it's risky business as who is using whom. Many FBI examples exist in their attempts to bring down the Mafia where the " inside source" played both ends against the middle.

Kingfish said...

You don't know how to read, do you?

All I will say is, if you were a drug kingpin who became mayor, you would run the city exactly the way Melton did.

Anonymous said...

So a "push along guy" is the thug equivalent of a button man? Wow...Vito Corleone is weeping.

Anonymous said...

our founding fathers would be proud... this is why i dont vote. since the the al gore and bush fiasco in florida in the early 2000's public voting doesnt seem to carry the weight it used to. Especially in a small town government like mississippi where corruption can go unnoticed. Comparable: kinda like steriods in baseball if you can get an edge over your competition and not get caught " WHY NOT"

Shadowfax said...

Boy, there's an 'I'll show those bastards' idea. I just won't vote because Al Gore was unsuccessful when running against a man I hate. What a concept. What a tool.

PS: If you have a series of high water bills, you ought to stop drinking water. That'll show that greedy co-op or utility.

DRB said...

Thank you for not voting. The fewer morons like yourself that vote, the better. By the way, Bush won, get over it.

Anonymous said...

Melton ain't dead, his death was faked by his black cardiology buddy to get him out of the way of an inevitable investigation for being a drug dealing mayor. Look at the facts, he kept checking into St. Dominos every time he had a court date, and suddenly wound up dead?? He may have also gone to the Feds and made a plea for the Witness protection program, but Batman ain't dead.

power to the meople said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"Civilized society is perpetually menaced with disintegration through this primary hostility of men towards one another." - Freud

DRB said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Pete Perry. Thanks for the response. I thought that was the case with write-in votes, but wasn't absolutely sure. And it makes sense about the touch pad. I just don't remember ever having the need to use one and couldn't imagine how it could be done with the popsicle stick.


Anonymous said...

one last comment for the pricks. it is radicals who believed differently from the masses that freed this country from the TOTALATARIAN grip of England. But you people think of these people as crazy. These same crazy people wrote our constitution that is endanger from a left wing agenda (i think we can all agree on that). Yet our constitution has no protection now. Are you willing to go to war to protect our freedom? Personally i think you are cowards who sit on a blog and spell check people you dont agree with and belittle the others for your on satisfaction. Join a cause or Shut The F*ck Up. Thank you to Kim Wade, Kingfish, Mark Levin, Andrew Wilkow, Fred Thompson, and others who speak the truth and enlighten others of the movement. DRB I feel for you

Avery Wiseman said...

@4:57, you've got way too much tin foil in your hat.

Shadowfax said...

4:57; didn't I see you on the afternoon news kicking out storefront windows in England? Rock on dude! Lock N Load. Hunker Down.

DRB said...

Please, no more.
I'm about to piss in my pants from laughing at you. Seriously, my side hurts.

Anderson said...

2:00, "St. Dominos"?

I don't know what to worry about more, that your pizzas never seem to get delivered, or that you're going to die when you try to go to the emergency room and it turns out to be a restaurant.

Zorro said...

That drug dealer "Batman" from Jackson looks more like a fat over stuffed drug dealing penguin, or vampire.

Anonymous said...

The C-L is reporting that the media is being excluded from the certification meeting "because we have so desired it" according to McInnis.

No mention if the general public is excluded, but I sure hope someone is there who can report back on what goes on.

Any chance this meeting is covered under the open meetings law? Are they required to keep minutes? Would those minutes fall under the FOIA?

Anonymous said...

Tyrone's choice of friends concerns me. Melton, Too Sweet, Tony Davis (the police officer who was arrested last month for writing bad checks and stealing)....Birds of a feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

Do ya'll remember Jimmy Jam Johnson the bondsman who was murdered a few years back? Melton despised him and I believe he had some role in that bro's death. Where was Too Sweet, then? Nothing was ever done about Jimmy Jam's death. It has been forgotten by JPD.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be surprised if "batman" is a spitting image of "the great mayor frank melon when he gets in his 50's...

Anonymous said...

" Too Sweet " ?

Don't think that would have been a popular name
in da' community back n' the day.

Damn I miss the ole' 70's names like " Cool Breeze " .

It used to be so simple 40 years ago.

Doin' business at the car wash and such.

Anonymous said...

McMillan conceded.

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