Thursday, August 11, 2011

His name was Robert Paulson

By now you have all seen the video of the truck allegedly driven by Dedmon running over James Anderson.

Horrific. Outrageous. Sickening. Despicable. None of those words can describe the horror of watching that video. Maybe Clockwork Orange comes the closest. I have no problem giving the death penalty to Mr. Dedmon if possible and if convicted. In fact, I'd have no problem volunteering to be the executioner although its a shame he would get a shot of happy juice instead of what he deserves: death by flogging.

There is no question Mississippi has come a long way since the days of its segregationist past. It took literally blood, sweat and tears from many people- black and white, to change things and today Mississippi is a better place. Then these little Alex's kill a black man for fun and bam- here comes the national media asking if Mississippi has really changed, running headlines about redneecks looking for black people to kill.

Then of course over at you know who's website, she finally gets to realize her dream: reliving the civil rights fights of the 1960's she so tragically missed. Of course, Ladd couldn't resist the opportunity to throw her filth in this direction:

"Agreed, Duan. The media bear huge blame for how people perceive Jackson. And the kinds of blatant bigotry we see in anonymous comments on local blogs and under Clarion-Ledger stories always play out in violence. These kinds of perceptions have long justified, in heads of young, confused men like Dedmon et al, heinous hate crimes."

Yeah, ok. this blog bashes Jackson (Yes, I'm being sarcastic) all the time and the crime problem. That's why I post the actual stats every week and then lately have attempted to somewhat analyze them. Guess what, crime is down across the city BUT for Precinct 4 and in that area, house burglaries are waaaaay up. I've been accused of being a tool of Downtown Jackson Partners and accused again of being too pro-Madison and Rankin. Can't please everyone, I guess. I also let people be stupid and make dumb comments on this website unless they slander or get out of control. I happen to believe in free speech and that includes letting people be stupid. People too often convict themselves with their own words and when they do it, I'm going to let them do it so everyone else can see what is out there. Now the Clarion-Ledger is indeed ridiculous and I can't believe some of the stuff that stays on that site but I won't apologize for taking a progressive approach to free speech. However, she was just getting warmed up:

"I rather agree with sunshine: Every Mississippian should be speaking out against this. Not speaking up about what appears to be a blatant race crime makes us no better than, well, the folks who didn't speak out against the murder of Emmett Till, and so many others.
Have we really changed, Mississippi? I believe yes, but let's prove it. The world is watching and waiting to her our outrage.
posted by DonnaLadd on 08/09/11 at 09:10 AM

The old "if you don't speak out against it you condone it" line. Um yeah. Ok. Then one commentor said ONLY the CL covered this story. Must have missed the tv coverage on multiple stations several weeks ago or this earlier post publishing the police reports and reporting Alex and his droogs committed similar acts against other kids at school. Then of course they come up with the idea of a vigil for Mr. Anderson:

"Folks, let's do the vigil. We owe it to every black person every killed in this state because of his or her skin color. And we need to show these young whites growing up amid hate that there is another way. posted by DonnaLadd on 08/09/11 at 03:39 PM"

Well guess what folks, we are about to have a Robert Paulson moment. I'm pretty mad this guy was killed and if convicted, I want these thugs to fry. Everyone got that? But lets put this in perspective. If you are black and living in Jackson, the chances of you dying because some racist thugs come to Jackson to kill for fun is near zero even after this murder. But lets remember Robert Paulson. His name was not Robert Paulson but Deronnie Spencer, a rising junior at Lanier High School.

Look at his picture good because he doesn't deserve to be forgotten after his 72 hours of media coverage. He doesn't get any CNN headlines. He doesn't get the star reporters parachuting into Jackson to report their phony outrage over his death. He was from all accounts a good kid well-liked by his fellow students at Lanier. One could feel his coach's grief on tv as he talked about what that young man meant to him and his team. It wasn't too many years ago Lanier had a real problem with young black males doing well at that school- only two had a GPA over 3.0 one year. Now a leader among the student body only to be brutally gunned down while sitting in a car.

Where is the outrage over this act? Where are the vigils? Where is CNN? Oh, just a young black man killed by another black man. Its horrible you see but well, it happens all the time so we'll forget about it. A young man gunned down. All of his hopes and dreams taken away in one night. A family and school mourning when it should be celebrating the joy and promise of youth. Then there is James McKinney. Remember him?

James McKinney was a security guard working at the Shell Station on Fortification Street when he was brutally gunned down by some thugs. He died protecting an employee, a man of another race. Mr. McKinney just happened to be black as were his accuses killers. Mr. McKinney was being a productive member of society and doing a job few others are brave enough to do- and was killed for it. He deserves a place in Valhalla. He didn't get CNN. He didn't get more than his 72 hours of media coverage. His sacrifice won't be used in a crusade for anything. He'll just be forgotten in a few weeks while Mr. Dedmon and his friends receive more than their share of attention for killing Mr. Anderson.

Did I mention a search of the JFP site revealed no mention of James McKinney or Deronnie Spencer? (I'll correct that sentence if wrong.) Here is the only reference:

"Last night on Facebook, I saw some folks posting about the awful crimes we've seen in Jackson of late, including the Lanier High School student, may he rest in peace. Some of the comments seem to be headed the direction we often see a year or so before mayoral elections kick in: blaming the chief and mayor for not speaking out more. Having covered—or been mired in—the Frank Melton campaign and then mayoral tenure, that kind of language makes me nervous, and just sounds political even if it's not meant to"

Ah yes, it either has to go back to Frank Melton or be a defense of Harvey Johnson as he can do no wrong and is their precious little baby who must be protected at all costs. If there is a reason I'm against treating crime as a hate crime, this is why. All crime is an expression of hate and murder is the ultimate hate crime, regardless of reason. Suddenly the murderers of Anderson are elevated above those of McKinney or Spencer. They are all murderers and deserve the same retribution if convicted. The Anderson murder will probably be the only such crime committed by a white perp in Jackson this year as compared to 40-50 committed by blacks against black victims. Well, on this site we remember all of the victims, just not those who fit a political agenda or who can sell another issue. When remembering Mr. Anderson as you watch the video, remember Mr. McKinney and Mr. Spencer as well.


Mark Geoffriau said...

This is exactly why emphasizing "hate crimes" does as much damage as good. Crimes become nothing more than opportunities to mold society in accordance with the prevailing vision of "social justice" (rather than actual justice for crime victims). Crimes that don't fit the narrative or can't be used to promote the agenda are de-emphasized, regardless of their actual statistical significance.

I found Ronni's insistence that hate is only a learned behavior ridiculous:

"The other thing we should all remember is that hate is something that must be taught. Children are born without prejudice ... those come later, and they don't happen in a vacuum. If the child hates (and an 18-year-old is still a child), he (or she) has learned hatred from his parents, or his teachers or his peers (who learned it from their parents). We have to learn how to break the cycle."

If hate can only be learned, and children are born without prejudice, then we should be living in a hate-free world, since nobody would have ever learned to hate.

Of course, some of us believe that all men have the capacity for great evil because of their sinfulness, and recognize that we will never "educate" the sinfulness out of man, and it must be restrained by law.

Anonymous said...

Does no one but me think those 2 girls that were in the truck should also be charged? I'd have grabbed that sterring wheel in a heartbeat and if I couldn't get to it I'd have been dialing 911 on my phone. They have the same gene missing in my book as he does... That is not normal behavior, to do it nor to allow it.

Ironghost said...

It's sad to say that the murder of that guy from Lanier won't be remembered past monday, but we'll hear of those two idiots from Pearl for months to come. Each murder should be treated as the evil it is rather than only a few be cynically exploited for carefully measured political ends while others get swept aside.

Rebekah said...

Sorry about this man's death, but what about the black men who kill white people? What about the black man who raped a friend of mine for nothing but the pure pleasure of doing it....while holding a shotgun to her. Hate crime is everywhere- not just Mississippi. It's not just WHITE people killing BLACK people. It is PEOPLE killing PEOPLE. But people like Donna Ladd like using the race card over and over again to MAKE everything a racial debacle. A man was killed. Period. Why does the color of his skin have to be the main concern. Shouldn't the main concern be that he was killed by a heinous asshole who deserves to rot in hell or be electricuted? Why does it always have to be a thing of race. People kill. Period. People are mean and hateful. Period. Regardless of their SKIN COLOR, there are just cold blooded, hateful scumbags that exist in this world...not just in Mississippi. Why can't we just see them as people and not the color of their skin?

Curt Crowley said...

1242: "Does no one but me think those 2 girls that were in the truck should also be charged?"

What crime did the 2 girls commit?

Curt Crowley said...

What's the deal with LaddFraud's love affair with King Harvey Johnson? King Harvey is the type of haughty, arrogant public official Ladd is usually skewering.

Burke said...

Good post, and thoughtful comments. Yes we are paying for the sins of the past, but we now have "progressed" to the point that there is no more racism here than anywhere else. I suppose it's frustrating that Mississippi is stereotyped, but consider the benefit: we won't be overcome with outlanders. We'll always have the lunatic fringe among us, but most of us will go on living rich lives in a good place.

Anonymous said...

This is a race murder. This ain't no stinkin' regular murder.

Most of our murders in Jackson are black-on-black, committed against acquaintances or family members, and drug-related.

posted by Laddnoramus on 08/10/11 at 09:31 AM

Anonymous said...

Dedmon's parents are both good, hard-working people. Don't be blaming their son's hatred on them. They raised him differently, but he was out of school, working on his own so the responsibility is all his.

And, by the way, if 18 is still a child, why are 18-year olds required to register for the draft and go to war if needed? You can't have it both ways.

Deryl and his little thugs have been terrorizing other kids (yes, white) for a while, and even hit one with his truck, not seriously, but it could have been. Had it not been for a Dad with a gun to run the little thugs away, something far worse could have happened.

Mr. McKinney at the Shell Station was a very good, kind man who gave his life trying to save another's. He was killed by black people but I don't see Ms. Ladd calling for a vigil for HIM or the Lanier student.

Killing another is a hate crime every time, so stop trying to make a white-on-black crime MORE of a crime than any other. They are all horrific. That is tantamount to racial discrimination in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in jackson in the 60's and I can honestly say that most of my contemporaries are colorblind (or color indifferent), which is the result of a slow evolution from years of experience. and none of this is new to the human condition. chinese, japanese, take your pick: all races have experienced racial hatred, and always will just b/c they're "different". I think most of us are at the point here that crime is crime, murder is murder and color is no barrier or excuse. this ain't mississippi now and hasn't been for a long time. stupidity and ignorance are maladies that transcend time and place. hang him and hang anyone that commits murder, regardless of color. our passivity and "tolerance" of bad things are our real problems

Rebekah said...

After watching the video, it makes my blood boil. Where does all the hate come from? Does it come from their parents? Regardless if it was a white punk killing a black man or a black punk killing a white is pure evil and hatred. And the girls were with shows more than one person beating him. The girls didn't jump out and call the police when they decided to rehash the brutal murder at Mcd's. And why are these kids allowed out at this time of night? Where were their parents?? The girls and everyone involved needs to be punished....but the piece of shit driver needs to fry....
I just cannot get past all the hate...

Rebekah said...

Anon 1:29- Agreed

Anonymous said...

Horrible act of murder. \
Murder is Murder no matter
what and this is senseless.

KaptKangaroo said...

All the killing described here is senseless.

I don't see color, I see senselessness.

That video is chilling, bone-chilling to be exact.

I cannot fathom what would possess another to do what was done to any of those mentioned here.

To take a senseless killing and use that as a moniker for race relations because someone hangs their entire identity upon it is almost as horrible.

I do pray. I seem to be praying a lot more lately!

Anonymous said...

He murdered this man in cold blood and should be tried for this terrible crime. I never liked hate crime because I believe you really have to ahte someone to kill them in cold blood so all murder should be a hate crime.

As far as CNN I wonder if the will investigate the hate crimes at the Wisconsin sate Fair?

Anonymous said...

As it has been since the Garden, Lord please forgive us.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the magnification of this crime minimizes the death of Deronnie in any way. The two differ, however, by the fact that this crime began with intent to "mess with" a black person, which resulted in two stages: his severe and senseless beating, and then his being run over in a brazen and depraved manner.

There are many people who are murdered for trivial reasons, including other cases of black on black murder for simple things. But, the fact that these idiots traveled across town and targeted a man they had no connection to simply to beat him is bad enough. The differing factor is the second, and more heinous intentional decision to run him over with a truck.

This is deplorable. And, like it or not, it was in Mississippi. It's indefensible, and you don't get to cry foul because the media is covering it. You should question why these children thought it okay to go looking for a "n#####' in the first place. That is obviously learned behavior, from friends or parents.

This is disgraceful, and I hope they are put in the area of Parchman where Mr. Woodham gets repeatedly "christened".

Andrew M. Newcomb

Anonymous said...

As far as what did the 2 girls do, #1 if you have to ask you are too far gone for anyone on a blog to help but for the sake of argument.. If I were in your truck and you had dope, I'd go too. If I were in your truck and you robbed a bank, I'd go too. Now, I might convince the law I did not know you were going to rob that bank but with the comments made prior to leaving the party I highly doubt those 2 girls didn't have some idea that a crime (maybe not murder) was about to be committed. Once the beating started, they did not call police, after the murder they did not call the police. I'd say that makes them guilty of accessory if nothing else. On top of being sub human that is. I personally would not want them around me nor mine if they do not care any more for other humans than they appear too. Unfortunately, some are born without the ability to feel compassion for others. Those tend to not be good for society in general.

Kingfish said...

I'll play Devil's Advocate. You've just seen these two thugs beat up and run over a man. You're a female. You're not exactly in a safe part of town either. You say or do the wrong thing, he might kill you too. Smart thing is shut the hell up until you can get away from him.

so you jump out of the truck and run away. Yeah, now he runs you over.

Anonymous said...

I see your point, but, if I didn't know them any better than that why was I in the truck with them to begin with? They were not running to the store for cigs, they left a party 25 miles away headed to Jackson. The girls knew this...

Kingfish said...

You're probably right. They were looking for trouble. These thugs (notice I'm calling white guys thugs for all of you code word specialist/zealots out there) practiced on kids in Brandon.

Anonymous said...

"If hate can only be learned, and children are born without prejudice, then we should be living in a hate-free world, since nobody would have ever learned to hate."

I have never seen such a concise and pithy demolishment of the "learned behavior from bad parents" argument.

Curt Crowley said...

843am, just being the car with a person with dope is insufficient to sustain a conviction. Just being in a car with a person who runs over another is insufficent to sustain a conviction. Same goes for robbing a bank.

The girls had no duty to report this crime either during the beating or after the murder. Without evidence that the girls aided, assisted or encouraged the thugs, then it cannot be accessory under the law.

And ditto the analysis by KF at 845.

Anonymous said...

"The girls had no duty to report this crime either during the beating or after the murder"

what level of hell do you live in?

Anonymous said...

@ 3:31, LOL!! Not as hot a level right now as he will if he actually believes in his heart the stuff he spouts as law.

KaptKangaroo said...

3:31 and 4:27 PM

Both of you might want to take off your NIMBY panties and consider:

1. If these girls felt threatened by the fact Dedmond just KILLED a person and fear for their lives, they should be able to allow Law Enforcement to do their job. Reporting it is not an obligation unless you are willing to hand out bodygaurds to protect them.
2. Did I mention an accused murderer is "a friend, a CLOSE friend." Are you so shallow to think that you wouldn't give pause to saying ANYTHING?
3. Dedmond ran this man over in COLD BLOOD. You obviously don't fear that by your statement and minimize the horrible nature it takes to commit such a crime by making your statement that these girls had ANY obligation to anything but stay alive.

Your collective thinking does not impress upon this person any compassion for two innocent people who were caught up in a fray that involved the level of violence captured on that film. Think please.

Thank heaven they are alive and not dead in a ditch to prevent any witnesses. These two girls are now the prime witnesses for the state.

Anonymous said...

Why were any of them in Jackson anyway in the slums sir crowley? Since u know everything can u answer this?

Anonymous said...

I understand your point Capt. However, he'd have had to turn on me. I could not live with myself if I did nothing at the beating much less the murder. He weighs 130 soaking wet. He best hit it with his best shot the first time. I do not say this flip but I could not have sat in that truck. I may have been worse off than if I would have but I'd have bailed out on the interstate if nothing else. I would not have wanted to be in that part of town inside that truck nor outside of it but I could not have ridden back with him. Call me crazy if you wish but I know each one of them had a cellphone. I personally would have called Rankin SO and had someone intercept. I'd also have been texting friends for help. Anybody check their facebook postings during that time? One other thing, if either of those grls were my daughter they would be in an inhouse facility as we speak. I'd be seeking an answer and a cure if it exist for their lack of action. If we all sit back and watch this is what we will get. I totally understand stupid girls jumping in a truck with stupid boys and shit happening. I do not understand how they jumped in knowing he was up to no good. Maybe it didn't enter their pea brains that he could or would actully do something so horrid. But when the beating started I'd have been looking for another ride back to Rankin Co. A fight is one thing a beating of someone who has done nothing to you is quite another. Maybe they are as disgusted as I am by that video, I can only pray they are. I do know that there is no way I could have stayed in that truck with him after hearing and seeing what they had to have heard and seen. I'm not saying walking those streets would have been a great idea but he was a known evil and 911 works on any cellphone.

Kingfish said...

According to Jim Hood, they have no duty to report anything.

KaptKangaroo said...

Your statement 3:05 PM just provided reasonable doubt that this is a "hate crime".

Anonymous said...

Well kingfish I do nOt think this is a hate crime! What about all the blacks killing each other everyday then a white
Kid kills a black and gets this much publicity? Blacks killing blacks is And blacks killing whites is ok but a white kid killing a black is not ok! I think we all need to evaluate this situation?

Anonymous said...

And I don't hate skin color I hate people that act like animals and live off the government and don't teach their kid right from wrong and don't provide their children a clean decent place to live besides the ghetto! I hate single mothers that just have babies and not know who the daddy is. I hate filthy nasty people who drive with no insurance on "they ca"!!! I hate uneducated people who wants the whole world to give to them so they can sit on "they butt and smoke they dope"!

Anonymous said...

Why was this man in this part of town at a motel in the parking lot at this hour?

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