Monday, August 29, 2011

Bill Minor. Sigh.

Bill Minor's latest screed:
"History-making as it was that a black Mississippian, Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, became the first of his race ever nominated for governor by the state Democratic Party, his friendly gubernatorial runoff with Bill Luckett did little, if anything, to stem the decline of the state party.

No question, both DuPree and Clarksdale attorney-businessman Luckett, were excellent, qualified candidates. Luckett, who is white, is a newcomer to the political arena while DuPree, is a two-term mayor who has served as a county supervisor and school board member.

The downside of the DuPree-Luckett race was they cancelled each other's talents, with two candidates running on almost identical positive platforms, advocating similar issues and not attacking each other.

So does that mean Bill preferred a negative campaign? Maybe a Democrat Tate-Billy scrum? Lets keep going.

"How pleasantly different was the DuPree-Luckett Democratic runoff from the mean-spirited races I remember during the 1950s and 1960s when one candidate tried to out-segregation (substitute a word beginning with the letter N) the other and cuss the federal government the loudest.

There's no question DuPree's win was good for black pride, but in the real world of politics in present-day Mississippi, black pride is not enough to take you past the winner's finish-line. While difficult for black Mississippians to accept this reality: No African-American can be elected to statewide office in Mississippi, particularly the governorship

Oh really? Get it through your thick head, knucklehead. Most black politicians in Mississippi are liberals. Period. The last two Democrat Governors are conservatives in comparison to them. Like it or not, the voters in Mississippi are not going to elect a liberal Governor. It doesn't help the old Bulls of the Black Caucus and their friends that sit in most local government positions are old and have done little to encourage the election of younger black politicians. Few black politicians in Mississippi work at building support across racial lines. Most of them use majority-black districts to get elected then stay fat and happy in their little fief. Great for puffing up the number of black elected officials. Horrible for building support for statewide office. Gone are the Mike Espy types who might have had a chance at higher office. Oops, I digressed again. Mr. Minor then predictably trots out Gary Anderson:

"A prime example of that reality came in 2003: Gary Anderson who had years of experience as a governmental affairs and financial counselor, and had been director of the state Department of Finance and Administration, won the Democratic nomination for state treasurer. His Republican opponent was a 29-year-old Jackson bank employee named Tate Reeves.

Anderson is black; Reeves is white. Reeves was elected.

Thereby was sprouted a highly ambitious young ideologue with his eyes set on climbing the GOP electoral ladder. Using his treasurer's slot to milk campaign contributions, Reeves on Aug. 2 won the GOP nomination for the vacant lieutenant governor's job in a slashing campaign against mild-mannered state Sen. Billy Hewes of Gulfport."

Bill, I have news for you: Gary Anderson deserved to lose. In case you haven't noticed, Gary Anderson is a lazy campaigner. The only reasons you and David Hampton have given for claiming he lost due to racism is because of his leading a major state agency and he is black. You see Bill, there is this little thing called campaigning. That is where you get out, meet the voters, run ads, send out mailers, and make your case. Some candidates are good at this and they usually win. Some are not and usually lose. Gary is in the latter category. Lynn Fitch showed how a candidate with a similar background can win an election (at least a primary). She spoke all over the state. People laughed at her Mother's Day Message but she was still out there with it. Few people knew her when she started but come election day she beat someone with twice as much money and did it as a woman.

Minor also ignores the fact that Reeves is a very aggressive campaigner. Don't worry about Tate asking for your vote. He will and more than once. Tate also had the benefit of Barbour coattails, no question. However, the same traits noticed in the Anderson campaign for Treasurer appeared again in the race for Insurance Commissioner four years later when Mr. Anderson assumed he would beat a little-known Republican from Vicksburg. Someone forgot to tell Mr. Chaney that fact. While Anderson ignored conservative media outlets Chaney was giving interviews to the Jackson Free Press. Need I say more? Fact is Bill, Gary is a horrible campaigner while a good candidate. Such candidates usually do not win and its not because of racism.

"Reeves will waltz right into the state's No. 2 job because Democrats put up no candidate. Therein lies a behind-the-scenes story of the Democratic gubernatorial race.

Democratic elder statesman William Winter urged DuPree to run for lieutenant governor, to give the Democrats a strong one-two ticket. As it turned out, Reeves alienated many Coast Republican s in his race against Hewes, providing a pool of voters who could easily switch to DuPree, also a South Mississippian

Tate did? Tate was going to alienate a good number of Coast Republicans anyway if he beat Billy Hewes just as Billy Hewes alienated a good number of Rankin Republicans. Guess what Bill? Those same Republicans are not going to vote for Democrats come November. Here is another news flash for you: Dupree will have a better chance against Phil than he would have against Tate. Tate can raise more money than Phil, has a better campaign staff than Phil, and above all, is smarter than Phil. If you weren't so blinded by your hatred for all things Republican you might notice these things.

"Luckett aimed his campaign at beating Phil Bryant, the GOP gubernatorial nominee, on grounds Bryant as lieutenant governor, trivialized the need for a state pre-K education program as well as fully funding MAEP, both Luckett issues.

In the general election, Bryant can far outspend DuPree, especially if Barbour turns on the campaign money spigot of the Republican Governors' Association and sends a gusher of cash. Plus, he can count on a fine-tuned state Republican political machine built by Barbour

Bill, why don't you wake up and admit it: Luckett had no chance against Dupree in the Mississippi Democrat Party. Ike Brown has said more than once he wants to run white Democrats like Bill Luckett out of the Democratic Party. He doesn't want to share power with them. He doesn't want to be their friends, he wants them gone. Period. He is backed up by the Blackmons and other black Democrats. Whenever they have the numbers, which they do in a statewide primary, they are going to vote against the white candidate if there are two serious candidates of opposite races. How does it feel, Bill, to wake up and realize you are considered an enemy in your own party by the very people you worked so hard to protect for so long? Easier to blame Republicans. Face it Bill. Until Mississippi Democrats address this problem there will be more 2011s.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know Gary Anderson was black until after the election; if he had campaigned I would have seen his face and known that (not that it mattered - I voted based on the policy statements put out by the respective campaigns). I was startled after the election to hear cries of racism. I wasn't startled to hear Mrs Blackmon blame her loss on racism, but she is a known entity 'round here.

Minor should be sent to the old liberals' home; he's almost as big an embarrassment to his family as his son.

J. Kev said...

To put a little finer point on the '03 Treasurer's race:

I don't recall the exact margin, but it wasn't huge. I want to say 6-7 points. I know it was a much smaller margin than the beatdown Amy Tuck put on Barbara Blackmon.

I remember watching one of the local news station's coverage. Les McLemore was the Democrat analyst. He said, "Mississippi missed an opportunity to say to the nation that we've moved beyond race."

In other words, we're still racists since we didn't elect a liberal Democrat Lt. Governor. To them, it has nothing to do with ideology; only race should matter.

He ignored the fact that Anderson had come much closer to winning than Blackmon. To do otherwise would be an admission that ideology and policy matter.

One other rememberance from election night 2003. Barbara was losing by like 15 points with 85% of precincts reporting. Speaking to the media, she wailed, wide-eyed, into the camera, "GOD WILL DELIVER HIS PEOPLE!!!"

I'm convinced she was on heavy drugs.

Uncle Omar said...

Babs might have fared better had she removed the bag of marbles from her mouth before campaigning.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Omar? The one picked up for DUI today and wanted the cops to call the White House instad of ICE today? The fake names here are cutting edge ;-)

Shadowfax said...

I was taught to not disparage the aged, infirm, delusional or people who babble ~ or those who always missed the bus by only a short leap, so I can't comment on Mr. Minor. At least not at the moment.

Hampton, however, is fair game as he only 'almost babbles'. Can't we just get around to McIlwain?

Anonymous said...

You need to quit beating up on "Charles Dickenson" Phil. The guy is doing his best.

Boarzombie said...

Want more Mike Espy types? More realistic and moderate Dems and Repubs and less ideologically blind wingnuts from either side? Open up the primary system. It's that simple. Somebody should introduce a bill with the following language:

"It is the policy and intent of the State of Mississippi to promote open primaries. No state funds or funds from any political subdivision of the state and no machinary or other voting implement or device owned by the state or any political subdivision shall be used or made available for use in a party primary if such party primary does not allow voters to simultaneously vote in the primary of another party. A primary must be open and allow voters to select candidates running for a nomination in the primary of any party for such primaries to be deemed valid and for the primary results to be certified by the Secretary of State. Nominees from parties who utilize any primary system other than an open primary shall not be placed on any ballot prepared or certified by the State of Mississippi or any political subdivision."

That'd just about do it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why Minor isn't bothered that "Elder Statesman" William Winter didn't ask Luckett to run for Lt. Governor? Asking the black mayor of one of the state's larger cities take a backseat to a white candidate should have Minor howling racism.

The national media will pin it on Mississippi's racist past, but the truth is that these two candidates lost the race for governor the day they put a "D" next to their name.

Anonymous said...

William Winter is a has-been. He's as formerly influential as Mabus.

Anonymous said...

Great point 4:56 .

lunarwolf51 said...

So Bill, I'm a White, Conservative, Republican who voted for Gary Anderson, why don't you do a story on me?

KaptKangaroo said...

So who are you talking to lunarwolf51? Is it a full moon?

KaptKangaroo said...

HOLY CRAP!|topnews|text|Home

KaptKangaroo said...

I have to say, if this is not a prime example of media "manufacturing consent" I do not know what is.

The event, if the allegations are true, took place days ago. And we are just seeing hit Reuters; go Google it and see for yourself the timeline of publication.

The following article published on August 26, 2011 has some interesting comments. I don't particularly like the writing, but the facts are interesting.

And while I know this is a Conservative media, I think the timing of publication is interesting from both sides of the aisle.

Thank heaven for Jackson Jambalaya. One of the last bastions of here are the facts that I can find for you; you decide, educate yourself and participate in this great debate.

Anonymous said...

Thank heaven for Jackson Jambalaya. One of the last bastions of here are the facts that I can find for you; you decide, educate yourself and participate in this great debate.


Anonymous said...

Bill Minor's hatred for Tate Reeves is becoming downright funny. He turns a "this is a historic moment" piece into a bash Tate session.

Anonymous said...

Give Bill a break. He's the Rodney Dangerfield of old goats put out to graze.

Anonymous said...

Is Ladd Minor's love child?

Anonymous said...

It's awful easy to be crude when you're anonymous. It's kinda like looking through a peephole in a fence and jerkin' off.

Shadowfax said...

I still can't get over, "I voted for him but didn't know he was black". Regardless of to whom that refers or what office was involved, that's plumb ignernt.

Anonymous said...

I've never said anything , but I often wondered the same thing 3:47 .

Anonymous said...

why are we to be color blind when the liberals spend so much time racial profiling? How can one tell me what I think the candidate meets the qualifications of the office? I guess when you are a unbiased newspaperman you know racism thou of course you have never practiced it other than in every column.

Anonymous said...

In the 03 election I was really split. I thought Anderson had the experience, but had been at least partly responsible for the state's fiscal woes of the time. Meanwhile, Tate was a kid with little experience, but his optimism and ambition were appealing. What really turned me off was a bunch of flyers that were posted around downtown Jackson just before the election. Anderson was polling slightly behind, so someone started hanging posters basically saying how great Anderson was and that the only reason he was losing was because white Mississippians would vote for a black man. to make them happy, I proved them right.

Anonymous said...

Make that WOULDN'T vote for a black man.

Anonymous said...

9:27, I had a duplicate experience, but if I remember correctly, I encountered a radio ad (on the way to the poll to vote for Anderson, actually) - oops.

I still have no reason to trust Reeves (nor does he have one to trust me - or would he rightfully even care), but I have yet to break down in tears of contrition for rebellion against the race baiting.

Anonymous said...

" Most black politicians in Mississippi are liberals"

I'm trying to think of a black politician that isn't pro-life, Baptist or evangelical. Can't remember even one talking about environmental issues.

Let's see...wasn't it Espy that got into trouble wanting to do away with REA and other agricultural " giveaways"? Don't you call that " cutting spending"?

That anyone believes the words Democrat and Black are synonymous with the word liberal is just funny. It's especially amusing when one remembers that most ALL black people for over a hundred years identified with the party of Mr. Lincoln and if they could have voted here would have voted GOP like they did where they could vote.

Everything is about race here. The racism in both communities is sick...not sickening( though that , too), but irrational. Both races see it in each other but don't seem to look in the mirror.

Whites will keep ignoring their white trash and Black will keep excusing their black trash.

No different from Jews and Arabs. You'll both let fear mongers who fan the fires of racial hatred will keep y'all at each others throats and it will only get worse over time. You'll live in a revisionist past and hold on to grievances and stereotypes and pick out the worst of each race as examples to support your racism.

Maybe in time the US will get to have a never ending race war like the Middle East. Won't that be great ( sarcasm)? Maybe the Chinese will help us sort it out.

Shadowfax said...

Then there's the Peanut Gallery, occupying a lofty, comfortable ridge splitting through the middle of both groups, comprised chiefly of soothsayers, naysayers and crystal-ballers resembling anon 8:30.

Not unlike the official with upturned nose who sits atop the high-chair at one side of a tennis net, the occupants of the Peanut Gallery, such as anon 8:30, get to define the lines, call the shots, point out the flaws of each contestant, set the rules and provide lasting commentary on the game, while played and once finished.

After each game, but only briefly, he returns to his position which is typically either in academia or unemployed in a Jackson loft apartment paid for by his daddy's credit card. Lowly humming his notion of Kumbaya he peers across the ruins below and hopes a friend will bring wine over.

J. Kev said...

@8:30 --

How conservative and pro-life are those black people who voted for Obama at about a 95% clip?

So conservative and pro-life they voted for a Marxist with a radical view on abortion.

You're an idiot. Shut up.

Anonymous said...

fief? plainly, you don't read. you shall never know how many layers of stupidity reside within your feudal effort to ring sincere. and no. there is no pun at play here. please, pander no more. stop writing..

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