Thursday, August 4, 2011


rmac and tyrone. thunderdome.


Anonymous said...

Problem for McMillin is 1] voters in the GOP primary can't help him and 2] this is going to energize black voters in Hinds -- and especially Jackson -- like there is no tomorrow.

Reed said...

Problem for McMillin is 1] voters in the GOP primary can't help him and 2] this is going to energize black voters in Hinds -- and especially Jackson -- like there is no tomorrow.

Will it? An interesting point that KF made on the radio Wednesday was that people who didn't vote are allowed to vote in a runoff, for either party. That was a new one on me, but it is apparently the law.

That having been said, it's not likely that there are a ton of non-voters who will rush to the polls, but one never knows, does one?

Anonymous said...

Will it what?

Reed said...

Will it energize the black vote? The combo of Lewis/Dupree may, but it's hard to say.

I think McMillin's supporters will be just as motivated, if not moreso.

Anonymous said...

Most definitely.

Anonymous said...

I suspect all the Lewis supporters might have trouble taking off from work again to go vote. This may help Sheriff Mac.

Anonymous said...

With Chokwe and other Lewis supporters behind the scenes spreading FUD that this is an attempt by whitey to steal the election you can bet black voters will be motivated.

It isn't hard to say at all.

JohnnyReb said...

Some things never change. Whitey steals another one.

Anonymous said...

You can't vote in the Democrat runoff if you voted in the Republican primary. HOWEVER, if you didn't vote at all in the primary, you CAN vote in the Democrat runoff. So says the secretary of state's office.

Shadowfax said...

Anon 5:42 is chewing too many sunflower seeds. The general election is open to voters of every stripe. Those who voted republican, those who voted democrat and those who stayed at the pool hall shooting nine ball last Tuesday.

In the general it matters not how you voted earlier, or if at all.

Anonymous said...

With the chance to nominate the first African American candidate for Governor at the top of the ticket I think Mac is sunk.

Anonymous said...

Only idiots vote based solely on race! ............Oh crap, Mac is toast.

Anonymous said...

KF, any word on Mad Co? I've looked on every website I can think of and can't find a thing...

Anonymous said...

Madison Co is still counting. The count should be out tonight.

Anonymous said...

8:18 Still counting affidavit ballots. Expect totals tonight.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:42 is chewing too many sunflower seeds. The general election is open to voters of every stripe. Those who voted republican, those who voted democrat and those who stayed at the pool hall shooting nine ball last Tuesday.

A refresher course in reading comprehension may be in order. 5:42 said nothing about the general election.

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow on Madison.

Anonymous said...

Oh hell yeah they going to steal it. McMillin was the last thing they had making them think they still ran this place. White peolple gone lie cheat steal whatever it takes to keep Bull McMillin in there.

Just look at his swat team i saw on the news tonight. County 70% black and McMillin swat team is a bunch of rednecks.

Anonymous said...

McMillan's team has done a great deal. If Lewis goes in we will lose them. Steve Pickett, one of Mac's commanders, has been a true leader in Hinds County- I'm afraid he'll be gone now, and its a shame for law enforcement everywhere.

Kingfish said...

Haven't heard any of you complain when George finds votes or politicians in Canton produce fake absentee ballots. I forgot, its ok when its black on black.

DrtyRttnBstrd said...

Shadow, are you ingesting mescaline or what? 5:42 didn't say squat about the general election. Maybe slowing down on the LSD is in order.

Anonymous said...

Voting in repub prim should not disqualify u cause there was no sheriff race in repub primary.

Shadowfax said...

You're both right. I was reading too fast and misread what one of the fifty anons said, thinking he meant 'general'. My apologies, genuflect implied. No mescaline since about '68.

However, I'd be remiss if I did not point out to the black posters on here who continually bitch while butchering the King's English... it's black folk who put and kept Malcomb in place all this time. Now you get a chance to advance the cause of Chocolate-Choke'me and you jump on command. Be careful what you wish for peepuls.

Anonymous said...

Already over. They done fixed it. Aint nothing they wont do to keep McMillan.

Shadowfax said...

Since Jacktown got a college campus cop for a chief and Johnson is in Chockwe's pocket, who gone quell the L.A. style riots if Malcomb go ahead in the vote count?
this is a two part multiple choice question so as not to confuse the anon crowd. All answers are correct in order to advance the liberal educators out there.

Anonymous said...

MalcoLM, not Malcomb. Good God.

Anonymous said...

Harvey Johnson in Chokwe's pocket? You couldn't be more wrong.

Anonymous said...

Mac don't need no stinkin comb.

Shadowfax said...

Mal-Comb is a play on words 8:10. Good God!

Every oreo in Jacktown is in Choke-Me's pocket.

By the way, KF, and I axe respectfully, so don't go callin' me a turd or a prick; how is a facebook post by Will Longwitz a paid political ad on your site?

And before 'anon' corrects me on missspelling Choke-me, I'll admit I love to play around with that fools name too.

Anonymous said...

Every oreo in Jacktown is in Choke-Me's pocket.

Its been fairly obvious all along but thanks for confirming your intelligence level.

Anonymous said...

So is it officially a runoff between McMillin and Tyrone?

Avery Wiseman said...


For what it's worth, I'm sure you meant "fool's" in your 8:44 post.

Additionally, I appreciate your ability to convert the King's English into a dialect that is comprehensible to the latecoming readers/posters on the site. Inclusiveness is paramount.

"The sheriff is near!" Or is he?

Anonymous said...

Why does Chokwe keep oreos in his pocket? I would think the filling would melt.

Anonymous said...

8:19 # 2 saved yo' dumb ass, 8:44.

Shadowfax said...

Avery: Actually I should have said 'fooz'.

Thanks.......... ;-]

Anonymous said...

Runoff or not? Does ANYBODY know?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they are going to explain how on earth a precinct with 250 - 300 registered voters ended up with over 2,000 votes?? Election fraud comes to mind - is anyone really surprised? Too bad they won't publish who those votes were for. I think we know already don't we?

Anonymous said...

What is an oreo? I thought it was a cookie made by Nabisco.

Rebekah said...

My gosh...What happened here? It started off intelligent and then turned into a bunch of crap. Although, Shadowfax you crack me up...
But, Lewis is a street douche. If you are going to run for something, be professional about it. It shouldn't be about "helping out "his" people" should be about helping out HINDS COUNTY as a whole. And if you don't want to be laughed out and hated then stop using RIDICULOUS slang and the ever so stupid "n" word...Because, if a white person cannot say it then a black, brown, yellow, (you get where I am going with this) shouldn't be able to say it. That word, in the dictionary, refers to a trashy person. It doesn't meantion color. And just because you add an "ga" to the end instead of an "er" doesn't make it any better....only makes you appear that much more stupid.
But I digress....
Listening to Lewis speak makes my ears bleed. And WHY in the hello kitty do you play "THIS IS HOW WE DO IT" in the background. You aren't up for the soul man of the year award. You are running for sheriff you imbecile. ACT like one. Be professional you illiterate asshole. Just stop already. I am so sick of this stupid white\black racism bullshit. I cannot be more thankful we got out of Hinds when we did. Mac might not have been the best but Lewis is a huge joke. I read his fb page the other day and it sickened me. I couldn't even speak because of the bile piled up in my throat.
Hinds County needs a leader. It needs help. It needs someone who can speak for it and not while doing the electric slide and throwing out props to his peeps. Our economy is at an alltime low. Crime is insane. So do something other than turning this election into a very bad BET spinoff. This isn't Hustle and Flow. This is a VERY important position for a failing city that desperately needs help.

Rebekah said...

and I apologize for any grammer or spelling errors. I type fast when I am pissed

Anonymous said...

AMEN Rebekah!!!!

KaptKangaroo said...


It is the season of political melange.

It is when men and women throw out all rational discourse for mud-slinging and name calling.


Rebekah said...

Thanks 10:41...

it still doesn't make Lewis any less stupid.

Reed said...


I appreciate your passion and some of your points are well taken, but you need to do better with your language. It's understandable that you are frustrated, but keep it clean, please. Otherwise, you come off like the pottymouthed juvenalia that infests the JFP. You're better than that.

I really hate hearing an elected official say "dis" and "dat" and conversing in hoodlum-speak slang. I'm equally put off by some Bubba official sounding like a real life Boss Hogg. Neither gives me much confidence in the speaker, whether he's a good ol' boy or he's "keepin' it real".

The thing that troubles me is when a person who is elected to represent a diverse community claims that he will be looking out primarily for a specific group. Unless that group is law abiding, tax paying citizens, I don't want to hear such discriminatory rhetoric coming from a chief law enforcement official. The implication is that less protection will be afforded to those whose skin is not the same color as the sheriff. That's the kind of attitude that caused the Feds to dispatch troops to Mississippi half a century ago, yet now it's acceptable because the one expressing such an attitude is of a different color? That doesn't wash with me.

If Lewis loses the runoff, I am really concerned about the reaction of the citizenry, not the least of which is Tyrone Jr. Given his twitter messages about "keeping tabs" on people who oppose his "pops", I think there's room for concern.

Curt Crowley said...

I think Rebekah secretly has a crush on Mr. Lewis.

Anonymous said...

There sure is a lot of the White Resentment Syndrome going on over here on JJ. Awwwww, poor poor crackers can't control everything now that the brothers can vote. I guess you should have nipped the Voting Rights Act in the bud when you had a chance. Suckas!

Shadowfax said...

Rebekah; thanks for your post. Full of wisdom and humor and with a twist of daincin' musik. You need, though, to learn early on, like I did, that Kappen Goo Screw holds some sort of lofty position of self annointment here. You remember those tennis court judges who sat up high on white lifeguard chairs who pointed and hollered and acted all pious? Thaz the Cap'n.

Curt Crowley said...

I went over and checked out Sheriff-elect Lewis' facebook page. The photos are definitely worth a look. It seems that Sheriff-elect Lewis has spent quite a bit of time talking to...get this...Caucasians. And they appear to be real, live Caucasians, too.

I don't think it's just a photo opp either. These appear to be different gatherings, with different white people, on different days. I'm not sure but it looks like Sheriff-elect Lewis is shaking their hands, discussing issues important to them, and asking for their vote.

That's a stark contrast from the "blacks only" smear job some people have tried to pull on Lewis over the last few days.

Could it be that "his people" are actually the people of Hinds County?

Rebekah said...


A comment from Lewis' fb page:

Janice Brown
Tyrony dont you worry god got this i am preyen that ever thing come out right you know they hate to see a black win but we need a change cause i miss Frank

Curt Crowley said...

Point of order:

Did someone appoint this Reed mother[expletive]er as the [expletive]ing language police? Apparently he thinks he runs the [expletive]ing place now. He keeps on [expletive]ing about the language adult mother[expletive]ers use.

He's starting to sound like Donna [expletive]ing Ladd telling people what they can and can't say, and to abide by the mother[expletive]ing user agreement.

Curt Crowley said...

Rebekah, that is an accurate quote of one of the people who posted there.

I would encourage everyone to stroll over to Sheriff-elect Lewis' FB page and read the scores of comments by black citizens that are intelligent, grammatically correct and don't mention race.

Anonymous said...

... but you need to do better with your language. It's understandable that you are frustrated, but keep it clean, please. Otherwise, you come off like the pottymouthed juvenalia that infests the JFP.

Reed, please link to places on the JFP where they are using bad language. Put up or shut up.

Rebekah said...

Curt your point of order made me giggle

Mssr. Kibosh said...

Reed take your admonishments and shove 'em. Don't really care what you think and NOTHING -- short of KF -- is going to stop most here from posting what the hell they want and how they want. I'm sorry if you can't handle it but I also don't care. You are no less anonymous than anyone else here not using their real name (like Curt or Rebekah). So browbeat the posters here till you are blue in the face but it ain't gonna change a thing.

Anonymous said...

Kingfish you need to set up a live chat room on this website.

Anonymous said...

This isn't the first thread that's been highjacked by the "I say potato, you say mf'n potato" debate. How about a permanent link off to the side where people can go and debate that, and other, off topic issues.

Reed said...

So I ask people to write with deference to the sensitivities of those who may be reading. I guess that's just too outrageous a request for some of the smaller minds that apparently abound. I never mentioned any user agreement, Curt. Check the evidence.

I know you think your response is just a gut wrenching laugh riot, but I don't think you'd be so forgiving of the language if someone posted a tirade laced with racial epithets, particularly the ever dreaded "N-word".

However, at 11:51 a poster made several racially derogatory comments, yet you didn't launch into a profanity laden diatribe, culminating with calling him/her a "racist f***" and/or a coward. That kind of overtly racist comment doesn't seem to bother you so much, huh Curt?

Isn't it funny that what REALLY riles up folks is the defense of vulgarity? "You can have my f-bomb when you can pry it from my cold, dead lips!!!! And here's a link to an obscene gesture...PWN3D!!!!"

...and at least one of you is an attorney...

Anonymous said...

Other permanent topics could include:

Donna Ladd
WAPT Racks
Crime in Fondren/Belhaven/NE Jackson
Coldest Beer in the Metro

Of course, where an article is actually about one of these topics, one would be free to comment.

J. Kev said...

There's some delicious irony in all this.

The white-guilters I know in Bellhaven/Fondren were OUTRAGED at allegations of voter fraud. "Mac's name was left off the ballot! This election's being STOLEN!"

Here's some news for you people. The days of the Southern white Democrat are over. Over the last generation or so, the Democrat Party in the Deep South has become an auxiliary of the NAACP. And guess what, you high-minded white liberals: The constituency you nutured for 30 years woke up and found out they've got numbers on you.

You're just Whitey to them, the same as Republicans. They tolerate you, but they don't respect you. And they don't fear you anymore. This is what being an enabler of the welfare state has gotten you. How do you like your Democrat Party now, White Boy?

White Democrats in the South are irrelevant. Deal with it.

J. Kev said...

Curt --

Do you dispute that Chokwe openly campaigned for Tyrone on racial grounds?

"It's time Hinds County had a black sheriff." You have any problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Can Mac still run as an independent in the general should he come up short on the recount? If that's the case, maybe a strategy of making Lewis burn up his cash reserved for the general isn't too far off.

Anonymous said...


You are fully in the bag for Tyrone now I see. I understand it from a financial standpoint. You have to suck up in order to have a chance to go bribe Tyrone.

Tyrone is probably not pure evil....hes just a perjurer who steals money. Most people think that disqualifies one from holding elected office but you apparently have no problem with it.

I am so glad the Sheriff paid you during your time of need so as to allow you to take the bar exam and enter the profession. You sure do know how to be loyal. With friends like you....

Anonymous said...

Lots of rumors out there about Tyrone and his thugs "stuffing" the ballot box at Chastain Jr. High....I wonder if Mac is going to let these bottom feeders steal this election?

Curt Crowley said...

228, you *assume* that I'm a Lewis supporter. My comments on here aren't about who wins this race.

I've got a problem with anonymous cowards publicly accusing someone of committing a crime and making other baseless allegations of wrongdoing. That's why I'm commenting. If it looks like I'm "in the bag," for Lewis, it's only because he's the one being targeted by this crap.

If someone comes on here and starts smearing Sheriff McMillin with similar bullshit, I will defend him the same way I've defended Lewis. Of course, you'd probably just call me a flipflopper. Sorry, but that's just the kind of sonofabitch I am.

Your comment is indicative of the problem. You accused me of wanting to bribe an elected official. Do you not see a problem with making a false allegation like that? Do you think Sheriff McMillin would conduct himself like that? Would he approve of a supporter making false allegations like that? You and I both know he would not.

J. Kev said...

Anon 3:30 --

The beauty of this situation: If you're a Republican in Madison County, you can't lose! Watching Dems eat their own -- along racial lines -- is an absolute delight.

Curt --

I haven't slandered or accused. But what to you think about Tyrone's supporters using the race card explicitly in the campaign?

Shadowfax said...

I opted to appear in Hinds County traffic court for a trial today rather than pay a $22 dollar fine at my earlier 'day in court' six months ago. I showed up with all the needed photographic evidence and was one of four white people in a room of at least a hundred people. But, that's irrelevant...On my way away from the courthouse, on foot, I passed the same Black SUV I had passed two hours earlier, parked directly in front of the federal courthouse on Pascagoula.

I'm assuming it sat there all day but can only swear to a two hour period. The vehicle is solid black, nice black rims with the silver chips around the inner circumference. Tag # HEFNDME. Residential parking permit for Northpoint Village on the passenger side windshield.

Suburban all slicked up and appearing to be brand new. Expired meter flashing for two hours. The vehicle had four count them four large Tyrome Lewis For Sheriff magnetic signs on each side and one each on the hood and under the rear window.

It's not so much that it was illegally parked for hours as it is that minorities in Jacktown get free passes with they solid black windows in violation of state law.

I'm all for Tyrome having his day in the sunlight and having supporters with high dollar magnetic signs; however, illegal is illegal.

Seem it do pay to sidle up to the tentative winner. As someone else regularly says, "The sheriff is near."

Rebekah said...

Curt no cussing

Anonymous said...

Rebekah. Please pole dance for your legions!

Anonymous said...

wish they would get somebody in jackson that would clean it up! hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 5:09.....grow up loser.

Anonymous said...

why are the lewis supporters totally ignoring the fact that there were ILLEGAL votes for lewis. when there are 250 registered voters and over 2000 vote, then you have fraud. fraud is fraud. where is the moral compass? I don't want someone representing me who has no moral compass. and you nor any of your thugs are going to shove that down my throat. you didn't like it in the 1960's. guess what. I don't like it now.

just because you lewis people keep saying "white don't like it now" and other racist comments doesn't make the ILLEGAL aspect of the fact go away.

I so hope it is true that chockfullofnuts and mcinnins are being investigated by the fbi and the justice dept. because those two crooks need to go away too

Anonymous said...

Did anybody notice Lasseter's rack tonight on 3? Dayum.

Anonymous said...

and I was speaking of one particular voting precinct, there were many precincts with more votes cast than registered voters. the numbers don't add up. again. fraud is illegal. fraud speaks of no moral compass. fraud is not what should represent a sheriff or a wannabe mayor (i.e. chockfullanuts)

Shadowfax said...

I continue to be unimpressed by the drooling, pimple-faced sophomores who post here about racks. Grow up and keep it at home. Or at least keep it to yourself with your Penthouse magazine and bar of soap, but be sure your mommy is outside.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with J. Kev. I think he's right as much as it pains me to say so. The democratic party has created this monster and it cannot be controlled in the South unless you cut off the spigot. Take away their free ride, position yourself to deal with the temporary chaos, and then we can get this country back on track. We best just go ahead and all take our medicine now!

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day from one of the Hampton devotees @ the C-L:

When did the Circuit Clerk's office become a polling place?

My suggestion is that Hampton allow these people to tent in his Fondren front yard and "fertilize" the vegetable garden in the back.

It ought to be good for at least 26 weeks of Perspective columns.

Anonymous said...

Shadow - I see your point. I'm not into racks nearly as much as a nice ass that you can really grab ahold to.

Anonymous said...

I just watched on fox 40 news an interview with the lewis campaign manager, wanting the election certified since the hinds democratic committee approved the election he thinks all the complaints should be dismissed.

one would think that if one were confident in the honorable position of a fair and equitable election, they would want clear and transparent certification of the election.

oh wait! i forgot, these people have no moral fiber

Anonymous said...


Mississippi NAACP Leader Sent to Prison for 10 Counts of Voter Fraud

And it happened right before the election. Typical.

Anonymous said...

From Twitter:

iHate_304s Johnny 5
by Jvo_thegreat
Hoes mad because ppl voted for Tyrone Lewis because they're friends wit TLewis...The same hoes didnt vote for him because Tlewis dissed them

Isn't that just lovely? A sheriff for all ppl, except the hoes.

Anonymous said...


You have a hard time accepting the truth I am afraid.

Lets do some math and see what an "Honest Curt" would do in a perfect world.....hmmmmmmm

Tyrone steals from Jackson correct?

Answer: (Yes, his allowed his son to take cover charges while using City property. He stole money from the taxpayers and then tried to justify it by saying the kids needed somewhere safe to party....which is ignorant.)

Tyrone was paid by Ogden to testify as an expert on security matters in the Rebelwood case where

- Tyrone stated under oath that the deceased plaintiff was killed on the premises all the while

- Tyrone knew that the deceased plaintiff's body was actually deposited at Rebelwood thus defeating plaintiff estate's claim since there is no duty to protect a corpse at Rebelwood.

Answer (Yes, Tyrone lied under oath which is perjury. That alone should disqualify him from holding public office.)

You see, an honest Curt whose answers are interposed above would never take up for a thug such as Tyrone....unless...lets see...

1) He is dating Tyrone? No..not likely.
2) He is dating Tyrone's son? Probably not.
3) He wants to curry favor publicly by supporting Tyrone after the fact so that he can get favorable treatment? Abosfuckinglutely.

You see, folks are aware you have a wide ranging practice..which includes DUI work. Any help with the SO on that front is a help to your client.

Are you starting to understand that folks out here are not as dumb as you hope they would be?

Again, I don't blame you...Malouf was down there sucking up on camera with Lewis for similar reasons...and Malouf is an OK guy....

But tell me when it is ever correct to support a candidate for office who is a known perjuring thief? When Curt...when?

(Psst...honest Curt called...he says....never dude).

Anonymous said...

Ask Malouf if his dream is the same as Dr. King's? If so why does he see fit to send his kids to private school. JPS not good enough for him?

Anonymous said...

JPS isn't good enough for anybody.

Anonymous said...

For the Guest apologist(s): ask him why he didn't prosecute the Rankin County candidate who, as a condition of his GUILTY PLEA to theft of $28,000 from the county (as a constable, I think), agreed in a plea deal never to run for any elective office again, then ran this year. Maybe Guest is taking lessons from the Blackmons, and feels he is not bound my any agreement made by a previous DA ;-)

Anonymous said...

Crowley said: Your comment is indicative of the problem. You accused me of wanting to bribe an elected official. Do you not see a problem with making a false allegation like that?

referencing an anon who said: You are fully in the bag for Tyrone now I see. I understand it from a financial standpoint. You have to suck up in order to have a chance to go bribe Tyrone.

I won't claim to have anything much more than a high school education, but I think Sigmund was on the right track about displacement tranference relative Mr. Crowley. "Indicative of the problem" indeed.

Instead of striving for accuracy in thought to arrive at the most accurate conclusion, Mr. Crowley appears to aspire to the idea of developing a conclusion and then obfuscating facts so that the conclusion simply appears accurate.

Mr. Crowley incorrectly accuses the anon poster of something he obviously did not do. Insinuation is not accusation, although it can be just as harmful. Indicative of the problem is the fact that those like Mr. Crowley choose to obfuscate rather than simply call the poster out for their insinuation. Their stating "you have to suck up in order to have a chance to go bribe Tyrone" is not accusing you "of wanting to bribe an elected official", although it does insinuate it.

Curt, "do you not see a problem with making a false allegation like that"?

Rebekah said...


Curt Crowley said...

1017: another drive-by liar.

1. The evidence did not establish that the victim was killed somewhere else and dumped at rebelwood. There was some evidence to support that, but other evidence indicated she was killed at Rebelwood. Neither the supreme court opinion nor the evidence established that as fact.

You come on here and spout as gospel truth that she was killed somewhere else, for no reason other than to support your bullshit theory that Lewis lied.

2. "Thus defeating plaintiff estate's claim...." Seriously? So which insurance defense firm employs you? Only insurance defense lawyers and goofy law professors speak that way. I know you'll never ID yourself, so at least ID your employer.

3. If you knew anything about my practice, you would understand that being "tight" with the Hinds County Sheriff offers no advantage.

4. You are totally convinced that Lewis committed perjury. In fact, you stated "Tyrone lied under oath which is perjury. That alone should disqualify him from holding public office."

Well, if you are convinced of that, don't you have a civic duty to report it? You believe that a crime has been committed, so trot your little pansy ass down to the Clerk's office and sign an affidavit.

You won't do that, primarily because you would have to give your name. That will never happen.

Another dishonest, cowardly drive-by cyberthug.

Anonymous said...


Classic subterfuge.

Rather than us argue about Tyrone's testimony...lets just look to what the Mississippi Supreme Court said about your newest bestest buddy, to-wit:

"Part of the excluded exhibit included findings of fact contained in a sworn affidavit Jones presented to a court to obtain an arrest warrant. The erroneous ruling allowed plaintiff’s expert, Tyrone Lewis, to testify with impunity and without fear of exposure, “[T]here is no documentation, no written statements or anybody to come forward to say that it (the shooting) did not happen [at Rebelwood].” The trial court should have known that Lewis’s statement was untrue. In fact, repeated references and statements to the contrary exist throughout the investigative reports. A cursory examination would reveal this truth. Under either scenario, Lewis’s statement was patently erroneous and violated the purpose and construction of our Rules...."

Curt, if you can read that as saying anything other than Tyrone, a sworn police officer obligated to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God, as lying, then you are too far gone to even worry about.

What difference does it make if I do represent insurance companies or any other company? Strike two guy...See above. Actually a piss poor effort at trying to taint me as working for "the man."

Being tight with law enforcement and having a criminal defense practice go hand in hand. Your practice, like others, is likely evolving as times get harder. Having Tyrone on your side will be should go start putting up signs for him for the runoff as the next four years might get more difficult given your recent conversion.

The Mississippi Supreme Court stated, "[t]he trial court should have known that Lewis’s statement was untrue... Lewis’s statement was patently erroneous."

Do you need more information than that? Do you see where the Mississippi Supreme Court just called Tyrone a liar? Do you think Tyrone was not under oath while he was on the stand? Are you that big of a fool? Or are you as I previously postulated, a bitch?

Please let honest Curt come out and answer...this Curt is a wet underwear stain on a profession which cannot tolerate any more black stinky marks.

Anonymous said...


Why don't I prosecute Tyrone for perjury? I do not have the power to do so.

The Feds do however.

You are too young to remember Paul Barrett, former Sheriff of Warren County, MS. He was convicted of perjury late in his career for something just as silly as what Tyrone did.

I have no idea what the Feds will do or will not do. I do know that if I had a Mississippi Supreme Court opinion which called my testimony "untrue" and "patently erroneous," I would not sleep well knowing I could be prosecuted any day.

But you keep on backing up your new bud Tyrone. Might want to go grab some of that new Frontline...let us know if it works on humans huh?

Curt Crowley said...

Another lie at 256. Barrett committed perjury in *federal* court. That's what gave the federal authorities *federal* jurisdiction.

You are accusing Lewis of committing perjury in *State* court, which is a *State* crime. State crimes are commenced by any citizen walking into the Clerk's office and signing an affidavit.

Don't lie and say the law doesn't give you the power to commence this charge. You clearly have the ability to do so. Takes about 20 minutes to sign an affidavit. Your problem isn't the law, it's testicular deficiency syndrome.

Falsely misrepresenting the law to cover up your cowardice. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...


A lie? No, not a lie...a disagreement about jurisdiction over perjury..hardly a lie. Glad you see the analogy though.

I think the Feds could prosecute and indeed I think the State could do so too.

I as a citizen can not sign an affidavit against Tyrone. I do not have a dog in the hunt. The Mississippi Supreme Court could order the local DA to do something and I wish they would. Judges order the DA to investigate lying litigants all the time...appealed DUI cases and the like oft times bring those charges.

You are clearly desperate now...and its showing.

Lets have you say it this way.

Please tell all the readers here:

- Curt Crowly is proud of the fact that the MS Supreme Court found "Tyrone Lewis’s statement was patently erroneous" ;

- Curt Crowly is excited that the Mississippi Supreme Court found Tyrone Lewis' testimony "...violated the purpose and construction of our Rules" and as a result of this behavior Curt Crowly firmly stands behind Tyrone Lewis for Sheriff of Hinds County, MS.


Well...we're waiting!

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good one. pulling up a chair and the popcorn! this is very entertaining. I love it. Come on Curt! how are you going to weasel out of this on? a

Curt Crowley said...

No it's not a disagreement about jurisdiction. There is no question that any citizen can go to the clerk's office and sign an affidavit. That's the law. Period. A citizen doesn't have to be a party to the dispute or "have a dog in the hunt."

You are lying to readers by claiming there is a legitimate jurisdictional dispute, in order to give the impression that there is some reason--other than pure yellow cowardice--that you haven't signed an affidavit.

Oh and how about the bar complaint? Surely you do not argue that you need special standing to file a bar complaint. Besides, you're a lawyer. It's not just your civic duty, it's your sworn duty.

Stop lying. Stop being a coward. Sign an affidavit, file your complaint. Let's see if your ass can honor the checks your anonymous keyboard is writing.

Anonymous said...


You seem to have forgotten the question.

Forget jurisdiction. I dont care. You and I both know I have no standing...but i will give that point...its irrelevant to tabled questions.

We want to know if Curt Crowly supports Tyrone Lewis as the questions are posed above.

We are still waiting Curt.

Tick tock.

Curt Crowley said...

7:03, thanks to your prompting, I responded to AnonymousInsurance DefenseCoward's last comment.

I think that's the last time, though. Not much I can do with someone so freightened and scared that he won't fulfill his duty to report the "crime" he alleged occurred.

It's also difficult to reason with someone who is so ignorant of criminal procedure that he does not understand (or refuses to acknowledge) that any citizen can sign a criminal affidavit in state court.

And until the little vagina develops enough courage to identify himself, there's really not much else to say.

Curt Crowley said...

In addition to being a coward, you are a dumb sonofabitch.

You don't need "standing" in a criminal case to sign an affidavit.

You're an idiot who is convinced he is correct. Go file your charges AnonymousInsuranceDefenseVagina.

As to your questions, (1) my analysis of Rebelwood and the cluster it became can be found on the post where we debated it. Find it, read it, and that should answer your question; (2) I don't stand behind either candidate for Sheriff. Really don't give a shit either way. I'm comfortable with McMillin as Sheriff. I would also be comfortable with Lewis as Sheriff.

I'm in this argument for the reasons I stated--to combat the high-tech lynching of Tyrone Lewis. As I stated before, if people start high-tech lynching McMillin, I will defend him just as aggressively.

Anonymous said...


Total capitulation! are a bitch.

Refusal to answer...expected more...not sure why though.

Anonymous said... are a bitch.

Better to be a bitch than an anonymous nag.

"We" aren't still waiting for Curt while you sand that small nub of rope and grow hair on your palm.

Ding, dong, you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...

ok. let me understand this. ole curt here is referring to someone that he doesn't agree with as "a vagina" in a derogatory manner. curt, is this how you view women? as a derogatory sexual object?

people, we need to worry about more than ole curt here being a pocket man for a thug. ole curt here is an abusive vicious man who views women as chattel and less than human. Curt. you are a Neanderthal and are just as disposable as you view women

Anonymous said...

Well said anon 9:31. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

nope. nothing to understand. we don't need to worry about anything you tell us we need to worry about. pretty simple for a simpleton such as yourself.

Rebekah said...

This thread took on a whole new turn...

Amused said... borrow the term from the blogger are a douche canoe.

And you are a defense attorney which means you have zero soul anyway. Anything for a quick buck right? Devil's advocate

Anonymous said...


According to your logic if my neighbor got robbed you think i could swear out an affidavit...thats not true.

The proper authority to prosecute a crime is a prosecutor...DA or US Atty. Not a citizen who has no standing...injury...from the alleged conduct.

But I dont care about that.

You should now look back at your non answer posts and see how you lost the argument. The fact is you refuse to answer cannot support a perjurer...but you just cant admit it.

I called you a bitch to begin with...and your conduct herein is determinative of just that.

Thought you would be candid....

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

9:17...anon complaining about anon...really? Wow

Anonymous said...

You should now look back at your non answer posts and see how you lost the argument.

No need. You are an anonymous nobody. Nothing you write here will have any impact. You won't influence Curt's business in any way. Your victory is completely hollow and meaningless because anonymously you are nobody. There might be many things Curt can't admit but as long as you are anonymous he's got your sorry punk ass trumped backward and forwards, up and down. Congrats anonymous ... you won ... NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

10:40 - I think you are a long lost write for Monty Python...I like it


PS Liz is hot

Shadowfax said...

May I be allowed to suggest Curt used the term vagina as a substitute for referring to the other fellow as a pussy? That's not derogatory of women at all. It's merely critical of the recipient.

Calling someone a pussy is no more critical of women than calling someone a douche is mocking the condition known as vaginal itch. This site is beset with an ample representation of pussies and douches.

See; I can even come to the defense of a ne'er-do-well like Curt, but, I won't wait for him to thank me. (snort).

Anonymous said...

I want to be YO sheriff!

P.S. She is hot.

Rebekah said...

Well thanks for the clarification of all of that Shadow...I think we can all sleep well now tonight..

KaptKangaroo said...

Shadow. You are a vagina. STFU. Pussy.

KaptKangaroo said...

Oh and you are a douche.

Anonymous said...

@9:48 said "According to your logic if my neighbor got robbed you think i could swear out an affidavit...thats not true.

The proper authority to prosecute a crime is a prosecutor...DA or US Atty. Not a citizen who has no standing...injury...from the alleged conduct."

You do realize there is a difference between an affidavit and a prosecution, right? Any citizen has the right to file an affidavit against someone. I filed an affidavit against some neighborhood kids for damaging a vacant house. The judge then decides whether to issue a warrant. Then the prosecutor decides how to pursue the case once the suspects are arrested.

An affidavit does NOT = a prosecution.


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